KLC Odor Eliminator Products Has Fun With Will It Stink?

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We here at PoopReport enjoy a good poop joke. People poop, poop stinks, and that's funny to us in more ways that one. Because we appreciate those who are not afraid to wander from the beaten path when joking around, we would like to give a small shout-out to Mike from Pennsylvania, one of the persons behind KLC Brands's side website Will It Stink?

Will It Stink? is KLC Brand's way of taking some time to pull humor and brand advertising together. The site hosts videos of people who encounter the worst smells to be found, not just poop smells: bad tofu, Liquid Ass practical joke stank, stink bombs, and the good old-fashioned dirty diaper. The site currently has a limited amount of material on it, but we can hope more videos will be made.

KLC Car Cleaning Products are used by professional services such as car washes for regular cleaning and detailing, and their private buyers write glowing reviews. Dead body stink, dead fish juice, and cigarette smoke are some of the odors that satisfied customers say have been eliminated from their cars by KLC's deodorizing products. You might be reading this and thinking, "So what? I'm here to read about poop. I don't care if these deodorizers can get rid of corpse odor." To these readers, I say you should care. Because you even come to this site, you should be the type of person who supports those who aren't afraid to use taboo-type advertizing tactics. As we've stated many times before, entrepreneurs who take risks are our kind of people, poop or no poop. We want to support the product developers who aren't afraid to show their asses.

I linked the video to start at 1:12 because we all know about those damned dirty diapers.

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3 Comments on "KLC Odor Eliminator Products Has Fun With Will It Stink?"

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This reminds me of a particularly persistent smell I encountered, and was locked in mortal combat with, back in the middle seventies. I had recently separated from military service and was attending a Community College in Sumner County, Tennessee. I got a job as a janitor in a large local church to pick up a little pocket change. Very little pocket change because the good people of this particular church were cheap bastards more interested in putting money in their building fund than in paying the Janitor anything close to a living wage. My salary was minimum wage but the work was easy. I even had time to climb up in the belfry several times per day and indulge in a bit of doobie huffing.

About twenty years earlier, at the height of the Red Scare Era when so many people were taken in by the Communist World Domination Theory, the church elders had allowed local Civil Defense authorities to store some supplies in an unfinished basement that was under the secondary sanctuary. Among these supplies were many boxes of crackers. I suppose the theory was that after civilization had been destroyed by H-bombs, the local residents could subsist on crackers until their world was rebuilt. Years later I was able to see that their plan was flawed for if the crackers had been distributed evenly across the county no one would have gotten a whole one. Survival rates would not have been overly lengthy among people who had to share a cracker among several dozen of their brethren.

The thing that happens often in unfinished basements finally happened. Water seeped in after a torrential downpour and the bottoms of the cardboard boxes melted. The damp crackers begin to exude a pronounced aroma that although not actually disgusting was alarming to the good members who were praising the Lord as the fumes seeped up through the floor of the sanctuary. I was given the job of remedying the situation.

First things first so I clamored up into the steeple, shooed the pigeons away, sat and smoked a joint while I made my plans. Much refreshed I made my way to the basement and began the removal process. After all the sodden boxes were removed to the dumpster the smell was even more pronounced. The ground under the cracker boxes seemed to have soaked up a lot of cracker juice. The church spent oodles of money on products that were designed to remove or at least neutralize organic odors. I was there about eight more months and the smell was never totally eliminated. Ha - serves them right for scrimping so much on my salary.

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

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I gave your comment a point because you said "doobie huffing."

Your stories are always awesome. When are you going to just get to it and write a damned book? I'd buy a copy!

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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The nastiest smell I've ever encountered: When my sister and I were teens and were sort of sharing the family station wagon, we planned on taking the Escort out to the mall one day. We got in the car and noticed a very pungent smell--almost like sweatsocks, but about 100x worse. We figured our brother left his socks in the backseat and went to look for them so we wouldn't have to smell them on the way to the mall. We didn't find socks, but we DID find a gallon of milk that had been sitting in the trunk of the station wagon for what we figure was about a week or two. In July. So---we were greeted with a bulging, leaking, horrific smelling gallon jug full of rotten, separated milk. We decided to go dump it behind the trees in the yard and as the chunks glugged out of the jug along with some fetid, sour-smelling whey, we almost vomited right there on the spot. It was probably one of the more disgusting things I've seen in a long time. Oh, and we never really did get the smell of the milk out of the trunk. Maybe we should have bought some of this stuff to see if it'd work.

An apple a day keeps the ExLax away!

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Nothing smells worse than Da Missus' ass after she's eaten a full pot of Onion Soup. I swear. When she has had that for dinner, there is no need for a blanket for a good Dutch Oven. The entire room becomes the oven. It's gotten so bad that I have been driven from our bedroom in the middle of night, unable to sleep because of the stench.

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

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