The Book Of The Shameless

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The Shameless Shitting Manifesto outlines the four fundamental rights of every Shitter.
These rights are ordained by God -- no man may take them away.

The bathroom is a sanctuary, a place where people of all races truly understand the
underlying humanity of one another. This is a sacred place -- a place that must be
free of oppression, of persecution, of fear and of shame.

You may not always be Shameless. Sometimes, even the best of us are a bit Shameful. But, by inscribing your name to this roster, you are pledging to accept the doctrine
of Shameless Shitting, and, more, forever respect the restroom rights of others, with the expectations that all others will respect yours.

620 Comments on "The Book Of The Shameless"

Coprologist's picture

I though that I had made this declaration months ago, but I can't find my name here. I solemnly promise that whenever I get my chance, I will do my number two in any public facility rather than in the privacy of my own home. In that way I can enjoy the comapny of like-minded defecators.

Montezuma's picture

I haven't always been proud of my turds in various bathroom settings, but this creed made me realize just how important it is to sit down for my rights and become the turdmaster I was born to be.

P.M's picture

I used to be a shameful shitter, but this site has inspired me to crap in public more than i crap at home!
So, i add my name to the doctrine.

Krull's picture

I've never and WILL never care who's around-if I gotta shit and you don't like it? well fuck you!

thepoopman's picture

Pooping to some people is a sacred practice. Anyone who interrupts it intentionally should die and go to hell.

Weapon_of_ass_destruction's picture

Vive la revolution! Shameless shitters from East and West must unite to rid the world of the scourge that is poo-rsecution! Stand tall,be proud, shit in peace. May the "force" be with you all!

Cool_pooper-123's picture

thus now have to crap.. to shit or not to shit is truly not the question for a shameless shitter, but more so, to shit and be happy!

poopmaster of loyal poop's picture

i swerar to hell that i will poop in the middle of the nite in front of an open window overlookin
da naborhoodd with da lites on! i also swer 2 never stopp poopin!

 Brown Eye Of Satan's picture

Now that I've read the manifesto, I am proud to be a Shameless Shitter. I now realize that I come from a long line of shameless shitters - my great grandmother would fart herself off of chairs while playing cards, crack porcelain while in public shitters, my grandmother would fart in my face as a child whenever possible, my father would come in while i'm taking a hot bath and drop huge steaming load - i now know i must carry on the legacy of this great family! The world will know of my pooping legacy and everytime i shit it will be a mesmerzing monument to my family!!!! Long live the shameless shitters!!!!

mispooalot's picture

I fell so better knowing that there are others out there like me.All my friends and family think I`m a freak because I like to show them my prize winners,but I know that if any of you could see what I produce you`d be proud!So from now on the question is not "do you want to see this?"It`s "You gotta see this!"But wait a minute I always say you gotta see this,Maybe I`ll just find a way to trick them into seing it!

Jack the Bat's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

i strive to be Shameless despite my imperfections. everybody eats, so everybody poops, right? reading poop tales helps me in my quest towards Shameless Shitting. while i'd rather hurl turds in solitude, i will pinch my loaf where and when i need to. damn the turdpedoes!


DungDaddy's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorj 1000+ points

I am and shall remain shameless.

Lady Ballbuster's picture

I vow to continue to be shameless! I've crapped in public, all right...from my early years of destroying my junior-senior high school ladies' room (thanks to school cafeteria fare) to my recent visit to a Wal-Mart (the crapper's next to the layaway counter...I was laying something else away, LOL!), I'll crap anywhere I can sit comfortably. Hell, I've crapped in places where it wasn't so comfortable...I put a plastic grocery shopping bag into a bedpan and used that, when diarrhea came calling on me in a van, miles from home. And no, I wasn't in the vehicle alone, LOL!

Joe's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Shamelessness to all, ive broken my bonds of shame and have become truly free, its glorious, i love you people. i have crapped, and people have heard, and i have no fear!!!

Andy's picture

may we all rejoyce and be merry and poop ever so often not as a person... but as a nation of the ones we call Shameless Shitters

kraghman1's picture

I shall strive to be shameless in the face of adversity. I shall not let snooty looks or bathroon speak interfear with my God given right to produce excrement when and where it is neccesary to do so. I shall be a SHAMELESS SHITTER for all of my days. So help me God.

MR. E's picture

Wow, I can relate to some of the happings of you on this site. A few years back, while working online at the plant, I had the runs, and sharted my shorts. Armed with a box cutter, I went to the restroom, and proceeded in cutting away my undies, wraping them up in paper towels, and putting them in the garbage can. Returnning to work freeballing, finishing the next 2 hours of my shift, going home with a smirk on my face, knowing that they sorted the garbage, and wonding what the face of the person whom found my shorts looked like.

lord shiting clogger's picture

I now shall always shit freely

Chad's picture

i fear no one that stands between me and my right to shit anywhere i damn well please. i also believe if you take the last of the tp thou shalt replace it.

Heavy C's picture

I am a man who shits alot, I'm talkig 2 or 3 times a day, and thats just before breakfast. If you shit that much its not possible to be a shamefull shitter. So I say shit when ya need to cause it can cause some serious problems if you don't.

runny poo's picture

i will shit all the time, any time, anywhere, on anyone, forever.. amen

La Petomaine's picture

Hey, when you gotta go you gotta go! I was always a Shameful Shitter because I thought it was unladylike to drop a load when others were aware, such as in a public rest room. I would hold it till it hurt and I could get to a private place to take a poo, because, to paraphrase Stephen King (a great master of scatological humor as you will discover if you really read his work thoroghly,) people think that women should fart perfume and download petunias from our rear aperatures. But I have found that holding in your load only increases problems with spastic colon, a problem that I don't enjoy. So if I've gotta I've gotta, and propriety be damned! I shall henceforth crap as needed!
La Petomaine, the shameless!

As-salaama a Shit's picture

"The world is a toll-free toilet. Our mouths' are neurological assholes. And psychologically speaking, we're in a state of mental diarrhea - talking shit a mile a minute. Or in a state of constipated notions - can't think of nothin' but shit." - Funkdelic

I solemnly swear to shit and talk shit anywhere, anyplace, anytime with no shame. Shameless shitter I am...a shameless shitter, that's me.

Poop's picture

Poop that poops pooping poopers is poop of poopily poopy pooportions. The pooptasticality of poopingly poopily poopy poop is poopulational. Poopers poop. Poop poops. Poop and poopers poop poop. Poopifying the poopiness of poopular poop poopidecimally poops poopulations of poopiquitosity. Poopification, a pooping poopifier which poops poopers of pooping, is poopingly poopalized.

To repoop the depooped unpoopers, poop must, poopth, poop poopself poopily until it has poopulated pooptasically into a pooppit. Pooppoopth, non-poopy poop, poopcredible though it may poop, still poops poop of pooping poops of poop. Pooply, poopified poop will poopventually poopentrate even the unpoopiest poopzones in a pooptire pooppit.

Poopers, whether poopherently poopy or poopificially poopified, must poopily poop poop into a pooppit poopgularly. The poop of pooping must be poopficiently poopy, poopingly poopily pooped, and zerpoopglobinon.*

*Poopian for "Poopized to the poopicality of poopiness to the poopolplexth power."

I AM THE YETI!!!'s picture


3G's's picture

If you want to learn how to become shameless, go live on a boat! (Rider: The Boat must be big enough for at least two people. You can't be shameless if you're on your own).

Big Shit's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I am a shameless shitter and proud to be one.

Genesis's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

The best part of my day is taking a massive morning constitutional in the ladies room at my work. The bathroom door is strategically placed rite across from our office managers desk. Since she is FACING the bathroom door, as soon as I walk out she gets a whiff of my parfume to start the day!! And to think this is how I treat a friend!

Fernando's picture

I am trying to become a shmaless shitter. However I´m still shamefull in some bathroom situations. To overcome my fear I´ve been trying to be shameless around strangers. However my goal is to be a shameless shitter at the office. One of my biggest fears is farting. However I have starting to realize that farting is no more than a natural biological functions. There´s no point in being ashamed if done in the appropiate place. Besides, I started to think, why is shitting seen as a shameful act if nothing sexual is involved. It is a digestive function. The only aspect that could be considered shameful is that poop smells bad and that the anus is regarded as a dirty place. Other than than there´s no point in being ashamed.

toilet muck's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

me too

Colon P Gutbuster's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I promise to strain mightily and to continue to shit shamelessly

Fart Poopie's picture
j 1000+ points

I have no problem pooing in public. My shamefullness comes into effect when there's someone listening.

Borderline Turd Terrorist's picture

Shameless shitting is cool. Especially on a crowded Greyhound bus. Nothing is quite like leaving the back half of a public transportation vehicle to wallow in the aftermath of your own personal rectal assault. This is immediately followed by a proud stride back to the front of the bus, past your fellow passengers while they retch uncontrollably. This all changes, however, when you are on the receiving end of an anal barrage rendered aeresol. My advice: fly. Frontier's got great rates right now.

Flapping Colon's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I was raised to be a shameless shitter. I shat on the highway and on the sidewalk of a gas station as toddler; I have left shit skin remnants and steamy taco shits in public facilities.... I am proud to be a Shameless Shitter!

Sir Shat-allot's picture

One nation under the porcelain god.

Poop Doggy Log's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I will no longer fear shitting in any and all places, public or private. I will do my best to honk the loudest farts and drop the splashiest loads so that others can learn from my shameless shitting. Viva la Brown Revolution!

L Wrong Hubbard's picture
l 100+ points

Born shameless, still shameless. Nothing beats a good shit. End of story. Count me in, guys

Happy trails,
L. Wrong

Happy trails,
L. Wrong
Chairman & CEO, PPK Industries

poops's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I AM SHAMELESS! and hope to stay!
(L Wrong Hubbard, i think your adorable)

mott the poople's picture
l 100+ points

Shameless to the end! I really like the "upscale" restrooms with the towel guy. I always think "he chose this job", he knows about poop. Being competitive,I want to be the "Alpha male" and so I really perform. Its a success if his expression is different from when I walked in. I the odor is really bad(usually)...I give him a buck.(!)

Asphincter says WHAT...(!)

español's picture

ive kept from shitting for two years because of shame . Now , thanks to you i´ve seen the light and i´ve dropped one as big as a VW Beetle. You have saved my life . I didn´t want to shit because I thought of contamining rivers an all.Now i think that outside there is more space.Y que gusto da echar un buen tordo amigos .

JPDufrene's picture

I know no such thing as shame when I make the good poopy. I know no such thing as shame when I make the bad poopy. From my butt, from your butt, from anyone's butt, poopy is poopy, we all do it, it all stinks. Amen.

Whopadilly Flipflop's picture

I think we need some celebrity endorsement if we're really serious about this shameless shitting thing. Anybody have any connections to Oprah?



Roni Baker's picture

My name is synonomous with poop

ring splitter's picture

thank cod for poop report.

cRaPpP's picture

I, Michael, solemnly declare myself to be as Shameless and i will promise to drop my crap anywhere i want, either at public or not!

Brianna Lea's picture

I reserve the right not only to poo when and where I need to, but to also enjoy it, and get a "pooing high" from it! I also check my poop out to see if my digestion is okay! yay organic vegan poo! healthy poo makes a healthy planet. It's all about what goes in, folks.

ms.pooper poud's picture

poop as you will! let us all shamelessly shit! I love my school's lovely pooper bowls. Hail to all who shit!

SamDamnit's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorj 1000+ points

On this day; the 21st of December, 2005, I do declare my unswerving loyalty to the tenets laid out in the Shameless Shitting Manifesto. PRAISE POOP!

Rectum Rector
The Church of Poop

The Emir of Crapistan

Cracktacular's picture
l 100+ points

I shall strive to be shameless and encourage others to do the same. Let us dare to build a new and better society.

Crack kills

Bunga Din's picture
j 1000+ points

I, being of sound mind and loud bowel do solemnly swear to accept the shameless shitting Manifesto as it is written.

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