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The Tao of Poo: The Unbearable Lightness
Submitted by Dave
July 23, 2001, 6 Comments

The following passage is taken from The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. English translation copyright ©1984 by Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc. You should buy this book! ----- Not until 1980 were we able to read in the Sunday Times how Stalin's son, Yakov, died....

Poop Cycles, The Group Poop, and the Gra
Submitted by Tim
July 5, 2001, 11 Comments

Nature is constantly discovered to work as a series of interrelated cycles, acting in sync. Bees, for instance, wake in time to carry pollen from flower to flower to make honey in time to feed bears enough food for them to hibernate. And so eons pass. Humans follow these same cycles. It is well...

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