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If you are a Poopreporter who has children or who babysits, or you are as easily entertained by cute sounds and colors as I am, then you will love today's Fun With Feces submission. Jocelyn from, a bilingual website for children, contacted us recently about a flash game that she created for her own children, who seem to be budding Poopreporters. The Poop Machine is one of a a few games and interactive pages that lets kids have fun while learning a bit about their digestive tracts. One page lets children burp songs, and another encourages children to use hand-eye coordination skills... to make a little colored blob barf. The site has been developed to keep the attention of children not only through interactive games and colorful and appealing illustration, but also with sound. Every time I clicked on a link or activated a flash function something cute popped out of my laptop's speakers, to my delight as well as that of our Boston Terrier's.

The goal of the Poop Machine seems to be to teach children to eat balanced meals. By either choosing an English or French machine, the participant is taken to a screen where there are various foods from which to choose three. The child (or eternally young Poopreporter) can move the cursor over foods like cherries, MacDonald's French Fries, soda pop, candy, prune juice, or rice, and a screen pops up that discusses the efect this particular food has on the digestive tract. I chose cherries, prune juice, and chocolate on purpose, and sure enough I was rewarded with the runs. Then, I chose three starches and voila! Brick turds! The sounds were hysterical, and the site mascot, a severely strabismic piece of poop that dances around and gives directions to all the games, is completely endearing.

If you've got a few minutes, I encourage you to visit the site and see what types of poop humor are available for kids these days. I spent half an hour easily trying to bounce an infectious molecule into someone's digestive tract, combining weird foods, and making someone barf. Ain't the internet great?

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l 100+ points

Well that was fun.Got stuck in the French version first,then found out that the machines have different foods.Also,bananas with potatos and prune juice to wash it down broke out the testtube(which overflowed).A memorable experience.Who says the poopmachine is just for small children?
More people flush than they do wash their hands.

More people flush than they do wash their hands.

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I played the poopmachine game, and it took me several tries before I got a decently-formed poop. I think the reason is that many of the foods I eat are not on the list of choices. Interesting--and quite restrictive--list. Cute game, though. Good idea.

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k 500+ points

OMG! I'm so there! C'mere lil shitwits! Mommy's got a fun game for you!

Rock-n-roll! Poopy-poo!

Rock-n-roll! Poopy-poo!

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this is so awesome!

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Many thanks for this awesome post about my games and the poop machine! You can contact me whenever you want to talk about the world internet poop invasion, cause we got plans fo this ;) !
Cheers from France !

Anonymous's picture

hi dappy, im back and Ive moved to seattle.. Washington is now my new fecal canvas. I have even created HOW TO videos in fecal painting. I will be posting them on my Pop Report myspace and my soon to be created poopreport twitter and facebook page.

i WILL BE MIRRORING poopreport and posting fecal videos of me painting with feces, its alot of fun, maybe you cn post it in your : fun with feces: SECTION.

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