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Yesterday at work, I needed to take my morning dump and went to the Men's room. A coworker was at the sinks grooming himself.

Hey man," I said. I think the guy thought I was going for a pee and started making small talk. As I replied, he continued talking to me. Since I'm a shameless shitter, I entered a stall. This guy has seen me shit before so I didn't care.

Since entering a stall is a way guys announce they're going to take a shit, I thought he would stop talking to me. I dropped my pants and took a seat. As my poop started to come out, I farted, and yet he continued talking to me. I felt awkward talking to him but replied casually and continued our conversation. It was a male bonding thing.

Another guy who I know entered the bathroom as we continued talking. I thought he might think we were weird but it was too late to stop. Eventually, other men came to the bathroom and my bathroom buddy continued grooming himself and eventually left. It was a very cool experience, though.

What's surprising is that the guy is a shameful shitter. I have never witnessed him taking a shit at the office. He is always afraid of germs and washing his hands frequently. He is the type of guy who won't seat in a public toilet but has no qualms about grabbing a dirty cell phone or using an ATM, both which, by the way, have way more germs than a public toilet seat. What's even more surprising is that he is very sociable and extroverted, which is not what one would expect about a shameful shitter. I think that by being a shameless shitter myself I kind of broke the ice. (At least he doesn't seem to condemn shameless shitters like some shameful guys do.) I hope I will have more opportunities to repeat the experience with him, and, who knows? Maybe one day he'll become shameless and take a dump with me.

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Makes me think of an incident that occurred back in my Air Force days. I was information officer for the Communications Squadron I was in and worked out of a quonset hut that had no facilities. When nature called we would go to the barracks next door and use their latrine. One of my coworkers was a photographer that could best be described as a "dorkus malorkus"

One day I felt the urge to empty my bowels of the SOS I had for breakfast that morning and leisurely strolled over to the barracks and perched my ass on the commode that was closest to the window. As the turtle head began to edge its way into the world I looked out the window and noticed that the DM was approaching. He walked past all the other potties, there were seven or eight in a row, and plunked down on the one adjacent to mine. There were partial partitions between stalls but no doors. He wanted to combine shitting and talking and although I am not the least bit shameful I prefer to keep these pursuits separate.

I actually prayed for a bowel movement with a foul aroma but alas, it was not to be. My breakfast of creamed beef on toast, SOS or Shit on a Shingle in military jargon, produced a turd that hadn't changed a lot on its trip through my bowels,possibly because of the high fat content of the ground beef its transit time was brief.

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

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"This guy has seen me shit before..."


What? You don't close the stall door before taking a dump?

Son, that goes above and beyond the mark of Shameless Shitterdom.

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

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