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I can never tell

How my poop is going to be

Until it's all out.

Yesterday's big one:

Hard to start, but then it came,

Feeling thick and long.

Standing up to look:

Brown snake curling, spiral shape,

With other pieces.

What satisfaction!

Poop was in, but now it's out,

And I feel empty.

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I hope you gave a salute to that big boy as you flushed him away.

The voice of sanity

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Early Morning Poop: Haiku

Rise early; hear rain
Falling on the ground outside.
I sit down to type.

Ere long, I pass gas:
Soft but definite, the sound
Foreshadows movement.

Pressure builds below.
I don't want to go just yet;
Bowels are not ready.

Fart again. I walk
To the bathroom; flush the pot--
It has pee in it.

(In the middle night,
When I have to pee, I don't
Flush it down just then.

But at time to poo,
I don't want to splash my butt,
So I flush the pot.)

Seated, spread my cheeks,
Feel the turds advancing down
To the exit hole.

Here it comes. A grunt:
Pushing, driving, feeling poop
Come out: long and thick.

Turds plopping softly
Verify success: BM
Nearing completion.

But wait: I'm not done!
Paperwork awaits. I draw
Four sheets of t.p.

Folding it, I wipe,
Check the stain for surprises:
Brown, plus red pepper.

More wipes; then I stand
To gaze at my bowel movement.
Is it a good one?

Lots of soft pieces,
Big dump, smooth, resembling snakes
Nestling in the bowl.

Again I am thankful.
More food has gone through, come out,
And looks as it should.

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