WD40: Who Knew?


I work at a doggie daycare and step in dog poop all the time. So do my co-workers. We wanted to share our favorite way to clean our shoes with you ... it's WD40! Even if the poop you step in manages to work itself into the sole design on your shoe, WD40 can clean it out.

Here's what we do to clean our shoes:

  1. 1. Someone steps in dog poop. Oh no!
  2. 2. Swear a few times under your breath.
  3. 3. Hop on one foot over to the sink area. Continued swearing optional.
  4. 4. Take poop-covered shoe off. Pray that you don't step in more poop with your sock.
  5. 5. Use a paper towel to remove most of the poop from the bottom of your shoe.
  6. 6. Spray WD40 on the area of the shoe's sole that has poop on it.
  7. 7. Wait a few seconds. You can swear if you want.
  8. 8. With an old toothbrush, scrub the poop-covered area of your shoe.
  9. 9. Either wipe with another paper towel or rinse carefully under water from a utility sink.
  10. 10. Chances are that your shoe will be super clean! If it is not, then repeat the process.

I guarantee that this method will work as good or better than the method you have now to clean off the bottoms of your shoes. Even if you step in poop while wearing really good shoes, this method restores the shoe to its original state.

Best wishes, Poopreporters!

Editor's Note: I have tried this method before, and indeed it does work well! I don't know why we never discussed this before.

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P.S. I am having trouble with the html ordered list code's not working. If anyone can see two sets of numbers, please let me know; I do not see numbers on my ordered list html, and so I added them in. Maybe the margins are not set correctly? Or maybe Firefox is not showing them?

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I've told you over and over, lay off the wine with the screw on caps that only have 2 and half thread circles...Only drink the stuff that has four complete thread circles or more

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That's an interesting tidbit. Of course, it's probably a little more effective than using the garden house and a small twig, like most of us probably used.

Of course, if you're going to use water and a toothbrush anyway, why would you need the WD-40? It seems like actual soap (from a pump or pour container and not the "bar" with which you wash your hands) would be a better cleaning agent than WD-40.

And, in fact, wouldn't the WD-40 seem to be contraindicated considering that the "WD" stands for "Water Displacent"? It kind of makes you wonder how well that stuff would actually rinse off.

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Does this work well for cat shit also? When I was a kid going barefoot in the summer I had to worry about one particular cat we had. She would take a runny shit then strategically place a single leaf atop her offering so it was totally concealed from sight. I would come galumphing along and the next thing I knew the foulest smelling shit imaginable would be embedded between my toes. I would hop on one foot to the well in the back yard and spend many minutes on a deshitting task.

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

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I'm hoping that you weren't deshitting your toes into the drinking water well.

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I just dropped in... I can't help but notice, that even at this early stage in the thread, nobody has picked up on the whole toothbrush thing. Who's toothbrush? ... It may well be old, but a tooth brush, plainly kept near to the sink in this case, must belong to someone. I pity their dentist.

Just as a footnote, this reminds me of the girl I was shacked up with when I first stepped into PR, who I'm sure was using my own toothbrush to clean the toilet on nights when I had been out longer than my allotted 30 mins. My dentist pitied me.

I hope to god I've just sat in a Shepard's pie.

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remove most of the poop with a paper towel - is that a sick joke? Im not getting my hands near the poop especially not with something as porous as a paper towel.
Twigs and sticks are the safest hands off option.
Your paper towel method sucks poop.

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