A PoopReport Short: Good Aim In Spain


My friend and I recently visited Spain. On our first night there we got very drunk. I woke up the next morning absolutely hanging. I stumbled over and knocked on my friend's room's door, and when he opened the door it really stank. I couldn't breathe properly. I thought he must have taken a big poo just before I entered.

He went to use the bathroom again while I was waiting in the room. While in there I walked passed the bin and I saw the two most massive pieces of poo I have ever seen in my life! I immediately screamed and took a picture. I couldn't believe my best friend just pooed in a bin. I screamed, "MY FRIEND, you pooed in your bin!"

He came out and I pointed to the bin. He said, however, "What the fuck!? I don't remember doing that!" Meanwhile, I kept screaming, and he kept insisting that he didn't remember doing it. The worst thing about this mess was that he had a bathroom in his room, but he chose to poo in the bin. And it was a small bin, too, but he managed to have a good aim.

The next few days I felt I couldn't trust him: He said he would poo in my suitcase. I kept it locked, just in case.

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Caca en la caja

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You're Brits, right?

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