my ass really, really, really smells

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Stevey Stank Ass asks:

Up to a few months ago I was a very popular college student with lots of friends and had no trouble getting girls. Now this problem I have made me drop out of college, lose girlfriends, and my friends are disgusted to hang out with me.

My problem is that all of a sudden my ass really started to stink even after a shower. I mean it smells like I shit myself or like I just took a shit and didn't bother to wipe my ass. I can asure that I don't shit myself and I wipe my ass until clean. I even tried that sphincterine stuff which seems not to work for me. This problem made me drop out of college to spare myself the embarassment and haven't gotten laid in a while which kills me because girls ask me why I don't want to hang out with them and the 'sick' excuse is getting quite old. I seriously have no idea what to do, it is really bothering me because I am ashamed just to go out of my house. It is weird because when I sit down it feels like theres shit in my ass but when I go to wipe nothings on the napkin and the sphincterine just blends with the smell. If you could please help me because now I just sit at home like a loser and cannot hang out with my friends without feeling ashamed.

Dear Steve,

Thanks for the question!

Much as I hate to admit it, you are going to have to see your MD about this one. There are many causes of fecal odor--constipation being one. Other causes may be anatomic considerations. Examples include rectal prolapse, weakness of the anal sphincter or decreased rectal compliance. (I hate it when my rectum doesn't comply, don't you?)

Your doctor might consider doing a flexible sigmoidoscopy to inspect the colon and anus. Other tests you may want to discuss with your MD include an endorectal ultrasound to evaluate for structural abnormalities or anorectal manometry to evaluate for anal sphincter dysfunction.

Some studies have shown that intake of vitamin K can control fecal odor, but I don't have any information on this.

Good luck!

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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After reviewing your case, dear Postman, we have found the reason for your malodorous affliction. It's your head. It has become so far positioned up into your descending colon that it has begun to deteriorate and therefore stink.

As a recommendation of solution, we suggest you to remove your head from your ass.

We are always right and you're just jealous.

Sincerely, Management.

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KACHINK. (sound of a 30 round ak-47 clip loading)

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I's all about diet. 5 years ago, my poop smelled terrible, I had constant anal irritation, and I was starting to develop hemorrhoids. Then I found out I had gluten intolerance bigtime, which had caused gluten enteropathy (some refer to it as leaky gut). Went off gluten, and changed diet in many other ways, including a program to heal gluten enteropathy. The difference is amazing - much less odor, no anal irritation, hemorrhoids are almost gone.

I highly recommend the testing offered by Kenneth Fine M.D. of He IS Dr. Poop, so to speak - his company analyzes yours and tells you what is wrong. BTW, he maintains that intolerance to gluten is much more common than what conventional M.D.s think. He claims it may be as high as 30% of the population. His company can also test for other intolerances, e.g. dairy.

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You can beat this.

I recommend you go see a doctor/lower bowel specialist
and get your Internal Anal Sphincter strength/setting tested.

This needs to be tested to see if it is slightly open/loose
in both a relaxed and tense state (of the pelvic floor muscles). Possibly tested with/without fecal content in the lower bowel.

I believe it is the smell of the lower bowel and its contents getting out when it shouldnt. This is a different smell to that produced by gas, which you probably can smell. Put an airfresher in a room. After a while you dont smell it as you become used to/immune to that smell, that is one possible reason why both you and your relatives who may live with you actually cant smell it.

As a test and possible short term solution
get some type of air tight builders/DIY tape. Place a cotton wool pad
over your anus first!!! and use maybe 3 strips of tape to get an air tight seal around it and then go out see if you still smell. If you dont smell to other people then you know where the source of your problem is. It is not bad hygeine. Not bad breath. Not leakage. Though I would recommend shaving round there for obvious reasons!

I can think of 3 possibilities that could lead to this condition caused by the muscles of the pelvic floor being continually tense over a period of time...If you stretch an elastic band for long enough eventually
it will become a little slacker/weaker in a relaxed state or its just slightly open in a tense state, or there might even be slight damage, a tear, to one of the muscles of the pelvic floor.

The 3 possibilities I believe could be:
1. Tension/Pressure on the Pelvic floor muscles.
Subconscious tension directed to the pelvic floor muscles
when you are stressed, causing them to tense up. An example could be continually sat down at a computer playing video games or in a stressful job, with the adrenalin/stress directed at your pelvic floor muscles. When you are sat down also your weight and pressure is directed on the pelvic floor muscles. Do you have a collapsed chest, putting pressure on your pelvic floor when sat down? Does your bum sweat a bit, possibly caused by the pelvic floor muscles overworking, being continually tensed all the time?

Get up and walk around, do you feel those pelvic muscles as being tense/tight, can you then relax them, getting a sensation of them lowering? If you feel the pelvic muscles are tense lie down on your back and relax them, with stretching exercises.

But do get your Internal Anal Sphincter tested in both states,
relaxed and tense. If its slighlty open/loose in just the tense state
then it might be a case of simply learning to relax the pelvic floor muscles. Stretching exercises will help.

Read up on the post someway above on Prostatitis!

2. What I call sticky poo syndrome.
Where your crap is perhaps sticky, leaving a mess/mark on the toilet bowl wall after flushing, and possibly difficult to wipe clean. This will be leaving waste behind in the rectum and lower bowel (you might smell worst after a bowel movement), sticking to the walls of the bowel. As a test gently stick your little finger (bit of lubricant and surgical gloves) into your rectum to see if it is clean or if there is still poo kinda smeared over the rectum wall.

These leftovers may stress the lower bowel, smothering it, also confusing it into thinking that it needs to have a bowel movement. The stress and the thinking it still needs to go is causing the Internal Anal Sphincter to open slightly, tensing and/or loosening over long periods in preparation for a bowel movement that never happens.
So the smell gets out.

You could try a mini bulb douche to rinse out your rectum after
a bowel movement to clean out what mess is left inside. I have noticed that in such conditions the bowel would then become stressed and overworked, heating up trying to stick together all the waste that is left lining and smothering its walls. You then may get small pellet like hardened poo come out next bowel movement possibly covered in mucus (caused by the bowel trying to lubricate whats left to shift it) to help get it out. This stressing/heating up of the overworked bowel will in itself increase the smell as heat is a vector.

So try changing your diet. Eat natural foods, avoiding sugars and fatty/greasy/oily foods in particular and if it is still sticky
see if you are enzyme defficient, does your liver produce enough bile? Do you have allergies?

3. The Prostrate gland/something pushing against the rectum causing the sensation of something there that needs to be evacuated.
The feeling of wanting to go when there is nothing there causing the Internal Anal Sphincter to be relax/loosen/become slightly open in preparation for a bowel movement that again never happens.

In summary you might smell worst the day after eating a really big meal. Bulking up your stools with soluble fibre might also worsen the smell. Thats because basically its the smell of the bowel and what is inside getting out.
Diet can exaggerate the symptoms:
Eating lots of fats and oils might make you smell of fish (if your rectum is clean with the finger test your finger smells of a fishy smell).
Eating lots of sugars might make your smell a more fecal one.
Eating lots of beans/pulses/soluble fibres/cabbage might make your smell a more farty one.

Dehydration may also exaggerate the symptoms, stressing the bowel.
Drink water and dont drink soft drinks/suggary drinks/caffeine drinks as a substitute as they may well increase dehydration.
Drink water. Hydrate! The bowel needs water to function correctly.

1. So please go see a doctor. Fight the good fight and you will win.
Infact print this thread out and pass it on to your doctor!!
You see because you may not have accidents (it is the External Anal Sphicter, the one you can control which stops you from having accidents, then doctors may well just assume that all is well below
without bothering to test the Internal Anal Sphincter, which I believe is the problem, due to its own dysfunction or by other factors causing it to loosen over along periods like sticky poo syndrome.
2. Learn to relax the pelvic floor muscles. Lie down. Stretch. Dont stay sitting down at a computer.
3. Clean up your diet. Avoid smelly foods. Try and avoid caffeine. Try and avoid sugars. Dont drink suggary drinks with meals for example.
Try insoluble fibres as opposed to soluble fibres.
5. Hydrate, drink water.
6. Try the tape up test to seal in the smell.
7. Go see a doctor (did I say that one before).

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hey everyone i have poop smell all the time haha its killing me at work lol. but i think i found some pills that can work with change diet. devrom or nullo. please try either one of these gems if you have poo smell. ive been using nullo and i think its working. from what i read i think devrom works faster though. i think our prayers have been answered thank me later. ps charcoal underwear doesnt not work charcoal pads work but u need to wear like 3

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AC sounds like you need to dump a bag of Kingsford briquettes down your pants.

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I just found this cite and suffer from the same problem as everyone else here. I'm 21, a junior in college and increasingly miserable. I had the same problem when I was 12 after about a year it seemed to spontaneoulsy disappear. In my particular case I am quite confident I do have Celiac disease(I'm getting an endoscopy soon). The disappearence of my symptoms (when I was about 13)coincided with my mother and thus my household going gluten free; she was not diagnosed with Celiac disease (or tested for it) but tested extremely allergic to wheat, and to a lesser extent rye, barley, and oats.

Sorry for spelling and grammar problems; I'm in a hurry.

My theory is that Celiac disease caused digestive problems in me (started with diaharrea later constipation) that caused anal fissures or hemhorroids that were able to heal and go away upon my digestive tract recovering. I began eating gluten again when my mom returned to eating foods she knew she was allergic to. Upon this happening I began getting Celiac symptoms (non digestive) and began having digestive issues again about a year ago upon sustaining an injury to the abdomen (physical trauma can make celiacs more symptomatic).

This has all been a recent revelation; I've been gluten free for a short time now and think I've seen some improvement.

Anyway I guess the point of my longwinded rant is to encourage people to look at any physical symptoms (even if only mildly annoying)and put them on webMD. I've read an extensive amount about digestive disorders, especially autoimmune disorders over the last several months and have found that many of these conditions are severely underdiagnosed in the US and many have characteristics that could logically lead to digestive problems and eventual injury, or malfunction in the digestive tract that may lead to discharge.

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Me again. Twice I have tried to get you people together in a chatroom to discuss this live. I sent emails to about ten of you. Only 1 person responded and he/she couldn't squeeze out a second mail.. FINE! Let's all crawl back into our holes and hope this BS goes away...

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Anyone of you get more stinky smells after urinating alone??

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I never urinate alone. It takes at least three of us to wrestle the beast out of my pants.

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I meant when urinating ONLY. Funny tho.

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You guys notice that there is a chat program on this page? I've been trying to get some people to another chatroom to talk about this crap. It turns out that we chat live here! It's on the left side , under POOPREPORT CHAT.

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AC, seriously, I noticed a kind of stinky smell to my urine after I started taking a garlic supplement. There are other foods/suppliments that can change the odor.

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I meant stinky smells coming from the anus after urinating. Somehow my crap moves closer to my anus when I P because of muscles flexing or something like that.. anyone else?

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Sorry, my mistake. Maybe try the prison clench when you pee.

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I also have suffer from this many years ,I have been to many doctors with 0 results until I found a herbal doctor that has help me alot ,he told be that it was a colon infection .So far after 3 treatmeants of herbal pills I feel 50percent better with the smell and my bun not having to do all that cleaning that yall know about that's not normal . I'm finish with the treament yet but I'm seeing a huge accompleshment.If this helps he told me that no doctor can cure this only a herbal doctor,he has some pictures of people colon on his wall a before and after pictures,before it colon look very wide open and then after it look very tight .I found out of this doctor from a family member said that he had cure a little boy that could not hold food on his stomach ,the other doctors could not find nothing wrong with this child ,child was born this way and after 3 treaments the child was eating everything .I hope that I will be cure 100 percent when I finish the treament because simply to beutiful like a model to live like this any way 50percent is better than smelling 100percent.The smell I had first smell like dead rat them with the pills that the doctor gave me it got better to like a gas smell know is like a egg smell that you can only smell if you only get really close to me.I will let you guys know how it went after I finish my treatment ...

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While I personally prefer the models I date to smell like dead rats, I would go out with one that smelled like eggs if she was really beautiful.

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Wow that is so sweet of you ,you made my day today.

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PD, I love you like my own brother, butt when did you last see your therapissssst?

like a constipated accountant- I worked it out with a pencil.

I hope to god I've just sat in a Shepard's pie.

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This is my therapy.

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Maybe we suffer from social anxiady disorder?

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I have a fear of getting rusty fish hooks stuck in my eyeball. Other than that I'm pretty good.

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Since I got this shitty problem that makes me despise the sun and close the curtains , I can't get myself to work cause I know that I have those situations which make me wish I stayed home. Thank God I recieve social security yet the bastards want to sabotage the payments to force me to start working. I haven't worked in years! All I do is sit home , play video games , work out , sit in front of my pc and drown in my pool of insecurity and frustrations. I want to work but no way I want to be out there when I got a piece of shit right inside my asshole and the odor is enough to go around. Let alone the conditions when I just took a dump.. phew.. I even have trouble getting out to do things that only don't cost much time! I would give anything to restore my health just like it was before I got this curse , literally! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME!!

Don't you just hate it , when you get rid of crap stuck inside yer a-hole all day and then you look down at the shit in the toiletbowl you just crapped in , the piece of crap that everyone else could smell all day WHILE IT WAS STILL IN YOU !!!(banging head against desk). So yea , you look down and go : you piece of shit!!! Then I can almost hear it laughing at me. I say , the best thing that can happen to me is when I crap my shit out clean and without leaving any pieces behind up there. Yay for me! Yea I know , I am pathetic.

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To the art.....go to beatleakygas there are other people like us just don't give up this is call ibs,try two spoons of metamucil in a full glass of water every night that help with that problem your having and also excercise every day will help.

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Here are some options...Move to a remote island where no one is there and make fake people, take a lot of laxitive and see what happens, or you could take the stupid way out and tell all your friends the truth and lose your rank in popularity. You could also have an extremely painful surgery to get your annoying duece out of your gut.

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The jackass award goes to some random guy!!!!!!!! P.S a jackass is a person that feeds there ego on another person low selfestem.Wow way to go kick him when his down!

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I have the same problem as many have listed before me. I smell after I get out of the shower, about 1 hour after. It smells kinda sour, but wierdest of all it sometimes smell like cherios. Idk. It just doesn't. I don't even eat cherios. lol Does anyone know why this might be?

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TO: the_art_of_shitting I understand all to Well what You're going thru. I've been Suffering from this Problem for 7 Years..I had 3 Major (unnecessary) Surgeries..They Misdiagnosed Me with Hyperhidrosis. Sweat isn't the cause of B.Odor..Bacteria IS!!

So...for 3 Years I went on a Deodorant goose hunt..I took all sorts of Aiti depresants..Rubinal..Everything to Stop this "sweat" 5 Years after the 1st MISdiagnose
AND 49 DOCTORS Later..I found out that I have SEVERE CANDIDA OF THE COLON & several problems because of the LACK OF TREATMENT AFTER ALL OF THESE YEARS..If I wouldn't have been Misdiagonosed with some BULLsh*t I couldve cured this Long ago before it got as bad as it's NOW gotten..Anyways..It's 7 years later..and Like you I've been Living in a room for YEARS..Like literately! I used to have odor and that was it..Now after having the Skoog Procedere x's 2 and Endoscopic sympathetemy for "supposedly Hyperhidrosis" now I have EXCESSIVE sweating when I NEVER had that before..So my Problem went from a 8 to a 36..But I'm Optimistic! I'm on day 3 of My Psyllium Capsule, Black walnut-Cloves-woodwrom Complex, raw Broccoli/Spinach shakes & Plain Oatmeal for 40 Days!! Idk if it will work..But I've done my research..If this Dr sebi/Dr Hulda's herbal remedy can cure aids..and cancer Im sure uit can cure OUR FUNK!! Have Faith in God and Remember folks..What doesn't Kill you.Only makes you stronger!!

If any of you want to Chat/Talk Email We ought to Create a room so that We can ALL talk Live and Exchange info

God bless us ALL!!!

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Hello my fellow stinkers. I've suffered for 8 years this treacherous disease. Now I've decided to beat this motherfucker. I'm quite sure the reason for me to stink is bad bacteria/yeast. I got ALOT of Antibiotics (antibiotics destroy good bacteria) when I was a kid and I was underweight back then. My body was excellent place to bacteria/yeast to start growing.


Copied this from that site:

Bad bacteria is characterized by:

- aggression
- moodiness
- irritability 'anger' for no apparent reason

- sleep problems

- really foul smelling stools or body odor (we are talking incredible STENCH)

- bad breath; stinky sweat

- ammonia odor

- frequently occurs with constipation (infrequent painful stools, streaking/smearing in underwear, etc)

Proper Diet, Supplements is the key to victory.

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Stevey Stank Ass, same problem here. I've found that about the only that works for me is to use disposable wipes although I guess a face cloth (ass cloth) would do the same. Whenever I have a dump, I wipe with the wipe as well as TP but I also use them throughout the day, especially after a fart or something like that. I suspect I have a little leakage back there that causes the problem but the doctor found nothing after a colonoscopy. I also change underwear a couple of times each day and that helps too. Good luck man!

Fascinated but not obsessed :-)

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From reading the comments on this site it seems that there are a number of supposed solutions. However maybe the answer to our problem lies with finding the actual cause.

I was wondering how many of you, before this problem arised, held in their farts or even their need to do a "poop" for excessively long periods of time rather than use the toilets at school, work, etc?

When I say "excessively" I mean more than 2 hours after the initial urge or for example your at a nightclub, friend's place or any other type of social gathering and you get the urge but you say to yourself "f#$k it!! I'm not gonna use that toilet. I'll wait till i get home". So much so that when you finally do use a toilet it's like you dropped an atomic bomb.

This was the norm for me before the odour problem arised and even after it started I think it took about 5-6 years for my bowel movements to become affected. Now I find myself going through alternating periods of constipation and not-quite diarrhea like symptoms.

On a side note the smell does seem to be more noticeable by others when I'm trying to hold something in whereas before the odour problem started i could hold in a fart and no one would notice. nowadays if i try this i can tell by peoples' reactions that they can smell something.

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Ok Guys, i've found this website which i think might be a clue as to why i am and maybe some of you are going through this problem. check out the link below

two points that are of interest are PUTRESCINE and HYDROGEN SULPHIDE which are both bullet pointed under the heading "what makes breath smell".

I don't know about the rest of you guys but as i've had the fortunate or rather unfortunate opportunity to get a whiff of the smell others whisper about i can tell you that i've smelt the foul odour which people must have been referring to when they asked "can you smell rotten ham?". I've also smelt the rotten eggs once when a colleague and I were playing football indoors. I thought that he might have farted but the smell never left and that's when i knew it was coming from me.

I know the link i've given is for bad breath but this also is my latest affliction. I've had this problem for 10 years now. The first 6-7 years i didn't smell anything and i thought i was going crazy and beginning to hear voices and i know for sure i didn't have bad breath. The last three years i've only smelt what others talk about less than 20 times and i can tell by others reactions that my breath has been affected so i can assume that the problem is getting worse and this smell is becoming stronger - strong enough for me to notice.

Anyway now that i've got that off my chest i hope you guys check out the link - i'll think it might be helpful.

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Save me, you have ass breath. You can't be saved.

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okay guys i had the same problem and i'm here to tell you guys how i got over it. all you gotta do is wipe better. i'm serious. like really get in there and if you got to, which you probably do, wipe inside your asshole. seriously just wipe it really good, stick your finger in there if you got to until it's clean. showering after you shit really helps too. i've tried fiber and deodorant and only wiping better helps. try it.

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Save me, try Thera Breath or Breath Rx. These products have helped tons of people, and they aren't terribly expensive. You might also want to see a doctor or dentist.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

found this on another site's picture

Weeks 1 & 2:

almost to the point of fasting. I consumed only
-water (3 litres a day)
-spices (to add flavour. Including sea salt)
-canned tomatoes
-Greens + Daily Detox and Whey Powder ( for shakes )

In the first week I tended to only eat dinners which I consumed around 2pm.
I consumed absolutely no carbs. Unfortunately, I had no energy either; however, since bacteria are fueled by carbs I figured it was a no-no.

All of the food above are non-gas forming and contain no sulphur. Probably you can add more foods to the menu, however my aim was to facilitate the removal of waste from the body and the less the body had to break down new matter, the easier it could be achieved. If you do want to add more food to this very restricted diet search online for gas-forming foods and stay away from them. And stay away from the carbs (especially sugars of all types). Believe me, they are in nearly everything! You'll be reading nutrition labels religiously. Fruits are an example.

Medical/Cleansing products
During this time, I also began a very rigorous cleanse. I am Canadian so I chose products that were readily available from my local retailer. I used Greens + Daily Detox which I added to a whey powder protein shake and I also underwent a full body cleanse using a prodoct called Herbal D-Tox by Wild Rose. It included four products called Cleansaherb, Biliherb, Laxaherb, and CL Herbal Extract. These herbs cleanse the bowel, the blood, the kidneys and the liver.
If you can't get this product make sure what you use contains as many of the following herbs:

for the blood:
red clover
burdock root
echinacea root
mullein leaf
ursa ursi leaf
parsley leaf
marshmallow root

for the liver and kidneys:
black radish root
barley root bark
dandelion root
ginger root
marshmallow root
cramp bark
wood betony herb

for the bowels:
cascara sagrada bark
buckthorn bark
barberry bark
turkey rhubarb root
giner root
red raspberry leaf
fennel sead
cayenne fruit

As well as undergoing the body detox, I also took a broad spectrum antibiotic every four hours, religiously. I am not promoting that people use an antibiotic without consent of their doctor or any other pharmaceutical for that matter. What's safe for me may not be safe for you. If you choose to take antibiotics it is vital that you are not allergic to it as penicillin allergies are reportedly the most common of drug allergies. Be warned - get medical advice first. The reason I took the broad-spectrum antibiotics was to kill intestinal flora. I was napalming the digestive tract while I underwent my body detox. I've also never taken antibiotics before so my body was virign to the drug.
And still, I was not done. On top off all of this I also began a parasite cleanse. I was popping tablets like crazy. However, did I have parasites! Ewww. Mostly I just saw the eggs in the fecal matter. When I still had bouts of constipation I used Senekot tablets. Remember: drink lots of water. No coffee and no tea unless it's herbal.

So that was the first two weeks. Pretty intense. I would like to mention that I began the regime as fairly healthy with no health problems other than being uncontrollably stinky. Everyone is different and you need to tailor your treatment to your health status.

Week 3:

by this time I was desperate for energy and variety in my food.
So I started to add plain almonds, canned sardines, chicken, ground flax seed, almond milk, and canned black olives (high in iron) to my existing paltry diet. In essence, I was eating a high protein, ultra low carb diet . I must warn you to stay away from eggs, though. They are extremely high in sulphur content.

I highly recommend that you go online to look for foods that are non-sulphurous and low carb (especially low sugar). Any carbs I did consume were complex carbs that did not gum up the intestines but acted as a bulking agent that helped pass fecal matter. However, I kept carbs as nonexistent as possible. Just enough to give me energy to last the day.

Medical/Cleansing regime
By the third week I finished the antibiotics. I was still undergoing the body cleanse and parasite cleanse. I started to add magnesium oxide tablets daily to my regime ( 420 mg ). I also began Vitamin B12 daily (200 mg). Ocassional Senekot tablets when necessary.

Weeks 4-8:

All of the above. I also began probiotics. Probably I could have done this in week three but I was low on cash (who wouldn't be with all of these herbal supplements!). In order to reduce costs, I decided to make my own probiotics. I made my own Kefir using the Yogourmet Kefir starter ( you can purchase that at any health food store). Essentially you're making your own yogourt at home. It's very easy to make and is LOADED with many good bacteria strains. I drank this twice a day. I used whole organic goat's milk. I also began introducing more carbs to my diet as well. Brown rice flour products ( I started baking) and wild rice, some fruits and all vegetables except mushrooms. Up until this point my fruit intake was nil due to the natural sugars they contain. Now, I was eating everything veggie. I started eating fruits that weren't loaded with sugars ( ie- tropical fruit due to its high sugar content). I consumed absolutely no yeast as I began a candida cleanse. I was eating lots of plain almonds still. I also began to drink some dairy as well, though on a limited basis. My body rebelled at the introduction of carbs, but quickly adjusted over a few days. I've found that my diet has remained generally lower carb after the end of this regime.

Medical/Cleansing regime:
By this time the body detox was finished as was the parasite cleanse. So, I began a Candida Cleanse. This took me through to week 8. Essentially, no yeast products and as little sugar as possible. Even though I was eating some fruit again I tried to go for fruit that wasn't tropical and high in sugar. It just slows down the benefits of the candida cleanse. Sorry, still no coffee either. Still, I was taking the Magnesium Oxide and Vitamin B12.
**In week 5 I started to eat a clove of fresh garlic daily (do it right after work when you're sure not to meet anyone for the next 12 hours or so) and a few pieces of fresh sliced ginger.

What I noticed in my body:

It took about 2 weeks before I saw a significant change. By the end of week two I was passing frequent amounts of fecal matter easily. They were softer, more regular and of sizable quantity. The odour also improved and they were light brown in colour. Healthy fecal matter should be formed, float and break apart when flushed. The constipation was infrequent. The fecal matter started to float in the toilet by the end of week three. I also had major blemish breakouts for the first three weeks but they disappeared in the fourth week (normally I have flawless skin). It wasn't until the end of the fourth week before I can positively say that I wasn't regularly passing offensive odours in public.
By week 5 any odour was very faint and often non existent. I could go into public without comment. My bowel movements were easy, copious and twice a day, like clockwork. No more paint-peeling odour in the bathroom, either. By week 8 I had no odour whatsoever in public.

My thougths?
I believe this terrible affliction is caused by overgrowth of bacteria in the body. I really think that my body was very sick, even though I looked healthy. So, I wiped out all the old bacteria, good and bad and started over. I napalmed it, starved it, and rebuilt it. I have read that fecal matter should have no smell. By the end of this brutal regime that is certainly the case. I have also read that EVERYONE passes gas involuntarily many times a day. I do not believe that this problem is due to uncontrollable sphincters. Instead I believe that it is caused by the overpopulation of bad bacteria that is producing noxious gas waste and which is naturally passing from our bodies.

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Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

Marshmallow Root? I'll be darned, I had no idea marshmallows were tubers...

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

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That is one hell of a detox. It could be a front-pager.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

found this on another site's picture

I had copied that off of another site I just lost the link I found it reading through all these posts somewhere, the lady's name was Linda. Also check this out

It's called the Mineral Miracle Supplement, it's cheap and googling around I couldn't find anything that said it was a scam and suprisingly it actually has some science behind it if you read into it, I am going to do what my first post said with this while getting anti-bacterial soap and bectine cream for around my anus plus a healthy pill of probiotics.

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

I will, and thanks for getting back to us. Whether or not this was comprehensive and costly, I bet it was worth it for the person afflicted by the stink.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Anonymous Coward's picture


I have had this for a few years now. Good and a shame also to see other people have it too. The smell definitley comes from my pores or glands and not my bum. The smell is bloody revolting and highly pungent. Its so bad when it happens that I am fascinated that this could come through my skinat all. I have always been nervous in certain public situations and nowwith the threat of this thing occurring I am prone to take panic attacks in case it happens. A vicious circle. I think I feel a burst of adrenaline then it happens. It affects all aspects of my life.

PoopDolly's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I dated a guy once who I realised occasionally had sh*t breath, he actually smelt of the toilet. The first time I noticed we were watching tv in his lounge, and i realised i could smell the toilet, but because his WC was next to the living room, I thought i was just inhaling his flatmate's poopy odours. Then he kissed me.... ** shudder** 'Ew', I realised it was originating from his mouth! The second time this happened, I decided he had to go. I used the old 'it's not you, it's me' line, although that was true - it was me who had to put up with the stinky sh*t breath, not him. I do sympathise with you save me, but spare a thought for those who you may be getting intimate with... ** shudders as she remembers **

Keep on Poopin'/Poppin' (delete as appropriate)

Keep on Poopin'/Poppin' (delete as appropriate)

Need Jesus Help Now's picture

I am praying for a cure everyday. I having been dealing with this problem for over 25 years. I have had every kind of procedure done to find out the odor problem. I am very tired of dealing with this problem. I have been praying and praying and believe that God can do all things. I am praying for each of you and I feel that God will hear our plea. The bible states that "we were healed by His stripes" (that means the beating and bloods shed from Jesus has healed us of all sin and disease) also the bible states that Jesus went around healing all that sick and aflicted. We'll that us. Why not heal us lord. I want to say a prayer for us. Father in the name of your son Jesus, I pray for each one that has posted and those that have not in reference to this odor in our bodies. This is not a problem of the mind but a physical battle we have all gone threw. I pray for divine healing of our digestive systems, acid build up in the body, sinus problems, rectal problems, enzyme problems, sweat gland problems. I pray that every cell of our body be healed and function as you have designed the body to function. Lord rebuke satan right now in the name of Jesus. This unclean spirit can no longer remain in us. I asked that you restore our bodies and make us whole right now. I asked that you forgive each one of us for our many sins of lust, anger, unforgiveness, murder, hate, adultry, fornication, lying, stealing, cheating, pornography, drug use, drunkiness, homosexuality, and all other sins. I know that you love us all and I pray that you give us a clean heart and mind and all bitterness be removed. I feel the power of your Holy Spirit upon us to make us whole and save our souls so we may be with you oneday in heaven. In the meantime, save us and we will be saved, heal us and we will be healed. Jesus come into our hearts today, for give me for all my sins, give me a new life, help me to live for your and help me to serve you and others. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and I pray this sick, disease, infirmity, condition, issue all be healed for those who are suffering from this now and those who were going to suffer from this. I rebuke this condition now in the mighty name of Jesus. I curse this condition that it may never effect anyone ever again. That we may have eternal happiness, love, peace and joy, that we be irrestible to people and that we live our lives according to your will and purpose. Lord have grace and mercy on all of us and thank you for your loving kindness and let us give your name all the praise and glory. We are healed, We are healed and We are healed. Thank you lord for healing us right now and this conditional shall never return again and it is cast out of this earthly realm forever. Jesus is our healing, deliverer, and restorer. We have been redeemed by the power of the Most High God, the God of Abraham, Issacc and Jacob and his precious son Jesus Christ who shed His blood for all our sins and disease. Amen, Amen and Amen. Watch the results of this pray and receive your healing and salvation today in Jesus holy and righteous name. Now live the the Lord because you are blessed and highly favored and he has a special plan for your life. I pray His eternal blessing upon you and no harm nor danger shall come to you. You have been set apart for a special time like this. Seek God today and He will show you the special plan he has for each on of you. You are so special to God and we all now smell like God wants us to smell and the curse has been broken. People will talk about a good you smell and look. Don't give up, but believe with all your heart today. He has answered you prays and petitions. Love and and be blessed!!!!!!!!!

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

I almost wish that truly shitty people smelled as such. What a concept.

In the meantime, you should try some of the suggestions sent in on this thread, like the comment submitted a few above yours. Of all the comments I've read over the past couple of years, the one titled "found this on another site" seems to be the most comprehensive attack on any sources of the smell suggested yet. If you found this site, maybe God led you to it at this time to read that post and take action. God helps those who help themselves. Thank you for your nice prayer. I'm not going to quit swearing or drinking, but your thoughts were appreciated nonetheless. Back at'cha!

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Anonymous Coward's picture
    things that suck about smelling like ass
  • a crap load of people are suffering
  • no full solution has been found <.li>
  • and im stressing coz my gf just dumped me

ps. im not happy

Anonymous Coward's picture

Hi well I just turned 19, Well my junior year of high school I started leaking some kind of mucous substance from my anus. I thought it was poop but it does not smell as strong as poop, but does have a stinky smell(I had to smell it people don't judge). Well I noticed it felt wet back there after a meal. When the bell rang I had to take a long time to pack up my stuff so everyone will be out of the room and no one will notice the smell! Well i thought I had the hang of it, until I started college. Last semester the smell was stronger. I felt so uncomfortable, I couldnt think of anything else but if people noticed the smell. Well now my second semester the smell is even worse. When I know am not going out I eat a lot of food that I know is going to make me go to the bathroom, so I could go to the bathroom n shower. Then in the morning I shower again before every class, but I still smell. I dont have three meals a day is most like one but I eat somewhat alot. Because if I eat something I feel that my anus is more wet, Being in college m very close to people and that is the most unconfortable thing ever. It is very frustrating, I'm thinking of dropping out of college. Because this problem does not allow me to live a happy life. I want to do so much but the idea of smelling limits me from having a busy schedule. I'm doing bad in all my classes because I cant concentrate and I feel so depressed. I have not talked to my parents about it but I think they notice the smell. Also I hate going to dinner with friends because after we are done we usually hang go home and watch a movie, and we lay next to each other and I feel they noticed the smell. One time one started smelling someting bad at the dinner table and my other friend kicked her under the table. That lead me to belive they did not want to hurt my feelings but I felt so bad. About my parents they dont know why am doing so bad but I m very afraid to tell them about my problem and I dont think who ever is in charge of my academics will understand my problem. I have two essays due today and I felt so depressed that did felt like going to school. This does not only affect my academics, it affects every single aspect of my life. Please someone help!! Also when I go to the bathroom I dont poop right somehow I poop, but then I feel there is still some there, but does not come out, when I clean I take about half a roll to clean out but it still feels dirty and by that time it hurts to clean anymore.....I'm crying for help!!!

Save Me's picture

OK. I never said i'd suffered from halitosis for ten years. In my last post where I mentioned "bad breath was my latest affliction" that is exactly what i meant. I also don't recall saying how terrible people are. I think the lengths of my previous posts (which were so to be able to give a descriptive account of my problems to others) were misunderstood by and mistaken to be a spilling of emotions/feelings. Not so. Peoples' reactions to bad breath and body odour is perfectly understandable (I'd definitely would react the same way).

What I tried to get at by including the link on PUTRESCINE and HYDROGEN SULPHIDE is that this could definitely be a problem with the digestive system and how its breaking down the food we eat. That weird foul smell others can't quite put a name on is how it starts and its most likely coming from your body. Give it some more years and when this problem gets bad enough it will start affecting your breath because as most of you probably already know digestive problems can lead to this.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I was amazed when i found this site. i truly thought i was the only one on this planet with this shit. i've had this affliction for 2ish years, about the same time i started dating this girl. we're still together and at the point where we can be entirely honest with eachother, so after a long conversation with her about it, she assured me that she never thought i has smelled our entire relationship. and as much as i can relate to what everyone of you is saying i'm beginning to think of it as much a psychological thing then anything. your mind is pretty powerful, and the stress of thinking about it i'm sure could lead to gastral issues in itself.

Witch Hazeler's picture

Well, I've had this affliction off and on for years. The sour stink that I KNOW other people have commented on. It disappeared for about 5 years, but it's back. And so are the mutterings of people behind my back, but close enough to hear. I think they think they are helping me. But they are just confirming my worst nightmares.

I'm fairly certain it's related to my hemoroids. I'm out of the country at the moment, but when I get back I am having this thing zapped off of me.

Anyways, I just wanted to pass along something that I've found helps with the smell. Not a solution per se, but when it gets to you and you want to crawl under a rock: try Witch Hazel. It's an astringent which basically means it constricts the tissue when you put it on.

When I have a bad attack and I can start to notice the smell myself, I duck out to the bathroom with a small bottle and apply it using regular toilet paper. I get back and I can actually tell that the smell has become next to nothing. It works for a couple of hours. If it comes back, off I go.

Witch hazel is also a natural treatment for hemorrhoids. Which is why I am pretty sure it helps cut the smell down for my situation.

Be careful as I have seen sites that people say it stings a little bit. I notice it, but it's not too bad. The fact that it helps control the smell means more to me than anything in the world.

Best of luck gang. I'm gonna pick up some Chlorophyll in the next couple of days and see how that goes.

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