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Up Poo Lane
Submitted by HappyDay
January 16, 2006, 30 Comments

While reading the early childhood memories of fellow PoopReporters, I decided that I needed to recount a story that I had pushed back into my memory for years. A story that was resurrected from the depths of my mind by the inspiring childhood stories of folks like you. So it is to you, fellow...

My Bookstore
Submitted by SamDamnit
January 3, 2006, 54 Comments

I worked at a large independent bookstore for three years. I moved my way up the ladder fairly quickly, starting as a book seller/cashier and working my way up to store manager. The difference in pay was nominal, but the difference in responsibility was enormous. Two of the things that I had to...

Unholy Crap
Submitted by Cracktacular
December 19, 2005, 44 Comments

I am a youth minister by profession, and most of the time it's a pretty sweet gig. I've got a cushy office, get paid a decent salary, and work with nice people; I can't complain. But my Kumbaya-singing world came crashing down on one particular Sunday when a demon from hell decided to possess my...

The Grossest Thing I Ever Saw
Submitted by Big Bad John
December 7, 2005, 70 Comments

I am a nurse in an ER. The hospital I was at had contracts with two prisons and two jails. I got to be friends with a number of the deputies and corrections officers. One evening I was walking past the medical area of the ER on my way to a supply room. I was assigned to the trauma area, and needed...

The Escalator Episode
Submitted by wonderlogs
November 21, 2005, 45 Comments

A couple of years ago I was working as a plainclothes loss prevention guy for a major department store. This is the sort of job that, while not being particularly well-paying, does let you witness the general public at its finest. Complicating the job was the fact that the store's location -- on...

Accident And Response
Submitted by Bunga Din
November 16, 2005, 17 Comments

After two fatalities due to accidents in the large foundry in which I was working, fines and WSIB (OSHA) rulings made it imperative that we address the need for a detailed plan to combat health and safety issues. Our factory was as large as six football fields, with over 1200 employees working...

The Stinky Taco And Other People Problem
Submitted by clean taco
November 9, 2005, 66 Comments

So I am new to this poop reporting, but so far I have not read anything that compares to the bathroom drama that I have had to deal with. First, to let it be known: I am a woman that will partake in farting contests. No bodily functions have ever bothered me -- until the stench started to appear....

The Smell From Down There
Submitted by Pill Pooper
September 29, 2005, 48 Comments

After working in the installation industry for nearly ten years, I got more then tired of making money for other people and finally came to the realization that I needed to go into business for myself. So in June of this year I set up my own LLC and began doing my own installs. I set about...

Escort Required
Submitted by C Everett Poop
September 27, 2005, 75 Comments

I'm in the Navy and I dreaded having to go to Edwards Air Force Base to meet with a bunch of Air Force guys about some new "top secret" program they wanted my participation on. I knew it would be two hours of driving out to the blazing hot desert followed by four hours of coma-inducing Power Point...

The Poops Of The Prosperous Man
Submitted by The Big Wiper
September 15, 2005, 27 Comments

For the past two decades I've earned a living traveling in a sales and promotional capacity for several different publishing companies throughout an assigned territory. Such companies place a premium on the national sales meetings they hold at least once (and sometimes twice) a year in order to...

The Fairer Sex
Submitted by Sir Dropalog
September 7, 2005, 35 Comments

This is the true story of a horrible experience I had one day about eight years ago. I worked on the dock of a certain department store at our local mall. My jobs were to unload delivery trucks, unpack the goods (clothes, perfume, accessories), and deliver them to the sellers out on the floor so...

The Fourth Day
Submitted by Pill Pooper
August 17, 2005, 33 Comments

It had been roughly thirty-six hours since my last movement. Although not that strange for some people, this was indeed strange for me. My bowels are like clockwork. Usually I take a shit in the morning or early in the evening. Never do I deuce mid-day or late into the evening, unless...

The Boss's Chair
Submitted by The Phantom Duke
August 8, 2005, 25 Comments

I had just been hired by an IT services company and it was my first day on the job. Unfortunately I had celebrated my new position the night before with a couple of guests hailing from Louisiana. The evening was marked by volumes of cheap beer followed by an entourage of the cheapest thing we...

Pain In The Ass
Submitted by Greasy Alien
August 2, 2005, 26 Comments

It was the third day of my new job at a small factory producing airplane parts and other contracted military assemblies. The security involved a logging-in procedure that was a pain in the ass, so very few people ever went outside for lunch. Most everyone carried a traditional lunch box into the...

The Unscheduled Conference
Submitted by Poopster39
June 17, 2005, 26 Comments

Back around 1989, I worked at the corporate headquarters of a nationwide retail chain in New York City. Somehow I managed to secure for myself a corner office overlooking Madison Square Garden. It was small and narrow, but it made me feel like a big shot nevertheless. If it had also come with a...

Donut Hole
Submitted by Sinning
June 14, 2005, 25 Comments

I awoke one summer morn, my alarm clock rousing my weary self from peaceful slumber. Outside the dark twilight of a new dawn was encroaching, and I arose from bed like a sleeping giant. My stomach rumbled -- it was hungry. Had I eaten the night before, this whole terrible episode could have been...

Atop The Lake Of Mire
Submitted by Nate Curtis
June 9, 2005, 17 Comments

Many of the stories on PoopReport deal with heinous anal difficulties. Terms like "rancid butt paste," "screaming anal demons," and "oh the humanity" are common. However, this tale has nothing to do with a single butt. The fact remains that no single intestinal tract, no matter how evil its...

The Bud Bomb And The Morning Interview
Submitted by Pill Pooper
May 26, 2005, 27 Comments

I got my unemployed ass out of bed at about 7:30, which, to say the least, was a chore. Since I've been unemployed, I've been waking up at about noon. So getting up at 7:30 was a bit difficult. I had an interview scheduled early in the morning; this time, for a first, I was a bit excited. All...

The Bank Job
Submitted by Robert Michael ...
May 24, 2005, 31 Comments

A young Irish American guy growing up in Brooklyn back in the early sixties had only a couple of options after high school. Option one: if you had good grades and money, you could go on to college. Option two, as my father used to say in his Donegal Irish accent: "Get a job, man!" When I graduated...

Cleaning The Kona Kai
Submitted by Logjam
May 10, 2005, 31 Comments

Jutting out into San Diego Bay from its north shore is a thin strip of land called Shelter Island. Since its creation in the 50s out of sand dredged from the bay's bottom, it's been a playground for the yachting rich and their flawlessly-tanned offspring. It's a beautiful drive at night, when the...

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