Ceramic Shores

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I ran down to the ceramic shores,

Where the water's crystal clear.

As I sat down, I made some noise,

And prayed no one would hear.

To take a peek and see what happened

Could well be called taboo.

It looked like spinach and ground up yams

Clumped together with glue.

As I stood up and walked away,

A light turned on in my head.

I'm now awake and just realized,

Once again, I pooped the bed.

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Margarita poop

A Mexican feel to the evening meal,
Fajitas with margarita.
Interesting, good, not a big deal,
With meat and stuff on a pita.

Ate lots, drank lots, and then to bed;
Slept well, as might be expected.
Got up, sat at computer and read,
Felt poop ready to be ejected.

O noiseless exit, not even a plop,
Though a sizeable movement came out;
The wipe revealed some soft brown glop
From the last station on its route.

Stand up, turn round, have a good glance
At the huge long poop in the bowl.
Thank goodness it wasn't in my pants--
Soft brown paste from out my hole.

Margarita had done its part
To soften up those turds;
This poem comes straight from the heart
With all these poopish words.

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Nice pooetry from both of you. I have a good friend that once pooped the bed after a night of good drinking. The best part about it is that he predicted it. Before he went out that night he told his wife,"I'm gonna get so drunk, I'll shit the bed." Unfortunately for them both, he kept his word.

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Very nice pooetry Mikeee and MSG. Thankfully I haven't pooped the bed in months and months. When I poop the bed it means I have a fecal obstruction.

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

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Never happened to me. Never will.

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Mike, had you ever thought about Depends as a bedtime fashion accessory? Just a thought.

My hat's off to you and to MSG as well. Pooetry is da bomb.
Yo quiero Taco Bell.

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

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Time for the industrial strength mattress protector.

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Great pooem, Mike.....this seems a regular thing, do you have a whole book full of your bed filling adventures?

The voice of sanity

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Never happened to me and i damn sure wouldn't tell some one if it did.

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I've dreamt I was peeing and woke up just as soon as I was wetting my knickers.
And I've had a wet fart occasionally, but never pooped.
You need depends, I think.

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