Flare Addresses Poop: PoopReport Mentioned In Recent Fashion Magazine Article

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I was contacted a few months ago by a writer for Canada's Flare Magazine to add some thoughts on why women experience anxiety about where they poop. The article posted a few weeks ago, but I was not aware of it due to an incredible spam overload in my PR inbox.

The article is titled "Does Pooping in Public Make You Squeamish?" and you can read it here. Marilisa Racco did a wonderful job in my opinion, even if my remarks were all cut out by her editor due to my not verifying my job title and name spelling. To be fair, I had validated this information with Marilisa, but I guess the guy was just being thorough; no one likes to publish libelous material!

On the other hand, Dave receives some nice press time, which always warms my heart. (We sure miss that Dave.) So check it out and give Marilisa a pat on the back for attacking a subject most women's magazines tend to avoid. Oh, Canada!

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2 Comments on "Flare Addresses Poop: PoopReport Mentioned In Recent Fashion Magazine Article"

the thin brown line's picture
j 1000+ points

Informative piece..especially the "second brain" part.

Somethin' mysterious made an exit from the gift shop.

The Fecal Falcon's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Oh, die Frauen.

Women spend so much time in the restroom, on the (w)hole.

Butt why so shy??

I patiently await a world in which public bathrooms, if not gender-neutralized (or at the very least rid of the far outdated dress-klad emblems), are frequented by women who, rather than stare at themselves shamefully in the mirror after 10-30 minutes of waiting in a stall for the Other-More-Feminine-and-Judging-Women-Whose-Shit-Ruckus-is-Less-Revolting-and-Disturbing-than-My-Own to evacuate (at) the scene, spend this time instead engaged in community building activities, like playing Battleshits.

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