poop health with severe neurological problems

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Wahab asks:

My son is sixteen years old and has severe neurological problems. He is epileptic, hypotonic, mute, and wheel-chair bound. We have to initiate bowel movement utilizing enemas almost every day, despite giving him Miralax on a daily basis. Recently he suffered a poop backup into his colon and we had to take him into an emergency room. He eats vegetables and fruits every day.

My question to you, Motherload, is what can I do to prevent this incident from occurring in the future.

I greatly appreciate your response.

Dear Wahab,

You obviously have a very complicated situation having to deal with a child afflicted with neurological disorders. Unfortunately, since these problems are most likely not going to just clear up over time with treatment, I am inclined to believe that you will be faced with many more obstacles concerning your son's health.

You should speak to his doctor about the daily use of laxatives and their side effects, since they could be doing more harm than good in the long run.

As far as the enemas are concerned, just try to make sure that the child is in the proper position to receive a good enema (usually on the left side) and that the correct amount of enema solution is being used. Forcing too much solution in can cause problems such as back-ups and even injury to the intestines if not done properly.

Even with proper medical treatment and attentive home care, a person suffering from these types of illnesses will most likely have unexpected and sometimes traumatic complications. Just be alert to any changes in your child's behavior and physical appearance and continue providing the best care that you can. Good Luck.

Thanks for asking Motherload!

Motherload is a Certified Nurse Assistant as well as an IBS sufferer, which means she knows a lot about poop. Got a question for her? Ask it here.

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This question illustrates how fortunate most of us are regarding our bowel and general health and that we should never take either for granted.

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Pulling My Pants Down For Peace, Plop and Posterity!

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Yeah. It makes me think of Thing One, my son, who's so athletic and capable. What a labor of love this woman performs.

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.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Wahab, I feel so sorry for your situation.

Though there will be many more obstacles for you and your child in the future, I wish nothing but the best for both of you.

Hopefully, a cure for his condition is just over the horizon.

Best wishes for both of you.
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I am a medical professional who is active in the autism and neurologically impaired children's community. A lot of parents are using Oxy-Powder (the one advertised on this site!) to help address problems of chronic constipation with their kids. They are having wonderful success as the product not only liquifies and softens impactions, it helps get the gut moving to push it out. Softer poo = easier passage. Some of the little kids (5 years and under) need 4 caps a day to normalize, so you do have to play with the dose a bit to find what will work with your son.

Miralax is well known to be a very very last resort. It's a fairly toxic product, and really has no place inside a human body, especially that of a child. You can do some searches on dangers of miralax if you want to be shocked. Oxy-Powder, otoh, is not toxic. Just make sure your son gets plenty of fluids, which is the case when there is any type of bowel problem.

Best of luck!

Caca Doodle Doo

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My uncle with autism also has to take something called Lactulose (which we also used to give to our old chronically constipated cat, at the recommendation of the vet). There has been LOTS of research done on certain foods and their effects on people with neurological issues (like autism, etc). Yeast and wheat and anything with gluten are big offenders in the colons of said people.

I've also read that Miralax is also not supposed to be used on a regular basis, but as an emergency shit inducing measure it is OK to use sparingly.

Best of luck with your son's health and happiness. You've been a fantastic mother and it shows!

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Rock-n-roll! Poopy-poo!

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My 7-yo son has a profound case of Autism. He's currently going through his Anal Retentive stage, which means constipation and impaction. He also lacks communication skills and frequently gets disoriented. He requires constant monitoring (spelled p-a-r-e-n-t-a-l w-o-r-r-y). He doesn't have the language skills to tell us, so he holds it ...and holds it ...and holds it ...until he's so full of crap that he can't hold it in any longer. At this point, the construction site of his ass is more like a brick yard than a cement mixer.

His Pediatric Gastroenterologist confirmed that his digestive tract works as it should. What is happening is a disconnect between the bowel and the brain. In other words, his body has put the deuce on the top of the deck, but he can't recall how to deal the cards. Add into this situation, the whole negative feedback element of pushing a larger-than-adult-size turd out of a 7-y.o. sphincter and the anxiety around the house because a certain somebody hasn't crapped in the last 5 days.

Fortunately for us, he's shown some real progress in the last year with the toileting issues. While he still can't tell us that he has to go (we either observe him having an "urge" or he makes his own way to the toilet), we've discovered some tricks along the way. Sure, we've done the laxatives, stool softeners, schedules and reinforcers. The only thing that seems to work consistently and doesn't stress everybody out is Dried Fruit.

It's funny that my kid will eat prunes like most other children will eat candy. Because he doesn't have very strong social connections (especially with his peers), he hasn't learned that prunes are to be shunned and that school isn't fun. Peer pressure will be an almost alien concept to him. He will decide whether or not he likes it, based on the merits of his own experience. Prunes and Dried Apples are chewy, sweet and flavorful and, he doesn't care what anybody else has to say about it. (And it's always cool to go to the pool with Daddy, even if Dad's wearing a Speedo.)

So far as I'm concerned, if he likes it and it isn't unhealthy and it helps with his bowel movements, then I'm all for it.

BTW, the Gastro-Doc told me that this phenomena is common with people with developmental delays and that, if it were up to him, it would be called Autistic Enteropathy. I don't know about that, but it's good to know that it's not just my kid.

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When did prunes get a bad wrap? Kids could just call them "dried plums" along with the dried apples, dried apricots, etc...

But as you say, it doesn't bother your kid. I think dried fruit is about the best way to go!

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I've heard that beer helps with this problem.

Seriously, though, my heart goes out to all you people who are having these types of problems with your kids. It takes a special person to deal with this day in and day out. Here is some energy to see you through!

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A couple of old time laxatives came to mind.

They are:

Cod liver oil
Mineral oil
Castor oil

All of these products act as a lubricant. The only thing that meeds to be watched is, long term use of these lubricants will deplete the body of fat souluble vitamins A, E, and K.

A supplement of these vitamins, might be a good idea.

Again, best wishes.
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Try the Specific Carbohydrate diet based the on book Breaking the vicous cycle. You can go to pecanbread.com for the autism connection between bowel problems and autism. IT IS INTESTINAL DISEASE THAT IS THE PROBLEM AND AUTISM IS THE SYMPTOM!! Your poop or lack there of is the clue.
PS I am the mom of four boys now recovering from autism It has been a long road but they are "normal" healthy boys that used to swing and rock all day!

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My friend has recently had a bowel problem and has subconsciously been pooping. It has only happened twice but we have no idea what could be causing this. Could this have something to do with drugs? She said that it wasn't as if she farted and a little bit of poo came out but that she infact had no idea that she had pooed until after iut had happened. What could be the problem????

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AC, that happens to me alot but my problem stems from a serious back injury. I also have complete urinary incontinence and wear a catheter and bag (I call it "the piss purse"). I'm such a lot of fun to be with, heheheheheee.

Cannabem liberemus!

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Loo, may I ask you what cannabem liberemus means? AC, It could mean she is getting or has gotten sodomized and hasn't dealt with it, or isn't telling. It doesn't have to always be neurological. It could be a mechanical problem that causes unknown poopage emissions. So sad Loo. how did you hurt your back?
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

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If you care to read my post in the forums that talks about a rare neurological disorder called ALD and the poop problems associated with it. For those of you who didn't read it, I'll explain it some here. ALD is a disorder in which the myelin, the protective coding around nerve cells is destroyed. It is the destruction of these nerve cells that causes the shit boms and massive logs associated with this disease. Other metabolic disorders also have this as a side affect.
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i am suffering from aso titre from 2 years...with that i got sure pain in my knees and joins and i got problem in doing shit..when i show my self to doctor he sugest me to do operation of my tonsils...my aso titre is 331mml thanks

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