Bathroom Follies: Jamie Benson's Bowel Movement

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Jamie Benson, of Jamie Benson Studios, is putting some real funny shit on the stage this April. If you are lucky enough to be in Brooklyn for Triskelion Arts' Third Annual Comedy in Dance Festival and have fifteen bucks in your pocket, then you can grab a seat and see Benson's brown brain child "Bowel Movement" live. Jamie sent me a description of his vignette:

"'Bowel Movement' is a satirical ballet designed to confront one of the last taboos of man in as humorous a way possible. In this nightmarish dreamscape, we follow a very refined lady as she battles her darkest fear, her own excrement. Horror, humor, wild theatrics, silent movie era kitsch, you truly don’t want to miss this one. Remember, behind even the nastiest crap is a good man or woman- or at the very very least, a great show."

"Bowel Movement" is one of a few pieces Benson has gathered under his Bathroom Follies collection. He and other talented dancers like him address different topics within our personal favorite room that range from urine tests to fellatio, all tinged with an intellectual humor that we Poopreporters can sink our butts into.

Below is a slide show of Benson's <Bathroom Follies. At around one minute and ten seconds you can view a few snap shots of "Bowel Movement."

If you are interested in tickets, you can find more information by sending an email to You can also follow Jamie on his Facebook page: Jamie Jeppe Benson.

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2 Comments on "Bathroom Follies: Jamie Benson's Bowel Movement"

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Cute! The scene with the ballerina coming after the b.m. with a plunger looks quite funny.

Many years ago I was executive director of a small regional ballet company that performed both classical ballets and modern dance. I can just imagine some of those dancers in these parts.

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They should have one in there called "The Shuffle" or "The Walk of Shame"

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

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