so much blood, so much pain

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brltnl asks:

I have been having poop problems for years. They come and go, but for the most part they stay. As of now, it feels like I poop razor blades when I poop, and mostly on the left side. It almost feels as though my poop is to big for the chute and it splits or busts it. However, my poop is of normal size and it has blood in it EVERY TIME. I wipe mostly blood.

Usually when I poop, I wipe and wipe and wipe. I finally think I have it clean, but when I go to the bathroom later to pee or something, more poo is still there (it's like it leaks out or something)!

I just now got off of the toilet, and this time several small pellets came out and A LOT of blood. Mostly blood. I did not get the "razor blade" sensation this time... it was worse. There was poop that was right there, and felt like it was hanging out, but was too big to come out. I have had this feeling before and I have always wanted to reach around and pull it out... it feels like I am trying to poop a car!

So after agonizing, crying, writhing and praying for ten minutes, I reached around to do the task -- and NOTHING! My anus was pooched and full of the poop that just would not fit out of my hole!

I absolutely cannot take it anymore! My nurse sister thinks I have internal hemorrhoids. What do you think is wrong with me???!!!

Dear brltn,

I think your nurse sister should just go ahead and do a digital disimpaction on you and get that part over with. She is probably just telling you that you have hemmies to avoid having to stick her finger up her own sister's ass. I think your main problem is your diet that has most likely been causing your poop problems all these years. You are chronically constipated!

Razor blade pooping is usually indicative of fissures, which are also caused by constipation. Anybody that poops "pellets" is constipated, and pooping a thing so big that it won't come out of the hole is constipation for sure. Clean up your diet, drink plenty of water and get lots of fiber and I believe your poop problems will go away.

Thanks for asking Motherload!

Motherload is a Certified Nurse Assistant as well as an IBS sufferer, which means she knows a lot about poop. Got a question for her? Ask it here.

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brltnl, its gotta be a fissure, (a tear) in your bung hole. Sounds nasty, take the advice, change diet etc. You'll be fine.
Did I just fart?.... Oh shit! NO!!

I hope to god I've just sat in a Shepard's pie.

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OWCH!!! Fiber baby! Take that Fibersure. It's clear and dissolves into anything!
And get yourself to a Dr. And never start the laxative thing, please? OK?

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Sounds like me! And on the left side, too! :( Thing is I rely on Milk of Magnesia to relieve my IBS struggles, or "episodes" as I call them.

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First priority is to get the current stuck load out; try a suppository (if you can insert it past or around your turd). Suppositories are surprisingly gentle and will supply lubrication to make the poop easier to push out. Then do the diet changes, and especially drink more water! I try to get at least 64 oz. a day, and it has certainly made my poop softer and easier to pass. Good luck!

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I have the same problem accept I poop all the time. I still get the razor sensation and there is lots of blood. I am very healthy excerise every day and for the most part eat pretty well. Could it be hemorriods? Please help. I dont want to go to the doctors and my butt violated.



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I too shit razor blades and wipe blood and know for a fact that it is not constipation. I poop 2-3 times a day and drink plenty of water most of the time. At first I thought I was eating too many peanuts or something. It very well could be the big roid but I too am embarassed to see a doctor about it. I once had a anal yeast infection from some kind of prostate antibiotic and it felt very similar but had other symptoms associated with it. It could be a related problem that stems from that. I don't know. Have you ever had one of those?

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