my ass really, really, really smells

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Stevey Stank Ass asks:

Up to a few months ago I was a very popular college student with lots of friends and had no trouble getting girls. Now this problem I have made me drop out of college, lose girlfriends, and my friends are disgusted to hang out with me.

My problem is that all of a sudden my ass really started to stink even after a shower. I mean it smells like I shit myself or like I just took a shit and didn't bother to wipe my ass. I can asure that I don't shit myself and I wipe my ass until clean. I even tried that sphincterine stuff which seems not to work for me. This problem made me drop out of college to spare myself the embarassment and haven't gotten laid in a while which kills me because girls ask me why I don't want to hang out with them and the 'sick' excuse is getting quite old. I seriously have no idea what to do, it is really bothering me because I am ashamed just to go out of my house. It is weird because when I sit down it feels like theres shit in my ass but when I go to wipe nothings on the napkin and the sphincterine just blends with the smell. If you could please help me because now I just sit at home like a loser and cannot hang out with my friends without feeling ashamed.

Dear Steve,

Thanks for the question!

Much as I hate to admit it, you are going to have to see your MD about this one. There are many causes of fecal odor--constipation being one. Other causes may be anatomic considerations. Examples include rectal prolapse, weakness of the anal sphincter or decreased rectal compliance. (I hate it when my rectum doesn't comply, don't you?)

Your doctor might consider doing a flexible sigmoidoscopy to inspect the colon and anus. Other tests you may want to discuss with your MD include an endorectal ultrasound to evaluate for structural abnormalities or anorectal manometry to evaluate for anal sphincter dysfunction.

Some studies have shown that intake of vitamin K can control fecal odor, but I don't have any information on this.

Good luck!

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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One more thing guys

dont start the gluten free diet before doing the test cause the result will be negative!

if anybody did that and started on gluten free diet 2 or 3 days before doing the test than there is a big percentage it will come as negative

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shittastic the celiac test can sometimes come back negative even if your a celiac.
I quit gluten and it didn't make a difference.
one cause of Constipation (slow colon transit) is if the complicated muscle functions of the sphincters and rectum don't work properly. the shyte can be hard/soft/diarrhoea - the rectum has to stretch to a certain point and the sphincter doesn't relax properly so the rectum never empties.
That's 1 cause of fbo. A few months ago I ate some dodgy food that gave my diarrhoea and the odor changed to diarrhoea odor. Also, taking high doses of chlorophyl to kill the fecal bacteria changes the odor to a vinegar-fecal type odor.
So basically if I was shitting roses or something that smells nice, I'd smell nice.

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anonymous coward your message wasn't there when I posted my last message, I was referring to something I read on a website that said that the celiac tests are sometimes unreliable even if your still eating gluten, and the only way to test for sure in the end is to go on a gluten free diet.

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In my case, I did not have a smelling problem.

I see how encopresis can cause one though. Especially if you are holding back wet shit that breaks down for too long.

Mine was very dry and impacted. I needed to be cured because of the pain and because the toilet time took too long.

I had to train my muscles to relax and not to spasm as I was passing.

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Rich...celiac disease is the portal for about 200 disease between these disease is IBS

IBS:diarrhea,constipation, lower back pain and many other things caused by allergy to food

yea i know i checked a gluten free food forum and found a post that said they were getting results on gluten free diet after 2 months or 3!! and that sometimes its not detected!

personally i went on gluten free diet and had many symptoms like fatigue and diarrhea (itchiness and other stuff i mentioned in other posts) and when i ate something that contain gluten i had about 3 BM

I even have the teeth discoloration symptome

waiting my result thought! -->

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Okay i had the same problem i took 2 hour showers scurbbing my entire body and still smelling like shit. I had to sit still in 1 1/2 hour classes squezzeing my butt cheecks toghter till they were num and that just made it worse. I finally went to the doctor after a month and a half. She sliped her finger up there i got an x-ray and on that she saw all the blockage she perscribed a stool softner and enemia and a strong laxative so i am currently going through treatment and it is sunday so wish me luck at school on monday : )

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wtf??? It's not sunday, it's Friday, and it was thursday when you posted your message?
Do you mean the treatment should start working by sunday?

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you people have serious issues.

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OMFG, reading this site made my fuking day!

I know its rude to laugh at people, but its jsut tooo fucking funny!

Hang in there guys

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My ass also used to really, really smell. Until recently I was able to clear crowded rooms with the stench that wafted off my body. Then I discovered a miraculous little invention called soap. Perhaps you've heard of it?

Now that people are able to talk to me without choking on my fumes, I've discovered that I am very much a social creature. I not only enjoy the company of others, but I seek it out at every opportunity. I even have a date tomorrow night with a girl that says I smell good. Imagine that! To top it all off, I've received another promotion and am now a department head.

And that, my friends, is why management is aways right and your just jealous!

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Why of course you smell better. After that bleach and industrial strength cheese scraper ass beating, you should be smelling downright Clorox fresh. The scabs should heal in about two to three weeks. Don't pick them.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Are these 3 clowns the same guy? how did you find a thread like this?
I bet you got it saved into your favourites along with ogrish, steakandcheese and

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Back in Sept. I posted that I was gonna try Venapro. It is not working for me. I'm gonna get a refund. I'm not a healthy eater so I'm gonna start drinking more water, eat more whole grain foods and fruits. I have to have caffeine to keep me going so I'm not giving up my Pepsi/Dew. I also take Citrucel 1 a day, but sometimes I forget.

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I really need help with my anal smell! I've had it for roughly 4/5 years, I will shower and clean my anal hole and then the smell re-appears in a few hours, and then when I notice it, my arse starts sweating and gets worse! I wipe my arse and there is nothing there but it smells awful! please help!

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Well i have finally made my descion to keep my life. I can wait for my miracle seeing how we seem to be getting closer. If this is the work of God then it is to test our will power

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Guys i think that every single one us has something different and what we need to is all take our shitty asses to see a fucking doctor.

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Alright guys. I'm 16 and got this around January of 2007 as a freshman in high school when i was 15. I've been going to 1 of 5 of the top rated dermatologists in the entire country and she says that this is overactive sweat glands. It's pretty much a really really bad case of hyperhydrosis. I started to take Robenal (don't know how to spell it. my mom won't give me the bottles of medicines that i take because she thinks that i'll use them for trips instead of actual medicine.) which has helped a little bit. It has stopped the sweating which I don't think causes it. I still feel a source of heat coming from my ass area whenever the smell is there which means that the sweat glands are reacting and that is causing the smell. I don't think that any antiperspirants will help you with this because they will only reduce sweating which doesn't have anything to do with this in my opinion. My parents and I have been working together and been keeping track of what I've been eating and how bad some days are and from the looks, whenever you eat spicy foods, garlic, onions, greecy foods, etc., it gets worse. So as much as I hate to say it, diet has something to do with it. I know, I can't stand it either. It sucks to be a kid at 16 and not being able to pig out at Buffalo Wild Wings with your friends but hey, like sucks. So anyway back to the dermatologist. She said that about 5% of people that have hyperhydrosis have sweat glands so reactive that it smells like they took a shit. I wish it was more people that had it so more people would know about it because I think that I am the only one in my school of 4,000 kids that has it. She said that if any antiperspirants don't work, then the next step would be Botox injections. (yeah. in your ass.) Not looking forward to it, but hell I'm willing to do anything to get rid of this. Here's my story if you guys don't want to fish out of the hundreds of comments on this page (I think I posted as anonymous coward anyway). I was having a good life in high school as a freshman. Had tons of friends and was really popular. Had the girls and was tight with everyone. Always partied until I started to notice comments that people were saying about a shit smell. I never smelled it at all and had no idea what they were talking about and just ignored it. Turns out it was me. No matter how much I scrubbed my ass or any area around it I always smelled terrible. I think it started happen whenever I would get nervous, anxious, or whenever i would feel uncomfortable in school (which happens a lot because the seats are hard as shit). Then when I would notice it was me, I would always be nervous and thinking about it so therefore, it would always be there. Pretty much I have it whenever I'm at school or when I'm in public worrying about what people will think about it. I finally got the courage to start telling few people that I had a problem (friends. not family. I told my family about it about 2 or 3 months after noticing it.) and just said that I had a really bad skin irritation and it made me smell like shit. They thought nothing of it and kept being my friend because whenever I would be doing things with just them, it wouldn't be there, or just wouldn't be as strong. But my best friend and I had a class together and he said he would notice it, but only sometimes and only when we would be at parties with people that I didn't know as well. So me and my family did what most people did and went to a shit load of doctors and they thought nothing was wrong and basically called me crazy which wanted me to beat the shit out of them. (I think because I was relieved that I was at a doctor and might get rid of the problem, so I didn't feel anxious or nervous so my sweat glands would'nt start reacting.) We finally made an appointment with a pediatric dermatologist and this is the one that is in the top 5 in the country. She has been going to organizations all over the country and has brought this problem up so expect doctors and people in the medical field to start hearing about it more. (it might take some time.) I think there are surgical ways to remove sweat glands from the body so I'm guessing that's the next step if the Botox injections don't work. My advice to all of you is to tell people you're close with before it gets bad and before they start to not want to hang out with you anymore. It might be God's way of telling you that you have to change something you're doing in your life. My faith has helped me a lot during this and I am actually thankful for it (in a small way, but I'd rather it never happened.) because I have been praying and talking to God a lot more. Can't say that I've been doing much in church but I do know that I've drawn closer to God and reduced a lot of the bad habits that I used to do such as smoking weed and drinking. Also, another word of advice is to lighten up about it and have some fun with it. Just last weekend my friend and I were in a movie theater and these Hispanic ghetto kids (not racist or anything. I'm just letting you guys know because usually they are loud and mean to people and just laugh and don't shut the hell up.) were making comments about it and laughing and saying things like, "Maahn how old are you kid? You shit your pants?" So finally to get them to shut the fuck up, I just went right in front of them and sat next to them and they got disgusted and left. It was probably the funniest thing that ever happened in a long time and it still cracks me up. Sometimes, you just have to forget all the bad things that happen to you and just start to not even give a shit about it and at least be thankful for the things that you already have. Another thing I've noticed is that whenever I get exercise such as running, lifting weights, after lacrosse practice, or skateboarding, the smell reduces because when you are physically active your sweat glands react more and I think it just gets rid of the shit that's in you that smells. If you guys don't believe me about diet, right before the night my friend and I were at the movies, we stopped at Wendy's and I got that new Jalepeno Cheese Double Burger shit, (which was actually kind of disgusting) the smell was pretty motherfucking bad in the movie theater. Luckily we were sitting on the side of it where the only people close to us were the people sitting behind us (the loud motherfuckers). If you guys feel like you are lonely, (mainly to the guys here) I suggest you get an Xbox, PS3, or a decent PC so you can start to play games online. I currently play PC games online (a lot of them) as well as Xbox 360 games on Xbox live if my friends are out and I just want to save myself from the embarrassment. When you do these, you interact with real people and I've actually gotten to know them pretty well (sounds nerdy I know but I mean sometimes I have nothing else to do). If any of you guys need to contact me about anything in general my AIM is CRM722 email is Xbox live is m0nk3y4u2p3t xfire (if any of you guys know what that is) is CRM722 I wish the best to all of you and I'll inform you if the Botox injections do anything at all.

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By the way. I mentioned trimethylaminuria to the pediatric dermatologist, and she said that that is a genetic dysfunction and is not the case. That would only happen if people in your family have had it before unless it's an extremely recessive trait.

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spray and wipe
yep I can help you bud..Have you got friends with a jet boat and ski's.Next free time you have try water ski's at the local lake .Once you get your confidence up,kick he ski's away and try barefoot ,feels pretty good then loose the shorts and drop your ass onto the water at speed of course, after a ten minute bareass run there won't be a hint of stankass.This might sound a tad extreme but I could see it working On your way out if you see a trail of dead fish in the lake and lots of children on all fours dry reaching,just know you have the cleanest nuetral smelling ass in the county

shattered scours

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After months of bad anal odour with no real explanation i have finally discovered a simple and effective solution.

While i did have a fissure, this was not the cause of the odour as most on this site would have you believe. It is a result of bad bacteria in the intestines and rectum region.

Go to your pharmacist and purchase acidophilus capsules. A good pharmacy would have these stocked in a refrigerator so that the 10 billion good bacteria stored in each capsule remain alive. There are many different brands. You can buy about 30 capsules for $15. Acidophilus help promote good bacteria in your digestive system, reduce bloating and eliminate bad smell.

Another solution is to use Betadine Antiseptic cream which is readily available in any pharmacy or on the internet. This is an iodine based cream that kills bacteria and fungi. Insert a small amount in your anus twice a day as needed. Do not use this consistantly over the long term as it does have its side effects.

I have been using both these products simultaneously for a week now and my months of bad anal odour have gone. I dont know if it is the Betadine or the Acidophilus that has solved my problem. But the main thing is that the smell has gone and i can go back to leading a normal life.

I have been reading this forum for months and most the things said on here are not helpful. I really feel for you guys but for those who suffer the problem i had, i am confident that this will end your embarrassment.

Good Luck

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And with every success story, I recommend to you, the reader, to remember that there are many, many reasons for stanky ass. This person has found relief, and we should be happy! Good for you! But please read all the comments and remember if there's one thing we've learned, many people have stank ass for many reason.

Make a list of your symptoms. Compare your symptoms with the many posters, and find what has worked for the people who have the same symptoms you do.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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My case sprang up gradually over 2 years. Ive noticed from my friends whispering etc that i had bad odour but i didnt realise it was fecal odour till a few months ago.

the problem itself wasnt that bad till the constipation got worse and worse (dont try the atkins diet) that was when i began to notice discolourisation in the fecal matter. dark brown and even black.

After a while the smell got so bad that even I started to smell it now and again.

It gets really bad especially when im at work (If money grew on trees then i wouldnt show my face outside my house) Stress is a main factor in the smell as being at home i dont feel the heat or the sweaty sensation on my arse as I do at work.

Im 25 and in the prime of my life but this problem has pretty much put a stop to all that. but I know there is a cure out there. You guys be strong.

Internally i can tell my sphincter is behaving eraticly. It spasms when it gets too heated (sitting too long) so im going to try an internal massage trick. Also im going to go for a colonic to get rid of all the waste build up.

gonna see if the pharmacists in london have the antiseptic cream and the acidophilus readily available.

I'll keep you guys posted on results.

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terrible problem:(
I have started to stink like shit just a month ago..
I found this forom, reading now and will try to do something till this did not ruined my live...

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does anyone here get skidmarks on their underwear along with the smell? to check, wear white briefs for one day. they dont show up on boxers or something like that. if you get them, that is something to show the doctor (proof) that there is a problem, if the smell doesnt get their attention

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I just wanted to let you guys know I tried the
recipe, but it didn't work. Probably because I didn't eat too much vegetables. I put 10 drops in my drink three times a day. It was a disaster. People hated me when I was eating normal food; when I took that recipe, people hated me 1000000 times more. Apparently, judging from their reactions, I smelled 100000000000 times worse. But then again, its only for getting rid of parasites and I still haven't done that whole cleansing program which involves fasting and taking other medicines to cleanse your stomach. I am still recovering from all those insults I got from the first dose. You guys can still try it, maybe it doesn't work for me, or I was doing something wrong. I just didn't eat so much vegetables because of the gas problem and vegetables causes diarrhea in me. I can't be going to the bathroom all day at work. One warning though, my friend said that after I was taking it, I was more emotional and weak, and she was right, I was becoming sui..., you know...As soon as I got off that stuff, I started feeling better. Oh, well, one day, I'll have the answers, I still got the rest of my life. I think I'll try the odor cleanse as soon as I get over my traumatized soul.

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Oh, and one more thing, I think the Celiac issue has a little validity since, (of coarse, only my observation), but people complain a lot more the day after I eat things like bread, cerial, corn, oatmeal. So, I stopped eating those, and I still stink, but people complain a lot less. And, I was thinking about taking laxatives, but I read somewhere that it is risky to take laxatives often as it might make your system harder over the years and it will be harder to pass a stool without taking more and more laxatives. Please forgive me if I've made negative comments before, I swear to not ever do that again.
I also went to a doctor, and she said it was all in my head and that I smelled normal. However, I know its real when I go to some place where no one knows me and they're all making fun of me, talking about how I smell like shit or poopoo. So, I'm one of you guys, for real.

Dog's picture

While you guys are trying medicines, I'll try researching on my own about gastroenterology and other diseases which were mentioned, such as celiac. Maybe there is some extra piece of information those doctors are leaving out. Don't expect anything too soon, as I think this will take a very long time and I'm not a scientist, but I will definitely tell you of my findings. Then, you guys can confirm it with a real gastroenterologist.

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I said corn made it worse, but that probably didn't have anything to do with celiac since corn isn't considered harmful to people with celiac. So, it must be just me. I just eat rice.

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Natural smell of a human body is quite natural. Whether is is from your armpit, Your pussy, or from your ass. Opposite sex got attracted to this. One thing I will tell you the person who got attracted to your natural fragrance will be your perfect partner.

In humans ( I am not sure of other species ) from your body fragrance opposite sex’s subconscious mind can read your sate of health, decease, your weakness, Your strengths.

Don’t ever bother of others. Believe on you. Just believe on you..

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Maybe it's just my way of thinking, but if I had the problem, and couldn't fix it, I would make it appear as if the stank came from my job. I would purchase (or have made) uniforms from a local sewer authority, or honey dipper business. Wearing these in public would not diminish the smell, but I guarantee people would look at you in sympathy, rather than disgust.

Dog's picture

This is a good place to come for new ideas and encouragement. There's always something else. Good job, keep it up.

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Im surprised no one is laughing out loud continuously here. Starting from the first post all the way down mid way. Its been a non stop laughter marathon. Even though this is a bad problem I can't help but find it histarical. I have hair on in, and around my butt, which creates a really bad smell. I dont think its as bad as you people, but it does smell bad even after I showered and scrubed my anus 5 times over with shampoo, and soap. my problem might be that the hairs in between my cheeks retain the shit smell. I'm not sure what to do cause the smell of putting my hand between my cheeks, and smelling it is really bad. The hairs definetly can't be cleaned even after vigorous cleaning. So i may have to shave them off in order to eliminate the order of my inbetween butt cheeks hair.

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Hey, Dog, are you the bounty hunter "DOG". If you are, I'll bet your ass really stinks.

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I've had fbo for 5 years now and I've tried everything. Colon cleanse, long periods of strict diet, exercise, weightloss, probiotics, chlorophyl, laxatives etc and nothing has worked(many people also report the same). I've come to the realization that this problem comes from leaky gut or having a permeable colon wall.
Simply stated, fecal matter is being absorbed into the blood stream. This is the reason why we have that "aura" of fecal scent(the smell eminating from the pores). I've read posts of people doing colonoscopies and not finding any problems or people using cleansers and getting colon hydrotherapy with no results. I see people who are obese and don't have this problem. I can eat healthy for months and still get fbo and I'm in great shape. Some people have chronic constipation/diarrhea yet still don't have fbo. How else can we have a fecal odor if people have the same symptoms as we do yet don't have fbo and how come colonoscopies show no problems?

Read what Dr Stoll wrote on his site:
"If you have Leaky Gut Syndrome , your colon will leak fecal material back into your bloodstream and you will have a fecal odor in your breath and on your skin. There are only 4 ways the body has to excrete toxins: dead skin (including sweat), urine, stool and breath. If colon stuff gets back into your blood, those other sites will have that odor."

Here's what I've discovered:
There's a toxin called "Zonula occludens toxin" which is produced by the "Vibrio cholerae" pathogen which increases cell wall permeability (ability for matter/molecules to leak through colon wall).
It has implications with coeliac's disease and type 1 diabetes
This study found that Zonulin upregualtion is associated with people who have type 1 diabetes and their relatives (my mom has type 1 diabetes):

The good news:
ALBA Therapeutics is developing a zonulin receptor antagonist, AT-1001, that is currently in phase 2 clinical trials.
(source: wikipedia)

From Alba therapeutics website:
"It is known that altered intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”) is a hallmark of CD and tracks the severity of the disease. It is likely that leaky gut is both a cause and a consequence of the disease, facilitating transport of gluten which then triggers an inflammatory process, resulting in tight junction dysfunction ("leak") which can be blocked by tight junction modulators including Alba's lead product candidate, AT-1001."

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I have read all the comments on this page, and I am SOOO relieved (no pun intended) to find other people have the same problem. My family have been telling me in devious ways that I smell of poop (pooh in England), but the way they tell me doesn't tell me how bad it is, if it's all the time (I am pretty sure not), etc. So I am now trying to work out what's wrong. Everything I have read here has been useful. Thanks guys and gals - I'll be dropping in again (no pun intended).

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I started loosing my friends (suddenly) about 10 years ago as they avoided me one by one. I asked one of them directly what was wrong with me or what should I do or change with myself if I was doing some wrong or anything and the answer was: Stop farting! I thought he was joking, but the man was dead serious. That was 10 years ago. I still ignored his comments and thought he was just being mean. The next five years, I had other cases where people commented about foul odor, or stepped back after meeting with me. I thought it was halitosis. I started "working" on my mouth, checked, fixed, gargles, etc. Also removed my tonsils surgically. Now, there is the tricky part. I was 190 lb and after stenouus exercise, I lost 45 lb. As soon as my weight was around 140 lb, the smell dissapeared, and for those who know peoples reactions when you deal with this, I belive know what I am talking about. People no longer moved from their seat next to me on the bus or train, didn't have a problem socializing with me or anything that would make me doubt that the smell was still there. After 2 years on this state of paradise, I decided to quit smoking and of course as a careless idiot, didn't follow with the exercise, so I regained the weight. The smell and the horror returned to hunt me once again. Now, I had a better job, but from which I was basically "kicked out" with unreasonable discharges while I knew what was all about. I started losing my social life as well, and I dropped out of college, in a word things got back to hell. I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver. Now it all makes sense. Liver is the organ that makes you or breaks you. No enzymes, no digestion, big problems. I am a living example of that. When I lost the weight, the fat in the liver went down, more enzymes were produced, better food digestion. When the fat came back, the hell came back. I followed a raw diet for a while based on some book I boght "Breaking the Vicious Cycle". It made a huge difference, but I was not prepared mentally to stay on that course, it needs a spartan discipline and so far it is the only way that really made a difference without starvation. Now, about fasting/starvation. I experimented with that as well. Results: after 5 days of fasting, first day nothing, 4 days juice fasting, plus enema for every 2 days to clean up the scum inside your intestines, plus warm baths with epsom salt (1 cup), I can say that the smells totally went away. No smell from the breath, skin, ass or anywhere. If you have TMAU, I would think this is the way to go: Fast once a week, with very light food during the week and of course stay away from the restricted foods for TMAU (do some research on internet). For the rest of us with leakages, IBS, indigestions, etc, I beleive that the same as TMAU, fast once a week (to reset the levels of chemicals in our bodies), plus follow the diet of Dr. Elaine Gottschall (Breaking the Vicious Cycle), plus Citrucel (not Metamucil because it produces gas) for extra fiber. And most importantly exercise on daily basis, to release some "poisons" through the sweat and to help with the mobility of the digestive track. I am going back to the diet I recomended as it has been the only solution for me so far, and the only one that really worked. Don't forget to shower frequently and with that I mean at least twice daily, plus a minimum of once a week warm bath with epsom salt or baking soda.

If these don't do it, well, there is always a way out of it at least socially. Get a job where smells are always present, stay with people who smell continuously, find a partner with bad smell or who cannot smell. You have to work your way around it with some immagination, or otherwise this understated problem will kill you silently in the mind and surely follow up with a cancer. See what you can do about this and come back with some results for the rest of us to explore.

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links :

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Hey Prarie Doggin, that's good you brought that's people like Dog that I need to be like, and do what I need to do, go places, and not be bothered about what people say. Dog accomplished a lot of things in his life. How could he do all those things if he was bothered about what people thought about him, said about him, treated him? How can he have the nerve to be in that line of work? He's able to deal with a lot of things most people can't deal with. They can say things about him, but in the end, he still does what he came to do. I know how it feels to be humiliated threatened challeneged in public, but I have no choice but to be tough every second of every day. I used to care about respect from other people and "brothers". Everyone treats me with disrespect and whoever had faith in me lost faith in me, I've been through all of that humiliation, but it's only then that I saw the people that really matter in life. I still have my two hands for working, my eyes can read for me. What can they do for me that I can't do for myself? Those people that already treat me with respect are they ones, the ones who help me out of my troubles, those are the ones I've got to fight for respect, they don't need me to do anything else than what I'm already doing for myself. It's that simple, they don't need me to go into 100 fist fights, or 100 winning arguments with everyone. I've got to go lift some more weights, study, and practice on my fighting. When I'm big, smart and ready, I'll be like Dog the bounty hunter and I'll do a lot of things, go a lot of places, and I won't worry or at least I'll die trying. Dog's cool. I don't know how he smells, but I'm for sure much much worser than he is. I'm not mad, I'm just saying if he really smells, then the more cool I think he is. Good point.

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BTW, I've heard Matt Lindland actually uses his odor as a tactic in his fighting. It doesn't always work, though. Too bad.

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I have posted here before on two different occasions. I suffer from most everything described here--the basic loss of happiness--as a result of my digestive condition. I have done endless amounts of research and have found other sites like this one. I have tried most everything posted in these forums with not a complete alleviation of symptoms. Some things helped some things didn't. But I'm posting here for the third time to give a little more insight to my problem because I have prayed so much about it and I promised God that if he enlightened me I would try to help others. I think God has enlightened me and I'm sharing my new found knowledge.

For starters, I have tried most everything all of you others have tried. I'm qualified in saying that I know how all of you feel. I have been through hell and am trying to get out right now. so I have acquired new information and insight. I'm not going to go on about what I've tried and haven't and how I feel now and how shitty I've felt the past 2 years. I'm simply going to share some info. Now here is what I've found. Anal leakage can be due to different things in different people. I think most people here may suffer from leakage--the moistness in the anal area often referred here as butt sweat, mucous, or wetness that smells--due to constipation. Some of you may not realize that your suffering from constipation because I didn't think I was at first. The feeling after a bowel movement for most of you and myself--that feeling of not getting everything out and having to wipe constantly to clean yourself--is the feeling of constipation. What happens is when you're constipated your body has to get rid of the waste and toxins some how. For those who don't know, toxins in your blood stream are taken to your colon to be expelled with feces. If waste accumulates in the colon then toxins can not exit so they are recirculated in your body and that can lead to stinky body odor and breath (also referred to as fecal body odor). I truly think this is one of the causes of our condition(s) for most of us here. We need to clean ourselves out to START anywhere. I have used enemas to relieve the colon occasionally and has seemed to help. There is no one shot cure for this people you have to work at it. Here is more info below on constipation. Research this and get more info.
1.) Chronic constipation (Encopresis) - The build up of waste in the colon expands the colon larger than normal to accommodate the building up of waste. This in turn kills good bacteria and accumulates bad bacteria which can lead to strong smell. You may also notice strong body odor or bad breath even if the person just took a shower or recently brushed their teeth.
A.) Treatment – Schedule times to go even if the sensation to go is not present. Integrate magnesium and fiber. Reduction in the intake of constipating foods such as dairy, peanuts, cooked carrots, and bananas;
B.) increase in high-fiber foods such as bran, whole wheat products, and fruits and vegetables; and
C.) Higher intake of liquids, such as juices, although an increased risk of diabetes and/or tooth decay has been attributed to excess intake of sweetened juices.

Now I'm not saying this is the one cure for all of our problems because it isn't. This is just one thing that can help you, me, and others get along with our conditions and on our way to a better life.

Now IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is also a real possibility for some of us. They say IBS isn't a diagnosis until everything else is ruled out. I am going to the doctor to be tested for all these:
1.) Body not eliminating bile acids correctly
2.) Colon and carcinoid cancer
3.) Inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis)
4.) Bowel obstructions
5.) Diverticulosis / Diverticulitis
6.) Gallbladder Problems
7.) Food allergies
8.) Celiac (a genetic, autoimmune disorder resulting in gluten intolerance)
9.) Bacterial infections
10.) Intestinal parasites
11.) Endometriosis

All of you can do this to find out what may be wrong with you and what you can do to treat it. If it is IBS then here are some links I have found to help you:

There is also something I have come across. This is big people so listen up. It's called Colonix Irrigation. It is a procedure done to cleanse the digestive system effectively. Due to the character limit I have to be shorter than I want to. But, research Colonix Irrigation and you will find this to be a very interesting topic for most or all of you. I am almost certain I will get around to doing it since there is a place where I live that does it.

I also have a few other things to say. Eating right is a big factor in our health overall. Our digestive system is pretty much the majority of our body's health regardless. Eating right can help with our condition no matter what we may have. Try to incorporate fiber in your diet as this can help with many things even if it doesn't cure us of our condition I know it helps our bodies for a fact. Take a multi-vitamin everyday. Try to be healthy people because nothing is going to get better if you don't focus on your health. And believe me when times seem to be rough--because I've been pretty low in my life--trying praying to God. It helps. If that isn't your thing then disregard this. I know the man up stairs has helped me get through things. Here are some other tid bits of information you might find helpful.

• Soluble fiber helps both diarrhea and constipation. It dissolves in water and forms a gel-like material. Many foods contain soluble fiber such as apples, beans and citrus fruits. Psyllium, a natural vegetable fiber, is a also a soluble fiber. You can buy psyllium supplements (some brand names: Fiberall, Metamucil, Perdiem) to drink and you can add it to other foods.
• Insoluble fiber helps constipation by moving material through your digestive system and adding bulk to your stool. Insoluble fiber is in whole grain breads, wheat bran and many vegetables

1.) Calcium and Magnesium
2.) Probiotics - The cultures help normalize and maintain healthy gastrointestinal flora, which can minimize diarrhea, bloating, gas, and painful abdominal cramps.

I know not all of us may not suffer from the same thing. That is why I am going to rule everything else out to see if I have IBS. I recommend the same. The list I posted earlier, get tested to see if you have any digestive diseases or disorders and then you can be treated. If you don't have any of these and still suffer, look into the the things I've talked about. I know it isn't a one shot sure and most people here are looking for a one shot cure that is going to work instantly. That is not how life and the world work unfortunately. Good things don't come fast and easy cuz if they did they wouldn't be good. Good luck people, I hope I helped a little. Hang in there because I truly believe things happen for a reason. God bless.

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k 500+ points

I see that this was initially posted by Poonurse on the first of February in 2004. Now nearly four years have passed. Does anyone know if "Stevey Stank Ass" still reeks, or if he himself found a resolution to his ass smell?

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This is got to be the longst running thred on poopreport!

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m 1+ points - Newb

I think my smell occurs after I have had diarrhoea. Not sure why, because I am very sure to clean up afterwards - even using soap and water, if I am in a place where it's available. The times I get diarrhoea are after drinking alcohol or strong coffee (such as they give you in Italy). I have had IBS big-time before now (as a symptom of an endometrial cyst growing on an ovary - did the medics get that one? - no, I had to diagnose it myself - my doctor kept telling me I was just stressed). Anyway, I know the foods and drinks that my bowel finds difficult to deal with, and I am thinking some de-toxing is in order, so that I can avoid diarrhoea. And giving the liver, gut, etc. a break can't hurt, anyway.

It always helps me to deal with humiliation or depression if I can see the big picture and I think the rich world at large is pretty intolerant of smells - I have known colleagues to make a big deal out of a customer with armpit sweat odour, and I want to tell them to get out there into the big wide world and get a life; there's much worse things in life that many people have to put up with with than other people's body odours.

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If you're thinking about a COLONIC IRRIGATION, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to warn you, that there is a...

!!!!GREAT RISK of serious injury!!!!!

I don't doubt that it may work, but still some websites warn injuries and death such as the ones below:

1. - 20k

"Colonic irrigation, which also can be expensive, has considerable potential for harm. The process can be very uncomfortable, since the presence of the tube can induce severe cramps and pain. If the equipment is not adequately sterilized between treatments, disease germs from one person's large intestine can be transmitted to others. Several outbreaks of serious infections have been reported, including one in which contaminated equipment caused amebiasis in 36 people, 6 of whom died following bowel perforation [7-9]. Cases of heart failure (from excessive fluid absorption into the bloodstream) and electrolyte imbalance have also been reported [10]. Yet no license or training is required to operate a colonic-irrigation device. In 1985, a California judge ruled that colonic irrigation is an invasive medical procedure that may not be performed by chiropractors and the California Health Department's Infectious Disease Branch stated: "The practice of colonic irrigation by chiropractors, physical therapists, or physicians should cease. Colonic irrigation can do no good, only harm." The National Council Against Health Fraud agrees [11]."

2. One lady died

"Ms. Burrell started the process as she had been instructed by Candace Stowers, but began suffering severe abdominal pain almost immediately. Unbeknownst to her, the plastic water nozzle from the irrigation table had punctured her colon, which began leaking and poisoning her internal organs."
Ms. Burrell's condition worsened, and she was hospitalized within two or three hours of receiving the colonic. That night, emergency surgery was required to resect Ms. Burrell's colon, wash out her abdominal cavity, and perform a colostomy. A few weeks later while still in the hospital, an intestinal obstruction developed which required a second surgery. During the second surgery, infection was found in Ms. Burrell's pelvis area. Ms. Burrell was discharged from the hospital approximately seven weeks later on June 1, 2002.A few days later, on June 10, 2002, Ms. Burrell was hospitalized again because her liver was starting to shut down, as evidenced by the yellowing of her eyes and skin.
She was discharged ten days later because her condition could not be medically treated any further. Ms. Burrell was hospitalized once more, but was discharged within a few days because nothing could be done for her. In short, Ms. Burrell was sent home to die.
On August 14, 2002, Laverne Burrell died."

One day I'm sure there will be other safer alternatives. Peace.

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m 1+ points - Newb

Thanks for that advice. I wasn't thinking of colonic irrigation - too invasive, and I am surprised that people who are not medically qualified are allowed to perform it, and that people want it from unqualified practitioners. But then I tend to be very cautious about such things. Just detoxing will be good.

Plop on, poop people!

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i had this problem since 6th grade.
now im in 8th grade every i wipe my ass all i see is yellowish brown than when i wipe again and all i see is white. I STILL HAVE LOTS OF FRIENDS BUT,


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m 1+ points - Newb

Odd. My ass refuses to smell at all. I mean, aside from actual shit, my butt never, ever, smells. Ever. I can skip showering for 3 days and it will still not smell bad.

<3 my ass.

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we need to get a domain and forum specifically for this problem. i think more results will come up on google and more people will find out about it. it might even become more recognized and more people may start searching for a cure.

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i wish poonurse would help us more with this. not to rag on him or anything. i just wish someone with high knowledge would be involved. not that any of you aren't.

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Hey yall need your help i think i have that problem but i dont think i do, how can i tell if i actually do, Like i cant smell it myself someone help.

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