Shameless Shitting Status

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Editor's Note: Shameless Shitting is about the acceptance of the act of pooping as a
natural expression of the human condition -- no more worthy of shame, scorn, nor undue
attention from others than blowing one's nose or scratching an itch.

It's PoopReport's sworn mission to promote Shameless Shitting and to enlighten those
whose misguided beliefs repress us all.

In the next few weeks, we will release our Shameless Shitting Manifesto. In the
meantime, we are conducting an informal survey. Who among us is a Shameless Shitter?
Who is Shameful? This thread started in the forums.

I need everyone to leave a report on their "shameless shitter" status. I know Doniker
is Shameful, and Chip is Shameless, and I am also Shameless.

As much as I support the cause, I'm still leaning towards shameful.

That is the Idea, thank you dave, I'll put you down as a Neutral Shitter.

Yes! A Neutral Shitter! A whole new category, but I am not sure I fit into it. I
couldn't really decide what to call myself, because i am shameless at home and at close
friends' and family's houses, and was at college, but shameful at work and in public.
I'll go if I have to in those places without too much embarrassment, but I still don't
like it. Hmm . . . maybe you could put me down as a Multiple Personality Shitter!?

Im the same way as ASS. so i guess im more shameful in public, shameless at home.

Shameless is only referring to the public, you are both more or less shameful, I KNOW
Clarissa has had some issues with public pooping in the past.

Shameless shitting refers most specifically to office shitting --- it's about the
courage to shit in public where people know you and know that you're shitting and to
not care what they think.

I'm a shameful shitter that supports the cause. I'm an
enlightened shameful shitter -- I know what i do is wrong, but i'm still trying to find
the inner strength to change myself.

99.99% - 100.00% shameless.

I'd rather live in comfort and preserve my bowels for later life than suffer the

I have grown as a shitter. Since my recent ordeal with having no plumbing at home I
have become a shameless shitter. When you've got no choice but to shit in public or to
go the primitive route, you learn that being a shameless shitter is a lot easier than
crapping in a bucket or on the lawn.

I'm shameful when it comes to work/school.

Shameless. Utterly shameless.

Hey TCM, you can put me down as a completely shameless shitter. I never knew that folks
were so embarrassed about being seen or heard taking a dump, until I started visiting

100% shameless and proud of it.

Definately shameful when it comes to work. Lately I have been going to another floor of
my building to take a shit since I don't know anybody in that department. I really miss
the one person at a time crapper we had in our old building.

I think I might be turning into a shameful shitter since visiting PR. Last weekend, I
bought air freshener for my bathroom. I live alone and visitors don't really care about
my poop smell. Could it be possible that the seeds of shameful pooping are starting to


Remember, as far as this thread is concerned, shameless shitting is ONLY how you feel
about shitting in public. Everone is shameless alone.

88 Comments on "Shameless Shitting Status"

Clustersnarf's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Shameless, I usually announce my pooping itenerary and agenda on the way to the can, once done, I give a full report of the Sinker/Floater ratio as well as the texture and stench. I dislike Public restrooms for the unsanitary state, but when you gotta go , you gotta go.

Jaybowel's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I'd consider myself a fairly shameless shitter. I don't need to be anywhere special and I don't care who hears or smells me.

On the other hand, I can't pee if I think someone can hear me, let alone see me. The only exception to that rule is when I'm drunk, at which time I could pee in the Macy's window display without hesitation.

new guy's picture

as previously stated under a different name on the forums, i'm a Shameless/Shameful hybrid. depending on my surroundings,i go back and forth. if i'm in an airport, surrounded by people i have never seen before and will never see again, i don't give a crap (no pun intended). if i'm in a local establishment or work, where the odds are i'll run into somebody again, i tend to be more shameful. since i'm a good 6 or 7 inches taller than the average stall, i sometimes duck down so as not to be seen by other shitters. blatant cowardice, i know. but i am what i am.

alex's picture

uh...75% percent shameless. i love shit (hell, im on this site), and i talk about it all the time...but there are a few things i wouldnt do in a public bathroom

Latrina's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I'm sadly shameful. Especially since the toilets at my work have no flush power. I logically do not care if someone walks in while I am shitting but my sphincter sure does pucker up. Must be something my mother instilled in me when I was young.

Troy's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I would have to say shameless except about the part of how much time I like to spend taking a dump. As stated in one of my previous postings people in Asia don't understand why anyone would take more than 5 minutes pooping barring mental or physical sickness, so when at work I try to either make sure no one sees me enter the toilet or leave the toilet or, worst case, try to shit like the rest of Asia and complete the task in 5 minutes without blowing an O ring...

Back in the US I don't feel any shame about the length, stench or noise of my shits at home or in public.

Dakota's picture
k 500+ points

I think that this whole business of "shameful" versus "shameless" shitters is being approached wrongly. Some folks want to confine the definition to folks who take a shit (or don't) in office building restrooms when other folks are around. Why? Not everyone works in an office building! To me the basic issue is do you take a shit when you need to? In other words, you gotta go and you go crap regardless of whether other folks can see you on the crapper or hear you or know that you have taken a shit. If you can do that, including taking a shit in an open stall (if that's all that is available) then you're a "shameless" shitter. If, on the other hand, you need to shit and put it off until you get home or find a better restroom or find a restroom where no one else is around you're a "shameful" shitter. Folks in the latter category will usually suffer 2-3 hours of discomfort (holding in a big dump) rather than expose themselves to others while dumping. If you use these definitions, then most of the folks here who claim to be "shameless" will have to be reclassified as "shameful."

Trashcanman's picture
l 100+ points

Well, to tell the truth, you are right Dak. I probibly would not want to crap in an open stall with people looking. As far as that goes, though, open stalls are rare. I would use one if I were in sparce company, or in the company of people I know. But, on the otherhand, I would prefer a stall door. Most Americans live in the suburbs (46%?) and that is our grey area. People from the city of the country are less likely to be shameful due to climatazation. People in the suburbs are much more closed up though, and rarely associate with other people in their immediate environment. This leads to shamefullness amoung introversal people and extroversal people.

Skiddy Poo's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Dakota raises some interesting points. I wonder what the boundaries of "shamelessness" are. For instance, does shameless include the ability to shit on national TV (like during a Superbowl ad spot)? Or openly in front of you in-laws? Or more disturbingly, on someone (like a dare)? How about shitting on your lawn in front of your neighbors? Can anyone else think of a disturbing pooping scenario?

Dave's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Content Moderatora 10000+ points - Super Pooperb 9000+ pointsc 8000+ pointsd 7000+ pointse 6000+ pointsf 5000+ pointsg 4000+ pointsh 3000+ pointsi 2000+ pointsj 1000+ pointsk 500+ pointsl 100+ pointsm 1+ points - Newb

I both agree and disagree with Dakota. I believe shameless vs. shameful is relevant when we're talking about shitting in front of aquaintances. Not strangers, because most people don't have a problem with that. And not friends or loved ones, because most people don't have a problem with that. Shameful shitting is most prevelant when you will be caught by someone who knows you but you are not completely comfortable with.

So, by that definition, we are most often confronted with this situation at work. But it could also come up at school, or anywhere you are around people you know but not well enough to shit in front of. That is the true shameful/shameless issue.

potty peeker's picture

Many people are deathly afraid to poop in an open toilet stall, knowing someone might watch. This has happened to me on several occasions, not with anyone I know watching, but nonetheless,with someone watching. A lot of people like to watch someone else poop, wipe, look at their facial expressions. Frankly, it's kind of arousing to know that you are arousing someone else by the act of pooping.It doesn't bother me to be watched in the least, and I enjoy watching others.

pooplopper's picture

I love to shit! nothing in this world, besides sex, feels better than a good, colon cleansing, bowel rumbling, toilet bowl water splashing shit.

put me down as shamless!

Dakota's picture
k 500+ points

Hey, the debate is starting to get real interesting! SP's examples are not examples of "shameless" shitting. They are examples of "exhibitionist" shitting. Shitting on the lawn in front of the neighbors, for example, would be done with the intention to shock or embarrass other folks. My definition for a "shameless" shitter is someone who needs to take a crap and does it in a restroom (which is a legal place to do it) with others around whether he/she knows the other folks or not. While everyone prefers a private stall, folks like me often have to use doorless stalls at work, for example. There we shit with other dudes around. You just get used to it and no one pays any attention. Another example, I usually play a double header of baseball on a Sunday. We have a gap of about 20 minutes between the two games. Many dudes need to take a crap then. The restroom at the field has two doorless stalls and we just all take a crap there. So these dudes are all "shameless" shitters because they need to take a crap and do it in the only available place. If there were a "shameful" shitter on the team, he would wait until the game is over and he has got home to take a crap in privacy. To me that is still the difference. With the example of the guys on the team, we know each other well, but are not real close so it is not too much different from the office situation with fellow workers. So using a restroom is an important criterion. The exception to this is when a dude is out hiking along a long trail and needs to duck into a clearing to take a dump. I do this all the time on weekends, but it is not done with the intention of shocking or embarrassing others, just with the intention of dumping my load when I need to.

Trashcanman's picture
l 100+ points

I just want to take a moment to thank everone for contributing to my research so vividly, thank you all! Dave and me are taking all this to heart, so remember no to hold back, and feel free to debate as much as you need. This issue is worth it!

John's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I'm fairly shameless... except around my girlfriend's parents. Then I'm hiding it like I had the plague.

Trashcanman's picture
l 100+ points

And so it rages on, were now almost 75% saying were shameless, but I honestly think that most of us "shameless" folk have some shame. I only carry a little shame when I am at school, and everyones hanging out in the courtyard, right in front of the shitter door. Half of my psycology class would be out there, so if I got poo on my clothes or something, I would be trapped.

Shameless Shitter's picture

Definately shameless but most of the time i go to a different floor of the school just to make sure i dont know anyone while i take my shit. Heck, no one wants another girl hearing them poop. But most of the time i never have that problem at school

Jason Poolick's picture

My story:

Last week, I went to visit my parents who live 3 hours away. My mom always makes dinner, and for dessert we had prune pie. I thought I was ok, and could make it back in 3 hours without the need know :-)

Anyways, about an hour from my house, I realized I had to GO..but was in a bad area of town, and it was late at night (thus, no stores or restaurants to visit)...I tried to hold it in, but I couldn' just started to come out...I tried to control my bowel movements..but couldn't help make a long story short, my leather ended up being REALLY dirty, and I had to take the car to be cleaned...I told the guy at the detailing shop that my dog had been sitting in my car when I went to do my groceries...that was embarassing..had to sit on garbage bags on my way to the I always take a plastic bag with me :-) LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU AMATEUR POOERS!! Until next time, love Jay.

snowbrdr360's picture

I am definitly a shameless. I rarley take a dump at home, it is almost always at school or work. Especialy while at work. If I can get paid to shit on company time and nobody says andything, then why not?

Randall Stevens's picture

I am a shameless shitter. While I don't make a song-and-dance about it, I don't give a fuck who knows I'm pitching a loaf. I'll even grab a magazine as I head to the head and say to whomever is within earshot, "I'll be in my office. Hold my calls."

And farting? The louder, the better. I love those really nasty ones. You know, the gawd-my-eyes-are-watering, funk-i-fied, sumpin-crawled-up-my-ass-and-died, blow-out-your-oh-ring, check-yer-drawers kinds of zingers. Man, those are great.

Pooper's picture

I am shameful, no doubt about it. I'm really not sure where I learned to be that way because no one in my family is shameful. I don't mind public places when it is a one-person bathroom and I can have some privacy - no problem there. A multi-person bathroom is not good but bearable as long as there are adequate stalls. A multi-person bathroom with no stall walls - forget it, I would have to be suffering badly before I would consider using it. And I really hate it when I have to take a crap at someone's house and it is usually loud or stinky. I don't like announcing to the world, "Hey, I just took a crap!", and that is what happens when its really loud or smelly. I guess the ultimate nightmare for me would be to have a case of the runs at a girlfriend's parent's house. That would be HELL.

Dr. C. Rappe's picture

As a psychologist I feel it is much healthier to be a shameless shitter. As a natural part of everyday existence evacuating ones bowels is no more shameful than pissing, fucking, sweating like a pig or hocking up a big one. I am strongly opposed to the more recent practice of the so-called "courtesy flush" that appears to be occurring with alarming frequency, especially in urban settings. Those who feel that a "courtesy flush" is a civilized and "PC" practice to spare the sensitive sensibilities of anyone else within earshot is merely deluding themselves and denying all of us the communal shared identity that is truly essential for our better mental health. And as a personal aside I group these characters in the same category with the self-appointed critics, censors, administrators, soccer moms, religious fundamentalists, Rosie-lovers, Kathie Lee wanna-bes, pseudo-scientific research directors, tv news readers-cum-"journalists", Britney Spears, affirmative action activists, and inappropriately high paid corporate executives. They should all be gutted in the town square and hoisted on their own petard.

Cornholio's picture

Hey Doc...did you ever think that maybe the courtesy flush was to kill the odor of an expecially noxious crap? Man, this guy Hector that I used to work with would FUCKUP a bathroom. Your eyes would water, and your nose would burn. This fucker's ass what a death machine. People would be begging this guy for a courtesy flush.

As far as the poll goes --- I'm a shameless shitter. Who cares if someone sees you. Chances are you'll walk in and catch them shitting sometime too.

DeltWalrus's picture

I am most CERTAINLY a shameless shitter. Though it pisses me off when people in the stall next to me make disparaging remarks about the loudness or stinkiness of my shit.

P-ROK's picture

i shit like it's going out of style. i'm definately a shameless shitter. i have no mercy for toilets, i unleash the beast. hopefully the toilets always accept my offering, but one can only hope for the best. but yeah, i've been know to blow my O-Ring in the office. i can shit anywhere, anytime, for any reason. i love poopie.

The_Shitman's picture

Considering what I have done in my past time I would have to rank my self as a mischievous shitter.

But some times I am embarssed to go poo in front of people like my aunt

flaminganus's picture

I go around takling about poo jokes and paying peos at my school to drop a few on the BR floor.whatever that means.

Splatter van Upchuck's picture

I'd have to say shameless but also perhaps mischevious too. Here's why: I worked for a freight forwarding company outside JFK airport. It was a boring job and I really disliked what I was doing. I heard that I was going to get fired on Friday afternoon by one of my coworkers. I went into the office usually inhabited by my boss while he was at lunch and unleashed a massive turd right on his chair. For good measure, feeling another one coming, with the aid of a little scrambling around I deposited another one on his desk.

He came back and lost his fucking mind...then his lunch...he was so sick he forgot to fire me as was his apparent intention. Monday the axe fell but I was happy, I fucked up his Friday but good.

Vicki's picture

Totally shameless. I'd rather soil myself on the painful ride home than go at work. Most women at my work do the "wait it out" method where they sit silently until you leave, but even that is too humiliating for me. Sad, isn't it?

Vicki's picture

Oops -- I meant shameFUL!!!!!!!!

analretentive's picture

Shameful. And I hate it. I get interrupted all the time at work cuz I can't finish the job if someone else walks in. I have even left work & gone home on occassion. It's a miserable life. I'm totally working on becoming more shameless, and this site is making my journey toward freedom much easier. Thank you all!

agerard's picture

No shame. I'm proud of my shits. If I'm at work and I'm letting a pretty loose one go, as a courtesty I might hold back a bit. But otherwise, bombs away!

I just think people need to realize we all shit and it's nothing to be ashamed about.

blupoo's picture

Utterly shameful in public. Cant seem to make the same noise you make at home and in other places.

Honkin' Ponk's picture

I must be a shameful shitter. You see I think that the act is rather a religious one. I like to commune with my gods whilst on the throne. I invoke my muse. I luxuriate in the sensations.

I prefer the slow release. Let it find its own way out. It is beyond my control. It happens. I enjoy the parting of the cheeks, the crinkling open of the anus, and the erotic feel of the turd sliding down from my bowel and past the anus ring and to freedom in the open air and then the plunge into the water.

It is a philosophical attitude. I do not wish to be disturbed whilst communing with the gods of poop.

I have to be in the right frame of mind. This necessitates being elsewhere. Not available to juniors with questions. I sometimes find a place of meditation on another floor.

I do not hurry the process. The time it takes is the time it takes. I enjoy the smell, the release and afterwards I sit back in blissfull mindlessness. My mind like my bowels is empty.

It is a zen moment. The achievement of nothingness. Made all the better by any serenity I can achieve.

After a while I am ready to rejoin the world. I am refreshed and ready for questions.

Shitting should be a happy event.

Happy shitting

Honkin' Ponk

PS I came across a Roman graffito on a wall outside the gladiatorial school in Pompei. It stated, in translation, 'Apollinarius, doctor to the Emperor Trajan had a bloody good shit here'.

Dr. Phil's picture

Hi All,

Dr. Phil here, reminding you of the importance of proper bowel relationships. You and your significant other should respect each other's "poo time." Keep it sacred.

Here's to pooing in good sanity (and sanitation),

Dr. Phil

BurgerTurd's picture

Definitely shameless. I walk out of the bathroom announcing the color, consistency (on the Moh's hardness scale), and number of TW's of each dump. Occasionally I get nostalgic and want to save one of the poops that's shaped like a famous person. I had one that looked like Richard Nixon last week, that happens a lot.

Clyde's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

If you lose the shame it won't be funny anymore.

Toilet filler's picture

I was converted from Shameful to shameless during a fortnight using unisex toilets on a campsite, where the place resounded with the sound of shit every morning and evening, and not knowing if they were male or female, or even better knowing they WERE female, and them not knowing if YOU were male or female WILDLY improved the experience and turned me into a shameless shitter. I can even be a competitive shitter, i.e when someone is shitting in the next stall I like mine to be even more dramatic...

Ramshackle's picture

Relatively shameless. I still do not delight in strolling out of the crapper while management is in the room, but for the most part I'll let it fly regardless of how many people are in there. It has been a hard-fought war over my adult years, though.

Most office types are supremely shameful, though. I just caught a guy in my office (a big, lumbering oaf, no less) walking into the bathroom a few seconds ahead of me. He must have heard my shoes clacking on the tile because I see him, shirt completely untucked from his pants, handicrapper stall door swinging in the breeze, turn on his heel and head to the urinal.

I smiled the entire time during my extra long piss...

brian chambers's picture

I am a shameless shitter! I shoud qualify that and say that I am shameless in making as much sound as possible on the toilet, but I AM ashamed if it's all very quiet! I hate dropping silent turds, but usually I drop ones that plop well, and love to be in the company of other guys equally uninhibited about their toilet sounds!

However, here in Britain toilets without doors are unknown, so all my shits in public have been behind a closed door, but I'd like the opportunity of shitting with a row of other guys all on show and all shamelessly plopping away on the toilets!

embarrassed shitter's picture

I am a total shameful shitter :( I have left work on numerous occasions to drive home (about 3 miles away) to go to the bathroom. If I'm home and my husband comments on or questions what I'm doing while in the bathroom I will get totally constipated! When I go to the rest room in public, or when I'm at a restaurant with friends, I will rush so that no one thinks I've taken a shit. Is this where the statement "anal retentive" comes from? The most bizarre thing is that I'm not embarrassed to fart or burp or anything else in public. I am a total exhibitionist and will show my tits to anyone...guess I'm just a lost cause! hahaha

Will's picture

I posted on another link about it but I don't understand why some people ( get so uptight about's probably the most gratifyingly natural thing our body does..we pee in public, we sweat in public, we blow our noses in public, so what gives?? At my university, there are several bathrooms with doorless you just do it..I don't give a flying flip who sees me..if I don't know them well, it's no big deal, if I do know them, sometimes we even talk together on the hole...anyone who can't walk into a mensroom & shit in a closed stall if there are other people within 60' of him has a very confining, (& sometimes uncomfortable) problem..I don't believe in exhibitionism either....but my buds & I will often crap together, and it's rewarding & relieving...people get over it & grow up; I'm 23 & I've been doing it for 15 years...some of you are probably in your 50s!!!!

Slim Jim Junkie's picture

Most of the posts I read are totally shameful or shameless. I shit, flush, wash and leave. If I need a plunger, I ask for it. No big deal.

It seems like half of the people here are:

1 I love busting the door open and bragging about the stench in there.... or

2 OMG! I would do anything to be 10 miles away from everybody, so nobody will hear or smell the shit! I am so embarassed!

So I propose that we have a percentage of shamelessness rather than Absolute Shameless or Shameful. I would be about 50%-75% Shameless.

luv my b.m.s's picture

i am very shameful, i never shit in a public place, always seemed to hold it in till later, but indefense of us shameful people, there is utmost plesure being in your own bathroom, with the door closed. then i proceed to sit on toilet, hike up my dress, push my underwear to my ankles, and slowly squeeze out a nice formed bowel movement., after one or two fart sounds. anyone else out there agree? i look forward to this after work. see, i just love making a good bowel movement.

Loving My Bowels's picture

I am shamless, and yet i think there is nothing wrong with sombody that is a shamefull shitter. Yes, it is a bad thing but hey, we shouldnt condem them, we should help them. I persoannly walk into a bathroom and pull off a number two, not trying to disgust anyone, just looking for that "Zen" moment. When i walk out of the bathroom and there is a little prick looking at me like im some freak for excreating waste in a place that is meant for such a thing,I talk to them. I ask them how their time in the bathroom was and if they need any help finding a good stall. This helps me be less embaressed if I am at all.Any experienced shamless shitter should try this when you get a poop-peeker.

The Shit Volcano's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

I used to be a very shameful shitter. Then I came to this site. Not anymore.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

John's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

From the age of 10 through 14, I pooped in my pants "when appropriate", meaning the quality of the poop was firm and dry, and that the pants I was wearing were appropriate (no back pockets - showed the load nicely). It's 30 years later, and I still think about it. My shrink even suggested that I bring these old habits up in this forum. Thanks! John

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

It never occurred to me to look at this part of the website.
Well, I have gotten to the point that I get a real kick out of plopping one out in a public restroom, but it's kind of odd when there are people I am only slightly acquainted with in the restroom.
I am glad that poopreport has warped my fragile little mind.

95% shameless
4% shamefull
1% hot gas

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Rectum Rocket Dropper's picture

Our beach and park mens bathrooms are all doorless. If you need privacy, use the womes restrooms. Case closed.

pooperscooper's picture

Yes, I am a shameful shitter. Yes, I know it is depressing. It all started back in kindergarten when I was SENT HOME- can you believe it- for "making poopy on the lawn like the doggies." Too bad the lawn in question was the actual playground. I feel I was traumatically discriminated against, and this situation clearly violated my freedom to poop. Now I feel I must poop behind closed doors.

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