The Book Of The Shameless

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The Shameless Shitting Manifesto outlines the four fundamental rights of every Shitter.
These rights are ordained by God -- no man may take them away.

The bathroom is a sanctuary, a place where people of all races truly understand the
underlying humanity of one another. This is a sacred place -- a place that must be
free of oppression, of persecution, of fear and of shame.

You may not always be Shameless. Sometimes, even the best of us are a bit Shameful. But, by inscribing your name to this roster, you are pledging to accept the doctrine
of Shameless Shitting, and, more, forever respect the restroom rights of others, with the expectations that all others will respect yours.

620 Comments on "The Book Of The Shameless"

alphadump's picture

I've been a shameless shitter for three years now, and only just became aware of this wonderful place. Poop should be celebrated, not shunned.

Just the other day at work, not even caring...anal blasting the doors off the stall while people were dipping in and out. Locker room's in there too. We also have "special" people that are given "special" opportunities where I work. They know my colon well. Just thought you might like to know.

Anthony's picture

I am now, and will always be a shameless shitter. There is nothiong more beautiful, more enchanting than when you let go of that perfect shit, the one that dosnt make any noise, and the one you dont have to wipe. But at the same time, i get no bigger rus than when i just let a big one rip and you can hear it for a 3 mile radius. Me and my friends participate in a very sacred ritual in scoll at least once every three days. the four of us all go together at school. We call this our group poop, i tust many of you have experiecned they joy of such a sacred occasion, but if you havnt i urge you to try it. And to everybody..... hae i nice shit!

Winslow Oddfellow II's picture

I don't like public restrooms, but I use one whenever I need it.

MuddMaker's picture

I vow to leave my skidmarks in almost ever toilet i come in contact with!


Captain Crepadation's picture

I swear with all my being to uphold the statutes of shameless shitting, and never to be scared of public restrooms. I will do my best to stink up the office bathroom and all surrounding corridors within 500ft. I will humble myself in front of my colleagues before I release a massive load upon the porcelain oracle, and declair YES!!! that turd in stall #3 of the second floor is mine. Turd terrorists beware... I have no fear.
Carpe Turdiem

Shit Tzu's picture

I will round on my patients in the morning, asking them about their bowel movements as I always have. And then, for the first time in my life, I will SHAMELESSLY SHIT IN THE HOSPITAL BATHROOM. And I won't care who sees me go in, or who comes in while I'm in there, or who sees me leave. I have spent too many years avoiding shitting in public. God has made me so the call comes at 9am every day, and tomorrow I WILL ANSWER!!!!!

the pants pooper's picture

I will take a dump anywhere outside inside anywhere. THANK YOU DAVE

Adam's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

my family of 8 are all pretty much shameless shitters!

Deedee's picture


Chloe's picture

Ya i totally agree! all my life those things were put behind closed doors, we should be open! and proud of our acomplishments!

Raw-Hide's picture

4 score and 5 minutes ago, I was a shameful shitter! WE as humans must look apon our shameless ancestors! From early man, shitting in the forests! To the 1800s, when a man had an outhouse, and a corn cob to do his buisines!
When people respected others whilst shitting!
In the days without "turd terrorists", "poop nazis", and "stall-jumpers". We must forget our shameful ways, and go back to our shameless ancestry!
I Raw-Hide, am now shameless!

Cari's picture

I will poop in Wal-Mart, my girlfriend's house, my husband's parent's house, at work, at the zoo--anywhere!! I am a link in the chain of shameless poopers!!!

G Ras's picture
l 100+ points

I am shameless but I don't shit regularly.... so I don't find myself in many situations where I can exhibit my shameless prowess. If I could poo normally I would leave them treats all over the place. I would poo in the sink at Macy's... I would leave a girthy steamer on the counter at Subway. I would stand on a ladder and drop ball hair and poops in your mail box... then I would get on the bus with my shameless ass, go to the rear where all the gang members are and proclaim my freedom. I would write over their gang signs... and when I regained consciousness in the hospital, I would ask a pretty nurse to wipe my stinky anus with a hot wash cloth....

Perhaps I am an asshole and so much time has pass you probably won't even read this .... but in my defense.... this site is all about funny stuff that happens to us about shit in the course of everyday living.... and may I say in my story I too got shit

General Colon Pow's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I will boldly overflow any toilet! (and laugh about it!)- I will fart loudly and proudly! Whether in the aisles at Wal*Mart, or in a stall in a crowded bathroom! I will belch loudly whenever the need to do so manifests itself- whether in a choke-n-puke or a fine restaurant! I will leave my turds in the bowl, for other men to admire and be taught the definition of "manhood" by. I will befoul your seat cushions with fart-stains! a shameless shitter!

Code 0 Creator's picture

I am a blind Australian mail. I have never been a shameful shitter. I sometimes goe to the crapper to create a code 0 (code 0s are bad smells) when I don't nead to. however, I nead help. I nead to know how to make my shit and farts lowder. long live the brown revelution!

Feisty Preppy's picture

Viva la Brown Revolution!!!!!!!!!

Claire's picture

My roommate and I are shameless shitters. We are proud to be female shitters and embrace the joys of taking a dump! Infact it is our #2 priority next to eating!

Dan's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

amen to poop. if you are like me, you must love that moment when a big piece of crap is just about to exit your anus - like it might hurt a bit on the way our but the pleasure of it finally dropping into the bowl is like a fine achievement, one to be savored until the next massive crap unloads into the bowl.

no more shamelss shitting - amen

Shaun again's picture

I'm Shaun the Shameless Shitter. I have a story written in the Book of the Shameless already, and I have another one. I have a friend whose name I will not mention, and he refused to shit anywhere but his bathroom at home. He didn't believe my summer camp story, so last week, he got a fecal impaction. I am happy to say that he's doing well and is no longer a shameful shitter. But still, don't be shameful.

The Hypocritic Oaf (aka Shaun for the 3rd time!)'s picture

Oh my gosh. I'm such a hypocrite. Back there on June 7th I said that SHAMEFUL shitting was the way to go. I totally meant vice-versa. I'm such a hypocritic oaf.

max's picture

SHAMEFUL shitting is not the way to be. It's unhealthy. Even though I may hold it in for obvious reasons sometimes, I am proud to call myself the biggest shameless shitter I know to the day. Most of my friends are shameless, but are hesitant in some situations. I honestly don't feel close to a friend if they feel anxious around me. My best friend and I have been friends since we were 6. We have been through it all together, shitting and diarreha. I find it one way you can bond better with someone.

Don't be a coward, be shameless. If you are shameful, I don't have a probelm with that ... I just don't understand your motives. Thanks for supporting the manifesto everyone, amen to shameless shitting.

Scott's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I am a Shameless Shitter. I will shit anywhere and come out with a smile. The bigger the shit the bigger the smile. I will shit in the woods and use my sock to wipe my ass. The nastier it is the prouder I am. When I've got to shit I've got shit right then and there. There are people out there that can hold there shit for days, not me. When I feel the rumble, there will be an explosion. You can ask anybody I know, I am proud of my shit.

The Mad Pooper's picture

I am the mad pooper. I will drop my kiidies off at any pool I find. I pride myself on taking four dumps a day. The world is my toilet!!!

matthew makens's picture

I am a true shameless shitter for I am a carpenter and have had to take many a massive shit in the worst of all public restrooms. The construction site portapottie. To look in that hole and see all the other shameless shits pilled so high there may not be room for mine brings great pride as I drop my drawers and cop a squat. But true shamelessness comes from takeing the mother of all sloppy shits and not being able to wash your hands and not even care!

Matthew Makens again's picture

Truely shameless shitters will put there real first and last names in their postings

freakazoid's picture

Bite me, Matthew.

I officially sign the Book of the Shameless.

Mister Splock's picture

I love to make those fart-driven shits that stick to the bowl and never come off, that go SPLOCK !!! and just stay there. I shit without shame, and in homage to my other love (Star Trek), Splock is the name.

"Mister Splock, Analysis ?"
"It's not potty as we know it captain."

"Splock, Splock, What is Splock ? It is controller is it not ?"

"Splock!...Splock! Help me, Splock !!"

Joey Hook's picture

Thank you poop! You make life worth living.

scott jenkins's picture

SHOUT IT! I SHIT AND I'M PROUD! Fuck doors on shitter stalls. Let everyone know that i'm doin' the deed!

Clogged.'s picture

I relish a triple-flush.

Puke Green Stool's picture


Stinky Crapperton IV's picture

Carpe Doody...
Seize the Poop's picture

We're all shit here at

#2 guy's picture

The best is yet to come! Turkey day doodie. Guess you can say we have a load to be thankful for.

anus's picture

(to the sound of Shave and a Haircut)

Pll pll pll pll pll... PLL PLL!!!!!!!

The Amazing Anus's picture

Before I declair myself shameless I would like to apologize to Anus, I have just began poopreport and had no idea you had that name, I looked but could nto find, so I went with Amazing Anus, sorry

*Ahem* I used to be a shameful shitter, but now, I am not, thank you poopreport, for the next time some ass head peaks over the top of my stall, I will no longer zip and leave, I will proudly say "Shameful no more!!" and throw a chunk O' turd in his face.

Cool-off-a-steamer's picture

Poopers of the world unite!

t0xic b4by bug's picture

I am Shameless! I don't care if Mother Theresa's Ghost was in the can with me, I will drop one rain or shine, wind, sleet or Snow,

I just won't shit in Airplane, Train, or Bus bathrooms....I don't like being interrupted by someone banging on the door telling me to hurry up.

Bog Standard's picture

Having just squeezed off a perfect nutty loaf of a turd I feel it's just the right time to say it loud and say it proud... I am a shameless shitter! Thankyou poopreport, you may very well have made me a better person.

schidt-hedd's picture

I dropped a freakin' 14" turd that would gag a goat at work today. It was so gross that I went into the next stall and downloaded its little bro ('bout8"). I wuz so damn proud of myself that I wiped my ass in a third stall, and left all three unflushed! Viva la shameless Shits of the world!

The Freak!'s picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I will drop trou and poop in front of anyone, anywhere, in any bathroom (or relatively clean facsimile). I will always tell someone when I have just pooped and when I fart, I will laugh when someone wrinkles thier nose.

BigL's picture

This liberates me!!!!

J's picture

I shall poo where it is necessary, where it is possible, and where it is welcomed. Or unwelcomed. And I shall clog toilets with impunity using my massive deposits of poo and overabundance of toilet paper. Amen.

Mr. Fukai's picture

I, Mr. Fukai, release all attachment to a shameful society, and embrace the world of shameless shitting. I have been a shameless shitter since had severe food poisoning and had to release in a stall at a hotel full of attractive women. I didn't care, and it felt wonderful. United we stand brothers.

Trashman's picture

Yes, I have made a sanctuary for freedom of poop at come check it out and describe your holy perfumes.

raine's picture

i hold no inhibitions to my bodily functions, up the shameless shitters!

Joey M's picture

I poop. I poop not because I must (although this plays a large role) but for love of pooing. However, I am in some disagreement with the manifesto. I am quite the poop exhibitionist. Me and my friends have turd contests. I am in 100% solidarity with the Brown Revolution! Shitters of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your shame!

poo dollar's picture

I, Poo Dollar, do solemnly swear to uphold the Four Sacred Freedoms of the Shameless Shitters and will in every way join forces with other Shameless Shitters to eliminate all Shamefull Shitting in the world.

Rexcrement's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I have lately been quite the shameless shitter. I like nothing better than the initial blast of shit and gas, that solid let down of a good quality shit.

Shaggy 2 Dope's picture

I vow to Shamelessly grunt, scream, yell, hollar, fart, drool, pass out, and if i dont make it to the toilet quick enough i will flood all over the floor if need be. UNITE AND FIGHT!!

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