The Book Of The Shameless

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The Shameless Shitting Manifesto outlines the four fundamental rights of every Shitter.
These rights are ordained by God -- no man may take them away.

The bathroom is a sanctuary, a place where people of all races truly understand the
underlying humanity of one another. This is a sacred place -- a place that must be
free of oppression, of persecution, of fear and of shame.

You may not always be Shameless. Sometimes, even the best of us are a bit Shameful. But, by inscribing your name to this roster, you are pledging to accept the doctrine
of Shameless Shitting, and, more, forever respect the restroom rights of others, with the expectations that all others will respect yours.

620 Comments on "The Book Of The Shameless"

DingleBerry Connoisseur's picture

I as a college student was until now often ashamed of my unholy fecal excrement. I watched through the stall crack as my peers washed there hands at the sink and wondered if they would reveal the identity of the creator of such a horrifying poop as mine based soley on the style of my shoes. NO MORE. I will no poop in peace in harmony with my bowel evacutations. Pleasant Poops to all.

liquidy_poo's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Turds are as plenty as food. We eat in public. Why not poo in public restrooms? After all, the facilities are there for that particular reason; I see no reason not to use them!

Tony's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Man i love to take dumps... i would never hold back on a dump in my life. I think it feels great to have lighent my load and i will not let anybody take that feeling away from me!

Sean's picture

Man should be able to take a dump where ever they want.The feeling after taking a dump is unbelieveable because it is just so refreshing.

Rick's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I shall not be ashamed to pinch my daily loaf in the office rest room!

Bill's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

im shameless!

Shat On's picture

Heck, I grab a newspaper slap it under my arm with a firm "Thwap" and that sound is the warning to all my fellow collegues to stay out of the shitter for a while.


Shawn's picture


Chetan's picture

I fart wih pride, even if im in a high school class room I will let i go. i push it out just to make it clear to everyoen that i am proud. I take my shits nto caring who else is there. IF sumoen wants t o hear or watch me shit, they arej sut tryign to get a glimpse of th best. WHeni bestow the toilet my ass, it recives it with warm regards.I pledge to be a hsamelss shitter

Shih Tzu's picture

I never thought of being shameful because it doesn't make sense. We all do it! When i poo, i want it to be pleasant and beautiful, not hiding your plops by coughing and whatnot. Plops are the sound of nirvana and freedom and paradise to me. I will always be proud when i lay a loaf!

Captain BigLoad's picture

Unite in the common interest, let loose a deuce. Let your arse run wild. Take sadistic pleasure in befouling the mens room of your local bus station, while others are present. Go to a fancy restaurant and after dinner retreat to the dungeon, when asked why youre not going to pay, proudly proclaim: "Why should I pay for it, I left it here!!!"

Logan Langford's picture


Tithe's picture

*salutes Captian BigLoad* Yes, sir! I proudly proclaim to the world that I, Tithe, will take a dump where ever I please, when it pleases me. I will not let the thoughts or implications of others deter me in any way from using the bathroom at my own leisure. I believe that if I want to flatulate in a public area and claim it as my own, that I may do so without fear of persecution, for this is a country where freedom of speach not only means what comes out of your mouth, but also opposite end's products.

Alex's picture

I am proud to say that I am a Shameless Shitter. I have shit in bathrooms that didn't have doors on the stalls, and bathrooms that didn't have stalls at all...merely a lonely toilet, floating around in the middle of the room as a star does in the sky.

I think one of my most proud moments came as I was driving to a friends house one night. As I was nearing the end of my journey, my stomach began rumbling as if an Indian chief was inside drumming a tune. At that point I knew I wouldn't make it to his house. As that was happening, I was passing a Target Department Store. I pulled over, walked in the front doors with my head held high, went straight for the bathroom, dropped my load, and walked out like I just won a gold medal at the Olympics.

plop guy's picture

If only we in Britain could accept and use public toilets with minimal privacy. I would like all cubicles to have a minimum of an 18" gap under the partitions and doors, with no hand driers or urinals flushing. I want to hear myself and my fellow shitters dropping our logs and all the grunts and farts that go with it!
It's time to be proud of what Nature has given us, so let's sit on those toilets and show each other what we can do!
Well, that's a start, one day we might be able to do without doors either, or partitions so small that you can see the other guy's contented face as he drops his turds in the next toilet and swop glances of satisfaction and pride!

St. Lupin's picture

I swear to be a Joyful Pooper, for I will be joyful as I poop. I swear to be a Happy Crapper, for I will be relieved. I swear to be A Shameless Shitter!

Stave's picture

I propose a word to connect ourselves, us Shameless Shitters. When in a bathroom, always turn and say, in a normal voice, Dingle Bells. If you hear the Sacred Dingle Bells, you will reply "Dingle Bells" After you leave the latrine, shake hands with your fellow Pooper

The Fartist's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

NOt only will i not say "Dingle Bells", i will not shake hands with anyone i know was just in the shitter. I will, however, vow to never try to get into the only shitter at work, drop a donkey leg, courtesy flush, and then try to sneak out or blame someone else for the foulness. I will emerge from the confeces booth victorious in scattle and will wield the severed head of my enemy. Or maybe i'll just take a dump and not worry about who knows. Either way, I will be shameful no more!

theScholar3000's picture

I've never felt more free in my life...Viva La Mouvement D'Intestin

Saree's picture

I pledge to embrace, without shame, the basic need to poop. Not only will i feel unashamed, I will feel pride in my shit. Nothing will sway me or my arse from fulfilling the rewarding task named and described above. I will never again be reduced to shame by my natural urge, nor by the stains it leaves, as i consider them a mark worthy of the highest distinction. I will never cause others to feel shame at their poop, only at their attempts to conceal it. I am now, as I will forever be, a proud pooper. Gotta go- I need to shit.

pinecube's picture


Paige's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I shit! and i have a fun time doing it to .. muahaha

BUD (BIG J)'s picture

I love taking shits. Its such a relief to drop the kids off in the pool. I mean come on, someone tell me they dont like shitting. It feels so good. At times in my life i was ashamed to shit while others were present. I slowly realized that everyone does it and what is there to be embarresed about. I come to conclude not only is unloading the best feeling but it is healthy too. Shameless Shitter 4 ever! Well i gtg now. Kinda feeling the Hersheys Squirts.

BUD AGAIN's picture

I must swear to acknowledge my rights as a shameless shitter. I am so happy that i ran into this website. I will no longer show no shame in my game. When it is time to go, i will always be happy to hear and feel those wet bodily gases and urges that have just been waiting to fall free and go home. has shown me the light. In which i learned that you shall not be ashamed of your shit.i mean come on who gives a shit anyways? I will take pride in my new job as a shameless shitter and will be upset if i ever get constapated. I will not be ashamed anymore of having to shit when im at a girls house and the bathroom isonly 3 feet away from our spot of relaxation. The toilet is my new best friend.

Hibbert's picture

Have you ever named your shit?
Well I have. Do you ever get those shits when you know its fuckin huge and you look into the toilet and the son of a bitch is gone? Well thats what I call the "Coward Shit", hes so fuckin huge and deformed he dont want anyone to see him. Or what about those shits when they are so heavy that when they hit, water splshes all in your ass hole and makes your poop hole pucker, and its hard to squeeze the rest out. Well those are called the "Bomb Ass Shits". The worst ones of all are the "Messy Shits". You think its a clean sweep right out the back door but when you go to wipe that shit, it's all over the fuckin place. Sometimes it even finds its way into the gooch area and onto the top of your ass crack! I hate those fuckin shits. Wat about the fuckin "Linkin Log Shits". They are so fuckin long they dont even break, and by the time yoou know it you are standing up off the toilet trying to pinch that bad boy off, and then when you do pinch it off you go and get all your buddys to look at the fucker. Now thats wat I call shameless shitting!
I have always been a shameless shitter. I love it when I am shitting and someone comes into the public bathroom and says "God Damn Wat the Fuck Died in This Place!?/ I just start cracking up and then I fart really loud! It's always cool shitting in a stall with no door on it because all the people look at you and wonder wat the fuck u were smokin before you went in their or something. I hate it when little kids come around though because they are always trying to look at my small ass penis and I tell them its no use trying to look for the little guy! I am proud of my shits and I always make them a s enjoyabe as possibe. Thank you poopreport for showing me the way to shameless shitteing. Long live the king.

dookie dog's picture

Every one around me breathes my shit daily....

karen edwards howell's picture

I am a true work of SHIT!! I eat, breathe, and take shits daily.

dookie dog's picture

I just read the manifesto, I am awakened I will no longer be ashamed of my shit, choosing therefore to share it with the world, and all over the city in which I live where there are no bathrooms for the homeless, not mentioning any names santabarbaracalifornia this is my purpose my contribution to the world, ha,ha,ha,ha,haaaaa.

Matt aka Duck's picture

I dont take shits every day, i take them once a month because I have an intestinal problem. I dont care really, but when I do go I poop alot. Like cow dung.

I. Plop Freely's picture

My middle name is Plop
I Freely let them drop
I visit the can
Wherever I am
And never intend to stop

Plop, plop, plop
I love the sound a lot
I've never heard
A disparaging word
About my plentiful drops

I plop them here and there
I'll plop them anywhere
Shameless for sure
My plopping is pure
By the porcelain throne I swear

Jake's picture

I was shameful. Now I am not. See you at the crapper!

Alan METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s picture

Fighting with power and steel to rid the world of the shameful!!!!!!!!!!

Allison's picture

I too, was once a shameful shitter, but now! NOW! I am shameLESS. And thats the way I like it!

terry's picture

I am not afraid to shit in my shell!!!

charlie's picture

shit with ease; don't hurt other parts of your body.

CultureGeek's picture

I solemnly swear to be eternally faithful Shameless Shitting follower, and pledge by "SHIT LOUD SHIT PROUD" every morning, also known as Hail Shits.

Long live the shameful shitters!

Jemima's picture

I never really thought about being shameful. I would always just go when I felt like I had to. HAIL TO THE SHAMELESS!!!!!!!!!

Shaun's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I learned a very valuable lesson on why you should never be shameful. Last summer, I was at sleepaway camp for like 5 days. I was too embarrased to drop a load, so when I got home, I was very constipated, and I mean constipated with a capital C. The moral of this story? SHAMEFUL SHITTING IS THE WAY TO GO.

The Malicious Pooper's picture

I, The Malicious Pooper, solemnly swear to serve my country with my lack of shame when on the public pot. I hereby promise that I will poop with malice in the comforts of my own home, my friends' homes, the school, clean public bathrooms, and dirty public bathrooms. From this day, June ninth, 2004, to the day death take me, I will feel NO SHAME when pooping in the public. I... AM NOT CROOK! OR A SHAMEFUL SHITTER!

andrew luna's picture

from naw on i will hold my head up huy wen idrop a load for i have bin set free

Kjell Magne Bondevik's picture

I am very Prime of my poop.

Kenny and Kenny's Wife Lola's picture

My husband and I have decided to become 'free' as well. Last night as a bonding experience we conversed while each of us, busted pipe and lay turd. It was a beautiful experience. We lit a candle to soften this romantic moment, afterwords, we had sauerkraut and pork for dinner....spent the rest of the evening making love until........until we had to shat again

electr@star's picture

I WANT TO BE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J's picture

i stumbled upon this sight yes, odd coincidence, but anyways. yes. I love shitting. even my friend loves shitting. in fact he loves shitting so much he looks forward to it. he takes laxitives, very man and eats salads and then eats taco bell or something and he goes to the shitter and lets all hell out. Yes, Shitting is great. I am not afraid to go to a public toilet and shit past the seat. Even when the water splashes and makes that noise of relief everyone will know that I, just took a massive shit in your toilet

massiveshitter's picture

When you learned to shit you had people next to you.

why be embarrased to shit


Jim's picture

Hello I am a shameless shiter.Sometimes I plug up toilets with my massive shit. Once I dident go for 3 days and it looked black and furry, my mom told me to skin the rabits before I eat them.This other time I pulged up the toilet for 2 days, it took 2 bottles of liquid plummer, and 30min of plungering. Even after that there was still a peice the size of my fist.I enjoy making loud farts and splashes in public bathrooms, even more when there is an audence.Everyone should be shameless during the act of making poops

Marty's picture

I hereby enlist in the army of shameless shitters and pledge to do my military doody faithfully!

RectalRanger's picture

I shit in public places all the time.I carry baby wipes and put the shit on the handle so people could touch it.I also do fake farts.

Linda's picture

I am a shitter So what fine me if u must but when u got to go u got to go no matter where or when. I will shit on you if that is wahat it takes/

ThePoopsmith's picture

To poop or not to poop.

I poop.
He poops.
We all poop.
I DONT like people pooping infront of me.

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