The Book Of The Shameless

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The Shameless Shitting Manifesto outlines the four fundamental rights of every Shitter.
These rights are ordained by God -- no man may take them away.

The bathroom is a sanctuary, a place where people of all races truly understand the
underlying humanity of one another. This is a sacred place -- a place that must be
free of oppression, of persecution, of fear and of shame.

You may not always be Shameless. Sometimes, even the best of us are a bit Shameful. But, by inscribing your name to this roster, you are pledging to accept the doctrine
of Shameless Shitting, and, more, forever respect the restroom rights of others, with the expectations that all others will respect yours.

620 Comments on "The Book Of The Shameless"

Nick's picture

I have crapped in a doorless stall, I have shit in the worst bathroom in the world (recorded in Guinness). I am not afraid! Vive la Brown Revolution!

Suz's picture

By reading this made me have to take a big one. THIS time I didn't do the release and flush method I so normally do. Loud and proud here.

Poo Digidy's picture

I aslo admit I once had a fear of pooping in public. But no more, I have pride of what my body has made, like that of the pride of a new mother. I would like to share it all with all who bless themselves with the presence of my dumping. The my groans, and the PLOP! Even if its a "wet nasty" that makes all sorts of spraying noises, I am now ok with that and i should hope you all are aswell. Dont be ashamed if I should come to your stall share it with me, I AM NOT AFRAID!

Poo Digidy's picture




Walt, King of the Krapper's picture

Give me dookie, or give me death!!!

the_shitman's picture

I am truely a shamless shitter, my fecal art speaks for its self. Dave, please stop deleting or banning me from your website, I am a good artists who just views feces differently than you do.I will write that essay and send it in to you. BTW rate my poo refused to put my fecal art on their site, they said only feces that is in the toilet. I am going to appeal the decision and hope for the best. May the feces bind us in eternal bliss and may the fecal gods smile upon your website.

later gater,
this shitman

Bob & Elliot's picture

We are currently presenting a radio show on Southampton University (UK) radio and we read out your manifesto in full.

Good work and keep striving for Shameless Shitting.

Bob & Elliot

gastastic's picture

Let me live my life, till I no longer can live my life! Then, let me give my life to the preservation, and salvation, of a shameless shitting nation!

No shameless shitting, no peace!

Diarrhoea-Boy's picture

YES! Finally, a voice for the freedow of expression for coprophilia! (the love os shit). I am so tired of how the human race has been out right brainwashed that excrement and the act of defecating is something terrible as something to be repressed! If only man can go back to prior to the Victorian era and that infamous turd himself, Herr Crap (John Crapper, the inventor of the toilet) such as was the case in the midaevial times and the ancient world, where no second thought would be paid to man's own products! It was no big deal to see someone elses excreta, or to even PLAY with such! How mankind has degenerated to the level of denial! This IS a major cause for man's longing for war. Let's face it, if we would not defecate, we would surely be in a whole heap of shit - both figuratively and actual! So SHIT and get the shit of the shitty pot! Shit it or leave it, I dare say!

J'ohn's picture

I,J'ohn solumly sware to shit as big and as much as i can in a public shiter as i can with the biggest stain i can. 3 fluses and no less.

Renee's picture

I shit with pride in my almost hurts to flush. I cherish all my fellow Shameless Shitters, and to you refuse to allow the constipation of our united rights. Long live the Brown Revolution!

luv my's picture

renee, you go go girl. i'm just like you. i like to take my dump. do you, like me, love to bring in your favorite magazine, sit with your panties down to your ankles like me, legs spread apart, and dump away while reading? i too take my shits with pride.

Shitter 1989's picture

i dont know how you can go for a shit on the public toilets cos i can only go for a shit at home, Some times i even go home from work just so i can have a shit, Women cannot go for a crap min public toilets its discusting.

Shameless Shitter Wannabe's picture

Oh, to be able to shamelessly shit! I find it hysterical, but I still have so much to learn. I can only shit in public if it is gonna be quiet...

I Luv 2 Shit's picture

I have to admit it, I used to be a Shameful Shitter. But after all you good people said, I realized that Life is Shitting and Shitting is Life. I now consider myself a ShameLESS Shitter!!!!!

Lothar's picture

Shit, or be Shat. I see no reason to be ashamed. It's a natural thing. Much more imprtantly, it's funny. And anything that's funny can't be bad. Unless you're laughing at me. You aren't laughing at me are you? Stop It! Stop It! I don't need you! I'm gonna go to the bathroom, where I'm loved, poop on all of you.

Poo Digidy's picture

In order to truly become a shamelss shitter I have found that one must wittness the birth of your own dookie. You must be aware of how wonderful a thing it is, then and only then will you be able to overcome your fear of public cans. In order to do this you need to spread those legs while pooping and look in there. You will be able to watch it come is breathtaking. All should try.

Davino's picture

A worthy movement in need of our support indeed!

GentleBear's picture

Shameless shitting will free humanity. Shitting is as universal as breathing! Shameless Shitters UNITE!!

Quasimoto's picture

Thank GOD I found your website, it's fabulous. After all these years, I finally found out that I was not alone in enjoying burping, farting, pissing, and shitting. The feeling of releasing a long-held fart or turd from my asshole is often better than sex, and sometimes lasts longer. I promise to try my best to be a Shameless Shitter. Since I've starting reading your wonderful articles herein, I've become even more free with my flatulence and other bunghole antics. THANK YOU for being there, Poop Report.

The Other David's picture
l 100+ points

Well....fellow poopers, I would challenge you all to being the stinkiest foulest, most disgusting shit producer on this planet! If you have seen some relly foul diarrhoeal messes, good chance it has been produced by yours truely! I have shat not only behind toilets, but on the floor/ground, in bed, in clothes, in the pool, you name it, I probably have 'contributed to the cause' somewhere! I am most definately a shameless shitter, and PROUD OF IT! So, I dare say, to you all, SHAMELESS SHITTERS WORLDWIDE UNITE!

Skid Mark's picture

Not only am I a shameless shitter, but have come from a long line of shameless shitters. I have now married into a family of shameless shitters too. When we get together, the conversation always turns to shit!! There is no better way to break the ice than to talk shitty to one another.
We really enjoy farttalk too. My husband is the King of Farts. I am so proud to say that he has perfected the art of throwing his farts and thereby passing the blame on to some innocent stranger.
I am the Queen of Skidmarks. Thanks to prenatal vitamins I have reached the ultimate in skidding!!
I don't give courtesy flushes either. What shameless shitter would??? I like to share my shitty creations with my loved ones. Let's all be prideful poopers!! SHAMELESS SHITTERS RISE UP AND BE TURD!!!

Justa's picture

Excerpt from a note I left my boyfriend earlier this afternoon: "Oh, and P.S....I left a little surprise for you in the toilet bowl!"

Jazzy Mclazz's picture

I can't imagine feeling ashamed!! I shit with PRIDE!! PRIDE, DAMNIT, PRIDE!! My medication has me shitting 5 to 6 times a day. The toilets at my house and school are positively scarred. And its the kind of shit that has a stench that sticks to your hair and clothes, and I'm PROUD!!! THAT'S RIGHT DAD, PROUD!! SO YOU CAN'T CONTROL MY FREEDON ANYMORE, BECAUSE MY SHIT SETS ME FREE. I HOPE YOU CHOKE ON YOUR OWN VOMIT DAD!! MY PENIS IS MY PROPERTY!!

hot'n'runny's picture

I have just became a shameless shitter. I now can shit anywere and anytime. now I tell ya I ha dthe biggest lauch after a shit one day. i was on the crapper when I had just finished blastin'the brown stuf when I took a look and it was in the shape of a heart.hahahahaha............It hurt like motherfucking hell too!!

lachlan's picture

I'm a shameless shitter. I sat in a doorless toilet stall today and unleashed!

David's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Firstly, when I was 19, I came out of the closet. I had to fight for recognition as being a gay man. Now, that issue has more or less been accepted, I have further emancipaded myself. As a gay SHAMELESS SHITTER! I think quite honestly that humanity needs to be more open in regard to their shit, and not be so cotton-pickin' private about it! It IS 'good threapy' (if one wishes to utilise that terminology) to be open about their shit, no matter the circumstances, colour, or consistency it may be in. After all, man has been on Planet Earth for thousands of years. It has been only just over a century where man has used the John Crapper invention (invented during the puritanical Victorian period in Englaish history, I might add) and began to hide his/her 'trailings' from the rest of humanity. If man has been able to live with human waste for thousands of years, why then, has there seem to be a more recent problem in this regard? Why has man become afraid and worse ashamed of his own product? Is it not only 'human' to defecate? Why all this fuss of keeping it a secret? It makes no sense whatsoever. After all, in japan, toilets have become very 'hitech' as they can analyse the content of ones diet, health, and even virtually diagnose any disease! So whats the big deal, anyway? C'mon, humanity, wake up! Wake up and smell our shit! It just might one day prove to be actually therapeutic!

Therefore, once again, I dare say:


Lets fight for a more intelligent ENLIGHTENED society, where something that comes out of our buttholes would only be recognised as something being quite HEALTHY! There is nothing to be ashamed about ones shit! Really!




nameless but shameless's picture

i am shameless i even poop in front of boy's, when i was 14 i was in a play and we had a huge dressing room and there were toilets that had no doors on the stalls i was the only person who would poop in those toilets everyone else is shameful i don't understand why pooping is natural! Poop on!

cathy's picture

look eeeveryyone every one poops i used to be shy not shitting in public bathrooms but now iam a shameless shitter. i never farted in front of no one people used to say cathy why dont you fart i usedto say cause thats embaresing nooow i just be letting them go like yaazzzammm

Ramona's picture

I, Ramona, do solemly swear to always be a shameless shitter and encourage others to join the Brown Revolution. I know others who refuse to poop in public, or have people turn the hand-dryers or sinks on to cover the sound of the beautiful turds hitting the bowl. On the other hand, I think the sound of a good log hitting the toilet is music to my ears, and I always poop with a smile on my face. Nothing feels better than taking a good poop, and I intend to keep it that way.

Dale D.'s picture

I love pooping in public stalls as it allows me to take care of a couple favorite bodily functions at once. I take a nice long crap and jerk off when I hear someone else crapping nearby. I love the smell, and even leave a little on my pinkie to sniff later. I love poop!

Melinda's picture

I come from a long line of Shameless women. And I have one sister for whose family "Poop" is a truly sacred family subject -- and who, when someone poops an interesting one, calls the entire family in to view it in all its beaugy.

Lordy, I'm related to some strange people! LOL

Norman's picture

we shall one day rise and take over the shitting rebellion! come friends rise up and be not afraid to take a crap or two on your friends face. you have the right to do your anal business anywhere you want! so poop yourself into oblivion!

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

I, the Daphne-est of all Daphne, do feel remorse about being accepted to the forum and having contributed to this web site without having signed this treatise of non-stealth approach doodi-ism.
So to redeem myself in the eyes of the poopreport poopulation, I sign my name as one who will never, never again squeeze cheekies, hold flatulence, or pray for privacy in a public bathroom.
Aye, I will unleash the Dogs of War with renewed relish and fervor as the unsuspecting public awaits, awash in their own meals, lives, nonsense.
Let me be the Princess of Porcelain Tides, the Lady of the Lavatory, the Bitch with the Boo-boo.
I, Daphne, super-pooper wannabe, attest to drop trough, unclench, and enjoy.
Thank you for your support.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Gator X (my mom is signing for me, Daphne)'s picture

I am an American Bulldog. I am 80 pounds of pooping madness.
I am Daphne's dog.
Yea, behold me in all my white and brindle stealth, the unrelenting pooping machine, as I let loose everyday at the dog walking area, the MOST COMFORTABLE SHITTER IN THE WORLD.
(Hell, dogs have no choice, eh? Learn from your dog)
I sign this with a little help from my mommy, and I will tear ass at anyone who does not sign this list.
Pooping is cool. Grossing out the neighbors is even better.
I like being a dog.

PooperGal's picture

We are born with poop, we live with poop, and at the very end of days, we die with poop. Poop is the inevitable product of a life well lived and nourished.

I therefore swear an oath unto the Great Porcelain Deity that I will poop with pride -- PWP(TM) -- and carry on hundreds of millions of years of biological tradition.

PooPooCachoo's picture

I have never been a shameful shitter. I laugh at those who turn their noses up when I fart. UPHOLD THE SHAMELESSNESS!!!

bootydaddy's picture

you can hold it in for as long as you want but eventually it will catch up to you and you will have to use a public bathroom.

stinkyfingerpuppet's picture

I for one will always be LOUD and proud when it comes to talking shit or taking a shit. Make a statement with each bombing...plug the toilet at the in-laws and contaminate the environment. When finished, fart at the dinner table. This should be done before they become your in-laws, preferrably the first time you meet them, or at your first christmas together. When in a public shitter leave the seat up... crouch over, point and shoot. Let the skid marks show in the laundry basket, and leave a lunker in the can at work once a week. Don't be a closet pooper, share your God-given talents with all!!

The Shit Volcano's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

I stand for the Lobby of Giant Shitters when I say we will always be free to poop! Never feel ashamed to plop a big one in the toilet! Never let the old, wrinkly church ladies tell you that it's wrong. Poop always was and always will be. Viva la poop!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

Split Sphincter's picture

Our Shit, who art in toilet. Hello be thy corn. Lead us not into bad asparagus. For thine is thy texture, for hard or for snapped-off, for brown or for milky brown, for what ever the fuck, my shit is your shit. Get yourself a straw! Amen.

dwop's picture

There be only one shit....Well until tommorrow..... Wait! I'm lucky I get to shit all the time! Do you?

James Scott's picture

I salute these shameless shitters, and would like to say, I too am a shamless shitter. May it be the Hershy squirts or a granite-hard log, I am proud to lay it on the line and shit in a bathroom full of people coughing (I live in a mainly Arabic neighborhood and i pride myself for shitting inm their bathrooms, which they find disgusting).

Kippfest's picture

I'm proud to be a creature that is able to poop. Everyday I kneel and say thanks to my poo for coming out of my rectum. Thank you poop. Thank you so, very, very, much.

Dr.D's picture

I re-create with (sloppy) Poo (favorit) a whole new better world!
And it`s all mine!!!
You`re welcome.
Cause the ants are my friend blowing in the sink.

Max's picture

I admit, I am a shameless shitter and I won't judge people on the sounds they make while shitting. And I declare:
I will always walk out of the bathroom with my head up high.
My bathroom is my sanctuary.
I am responsible for my shit and my shit only.
I will respect my fellow Shameless Shitters.
I will only be shamefull when I have the right to be, for example when the sound of me shitting my pants comes to the ears of a cute girl.

Viva la revolucion brune!
May our shit have mercey on us all.
Holy shit indeed.

Kempnerius's picture

I, Kempnerius, do solemnly declare myself to be as Shameless as I wanna be. As such, I will do everything in my power to uphold the Four Sacred Freedoms of Shameless Shitting, and do everything in my power to prevent the persecution and oppression of innocent Shamefuls to the best of my ability.

Kempnerius's picture

PS: Dave Rules!

Mark's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I have been guilty of shameful shitting. When someone else is within ears length, I try to slow the release or quiet the sound of the magnificently masculine roar of my aromatic bowel air. However, in the future I do solemly swear that I will not submit to such shameful behavior. I do promise that I will let every fart that is passed into a watery bowl resonate with full volume so everyone who hears will know that I am one who shits with distinction. And so that I may become a pillar of society and a most vocal example for shitters everywhere.
Notary 3-10-04

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