A Pooprereport Short: An Untrushworthy Fart


Today I learned to never trust a fart.

I decided to take my boyfriend on an adventure to another part of our state, where he had never been before, and spend a glorious day together. Everything went decidedly well until after hours of driving home, when I decided to let a fart escape. The moment I let out what I thought was air my bowels evacuated, and I shit myself in my car, literally feet from his apartment. I dropped him at his car and he followed me home. I blamed the smell on a fart, until I had to get out of the car...

Worst day ever.

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3 Comments on "A Pooprereport Short: An Untrushworthy Fart"

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I've had to practice a few years before I could feel the difference between internal gas and internal semi-liquid. I've quite enjoyed the exercise. Nowadays I'm able to get rid of the gas while keeping the heavier elements inside. Most of the time.

Practice makes (almost) perfect.

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I am disappointed in this thread! I was excited by the illustration and was expecting an ex­po­sé of gas being expelled from between shapely buttocks while underwater. I was anxiously awaiting the descriptions of the delightful aroma breaking the surface of the water! Maybe next time!

Butt Gas Snifferson.

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Here I sit all broken hearted, I tried to shit but only farted.

Yesterday I took a chance. I tried to fart but shit my pants!

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