my ass really, really, really smells

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Stevey Stank Ass asks:

Up to a few months ago I was a very popular college student with lots of friends and had no trouble getting girls. Now this problem I have made me drop out of college, lose girlfriends, and my friends are disgusted to hang out with me.

My problem is that all of a sudden my ass really started to stink even after a shower. I mean it smells like I shit myself or like I just took a shit and didn't bother to wipe my ass. I can asure that I don't shit myself and I wipe my ass until clean. I even tried that sphincterine stuff which seems not to work for me. This problem made me drop out of college to spare myself the embarassment and haven't gotten laid in a while which kills me because girls ask me why I don't want to hang out with them and the 'sick' excuse is getting quite old. I seriously have no idea what to do, it is really bothering me because I am ashamed just to go out of my house. It is weird because when I sit down it feels like theres shit in my ass but when I go to wipe nothings on the napkin and the sphincterine just blends with the smell. If you could please help me because now I just sit at home like a loser and cannot hang out with my friends without feeling ashamed.

Dear Steve,

Thanks for the question!

Much as I hate to admit it, you are going to have to see your MD about this one. There are many causes of fecal odor--constipation being one. Other causes may be anatomic considerations. Examples include rectal prolapse, weakness of the anal sphincter or decreased rectal compliance. (I hate it when my rectum doesn't comply, don't you?)

Your doctor might consider doing a flexible sigmoidoscopy to inspect the colon and anus. Other tests you may want to discuss with your MD include an endorectal ultrasound to evaluate for structural abnormalities or anorectal manometry to evaluate for anal sphincter dysfunction.

Some studies have shown that intake of vitamin K can control fecal odor, but I don't have any information on this.

Good luck!

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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yea i don't have that problem, i feel fine health wise, my ass dosen't hurt, i don't have any pimples or cysts in my ass crack, and theres certainly not puss draining from my ass.

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I have only recently started having this problem, I hope to God it isn't lasting! But I've already bought loads of sprays, pads, talc etc etc ready to have a go at tackling it. The doctor doesn't seem to know what's causing it.

Possible cause:
I wondered if anyone else on this site suffering from awful smells has taken ecstasy in the past? Maybe just being paranoid but I wanted to rule that out... I only took it once but I was worried it might have caused some weird kind of incontinence and smell.

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yes i am 18 years the age of sixteen i realized that people didnt want 2 sit next 2 me.Then i started 2 see people cover there nose when i would come and sit by them, but i just ignored it.after a few years i ended up gettin back wit a couple of friends and they i smelled like ass.When i would get into cars they would rolled their windows,and stop breathing threw their nose.itz ruining my life because now i cant get a girlfrind or get 2 close to people.Cuz im afraid of them saying some if front of a big crowd, What should i do?

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Ok I have this problem for about 1 year. I can just be chillin and all of sudden feel my ass starting to sweat. Does any body in here smoke tobacco? I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Panic Disorder. I notice when I don't smoke its not such a problem. It doesn't smell like crap its more of a sour smell not fecial. I can get out of the shower in the morning and by the time I get in the car it starts to happend. I am now self concious about anybody coming up behind me. I start to freak out. I strongly believe it has turned into a phycilogical thing. I can go to the club, and no problem. It happends mostly when I have to pee really bad. I'm most certain its anxiety problem. Its crazy.

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I have this problem, only recently. It won't go away, I had to quit work, my job requires physical work indoors, everybody I would work with would make comments and jokes to eachother about, even when i'm standing two feet away as if I def and couldn't hear them. It crushed my spirits and self esteem to the point of going insane or suicide, so I quit, now its christmas and i have no money to buy any family presents, I want to die, how am I supposed to even survive, were people, were social beings, i hate being isolated. How am i supposed to live life smelling like shit.

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Alright sour asses, I found something that works. A colon flush seems to do the trick. I had read the post about GlycoLax (I think that was the name?), but it was a prescription and I couldn't buy it over the counter. So I found two things that I needed to create my own colon flush: 1) A calcium /Vitamin D supplement found by the osteoporosis area. It is called something with calcium and "Colon health". 2) I used a "stool softener" because it was the only thing that had glycerin that I could find. Jesus did that flush out my colon. Your shit and farts will smell different, but the sourness will disappear. Only took two days to flush my system, but now it's GONE. The smell is GONE. Thank god, it was killing me. Anyone else post if you try it, and let us know your results. And I have to than k this board for allowing to figure out a solution. I hope it works for you, I'll post updates, because right now I could not be happier. I hope this helps you. Good luck!

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here is my story,
A few years ago people started making comments about me smelling of shit.
I stopped taking drugs (hash, ecstacy & cocaine) I lost weight, I started training at the gym etc and it seemed, on the most part to pass.
I was a fairy confident guy but recently I have started to notice people making comments behind my back, I AM NOT HEARING THINGS, despite confiding in my family they say its all in my head, i know its not as people have made direct comments to me and I was once asked to leave a party, I honestly want to die, infact for the last few weeks i have been trying to work out a way to make my death seem like an accident so my family wouldnt have to face the shame.
I never smell anything myself, my clothes are always fresh and my boxers never honk yet it is a very real problem, recently I over heard people in my gym making comments and I almost died of shame.
I am a healthy, good looking guy whos life is being tore apart by fecal odour, what the fuck is wrong with me and why cant I smell it ?

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Ok, I think I might have found the problem for some of us, its a rare genetic disorder called trimethylaminuria, when you eat protein and choline rich foods a natural bacteria in you stomach breaks down these foods and prouduces a bi-product called tma, but a few rare people in the world, about one in 25,000 are born with a genetic mutation where they lack a certain enzyme that breaks down the tma. TMA smells like garbage, manure, or dead fish depending on the person, If you google trimethylaminuria, you will find vast information on it, so far there is no cure, the only thing you can do, is change your diet, exerscise, and be clean. Avoid, eggs, beans and red meat, I think chicken is OK., and avoid energy drinks and supplements that have carinitine. This smell comes from sweat, breath, and urine, so if your sweating from your ass a lot, it might smell like shit, your breath might smell like a dead animal even if you brush your teeth twice a day. I think they should offer disability to people with this problem until they find a cure. This genetic disorder has been dubbed the Fish odor syndrome which a few scientist have said is misleading since not all people with this problem smell like dead fish, maybe more like shit which is worse than smelling like dead fish, so thats probly why the name hasn't changed. They also say some people with this problem have different degrees of symptoms, some people smell all the time, some people fluctuate between smelling bad and normal, so i can imagine if some has this problem with a lesser degree, but has a bad diet and gets constipated a lot would smell more like shit instead of dead fish. Best thing to do, is change your diet and visit a doctor with knowledge of this disorder to verify if you have it or not. I think I have this problem to a lesser degree but I still can barley live with it, I hear people make indirect comments everyday at work about me.

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I also read, that the enzymes people lack to break down tma, also are the enzymes responsible for breaking down nicotine, so if you smoke, which i do, that might also explain a differnt shit smell, aside from a dead fish smell. Cigarettes smell like ass to begin with.

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For a cure, i recommend to, flush your system out for 3 days, don't eat much, mainly a liquid diet, take chlorphel pill, and eat or drink real peppermint, avoid eggs, and fish, quit smoking, and get lots of exercise, i'm going to try all this, I'm pretty confident it will work, i will post results in a couple weeks. Also i might try a low dose anti-biotic for a two week period too. This is a muti-angled attack, lol based on what the possible problems might be, so i think it will work, i hope.

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Thank You repeatoffender,
I too have been suffering for a long time with this problem. At first I thought that I was not bathing enough. I started bathing two and three times a day. I also would wash all of my clothes twice. My therapist recently told me about TMAU. My BO has turm me into a obessisive compulsive washing person. I will definitly try changing my diet along with your other advice. I know that I am not a dirty person. I quit my last job because of this problem. I have a college degree going to waste because I smell bad. I think that I also have a low grade because I do not smell bad all the time. Also to everyone reading this page, Please hold on don't do anything drastic. Until we find a cure, find a job maybe out side or with little social contact for an income. We are not alone.

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After a decade of cronic IBS and having a terrifying recent incident w/ my boyfriend that he pointed out the "odor" I went for help from an alternative practitioner (regular Drs have been of no help or made it worse!)

There's a company called Metagenics that makes nutriceuticals (nutrients that help like medicine) and Detox diet supports.

I am using a combination of UltraInflamX (for digestive inflamation) UltraClearPLUS (cleaning the liver), Endefen (repairs the intenstinal lining), UltraFlora Plus (pro-biotics, restores healthy bacteria to digestive trac), as well as a few other nutrients like Fish oil which my body is lacking.

It's AMAZING!!!!! in only 2 weeks i was regular again. in 5 weeks now, no more smell!
No blood in the stool or anything (though I was quite gassy when settling into the diet at first - if you try it plan to lay low for a few days).

I highly recommend seeing someone who specializes in Detox and going on this diet. It has been a life-saver.

Alternatively, you can purchase UltraInflamX and the other products off of the internet and (strangely enough).

I hope this works for you all as well as it has worked for me! GOOD LUCK!

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Lets all unite and work out solutions to this problem were facing. Everything happens for a reason, lets all say what our lifestyles were like prior to the matter at hand.

mail me

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what we have my people is fecal incontinence, though it may not be at its worst stage, we should all go the hospital and have them repair a torn anal sphincter muscle.

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Hey everybody! I have had this odor since I was 12 and Im really sick of it. I have used bleach to cover up the smell, different soaps, washing twice a day and after each bowel movement, I even use the shower hose to get water in my anus to stop the smell! And its still the same. People treat me like any normal person, but i dont feel normal. There are things I want to accomplish in my life but the smelly ass syndrome is stopping me. I want to be an actress but how can I accomplish my dreams smelling like this? I am just glad that Im not the only one!!!! I sometimes think about committing suicide BUT THAT IS SOMETHING I WILL NEVER DO!!! I realize that no matter what I smell like I have family and friends and my boyfriend that love me very much and all you guys get me hope that all this will change. ONE MORE THING!!!!!! Since the world isn't fighting for us I will!! I PLAN TO GOT PUBLIC WITH THIS VERY SOON WATCH OUT FOR ME, IM A BLACK FEMALE WITH LONG HAIR! U WILL KNOW ITS ME WHEN U HEAR ME SPEAKING TO THE WORLD ABOUT OUR PROBLEM!

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There are a LOT of people here suffering from the same thing (I am one too). Why don't we hear about the cause/cure for this, and why are doctors so damn indifferent? I'm considering a colonic, there's a place up the street from me that does just that. Has anyone had this done and did it help? I've heard that Elvis had like 40 lbs of waste in his waste tract and that's what this is supposed to clear up, their ad says you will lose from 5 to 30 lbs from the initial visits. Is this a good idea or am I full of crap? (pun intended).

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I have this same problem and I'm only a freshman in high school. It makes me sick that i have it so early because that means that all throughout my years of high school i'll be known as the kid that shits his pants every day. i've only had it for a few weeks now.. i know almost everyone in my school too so it kindof sucks because then theyll start not talking to me anymore. even people notice it when i'm at lacrosse practice it's embarrasing as hell... i have no idea what to do what i really want is to drop out of school and stay homeschooled but that will just be a huge regret later on in my life

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I just want to ask you guys.. who have had it since they were kids.. what did you do at school? How did you avoid it and deal with it? I'm freshman and it's already turning my friends against me.. I'm pretty popular at school and it's effecting me so much. It's stupid though cause I'm never mean to anyone else about shit they have and once something comes up on anyone else all they do is rag on them and fuck with them.. it's not fair.

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We now know that there are probably thousands of people with this problem (me included) but the truth is no-one in the medical profession wants to admit that the problem is real! My symptoms are that everywhere I go people complain about the stink of poop, yet when I ask the doctor if he can smell anything he says no and it is all in my head! I ask friends and family and they all say it is not coming from me, yet everywhere I go the smell of poop goes! When I go out everybody else complains about the stench and points or looks straight at me yet still my friends say its not me! I have been to a shrink for over 4 years to keep everyone else happy but The only thing that has come from that is that I still know the problem is real and not in my head. I bath 2 times a day wear super strength anti-perspirant and talcum powder. I change all my clothes daily socks and pants twice a day. I have tried everything that you all have advised on this site plus many other sites. I have had this for about 15 years now it has ruined my life. I used to go everywhere I have traveled around the world on one 2 year trip and another 18 month trip all over Europe and Asia, you would not call me a shy retiring type before this problem! I believe we have TRIMETHYLAMINEURIA this has been mentioned before but I have looked into it and the smell can be very different at different times, from very unpleasant poop smell (like a dead fish) to the smell of drains or garbage. We need someone to tell the world about the problem and get it out in the open! I think the reason you cant stop the smell is that it comes out of all of your body in your sweat and not just your butt! You sweat a lot in your butt region and assume this is where the stench comes from. Keep up the imfo and if any of you find a real working cure be sure to let us all know!!!

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I have had this problem for over 20 years. After I have a bowel movement, I wipe my butt until there's nothing on the toilet paper but yet I still smell like poop. It's disgusting. I also have a bad breath problem also. Not sure if the two are related though. Always have been very embarrassed of this. It does ruin your life. My smells starts after I have a bowel movement. Usually I can just shower and the smell will go away. Sometimes during the day I can smell something. I have heard comments of: You smell, what's that smell? You smell like ass, my sister even knows that I smell after I have a bowel movement. I never have a bowel movement anywhere except for my house as I know I will stink afterwards. I hold it in all the time. We need to get answers about this. I was so relieved to search for this and find that other people have it too.

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Hey, lets stop talking about the problem, and lets start talking about the solution. Like almost everybody with the complain i also told me parent. They both said No. It is not true, and yet where ever you go, people complain. Their response was to buy deodorant, body spray, powder among many other thing. It did not work.
I have tried many things. Some are so ridiculous that i will not even mention. I have tried things like duct taping my ass hole, blocking the hole with some cotton wool, putting on many trouser, spraying the deodorants into my ass hole and it still did not work.
I am sure with no doubt what so ever that the smell does not come from the subcutaneous gland on the skin. It smells right from my ass. So may be the medical community might develop something to solve the cause of the problem, or block the smell from getting out of the body by creating something that works like a container cover to block the hole that leads to the outside of the body.
Let us send a mail to the National Institute of Health (NIH) to complain about this problem. Because most people that complain about this problem seems to be at the prime of their life. Solving this problem now makes sure that we will live a productive life. It makes sure that we will not end up on Welfare. Like many of the people that have previously written, i also had to drop out from a well reputed, top of the line university, because of the shame that comes a s a result of this poop smelling every where was just too much
Let us also write to drug companies. It looks as if a lot of people suffer from this some illness. The drug companies might have a lot of financial reward if they come up with a cure for this life ruining disease.
This poop have made me a laughing stock every where; School, Church, Metro, Bus, Work, Mall, and every where else one could think of.
The high school i graduated from was a community school. Some of the kids i used to go to school with did not go to college. They work as cashiers, bartenders and so on in the malls and store in town; so almost every where i go in town now, there is almost one or two people that know and could possibly identify you and tells everybody else they work with.
People could now comfortably say that, that person just came in, that every where will be smelling. I am completely feed up of this smell. I do not know what to do. The smell is ruining my life.
You can recall that i started up saying that we should stop complaining and i ended up complaining too. It is because it is painful. I guess it is OK to complain. But at this point, let us focus on solution


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Unlike the previous writer, i do not think that our problem is incontinence.

It think the problem is that, maybe the container like tissue that divides the colon from the rectum does not function properly. Making it possible for poop to smell from the colon, way before it gets to the rectum.

It might also be that our sphincter is just not tight enough

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I am in middle school, I am a male and I am completely pissed off with this problem. Every day when I walk into school, I try to squeeze my legs together to stop the toxic garbage smell from leaking, but hell still brakes loose. If a teacher asks me to walk up to the board, I refuse to because the smell seems to be worst when I stand up. When I stand up, it smells like a garbage truck from hell drove by. I thought of commiting suicide, but I would rather smell like a zoo for the rest of my life, than be hanging of a rope by my head. Anyway, enough stories. I am stunned with the number of people that suffer this torture. We really should all make a stand and try to find a cure for dumpster-ass disease!

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God this site is great ... its like coming home! .. home to your own birth home for a crap! there is nothing sweeter.
Anywho ... I've been wondering somethings about the smelly arse problem. As far as I know, I don't have one ... hhhhmmmm. Perhaps my friends are too nice? or have a problem being truthful?
I've been reading up on colonics .. I'm currently looking to make up my own contraption in the privacy of my own home. It's said to cure a host of problems especially since I have allergies. Make sure you replenish the helpful intestinal bacteria though they tell me ... and I wonder if this could help the ongoing smelly anus from Uranus?
I did have a student last year, who smelt so much like a turd I retched whenever I was near him ... he was always made fun of and my heart really went out to him.
Another thing I wonder about ... does bad breath have any relation to the nether regions? since it is all connected?

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m 1+ points - Newb

Wikipedia always does a good job of explaining things ...
Bromhidrosis or body odor (also called bromidrosis, osmidrosis and ozochrotia) is the smell of bacteria growing on the body. These bacteria multiply considerably in the presence of sweat, but sweat itself is almost totally odorless. Body odor is associated with the hair, feet, crotch (upper medial thigh), anus, skin in general, breasts, armpits, genitals, pubic hair, and mouth.

Body odor is specific to the individual, and can be used to identify people, though this is more often done by dogs than by humans [citation needed]. An individual's bodily odor is also influenced by diet, gender, genetics, health, medication, occupation, and mood. [citation needed]

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I wish there was some kind of iron lung that you could put around your ass so we wouldnt have to live in shame. It really is a shame that the people that make fun of us dont realize that the smell is not our own fault.

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Doesn't everyone's ass smell? It's supposed to smell people. It even smells after a shower. Next time you take one, brush your finger or hand in between your butt cheeks and smell your hand. I gurantee you it will still smell. The only thing you can do to minimize the smell is to wipe your ass as best you can and shower daily.

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Hello guys I'm a 14 year old male that lives in California and I smell like ass! I just entered the 9th grade and for the first 3 months high school was great but then i started smelling weird. I had some bad bathroom habits and showering habits so I thought maybe that would be the cause, so I started having bowel movements daily and showering daily. That helped a little, Now i start smelling 2 or 3 hours after I shower or When I start sweating. Whenever I sweat It's usually just from my ass and it smells bad. Whenever the weathers hot I feel horrible because I know the lightest sweat will make me smell like ass. People are starting to make fun of me and It's pissing me off. I shower 3 times a day now, use lotions sprays and powders to keep dry and hide smell but it doesnt work, it just smells less shitty and more toxic which isn't nice. I REALLY need help because im in all honors classes but after my old P.E. class I had normal biology and all the kids were ghetto as hell and they'd yell out "It smells like shit in here" So yeah I switched into 6th period tennis to stop that but now I start smelling with any sweat so it won't help much. I NEED HELP! I shower A LOT, I Use cover up products and it doesn't help. I'm thinking about changing my diet because I do eat fast food once or twice a week due to my age. And for the last guy that said doesn't everyones ass smell, my answer is no. I shower sooo damn much I practically shove a bar of soap into my asshole! God damn it's horrible and when I get out I touch myself and see if it smells and it's relatively fresh. It's just after I stand and sit and sweat for 2 hours or so in my early classes I start smelling bad. I go to the bathroom and dry off during school and that helps til I sweat again. I think the problem is caused by some unknown factor and a lot of ass sweating. Can someone post a link or some diagnosis to some complication that causes: The smell of Ass when you sweat or just go a few hours without a shower. Thankyou!

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Well i posted a REALLY long post that explained my lifestyle, problems etc. but it won't show so I'll shorten it.
-14 Yrs old
-Smell like ass!
-shower 3 times a day!
-Have daily bowel movements and shower immediately after.
-Tried powder, lotion and spray to cover it.
-Nothing helps.
-I've had it for about 6 months.
-Highschool was good until it came along.
-Mostly caused after a few hours with no shower or ANY amount of sweat.
-Post a name for a disease plz.
-Try to be sure, I've looked into some stuff.
-Also I'm going to try the dietary changes etc.
-Whyyyyy do I smell soo bad, It's ruining my life!
-Lol the comments still long.

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I own the last 2 posts btw. I'm going crazy just reading these peopls stories. I've scrolled throught the WHOLE LONG ASS PAGE reading and then I started from the top and went down. And when I got 1/2 way down I just stopped and wanted to cry. So I came to comment. As I read more Iremember and learn more so I find commenting neccessary. Well yeah, I shower at night, then again when I wake up in the morning. I then go to school and for the 1st 3 hours or so I'm fine like a lot of others keep saying. Then when people comment about bad smells I start freaking out and trying to sniff myself. I go to the bathroom and wipe my ass to find a 100 % clean ass which i shower a million times a day very well. After I wipe I usually also sense the sour smell but when my pants are on it just smells like "ass". I also have the feeling that I always want to fart like some have said. I uyse the bathroom daily and after i'm done with my bowel movement I stay seated and fart and fart and try to force EVERYTHING i can out. Then I take a LONG shower scrub for a freaking hour and dry off very good, put on some baby powder and go to bed. I wake up in the morning, shower again and then go to school. I don't just make sure my anal areas are clean but the entire but and even some "rectal" places : ( . So yeah I go to school and BAM 2 hours pass and something stinks, what smells like ass is being shouted around everywhere. I also re apply me powder to stop sweat in the morning. I REALLY need help and I'm so happy I've caught htis in a few months. I've seen the 20 year posts and I seriously think I'd kill myself if I had my day to day life for 20 years. Fortuneatly I still get girls and I have good friends and a social life but I'm shy 24/7 I go to the bathroom and wipe my ass with wet toilet paper just to feel safe at parties etc. BUT I'm starting to get really tired of smelling like ass and I want it gone. I'm going to see a doctor for sure.

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This is a great site, it explains our problem IF this is our problem and it talks about surgical ways to fix it. Practically all of us are gonna do EVERYTHING and get desperate and kill our sweat glands off : )

Last few are mine ^'s picture

I'm going to create a biological weapon that when I release it, btw its airborne, it will eliminate peoples sense of smell when it comes to ass. : ) Right when I hear "What smells like ass?" I'm going to spray that shit far and wide.

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Thanks everyone. I've never laughed and related soo much in my life. I had the poop smelling problem for years. After I had a bowel movement it smelled like I smeared it all over me and didn't wipe it off. 1. However, after using flax oil(a little before and a little after every meal) I'm ok. 2. On another occasion I tried an enema and a diet of salmon, rice no oil, apple, carrots and a boiled egg worked for a while. In addition, I took zinc, chlorophyl, acidophilus and enzymes 2-3 times and day.) My problem now is a gross smelling mucous. It happens after I poop and lasts for 2-3 hrs afterward. I've read in nutritional books that a vinegar or lemon colonics will help with a change in diet. I'll let you know what happens.

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Okay i had the same problem i took 2 hour showers scurbbing my entire body and still smelling like shit. I had to sit still in 1 1/2 hour classes squezzeing my butt cheecks toghter till they were num and that just made it worse. I finally went to the doctor after a month and a half. She sliped her finger up there i got an x-ray and on that she saw all the blockage she perscribed a stool softner and enemia and a strong laxative so i am currently going through treatment and it is sunday so wish me luck at school on monday : )

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hello, if someone can help me you can email me at i have noticed the last week that when i sit down on a chair or i get up from that chair it reekes. it also reeks while im sitting down. if anyone can help, my life is gettign ruined as the day goes by. nobody wants to hang out with me cause i smell ive tried everything im slowy giving up adn this is my last hope thank you all for taking time to read this.

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It started for me like this, I never had any money and i was always out so i could never eat. I would only eat 1 or 2, dollar burritos a day or sometimes just 1 hamburger off the dollar menu from bumbing change. Or sometimes a candy bar and some potatoe chips from a liquor store that i would just steal or something. Soda/coffee too. I was drunk and faded alot of the time also. This went on for maybe a month. My bad diet went on for years before but i started noticing the smell after i was being starved. I could feel that i was being starved in my stomach too. Before i started being broke, i barely ever touched fruits or vegetables. On top of that i had a head cold and was always swolling mucus. It got bad where when i would lay down to go to bed i could feel mucus dripping down my throat and wouldnt get a good night sleep because i was spitting it out or at least trying to all night. I know mucus was ending up in my stomach. After i had been malnurished on a poor diet for a while, me and my friends started noticing the smell. I started passing gas all the time. My stomach has been rumbling. My ass started getting more sweaty than normal. Same thing as you guys. Im pretty sure the colorless dampness that we are wiping when there is no feces to be found, is sweat. Actually i know it is sweat because ill be skateboarding, and feel all this dampness down there before i even break out some armpit sweat or some face or hair sweat, and then i start smellin like i pooped and it is in my pants. I wont even have to be skateboatrding to start sweating down there. Ill just be sitting, or just walking. If you have had a bad diet or possible another colon or stomach problem it makes sense that there could be blockage or a problem with the processing of food in your stomach. Also i would shave my ass hairs like once a month. when you shave anything, you sweat more becuase more pores are opened. My conclusion is that since there is possible blockage or another stomach problem, it releases the smell or stomach gasses, which smell like fart or poop, out of your sweat glands, wich do exist around your ass. I also dont shit for like 4 to 5 days, possibly more. When i do i have to push that shit out because it doesnt want to just flow. I would assume that im constipated and that would explain why im sweating out the gass instead of pooping it out. I dont know if my situation goes the same for all you guys out there. Theres some people out there that have had the problem for years. But my simtoms are the same as all of the posts that i read above mine. I have started to change my diet and i have actually noticed a little change, i dont smell right outa the shower now, it takes a little while befor i notice the smell(around the time i start sweating) if the diet change does not work within a week or two im going to go to the doc and see whats going on and possibly take a colon cleanser or another type of flush. Possibly niacin. Has anyone tried niacin. It will make you sweat out all the bad shit in your system and youll be going pee alot. But im hoping that its just constipation.

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Yea I noticed this problem in 7th grade, I'm now in my senior year of highschool. This fucking problem sucks and this site is the first place ive ever found that suggested I wasnt the only condemmed soul. Its terrible dealing with this and nobody understands, luckily i do have sum good freinds and can sometimes forget about it. But I think this problem has resulted in alot of drug and alcohol abuse for me. Just a general loss of motivation and the will to live. Now under normal circumstances this is not like me at all, but one night on an exctasy-capade I swallowed an entire bottle of tylenol extra strength almost shut my liver down and spent 3 days in I.C.U. Belive me people it was no fun. So thats my sob story and I guess ill put in my theory here, I heard trymethylaminuria mentioned a few times. I think this may be the cause for me. Mostly because ive spent alot of sleepless nights contemplating why this started and It started right around the time I started chewing tobbaco, alot of it. And I heard someone mention that the enzymes you lack also have to do with nicotine breakdown so I wonder if that couldve been the catylyst for my troubled life. Anyway I'm gonna try everything that I have found on this site thanx to everybody for their input and support.

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When I first discovered I had hemorrhoids, I began to have a "leakage" that stunk something awful. Sometimes I would still smell after scrubbing in the shower, and using extremely perfumed soaps only irritated things. I started looking up treatments for roids and I found this wonderful treatment:

because my dad doesnt believe in medicine, and it started working almost instantly. It took awhile for me to stop smelling, probably a few months. I still have a little leakage when I have constipation outbreaks, but I only wear thongs now because they *absorb* it, and plus its nasty to feel wet between your ass cheeks during the day. But I rarely have this problem now! If you know you have hemorrhoids, which is known to cause anal leakage, you should check it out. Also if you are unable to because of money or parents, then taking a cotton ball soaked with witch hazel and stick it kind of half-in half of out your butthole before you go to bed helps a lot too, especially if you've been bleeding when you poop.

Hope his helps!

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What most of you are companining about is what I HAVE. TRIMETHYLAMINURIA. You do NOT have to smell like fish to have this. Actually only 10% of the people who have this report their odor being FISHY. Damn, I am glad Im not in high school anymore. I have a freaking masters degree and don't work because this disease has RUINED my life. My friends and family do NOT smell this. Only some people notice this odor. Kids can be the worst! UNFORTUNATELY, there is NO cure. Bur FORTUNATELY, this disease has recently been featured on the Tyra Banks show, Inside Edition, and Primetime Medical Mysteries. Please do a google search for this. It is most likely what most of you have. Especially if there are people who dont notice it. ALso, you can get this condition at ANY age. It can appear out of nowhere and does not have to be present at birth.

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You have this? It's SO RARE! My God. I saw the Primetime you mentioned, and it was heartbreaking. From what I remember, you can't eat food with a certain chemical in it; and once you eradicate those foods from your diet, your smell becomes less pronounced?

It would be nice if you shared more about this.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Here is some info for anyone who suffers from anal odour. I had the same problem for a long time. I finally mustered up the courage and showed it to a gastro surgeon who physically inspected me (sigmodoscopy) and concluded I had an anal fissure. The reason for the odour was that the fissure secreted stuff. Any secretion in that area will get the same smell as shit coz of the microbes that are present in that area. The solution was to remove this fissure. After a lot of research on the net, speaking to the doctor and using my own common sense here are somethings that would help anyone who is sufferring from this embarrasing problem:
1) Any odour from the anal area is not caused by fecal matter getting deposited there.
2) Anal odour has nothing to do with how well you clean your self after going.
3) the cause of the odour is usually an injury to the anal/rectal area like a fissure, fistula, hemarhoids (piles). The injury causes secretions (like pus) etc which probably harbour the same microbes as fecal matter and therefore emanate the same smell)
4) It is not a rare problem and gastro sureons are aware of such symptoms.
5) The problem does not go away on its own and can persist for years. This is cause your condition even after healing is susceptible to being inflicted again (you have another bout of constipation). Plus passing stool each day keeps the condition from healing.
6) The doc had given me a powerful anti biotic and a cream to be applied to the anal region and it actually worked. But the odour returned 3-4 days after I stopped the medicine. THe doctor said that the fissure has to be removed only then will the symptoms go away completely.
7) Control hard stool and constipation. Each time you have one of these you are resetting the problem and undoing any healing that has happened till that day. TO avoid constipation I drink a lot of water. No cokes/coffee etc. THey contain caffine which dehydrates the body. Plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruts for fibre.
8) Sitting in a tub full of hot water for sometime 2ice a day would speed up the healing process (in case of fissures and piles)
9) Homeopathy is said to work. Though not proven I personally vouch for this form of medicine. It has absilutely no side effects to there is no harm in trying.

I hope everyone gets cured of this stupid problem. It can be cured and is not how the human body is designed. Best of luck

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That's one of the more informative, comprehensive posts around on this subject! Well done.

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Hello there fellow stinkers. (sorry for the broken english here and there, im dutch..:P)
When I read al these comments i feel for all of you because i sufferd from smelling-like-something-died-in-your-underpants for about half a year. Although i never smelt it myself people around me would make comments about the horrid smell..which of course really depressed my and also made me drop out of college and live an isolated life....
BUT NO MORE! today i went to a proctologist (aka an assdoctor) and he emediattely saw what my MD and the guys at the general hospital overlooked (damn those not-caring bastards!) i have irritatible bowl syndrome....He gave me antybiotics and a diet wich would decrease the bowls movement so im curious if it will help, i think it will...
Also you can clean what you want but when you have an infection it does not matter how much you clean because the problem is on the inside with al the bacteria and stuff and not the outside wich you clean...

My 2 cents to this problem is....drum roll please... go see a docter!
slipping outta hell (not verified) -- 03.11.2007 is totally right on all his points! the human body is not designed like this, your probably sick so get yourself checked out!!
sometimes i read comments about people who had this problems for yyeeeaars and are still afraid to go to the doctor, please use youre common sense! There is no need for embarresement when you see a proctologist, heck all he does all day is looking up people's assholes!

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ive only just got this stench and its alredy ruining my life. it can only be one reason. i was in the shower and i felt a rather unpleasant feeling in my bum. it felt like something was it it so like most people would do i put my finger up for about 10 secs. nothing was there abosoloutly nothing. Help needed iv tried putting deoderant in it but it wont help and aftershave.

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I have the same problem and i know how painful the situation is. I havent encountered a site like this one until now and it seems to help knowing there are others who understand. I have delt with this problem for years but there was a time when i was smell free. It was when i changed my diet, but as soon as I stopped the problem came back. Its great to know that you can actually talk to someone without the embarrassment.So i'll just have to try the diet again. I do hope someone finds a solution to our problem.

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Okay i had the same problem i took 2 hour showers scurbbing my entire body and still smelling like shit. I had to sit still in 1 1/2 hour classes squezzeing my butt cheecks toghter till they were num and that just made it worse. I finally went to the doctor after a month and a half. She sliped her finger up there i got an x-ray and on that she saw all the blockage she perscribed a stool softner and enemia and a strong laxative so i am currently going through treatment and it is sunday so wish me luck at school on monday

i posted this

treatment was not fun neither was the enemias but now may be the smell is gone thats what my parents and siblings say but i still feel smelly and embaresd i even went as far as to not eat for a week and throw up all my meals so i would not have to poop, but now i think it is in my head and it was the embarsment hat made me so worried and that you need to calm down and reall y think have i become obssed with it, Granted this is not the best situtation to be in it is very embarsing thing calm down and see if you really smell. For me in a few cases i forgot to brush m teeth and that is where the smell could have been coming from, So try brushing. Well i hope i helped you all have a nice day and god bless!

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Hi, I'm 19 and i think i've had this problem for 2 years and its getting worse! I take showers daily and i don't have constipation, infact i go to the washroom once a day ( and i can assure u i wipe it CLEAN!)After i take a shower i notice the smell comes 30 minutes later and carries throughout the day. And because my ass does get sweaty i tried using baby powder which seems to help a bit. It is killing my social life because I've caught my friends talking about it behind my back. I have not tried any diets but i will start. I would really appreciate it if anyone can help me out because i can not live like this.

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Forum for people with the same problem

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I started facing Fecal odor 2 yrs back. First I thought this is something only I can smell but no the others- How stupid of me!! The way it happend to me:
1. I have constipation - I've had it for yrs but did not have fecal smell
2. Around the same time I started hacing Fecal smell- i also started having heartburn. But is happening is tht earlier due to constipation - the stench of the stool still left in the body would be trapped inside. Now there is fermentation in the stomach- the stench since I have acid reflux is pushing the stench whch earlier was trapped and releasing it through the mouth.

The bottomline is:
Fecal Smell will happen due to presence of Feces. If there is no Feces present and your colon is clean- you would not have this smell. Since a lot of ppl cannot be treated overnight from this problem- you should try to stop fermentation. I am in the process if trying certain things myself and will post another note if something works. Our life sucks!!

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Add fiber to your diet. Eat oatmeal every morning, add chopped apples, cinnamon, cardomon, raisins. If you must sweeten it, use a little 100% maple syrup. Try this for 2 weeks. I repeat, eat real oatmeal every day for two weeks, not instant oatmeal, real oatmeal.This will cure most of you of the stinky ass. Besides that, Quit eating crappy food. McDonalds, Burger King, Jack in the Box, etc. and virtually all fast food and lots of restaurant food is not real food. It is highly processed and is loaded with chemicals not found in food in nature. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, small amounts of lean meats, reduce your sugar intake and for Gods sake, don't drink soda pop at all, and cut back on coffee and cafeine. Eat foods that are as close to nature as possible and take regular excersise. Highly processed foods are toxic if that's all you eat. You are what you eat, so stop eating shit.....

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