Beach Buried Treasure

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Editor's Note: This was submitted as a garbled, unintelligible mess. I deciphered it as best I could.

When my friend and I were both kids (when we were nine and ten), we went to the beach one summer with our parents. We played in the sand and swam in the water while our parents did their thing. Later, when we built a sand castle, my friend started farting. It smelled bad. He told me he needed to poop but there was no bathrooms close by. I told him to try and hold it.

He held for a little bit but then said, "If I don't poop now it will go in my pants." I had to go too by then, so we told our parents we needed to go to the bathroom. They told us we'd have to walk a ways to find the bathroom.

We walked pretty far down the beach and found a bathroom but it was locked, so now what, we wondered? I looked around. The beach was pretty much empty, maybe because we went during the week. This meant we had three options. One, we could poop in our suits. No, we would get yelled at. Two, we could poop in the water. No, we could not go in without our parents watching us. Or three, we could poop in the sand. We looked up the beach. Yes, our parents were really far away. So we both dug holes as fast as we could.

We squatted over our respective holes so our butts were not hitting the ground, pulled the back of our suits down enough to go, and went. I took a great poop. Of course I looked at my friend's. His was smaller. When we were done we realized we didn't have any toilet paper so we had no choice but to just live with it. Then we buried our poop.

The end

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I see you've started working on your military field craft. Pooping in the field is a two person affair: one stands watch while the other digs a cat hole, leaves the dump and then buries the offending mess. If the other party has to go, you simply reverse roles.

Next time remember to use a 50-50 watch. It's much more secure than the SimulCrap.

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

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