About PoopReport: Our FAQ


-1. What is PoopReport?

Actually, a PoopReporter named Pooperscooper said it best:

"PoopReport.com is a community with a unique agenda: we are an intellectual poop site. A salon. A brokerage house that specializes in a specific category of humor: brown humor (vs. gallows humor or black humor). We explore, even meditate upon the human condition from the vantage point of pooping and poop. In a way, this is a site for philosophers, sociologists and amateur theologians.

"I mean this in all seriousness. Nothing's more democratic than pooping. It obliterates political affiliation, religious denomination (or lack thereof) and class distinctions. We do it, dogs do it, cats do it, worms do it, birds do it -- just look at your car. (Or, your hat).

"Our emotional tone is one of curiosity and mutual respect. This frees us up to venture into one of the culture's shame-indoctrination zones -- poop and pooping. This one of the major places where 'they' mess with our heads. We are not into thrill seeking or disgust for its own sake. We don't just talk about poop and pooping, we reflect on it. We engage the subject, own it and our participation in it.

"Sometimes we talk about sex, but there's no erotic agenda. (There are other sites for that.) Because PR is a community and not a porno site, we do not come here to get our rocks off. And that also means we don't come to PR to be used as objects by voyeurs, or use others as objects. Voyeurism destroys mutuality. PoopReport.com is rooted in mutuality because it celebrates the universality of poop."

That's a great way to put it, Pooperscooper. Thanks!!

2. What is with the extra 0 in 02003 in all the dates?

My attempt to remind the world that we need to think in the long term. We're at 2003, but 02003 means
we're just at the beginning. Yeah, I know how out of place it sounds.

EDIT 9/2/05: OK, I gave that up finally.

3. Where are the pictures of poop?

I think poop is funnier if left to the imagination. Anyway, this is a family-friendly poop site.

4. Where are the pictures of girls pooping?

On some other site, I guess.

5. How do I submit a story/article/comic/idea/question/ review/autograph request/movie deal?

Email me.

6. What is the PoopReporter Roster?

Once you've had two or more stories/articles posted, you are an official member of the PoopReport
community, and thus forever enshrined in our roster. Put it on your resume!

7. Do you sell shirts and stuff?

Actually, yes.

8. Who are you?

I'm Dave. I founded PoopReport in late 2000. A friend had a funny poop story, and the Internet
had nowhere appropriate to put it. For two years I updated the site every day while
the boss wasn't looking. Now I've written a book about the manifestations of poop in contemporary
culture, to be published in April 2007 by Feral House. Hey, are you from the media? Check out the PoopReport Press Room.

9. What's the deal with those little numbers by people's names?

Userpoints help you quantify a PoopReporter's participation on the site. They measure both quantity and quality of contributions. Every story is worth 10. Every BMNewswire submission is worth 4. Every comment is worth 1 point. Moderators have the power to give you bonus points for good comments and deduct points for lames/flames/off-topics. Learn lots more about userpoints here and more about bonus userpoints here.

10. Where can I find out what's new on the site?

Read The Captain's Log.

11. Shouldn't you have a legal disclaimer or whatever?

Yeah, I probably should. And here it is: by submitting something on PoopReport, you still retain all your rights to the content. You do give PR the right to republish your material in other forms -- like if I publish a book or read your story in a podcast or something. But I'm a decent guy -- if I use your story in a book or something, I'm going to try to get your permission and try to cut you a slice of the profits as well, assuming there are any. And full attribution will go to the author, of course. You have the right to say no, but why would you want to do that?

12. Why do you have comment moderation?

Good question. This page explains why. If you comment was not approved, it is either because of the reasons described on our policy page or because you tried to submit spam. For the reading pleasure of our beloved viewers we never approve spam.