A PoopReport Short: A Very Shitty Road Trip

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When I was 12 years old I went on a little vacation with a friend of mine and his parents. We were going to Virginia Beach for a few days, to enjoy the beach and all the fun that came with it. Since we drove from Pennsylvania, we stopped along the way to get some lunch. I'm not going to mention what fast food joint we ate at, but I'll say this the food at this particular restaurant tastes really good going in, but it does a number on you on the way out.

After we ate our meal, back on the road we went. Maybe half and hour or more passed when I felt it...

At first, I thought it was just a fart, just a harmless little fart. Oh how wrong I was! I still don't know just what came out of me. Whatever it was, it stunk to high heaven and polluted the whole car. As if that wasn't bad enough, we still had quite a ways to go before we arrived; so there I sat, with my pants full of shit and wondering just how long it was going to take us to get out of our foul-smelling car. After what felt like forever, we arrive at the hotel, and I finally was able to exit the car.

My friends parents don't notice at first, which was odd. Then I turned around and my friends mom saw the back of my pants and the condition of the car seat, and she knew right away what had happened. She wasn't mad; she just took me up the stairs to the room and helped me get cleaned up.

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Well let's see, kid shits pants, stinks up car, goes with friend's mom and has ass cleaned. Fascinating story! So full of suspense and humor!

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Without specifying the restaurant, L54 could have told us what was in that lunch. Most 12-year-olds have fairly adaptive digestions and can eat things I wouldn't dream of now; so that meal, whatever it was, must have been fairly vicious to cause a cleanout so soon. Another explanation might have been a food allergy, though most don't have quite such a drastic outcome. Yes, a simple story; but a memory of substantial potency.

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