Shameless Shitting
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On Being Conshitterate
Submitted by Anus and Andy
June 11, 2007, 10 Comments

Perhaps it is the glint of steel in my eye, the almost imperceptible swagger in my walk, or merely the droves of nubile girls that follow me. Whatever the case may be, it is clear to many that I am a breed apart. A man willing to risk all in the name of that which I hold dear. There are those who...

Shameful Shitters' Anonymous
Submitted by The Big Wiper
October 25, 2005, 30 Comments

You don't really need to know my name. Nor where I live. I could be Charlie Cubicle, Tommy Timeclock or Oscar Ordertaker at your workplace. Maybe I live next door to you or just down the street in your hometown, a fellow citizen of Regularville, USA. You probably think you know me, however casually...

The Shameless Shitting Manifesto
Submitted by Dave
August 27, 2005, 3 Comments

1. There are those among us who cough to conceal loud farts, hide in the stall until the person at the sink has left, and, upon seeing someone else when they enter the bathroom, will pretend they came in just to wash their hands. These are Shameful Shitters. They are an oppressed people. As...

The Book Of The Shameless
Submitted by Dave
August 27, 2005, 620 Comments

The Shameless Shitting Manifesto outlines the four fundamental rights of every Shitter. These rights are ordained by God -- no man may take them away. The bathroom is a sanctuary, a place where people of all races truly understand the underlying humanity of one another. This is a sacred place --...

A Day In The Life Of A Shameful Shitter
Submitted by Pill Pooper
October 18, 2004, 52 Comments

As I sat in Boston Market this afternoon, the age-old question of defecation came to mind. "Why think about crapping when you're eating?" you say. Well, as stated earlier in my previous poop report, I am a Shameful Shitter. This being the case, I am ALWAYS thinking about shitting. I have to plan...

Liberating The Shameless: Lessons From G
Submitted by Anonymous
May 12, 2004, 8 Comments

In the cultural battle between Shameless and Shameful Shitters, most of you are aware that I stand firmly in the camp of the Shameless. In fact, Dave once referred to me as the "radical wing" of the Shameless -- a banner I proudly wave. Some of my dear comrades here have noted that in recent...

Shaming The Shameful
Submitted by Ass Phlegm
September 12, 2003, 27 Comments

I made a trek on over to J.C. Penney the other day. Not my usual place to hang out, but the girlfriend had bared her fangs and said that we we're going. I don't argue with a woman on a mission. For those of you who have accompanied a significant other on their shopping sprees, I don't have to tell...

Shameful Listening
Submitted by doniker
June 23, 2003, 80 Comments

So everybody knows of my Shameful Shitting. But has anybody ever been shameful about catching somebody else shitting? My wife's boss is a cool guy. His name is Al, and before he became my wife's boss he was her equal at the company they work for. Over the years, my wife and I have partied with Al...

Situational Shamefulness
Submitted by Dave J
October 25, 2002, 14 Comments

I used to think I was a Shameless Shitter. I was pretty regular, so I'd proudly strut my stuff down a city-block-long high-rise in which I used to work, newspaper/magazine/journal under arm, no cares in the world. I thought I was pretty cool. I decided to go back to school, however. My program...

Showboat Shitting: Turd Terrorism
Submitted by Dave
June 6, 2002, 83 Comments

Many readers of PoopReport are aware of the Shameless Shitting revolution -- a movement to promote acceptance of shit as a basic human function, no more worthy of shame nor disdain than blowing ones' nose or combing ones' hair. A Shameless Shitter has the right to shit in any bathroom, anywhere,...

Shameless Shitting Status
Submitted by Dave
May 15, 2002, 88 Comments

Editor's Note: Shameless Shitting is about the acceptance of the act of pooping as a natural expression of the human condition -- no more worthy of shame, scorn, nor undue attention from others than blowing one's nose or scratching an itch. It's PoopReport's sworn mission to promote Shameless...

Poop-Associated Guilt Syndrome (PAGS)
Submitted by Skiddy Poo
May 2, 2002, 42 Comments

Editor's note: Skiddy Poo originated this conversation in the PoopReport Forums. SKIDDY POO: There really needs to be a label for those who suffer from some sort of poop-related guilt complex. I've read about shameless and shameful shitting, but this is beyond that. This isn't some sort of feeling...

Shameless Shitting and Cell-Phone Crappe
Submitted by Justin
March 13, 2002, 70 Comments

I was visiting my dad's office one day and went to the bathroom, which is shared by all of the offices on the floor, to wash my hands. That's all. I'm not afraid of using public restrooms, I just didn't have to go. I swear. OK, it's true, I'm not as flamboyant about pooping as some of the...

Shameless Shitting and Cross-stall Conve
Submitted by Dave
January 24, 2002, 56 Comments

We've discussed the concept of shameless shitting in great detail. A shameless shitter, if you recall, is one who has no qualms about walking into a bathroom and doing their business, regardless of who may be in there to see or hear them do it. Doniker's evolution from a shameful shitter into a...

Becoming a Shameless Shitter
Submitted by doniker
October 17, 2001, 23 Comments

Editor's note: Doniker's fear of public pooping has been well documented. Thanks to advice given on PoopReport, I have passed the first step in getting over my fear of pooping in the public restroom at work. Two days ago while at work, around 3:00 PM, I was sitting at my desk, holding in a bomb...

Shameless Shitters
Submitted by Dave
August 17, 2001, 126 Comments

This came today from Doniker: I know we have been though this time and time again, but I want to again applaud those people known as the "shameless shitters." There I was in the bathroom at work, peeing in the urinal, when a co-worker I barely know walks in, happy as can be and says "how you...

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