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The Shameless Shitting Manifesto

The Shameless Shitting Manifesto asserts once and for all the basic, unalienable
rights of every Shitter. In strident brown prose, the Manifesto outlines the
principles that will one day lead to the creation of a Fecal Utopia. Rise up! Join the Brown Revolution!

The Book Of The Shameless

Inscribe your name and pledge eternal commitment to the doctrine of Shameless Shitting.


Shameful Listening

A new twist on the epidemic of Shamefulness

------ posted 6.23.02003 by Doniker

Showboat Shitting: Turd Terrorism

A condemnation of those who defile the Shameless Shitting Doctrine for their own nefarious purposes.

------ posted 6.6.02002 by Dave

Shameless Shitting and Cell-Phone Crappers

Is a Shameless Shitter allowed to communicate while crapping?

------ posted 3.13.02002 by Justin

Shameless Shitting and Cross-stall Conversation

What does the Doctrine say about talking to your neighbor?

------ posted 1.24.02002 by Doniker and Dave

Situational Shamefulness

Do certain situations require Shameful Shitting?

------ posted 10.25.02002 by Dave J

On Being Conshitterate

Is the Shameful Shitting doctrine too limiting? This writer says yes.

------ posted 6.11.2007 by Anus and Andy


Shameless Shitting Status

Shameless or Shameful? PoopReport readers categorize themselves.

------ posted 5.15.02002 by Dave

Poop-Associated Guilt Syndrome (PAGS)

The psychological reason why some people won't talk about poop.

------ posted 5.2.02002 by Skiddy Poo

Becoming a Shameless Shitter

One man's transcendent journey.

------ posted 10.17.02001 by Doniker

Shameless Shitters

The story that started the movement.

------ posted 8.17.02001 by Doniker and Dave


Liberating The Shameful: Lessons From Ghandi

Chip Brown, Shameless Radical, switches tactics.

------ posted 5.12.02004 by Chip Brown

Shaming The Shameful

Saddened by their plight, Ass Phlegm gets proactive.

------ posted 9.12.02003 by Ass Phlegm

Shameful Shitters' Anonymous

A dispatch from a world that will one day be.

------ posted 10.25.02005 by The Big Wiper


A Day In The Life Of A Shameful Shitter

For half of all Americans, this is the sad, sad truth.

------ posted 10.18.02004 by Pill Pooper