Let Me Be While I Poo

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As I try to make a stool,

You want the kids to go to school.

You want me to drive them there, too;

Let me be while I poo.

You try to call me Baby Hunny

While i'ts flowing out quite runny.

I cannot get off my golden throne.

the kids will just have to go alone.

Now I have my peace and quiet.

To plop a poop will be a riot.

I will always happily thank you

If you let me be while I poo.

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That was so beautiful I shed a tear.

More poopie love at http://popanator.blogspot.com I am all about the poop and the love of corn laden poo!

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Sorry popanater, no links to poo pictures on PR, we are a high class site, so I took the link out of your comment.

Dirty old men need love too!!

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

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Into the toilet
Drop the turds with gentle plops
As I sit alone.

Would they plop louder
If I had some company?
Somehow I doubt it.

So I poop alone,
Take my time, and let it plop,
One piece at a time.

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Welcome aboard, melonhelmet, let`s have more of your domestic pooetry!

The voice of sanity

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