The Book Of The Shameless

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The Shameless Shitting Manifesto outlines the four fundamental rights of every Shitter.
These rights are ordained by God -- no man may take them away.

The bathroom is a sanctuary, a place where people of all races truly understand the
underlying humanity of one another. This is a sacred place -- a place that must be
free of oppression, of persecution, of fear and of shame.

You may not always be Shameless. Sometimes, even the best of us are a bit Shameful. But, by inscribing your name to this roster, you are pledging to accept the doctrine
of Shameless Shitting, and, more, forever respect the restroom rights of others, with the expectations that all others will respect yours.

620 Comments on "The Book Of The Shameless"

Ponus Argyle's picture

The proletariat will huddle in fear no longer. Allow the ass struggle to tear apart the existing paradigm of fecal regimentation! Shitters of the world, unite! Bring forth the fudge from an era of darkness, and return it to the people!

Jim's picture

May the sound of my public splashes be the cadence of our march to victory and freedom!

Steven's picture

I once was shameful, but now i

Mike's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

i used to be a shameful shitter, then i had to crap really bad at school. now i do it everyday. oddly enough, we have half stalls at our school to stop smokers. it doesnt work. but anyway, i know i am not the only shameless shitter, for the toilets are often clogged with other peoples' fecal matter. i feel joy when i get to overflow the toilets due to excesss crap built up.

Travis's picture

I was never ashamed, just alone (so I thought) now the manifesto has brought new hope into the dreary world of flatulants and shitting! Thanks!

Dave Shameless's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Never shamefull. See:

Mike's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I shit on everything I see. I eat crap on a weekly basis, and I fart as damn loud as I possibly can. I'm proud of my defecation. So fuck you to the critics and shamefull shitters, I will crap on all of you!

PoopsterMcPlop's picture

I LOVE to poo...I shit.......I defecate..............I park breakfast, lunch and dinner..........I drop the kids off at the pool......crimp one off..........squeeze one out...........produce 3 dimentional trumps; AND...........I'm proud of it

The Cackster's picture

ROFLM*O, what a great site! GREAT JOB!

Anonymous's picture

I LOVE pooping! I am proud to defecate.

Poopman's picture

I still hate big hard poop!

Dr James's picture

I solemly swear, that I will forever endeavour to do all I can for POOP. To Write about it, to talk about it, to photograph it, to sing about it, and to bring it out into the open, so that Poop can no longer be something people have to be ashamed of.

LONG LIVE POOP!'s picture

No paper is so great, that it does not deserve to have a little poop spread on it! I shall continue on with effluent editorials!

Brian's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I'm proud to be heard sitting on the toilet having a good push as my turds start to crackle out of my arse and with some farting to impress whoever can hear me, my logs drop in the toilet with a loud PLOP!

Am I a shameless shitter? YES!!!! I hope I can be of inspiration to other guys as we all partake in a symphony of masculine defecation! JUST DO IT!!

Shittin' Steve's picture

I shall no longer hide behind the bathroom door...IT STAYS OPEN FROM THIS DAY FORTH! HEAR ME NOW! I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT, AND IT IS BROWN! I will no longer succumb to the tyranny of turd burglars, for I do not care!

ashton's picture

i have never been a shamless pooper and NEVER will be. i am proud to admit.

Wimpy Turds's picture

I am a wimp and will hold it until my colon bursts just so I can take a dump at home, or I will go in and out of the bathroom 10 times to wash my hands until no one is around.

Bob's picture

I am not a ashamed of defication...although I must admitt I am quilty of taking pleasure in shaming the shamed with the theory...'The louder the better'!

I take enormous pride in a face to face encounter with the shamed after my doings. The lower their head, the taller I walk!!!

Bugman, Lord of Fiber's picture

I Bugman swear to uphold my shitting rights as I download my massive heaps of shat. I stand before you a proud acolyte of El Poop-o, the much respected lord of the crapper. I will stand proud and shameless for shitters everywhere!!!!

ballsack's picture

Allejujah! I will not be my stool's bitch any longer.

I will respect the poo yet control the poo. mmmm.

Ive always admitted to my farts proudly, after asking anyone present "Do you smell that? Smells like fire or something." That usually gets them. Im gonna goo poo now.

sara tevlin's picture

You know what?

I've been obsessed with shit for my entire life. I gladly support this shameless shit movement and assimilate it unto my poilitical religious and socio-pretentious beliefs. Yay!

Toilet Filler's picture

I am a shameless shitter and hereby vow to get back to shameless shitting just as soon as I'm not doing it into a colostomy bag! Especially in any unisex toilets I can find, like they all ought to be! Until then I shall have to make do with being a shameless colostomy bag emptier... damn this Crohn's disease... but when I get my ability to shit properly back, vengeance will be mine, via the art of shameless shitting! Long live noisy public shits! and yes, I too believe this on a socio-politico-religious level.

Liz's picture


Jonathan's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I too shit with pride gentlemen and ladies. I shit in public, I shit in private, I shit in church and in movie theaters in those little cupholders. Shit should be embraced, not flushed. Viva la Merde. Gracias

Joe's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I have shit everywhere conceivable, even before I could get my pants off at times. I am proud to have clogged the toilet at work 5 times, without reporting it!! I have clogged toilets at Walmart, K-mart, Texaco stations and Quick Trips, and I am damn proud. I shit 2 to 3 times daily and it's ussually a pretty hefty load every time. I will always shit with pride...SHIT ON FELLOW SHITTERS!!!


Poop, and me are synonymous, we go together like herman melville and the blue notes. Dare I say, poop completes me. we are the all singing, all dancing crap of the earth. Thank you, I have a home now. Excuse I need to poop.

Dennis A. Green's picture

I shit where I please now, I work as a taxi driver for the Manchester Airport in NH. That bathroom is MINE not the airports, MINE. I sure do make it a library and man I wish I could supply some sort of breathing apparatus for those who enter my bathroom.

Pooper Trooper's picture

I poop and therefore I am. We are not affraid of being, so why be shamefull of pooping. To shit is to be.

Renee D. Johnson's picture

Once upon a time I was MORTIFIED to go poop anywhere but home, with the door closed. Know what that got me?? That got me lots of tummy trouble! However, for the past year I have been pooping wherever and whenever I feel the need - in the girl's room at Wal-Mart, in the mall, on campus, in restaurants, I AM FINALLY FREE! It's great! I've had quite poops, loud splashing farty poops, tiny poops and monster huge poops, all in public places. And let me tell you, it feels great to poop unashamedly. I don't even care if my husband walks in on me while I'm pooping at home now, because HEY - he poops too! We all poop!

Women, it's ok! Really! Shit happens, it's natural! So go ahead and hike that skirt up, tug those panties down, sit on that porcelain throne and drop that load! You'll feel better because you did. :)

Adam H. Macker's picture

i love to shit in public i leave the stall open and i dont care and i share seats with men only if i have to and i dont care I LOVE SHITTING

Jessica's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

i'm very shameless it all happend when my first boyfriend walked in on me while i was taking a poo

he said oops sorry and walked out but i said no it's ok really come back and he came back in he liked watching me poo he said (it turned him on) then after that i always told him when i had to poop and ask if he wanted to come with me one time he was peeing and i had to take a dump knowing that me pooping turned him on i just squatted down and let my creamy soft poo drop to the floor he got so aroused it was crazy all you ladies if your boyfriend or husband is in to girls taking a poo i advise you to poo in front of him i poop in my panties when ever i can't get to a bathroom the my boyfriend smells my dirty panties and without cleaning me up has anal sex with me it's messy but fun!

Vatfryer's picture

I swear that I will be a Shameless Shitter! I do not give a shit (no pun intended) if someone thinks I'm dumb for pooping, because they do it too. No one is immune to the Brown Revolution!

Sir Amish's picture

My ambitious bowells have finally concluded their life-long search for an institution whose sole purpose is to defend our unalienable fecal production liberties. "The Book of the Shameless" is a key weapon in combatting the repressive adversaries of defocation, and we, like the Founding Fathers of the United States, are proud to sign the document in the name of independence.

Drummer's picture

I shit, therefore I am!

Brownie McAnalEnjoymenter's picture

I love all things brown -- my bowels explode with hot bowel air preceding the muddy gush of fecal horror that lies with in... Shit damn you! Shit or the terrorists win!!!

Captainkidd's picture

Well, this old captain is retired now, but on my schooner when the "head" was down, us sailors used the hole on the bow to, gads this old captain is even ashamed to type or say the word "shit"...well, we shitted in that hole. Right in the front of all the other sailors to see, and no one thought anything, it was just a human, and also animal, function. After finding your site, this captain will no longer be ashamed to use the word "SHIT".... Thank a lot, if any one has any questions about shitting aboard ship, e-mail this ole captain.

Erik shitter's picture

I was a shameless shitter at one time but now i am about to change my ways.. Shitting is an art, a passion. It is my way of life.!

Parabol's picture

I was in a womens bathroom the other day, and i was amazed by the number of women who are shameless, it made me feel like i should be more liberal with my poo, it made me miss the younger days when one really diddnt care, and if your mom said you had to stay inside if you came in again, you pooped outside... yeah..

Milk Chocolate's picture

I admit, I was shameful before I came across this community. I finally realized, everyone creates the beautiful thing we here worship. Even those little bratty cheerleaders with 2 braincells who's body you'd kill for. I am proud to call myself a shameless shitter at last. Thank you, Poopreport. You've made my life better! :D

Jeremy Shitman's picture

Shit shit everywhere and not a drop to drink...uh wait, did I say that out loud? It seems that because of my shameless shiting process I have no inner monologue!!!

Matthew Greffin's picture

Fellow shitters, thank you for having the courage to shit wherever and whenever you please!

Lori's picture

I shall shit everything out whenever and wherever, this site has inspired me to shit freely.

The Big Wiper's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Quality Moderatori 2000+ points

OMG--I should have inscribed my name in here long ago.

I do it proudly, with my pants down around my ankles, legs spread wide, farts at full-volume, in open or closed stalls, by myself or in front of friends and family, taking nearly as much pleasure in what comes out as what went in. Support the system. Support YOUR system. Let it go down, spin around and poke its head out brown. Shameless then, shameless now, shameless of yore, shameless forever more. To thine own turd be true. S'cuse me, now, I gotta take a big one!

Pulling My Pants Down For Peace, Plop and Posterity!

petrol.and a match's picture

When i meet a new girl and get asked to meet her folks i save all my turds for that day and do one mighty monster in the parents lav....hey if they dont like my turd she is dumped single at the minute...

Ass Phlegm's picture
PoopReport of the Year Awardl 100+ points

Ass Plegms the name, Shameless Shitting is my game. Read any of my post, especially "Ass Olympics". I...Have...No...SHAME!!

Tim   P.'s picture

I,m a true believer in the right to free stench.

poopy's picture

poo and be free!

Damon Poop's picture

I love to shit, wherever or whenever. And the more it smells, the prouder I am that that shit came out of my ass. We shouldn't be shameful of our shit, all people shit. Who gives a shit?

Michele_Tonon's picture

Well I poop often and i have to say, it's my pleasure. I love it! I just drop the kids of at the pool about five min ago. I had a sundae with nuts, so you already what I saw when I checked my work. Anyway I think pooping is an art. Some get it and some don't. I have rules, I never poop at work and wait until I get home to pinch a loaf. But as soon as I hit the door, my tummy rumbles and the kids are ready to go off the high dive, why mommy reads US magazine. Anyways I have no shame in my game. I'm glad to be a pooper.

Sonya's picture

Well I'm a pooper and a proud one at that. I tease myself a little before I drop. I let the turtles head peep out a little but then I squeeze my cheeks, not just yet buddy. I eat oatmeak everything morning, so I stay regular. I poop around 11 every morning and I am a shamless shitter. So if you got the stall next to me, you get to hear a little grunting, some splashing and 4 different levels of farts. I poop because I am

I love to poop and look forward to it everyday. In fact when I get done writing this I am going to go pinch this tird I got and it's been sitting a while. I'll most likely drop and half and save the rest for later. There I go teasing myself again!

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