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The Toilet Paper Rule Of Decatur, Alabam
Submitted by The Big Wiper
October 4, 2004, 37 Comments

Today, walking into the Wheeler Basin Regional Library in Decatur, Alabama to pitch a materials purchasing program for one of the companies I represent, I ran smack dab into a made-to-order poop report. There it was, staring me in the face as I sauntered up to the men's room door with the...

Oui Oui And Poo Poo
Submitted by The Big Wiper
August 24, 2004, 58 Comments

The fiercely independent and unpredictable French have a reputation for doing things their way -- politically, socially and otherwise. The following collection of anecdotes adds another dimension to that observation: the French have their own peculiar interpretation of what constitutes bathroom...

Go Down, Moses: Pooping In Egypt
Submitted by Dave
March 15, 2004, 28 Comments

The bus ride from the Farafra Oasis in the Western Desert of Egypt back to Cairo is a long, stressful affair. While tourism is Egypt's #1 industry, few white people make it further west than the pyramids, so, on the bus, my girlfriend and I were an unwelcome novelty. Stares of disapproval greeted...

Asses And Allies II: Scotland and Irelan
Submitted by Dave J
January 20, 2004, 17 Comments

I got married. Recently. For our honeymoon, we decided to enjoy the sun and surf of the United Kingdom. We found neither, but we had a good time anyway. I came home bursting to write a poop report about what I found in the bathrooms in the UK, only to find that Dave beat me to it. Still, I have a...

Asses And Allies: An American Pooper in
Submitted by Dave
October 27, 2003, 37 Comments

I'm in my "flat" and I've just finished "cacking" and I'm staring down my "bog". Three weeks ago, those words meant nothing to me; but now I live in London, and my bathroom has a strange little black hole for a toilet, and I haven't seen my poop since I got here. Toilets in London, or at least...

Six Things To Know About Pooping In Japa
Submitted by Sarah
June 9, 2003, 30 Comments

Last year my husband and I took a short trip around the main island of Japan with a friend who was living there at the time. Of course, any foreign traveler soon discovers that as cultures vary, so do amenities -- by which I mean toilets. Japan, while far from being a total backwater (so to speak)...

Japanese Women: The Ultimate Shameful Sh
Submitted by Matthew W.
March 18, 2003, 35 Comments

My wife is Japanese, and from her I've learned about Japanese toilets. Not sure if you've seen any Japanese facilities, but they often have all kinds of cool features that folk (such as PoopReport readers) who enjoy the ritual of the number two would surely covet. For instance, they often have...

The New Tocqueville: Pooping In Suburbia
Submitted by BRoxAnnette
February 12, 2003, 28 Comments

My dad, a bindery operator for a printing company, worked 12-hour days and had a 30-minute drive each way. He was frustrated with carpooling because he was always catching some kind of bug from the other drivers. When he did drive, he would feel like passing out from exhaustion after the long day...

The Toilets Of Italy
Submitted by Dave
October 17, 2002, 58 Comments

For a Jew or a Muslim to travel through Italy is to tempt the wrath of God or Allah, because those Italians know what to do with the pig. If you think you know prosciutto, or sausage, or salami -- you don't. To put it in perspective: the meat selection in the display case at a GAS STATION we...

Zen And The Art Of (Asian) Stall Picking
Submitted by Troy
April 29, 2002, 10 Comments

Editor's Note: This comment appeared a few days ago on the article Zen And The Art Of Stall Picking. I felt it provided an excellent voice -- a perspective we PoopReporters don't often get to hear. Troy! It sounds like you have stories to tell! Please share! You sissies in North America are...

A Brief Anecdote Regarding the Toilets i
Submitted by P.J.
May 3, 2001, 15 Comments

Soon after arriving in Japan, I had to take a massive poop du jour. Most toilets in Japan are Asian style -- meaning you have to squat. My first experience with one was the most horrible I have ever experienced. As I pulled my pants down to my knees, I forgot that my pants and underwear were...

The Toilets of Spain
Submitted by Suzy
December 15, 2000, 17 Comments

As a student spending the semester in Madrid, I got a first-hand experience with all the different types of toilets found in Spain. Overall I would rate the toilets as usuable -- but not much fun. Although they are clean in some places (make sure to go only in good establishments), the Spanish...

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