Poop For Peace Day 2005: Conference Call

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Glands Across America:
The Poop For Peace Day Conference Call

In the grand tradition of Hands Across America and We Are The World, up to three hundred podcasters, bloggers, web celebrities and PoopReporters will converge for a massive conference call and simultaneous bowel movement on April 15, 2005, to ring in Poop For Peace Day in the most appropriate way possible.

Using telephone conference technology from Freeconference.com, this call will officially herald a day of peace and empathy through the one experience that all human beings have in common. The organizers of Poop For Peace, including Dave from PoopReport.com and Chris Rockwell from the Daily Download, along with such renowned figures as Toby Radloff, will guide participants through an event that teaches how to embrace understanding through shared experience -- because black or white, man or woman, Muslim or Christian or Jew, we all know what it's like to suffer the tyranny of the bowel.

Participants will call an 800 number at one of two appointed times convenient for both East Coast and West Coast morning poopers. Participation is first come, first served, with exceptions made for celebrities, heads of state, and influential religious figures. The call will be podcast on The Daily Download and then made available for any podcaster or media outlet to spread the word as desired.

poop for peace

Poop For Peace Day 2005 has passed... and yet, somehow, war and suffering still exist in the world. Which means next year we'll poop for peace twice as loud; and the world will echo with the flatulence of freedom.

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