Introducing The GoStool

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For years we’ve read about the benefits of squatting to poop as opposed to sitting. There is less straining, a lower chance of hemorrhoids, and the colon straightens out when a person puts his butt closer to his feet.

Well, if you are not one of those “wiry little fuckers” who is built to squat (quote Mastercrapper), and you still would like the benefits of squatting, there’s hope for you. Portland, Oregon is the home of the GoStool. You can order one of these bamboo stools, knowing that you’re purchasing an item made from a renewable resource that will unkink you colon. The site owner wrote to us that his legs no longer fall asleep while sitting on the toilet, and his “turtle-head pokin’” feeling is a thing of the past.

If you’ve like to read a few testimonials, you can check the GoStool out on Facebook as well.

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So, are people going to lash one of these to their backs when they go out to see friends, or for the weekend, or on holiday?

I`d guess serious folk would install a squatter in their house instead.

I`ve used squatters all over the middle east and central asia - you wouldn`t believe the amount of designs there are. Some are really good and allow some misfire...others are just plain mean when it comes down to target area!

The voice of sanity

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Which Bidets do readers use & like?

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Thanks for the kind introdution and tireless reporting, Daphne. your ability to get to the bottom of an issue is inspiring...

true, 'knees up' does reduce the internal pressure needed to get things moving, but whether or not you have difficulty dropping your payload, everyone benefits from having the bay doors fully opened - and don't worry about leaving the bathroom with a dirty crack again. So spread 'em cheeks wide and knees up, everybody.

when you've gotta go... make it easy!
when you've gotta go... make it easy!

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Who'da thought!
Do they have a model for infant deliveries?
I never cease to be amazed by man's (or woman's) "form follows function" creativity.
Helps explain those thick bottom clogs in Holland, or what about high heals???
Damn those (taller)ADA compliant toilets, as they must really help kink the "donation".

"personal care for your derriere"

personal care for your derriere!

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Haha wow that is something I think I will check out. I always find it easier to squat than to actually sit. For some reason it just feels better.

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Sometimes I find it helpful to lean back and push my pelvis forward when sitting on the bowl, while remaining relaxed. Doing this and/or lifting one's leg or legs can be an aid to helping a stubborn one find its way out. The position of my body in its relation to allowing the bowels to move freely is usually far more helpful than simply "spread[in'] 'em cheeks wide." lol

Be sure to flush twice: once for the bulk, and then again for the remainder.

Be sure to flush twice: once for the bulk, and then again for the remainder.

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Huh. I just park my wheelchair in front of the commode and put my feet up either on the foot pedals or the edge of the seat.

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I squat on the toilet seat as it is a solid one ,if you have a flimsy one you will have to lift it and squat on the toilet rim. I make sure I keep my thighs together as the first time I used this shitting technique a big plop caused some water to fly up and hit me in the face.

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I inquire about splash effect and wonder if shower is neccery after partaking in standing position.

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i bet this would be a good seller! im under 5' tall and my legs ALWAYS fall asleep when i go poop. My son has just finished potty training and has a step stool to reach the big potty. i leave it in front of the toilet all the time, and use it every time i more sleepy legs, and much easier poop :)

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I just use a normal stool haha and it works great! The whole thing, tail to tip, pops out once I sit down! And even better, I only need to wipe once! (unless I have diarrhea, in which case I would have to wipe at least 3-4 times) but hey, still better than 50! haha

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