The Book Of The Shameless

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The Shameless Shitting Manifesto outlines the four fundamental rights of every Shitter.
These rights are ordained by God -- no man may take them away.

The bathroom is a sanctuary, a place where people of all races truly understand the
underlying humanity of one another. This is a sacred place -- a place that must be
free of oppression, of persecution, of fear and of shame.

You may not always be Shameless. Sometimes, even the best of us are a bit Shameful. But, by inscribing your name to this roster, you are pledging to accept the doctrine
of Shameless Shitting, and, more, forever respect the restroom rights of others, with the expectations that all others will respect yours.

620 Comments on "The Book Of The Shameless"

Mo's picture

To defecate is to live. I do convey my utmost gratitude to all of my fellow Shameless Shitters wherever they may be.

Dakota's picture
k 500+ points

I strongly endorse the Shameless Shitter Manifesto and it's principles. I guess I've always been shameless. I didn't realize until joining PR that folks had such hang ups about taking a dump that they cannot do it at work or in a public restroom. I'm totally comfortable about using public restrooms even those without doors on the stalls and at work where the crappers are just out in the open in a row. So I was a pioneer in this movement. The Manifesto, however, should be a great help to those folks who have been ashamed of taking a dump and these shameful shitter folks are in the majority. They need to be liberated and the principles of the manifesto should do this!

Dave's picture
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I, Dave, do solemnly declare myself to be as Shameless as I wanna be. As such, I will do everything in my power to uphold the Four Sacred Freedoms of Shameless Shitting, and do everything in my power to prevent the persecution and oppression of innocent Shamefuls to the best of my ability.

Cory's picture

I used to be a shameless shitter. Now I have read your article and it has inspired me to drop a load wherever I want whenever I want (in reason). I will delay my dump in the morning at the comfort of my own bathroom and pinch a loaf at work. They did just redo our bathroom there and it's quit nice. Poopers unite!!!

Also, on another note: Is it THAT difficult to make a public restroom stall door without a 2 inch crack all the way around it?

Robert's picture

I was never a shameless shitter and never will be. Don't believe me ? I am so in touch that I take pictures of my poo and post the best turd of the day. So come on over to and check out my feces of the day collection. Long live the Shameless Shitting Manifesto. Embrace your poo.....

mookystinks's picture

I turd. I poo. I crap. I make dirty dingleberries.

I care not.

- Mookystinks

Clustersnarf's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Shamless, somedays I consider making a "log" book.

AssBlaster2000's picture
PoopReport of the Year Awardj 1000+ points

I hate to rain on everyone's parade but those of you who can't poop in public restrooms are called SHAMEFUL shitters not SHAMELESS. Shameless shitters are the kind that will go in public places.

In any case, I'm a born-again shameless shitter. Before I would only dump at home, but now I'll shit at work (if I have the chance) or at Wal-Mart with pride.

Thunder From Down Under's picture
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Rebecca's picture

I will endevour to fight for our rights, I am an English female and I feel ready to embrace the battle for freedom ahead of me. Together comrades, we can splash-back in the face of society and help them to dump their prudish values!

Trashcanman's picture
l 100+ points

I remember a time, not so long ago, that this whole thing began. It was a collective between myself, Dave, and Chip Brown in a story called, "A Doniker in every stall." I replied that EVERYONE shits, and made a big long speech about free shitting. Dave and Chip began to spread word of a "brown revoloution."

I never thought it would go this far...

When I voulentered to help draft the manafesto, I never thought it would go this far...

Now, I am proud to say I'm a part of the brown revoloution, let it be said, that I Bryan J. "TrashcanMan" on this day of July 12th, 2002, hereby declare myself free of any shame involving my natural bodily functions, including but not limited to feces.

Dakota's picture
k 500+ points

I agree with AssBlaster 2000 that there's a lot of confusion out there about this topic. One dude, Cory I think, says he's a shameless shitter, but then at the end of his post asks why there is often a 2-inch gap between a stall door and the partition. I know some folks will object to this type of thing, but that then makes them "shameful" shitters by definition!

Che's picture

i vow to make a deliberate effort to be more shameless. like all major changes in ones personality, you can't just jump right into it if you expect it to takes time.

thanks for drafting this, y'all. it's about bloody time.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)'s picture

I'm going to investigate if this site poses a possible threat to people. If it does I will make sure this web site gets shut down.

Massive Diarrhea Attack Girl's picture

Ever get stomach cramps and have to use a public toilet to have a massive diarrhea attack in? That's when your Shameless Shitting really comes into play, especially if you've wrecked the toilet. Since I don't like to sit on a public toilet seat, my ass is kind of on an angle, and once at Lockheed Martin, not only did I get shit all over the toilet seat, I left gallons of it dripping down the wall onto the floor. They must have needed 4 or 5 wetvacs for that mess. Poop with pride, my friends!

Snapper's picture
l 100+ points

The other day, for one of the first times in my life, I didn't sit quietly like a mouse and wait for the other person in the can to leave. Instead, I let out a couple of farts and made a few *plop*plop*s. I kind of booked it fast after I washed up. The experience was quite liberating, really. Thanks to PR I, too, am becoming a Shameless Shitter!

Steve's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

"I Stink, Therefore I Am"

Esther Morrison's picture

i poop alot and i love it!

SolaPro's picture

what I eat is what I am is what I eat is what I eat... You can lie, but your poop will not lie for you - inspect your shit, it reveals the truth... Stress, love, hate: it's all in the shit.

charlie hall's picture

shameless i am. shameless i will be. shameless... UNITE

Jimbo's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

"Caldron bubble, toil and trouble..."

Mando's picture

Give me liberty to shit & be proud, or give me death!

Neva's picture

man, whoever isnt proud of their poop and when they poop, wherever they might be...sher as hell isnt as cool as us!hahaha

Eric's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I am a very very proud pooper who has no fear about offending the inocent with my horrid ass gas. To all of those who are afraid to poop in freedom keep plugin you will get there... Be strong "Poop long and loud brothers!!"

Veryshamfull's picture

Verys hamefull in public and also at home, I hate thinking about my perents knowing, it sounds gross, I went into the bathroom once and my mom was in the next room so I had a drink of water insted, I think that one day I will shit in publc, not to busy, but just to see what It is like!

Artful Dodger's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorl 100+ points

I regret that I have but one ass to poop with.

Lunch Break Bomber's picture

A lunch at work is not complete until I have taken a grumpy and stretched my miniscule lunch break from 30 minutes to an impress hour and twenty minutes. At first I tried to hide it. Now I walk out of the bathroom with a big red ring around my ass and a big white smile on my face.

Brian's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

No more fake coughing from the stall as I hear someone enter the bathroom. If they try to open the stall I'm occupying, so be it. Let them see me forfilling my destiny as a carbon-based organism.

kotschi's picture

poop,poop,poop, I love poop,gimme a tree and i will climb up it and shit. gimme a portopot and i will rip ass forever. and give me a public shit recepticle, the more crowded the better and people will be scard for life.


Alan's picture

Shitting is natural!! Do you hide or become uncomfortable breathing or sneang in public?? I thought not. I love taking a shit in non stall row toilets. I make sure everyone can hear each and every noise my hole is making from the crackling while my whole stretches to the smooth closing when the log rolls out. Its great. Its forfilling and freeing! Hail to the Shameless Shitters

Mike's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

All Hail the Pooplord! May his excrement flow forever...

I Love Poo's picture

I am one of the few females I know that will drop trou and let the turds tumble in whichever toilet they may fall. Sure, I may have a stinky rep amongst my friends but there are much worse reps to have than those of the digestively gifted. Work is not a sacred domain either, and while I've had to scavenge for the plunger on occasion in the office, at least I am a healthy and normal person, who enjoys my toilet time.

Poo-Amongous's picture

I shat in thy general direction! Long live the perfect 10!

Suki Duki's picture

Finally a resource for empowered poopers! United we poop in these uncertain times. Poop on my brown friends.

wendy's picture

fuck shameful shitting. im going to poop when i have to from now on.

Garry's picture

Shit! Was I ever relieved when I inadvertently crossed your website. I have been a shameless shitter for years now. Beyond this, my two son's are proud shameless shitters. Some of our more intimate talks are about the freedom and sense of peace taking a "big one!" It says a lot about how much unshit we hold onto during the day. Making it all about shitting is the true path to world peace...too bad we are not able to convince everyone in the world of this. Keep up the good work you are doing...and please do not stop spreading the shit!


thomas prittie's picture

Like my e-mail a tidybowl4u serves the purpose of leaving your ring around the toilet bowl daily,just remember not to flush so that your poop will have time to build up inside the bowl and make it known that the tidybowl man was here to service your toilet bowl!

Jane Liu's picture

People all over Asia use toilets with minimal privacy and feel entitled to pee and poop as much as they want. A Japanese children's book lauds the act of pooping. There is nothing vulgar, grotesque, or offensive about pooping. After sampling free and unshameful pooping in many parts of China, I realized that there is so much that the West can learn from the rest of the world. Let's begin with getting comfortable with our bodies and allowing ourselves to defecate with impunity.

Matthew Abrams's picture

I stumbled onto this web site looking for a good laugh but soon realized that the hardships, diverticulums, and cover-ups of shitting can be avoided. I am proud to have converted to shameless shitism! has shown me the light!

Rev. Jeff Wolff's picture

God mad man; man made shit! And let us not think of the loss when we sit on our thrones. Think of the wonderful joys you embraced when you devoured your food in the name of the almighty. He gaveth to you and you showed your gratitude by unleashing a handsome sphincter snake to the world. Have no shame in that my brothers. It may be #2 to us, but it's #1 to him.

Shitathon's picture

Shameless shitters unite! The Brown Revolution will liberate! The sound of making poop should be one with rain, one with a symphony and one with the waves hitting the shore. Ahhhh the familiar sounds of nature...

PoopyPanties's picture

I will shit any time I want to. I will Fart loudly and I will make dinklehumbers any time and anywhere...maybe even in my panties. I want to Poop So freely, people will watch me do it...I want to fricken poop and not be ashamed, So that i will be...I will poop, poop, poop, all the time, and mostly, I want to shit with farts So Loud China can hear me...and i want it to smell bad...Shitting should be my job...damn it feel so good to shit.

RyDoggyDogg's picture

I, too am a Shameless Shitter, but from now on, I'll poop with pride!

ChocalateHostage's picture


* BADOONK * ( sound of loaf hitting waters surface ).

Scat Got Your Tongue?'s picture

I solemly swear to uphold all shitting rights, privileges and responsibilities. The right of each and every individual to freedom of shit is a fundemental element of our society. I also agree to aid in my gender's understanding of a womans right to take big, brown, loud, stinking shits...and marvel in their ability to let big thunderous farts go when they are sitting on the toilet with their shit stained panties down to their knees and their dresses hiked up over their ass.

JulesRules's picture

Please God, let there be no shame in my game!

Mike's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I came to this site looking for a laugh. Not only did I find that I was not the only one who found the subject non offensive, it also made me think about pooping. Going poop is natural. I used to be shameful pooper, but in the past few years, I have found that I love to poop in public washrooms. It can be quite pleasurable. As for shamless pooping, I still need work, but am getting there. Last time I just let go with a couple of loud splashes when someone else was in the bathrrom (ironically, pooping himself). So, there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to pooping. You heard it straight from the annoynomous coward!

D.K. ROSSI's picture

I swear on the charmin. (2-ply)

Stinky Spank's picture

I love poop! Shameless pooping for everyone!!!

Jo's picture

Let`s unite and shit our way up to power! FECAL UTOPIA!!!

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