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Anne Hathaway Moved To Tears As Anne Hat
Submitted by Anonymous
March 5, 2013, 1 Comments

Anne Hathaway as single Florida mother Lorraine moves audiences and her bowels in an emotional performance: “It’s tough to watch that scene because I still feel so connected to that process,” Hathaway says as she fiddles with her short hair, “I watch it and I’m like, oh man, I really needed to eat...

From Soothsayer To Poopsayer: A Descent
Submitted by Professor Schitz
September 5, 2011, 3 Comments

In ancient times, the shamans, wizards and wise men divined the fate of nations and individuals by inspecting the entrails of sacrificial animals. They could observe in the bloody gore of a freshly sacrificed animal whether or not it was a good time to take action or better to lay low and wait for...

Fake Poop Story: The World's Fastes
Submitted by ShopperGurl
February 9, 2007, 25 Comments

Editor's note: with this story, we conclude PoopReport's Fake Poop Story Week. And not a moment too soon -- as the anonymous critic said yesterday, any more of this would reflect on the integrity of this glorious and venerable site about poop. So this is the last one. And it's a real piece of work...

Fake Poop Story: The Spring Break Dare
Submitted by John Smith
February 8, 2007, 17 Comments

Editor's note: this story is appearing as part of PoopReport's Fake Poop Story Week, in which I post stories that I'd normally cast away like so much used toilet paper. The first three stories this week were from people driven to desperation by their desire for the glory of getting a post on...

Fake Poop Storie: my storie buffet pain
Submitted by www.blured
February 7, 2007, 22 Comments

Editor's note: this story is being posted in association with PoopReport's Fake Stories About Poop Week. That's the ONLY reason this atrocity would ever see the light of day. this is my story of disasterist shitting! it was a hot summer morning and i was out for a surf, the waves were of the hook...

Fake Poop Story: An Odd Letter... Addres
Submitted by Jeremy Jones
February 6, 2007, 31 Comments

Editor's note: this story is appearing on PoopReport as part of our Fake Poop Stories week, in which I post stories that would otherwise never see the light of day. Keep reading... you'll see why. hi dave. i know you probly get tons of letters from fans of your website and mine is no differnet from...

Fake Poop Story: The Fart Fight
Submitted by Robert Parkinson
February 5, 2007, 29 Comments

Editor's note: this story is appearing as part of Fake Poop Stories Week, in which I post submissions that are normally deleted as quickly as my finger can hit the "D" button. Enjoy... I guess. Back in my school days, I used to have some of the funniest times in our French class. The teacher was...

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