12-yr-old uncontrollable pants pooping

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Nicole F asks:

I work at a children's home. We have a 12yr old who will not stop pooping in his pants, mainly because he is too lazy to get up and go to the restroom. He will go all day with this in his pants. Despite the many lectures of how dangerous this is to him and others he just doesn't get it. Do you have any info on the dangers of this I could relay to him. I have been looking online for answers but cannot seem to find any!! Thanks


Thanks for the question!

Perhaps, just PERHAPS, a 12 year old living in a childrens home has some psychological issues that are impacting his toilet habits. It is usually far beyond me to take an issue seriously, but a 12 year old is NOT "too lazy" to go to the bathroom and just poop in his/her pants just for the hell of it. A pre-adolescent who does this has SERIOUS problems.

Psychological evaluation is in order, as is a concurrent bowel retraining program.

UPDATE 4/3/06 by Dave the Editor: The clinical term for this disorder is "encopresis." You should be able to find a lot of help if you google that term.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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You say "a 12-year-old" but you don't tell us specifically what species of 12-year-old you are speaking of.

It is not unusual, for example, for a 12-year-old Chimpanzee to willfully poop his pants out of sheer orneriness. This is especially true for Chimps that were raised in circus sideshows or other abusive settings.

Have you had the 12-year-old's DNA tested to discover if perhaps he is a Chimp or part Chimpanzee? There have been cases where Chimps or part Chimps are mistaken for human adolencents and vice versa. (They are really quite hard to tell apart.)

Anyway, not to worry until the 12-year-old starts tossing his poop into drinking fountains or some such really abherent behavior.

Peace in the pants.

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Ha ha ha!!!! Damn near laughed a turd out my nose of that one, TH.

Seriously, I have seen this before with a kid at the school where my dad worked. The kid was about fourteen and would poop his pants because he didn't want to take time out from what he was doing to drop trau. He has Reye's Syndrome when he was five and continued to have the personality of a five-year-old as he grew older. Maybe something like this has happened to this kid.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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So this 12 year old hasn't been diagnosed with inconntenience, or a goatse butthole?

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I guarantee you that this kid has been sexually abused. Get him into counseling right away and start finding out who the adult in his past was (still is?) who needs to be put in prison.

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yes sexual abuse would be the clearest, simplest idea on this type of thing.
The simple fear of exposure of that area because of abuse...
The unconsious
-no one will want to touch me down there if I am full of shit-
-if i don't shit and there is shit in my rectum no one will want to sick their cock up there-
Probably proven tactics this child has tried.

I want to also add my theory for the shit eaters and freaks who get off on shit sexually. I think it has to do with abuse...non acceptance by peers and father maybe but then adding a loving mother who would lovingly (not even necessarly in a perverse way) the wipe her childs ass clean of shit might be the key. The search for that love and need for that special acceptance again.

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I agree to seek medical attention and therapy. He myight be dropping a load to gain attention and "saftey" from the staff of the home. Maybe another faculty member or student is abusing him/her mentally or physically.

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I was pooping in my pants at 12.

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Never heard about people who just like to poop in their pants ? The boy could be just excited doing this.

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My new step-son is 12 and shits himself almost everyday.I've been married less than a year and did not know of this problem until after the wedding. Yes ! My wife kept it from me .

Now I know about it and it makes me sick. the kid is perfectly normal until he shits himself. He then denies that he did it and refuses to clean up. He also hides his soiled underwear under the bed and in the legs of his pants. My wife treats it as everyday normal acceptable behavior. He gets no dicipline for doing any of it. As a matter of fact he sometimes gets rewarded (or so I call it) for it. So mommy wants to keep her baby a baby and I'm getting the hell out. I had no idea that there was any one in the world as sick as this.

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My friends 7 year old son is pooping his pants. She put him in diapers and have punished him and he still does it. I talked to him one day after she seriously whooped him and asked him why he does it. He said, "I didn't want to stop playing". I suggested to her to take all his toys, tv and N64 out of his room. I instructed her to make a chart, or buy a calendar, and eveyday he stayed clean he got a sticker or a star. If by the end of the week Mon-Fri he stayed clean (a star for EVERY day), he could earn ONE thing at a time back. I told her even to not let him go to his friends house unless he stayed clean the first week. If he doesn't he doesn't EARN his things back. Kids need some incentives sometimes. So far his has worked GREAT!!! Don't offer to buy things, because you might not have the money for it and you don't want to make the child not trust you...Be realistic. Hope this helps.

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Maybe it's a control thing. I did it when I was 12 years old a few times. It was quite deliberate. It was all because my parents insisted on having a sitter for me when they went out. I thought I was too old for a sitter. Since they insisted on treating me like a baby, I figured I should act like one and poop in my pants. All it got me was getting my bottom paddled after my parents came home and the sitter told them what I'd done.

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Over the years I have seen many 7th and 8th grade young Over the years I have seen many 7th and 8th grade young people who poop their pants. Believe me, these kids do not want to do this and some would give anything to stop, except go when they feel the urge.

Kids that poop their pants are loners for obvious reasons. It is hard to tell which came first...Kind of the chicken or the egg thing.

One thing for sure, they seem to be pretty intelligent. The punishing thing only helps to make them more depressed and gives them more of a reason to hate themselves.

I think this problem is more common than what most people think, it

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i amalso 12. i am always constipated therefore i sometimes go in my pants. its not fun, i always smell, and its embarrassing. give your pants poopers and enema and see how much longer the problem lasts. enemas suck.

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Hello.I have a 6 year old nephew and he is constantly peeing and pooping in his pants. He says he doesn't like the toilet, but I have a feeling that there is more to it. His mother and I are at our wits end over this.His Mother is divorced and this problem has been happening since their separation. Could he just want more attention or should she seek medical advice? He doesn't tell anyone that he has done it, we just smell and know. His little behind is so badly rashed and I have been trying to help, but this happens almost everyday. Need help. Could the divorce have something to do with it?

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Most of you may have a very hard time believing what I'm about to tell you, yet ever word is true. I will go as far to say, we will happily provide (photo) proof to all non-believers who request it via this site as our email has not been included. I am a successful 30 something male who has been wearing and pooping in disposables, sleeping in a (real) crib...in a nursery in our home for the last 6 months. What had started as a dare between myself and my girlfried-who had been providing daycare for a member of her family-to sleep in the crib, has turned into one of the most awesome and enlightening forms of 'therapy' I've ever known. At home I hide this behavior from no one and am not ashamed of my feelings ...Sure, I don't broadcast it at work. Though when at home, all of our friends know and accept it. Some have even expressed desires to try it out themselves. Life teaches us to surrender the 'things' of youth as we grow older. I disagree. The first morning I awoke and opened my eyes in that crib (I'm 5'6" and fit fine and sleep in the fetal position) the most amazing feeling came over me. Something filed away, deep in the depths of the subconcious was awaken. I was overtaken by an almost euphoric sense of comfort and security. I had never remembered knowing these feelings...and it was all so HARMLESS and did not HURT anyone. My demeanor and attitude completely changed for the better that day. I actually received a few comments on 'how nice' I looked by female co-workers. All of which I simply replied, "yes, I slept like a baby last night"....if they only knew HOW MUCH so. The diapers were the next step. Letting go of all responsibility right down to the last detail. Toilet training is a cornerstone of our psychological processes. So much has been written about its ramifications for adult life that little need be mentioned here. The purpose of my diaper wearing is to defeat toilet training, almost always against my own will. The injunctions against wetting and/or soiling oneself are the strongest known to us. Therefore, when I completely let go in diapers, all responsibility in life, if only for a few hours is gone. Once back to my 'adult' life, I know I have experienced an inner peace and form of harmless therapy very few around me will ever know. Those close to me have concluded I am a better, more relaxed and focused person because of my unusual therapy. I tend to agree. I'm successful, employed, well motivated, reasonably intelligent and not a loner by any means. I'm not suggesting this behavior is the answer for anyone. It does however, work well for me, in the privacy of my own home. If you could take a trip anywhere in life, where would you go? I'd like to travel back for a little slice of 'babyhood'. Where once upon a time there was a 'safe place' with unconditional love and not a single responsibility or worry in the world. BTW, I had a very 'normal' upper middle class childhood, was well adjusted, parents were professionals, no abuse and youngest of 3. Before you flame, keep this in mind. Aside from behaviors that hurt others, of which I am whole heartedly against, 'weird' only means 'we' as individuals don't fully understand. My promise to all of you is this: I will never arrive at your home in a messy diaper. As adults, my significant other I reserve the right to practice extracurricular activities in the privacy of our own home. I'll be happy to answer any questions, should someone desire to post one. Last, I'll leave you with this analogy. "Truth is stranger than fiction....because 'fiction' always HAS to make sense. The truth doesn't.

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Well some of us do like to shit in our diaper.I do it a lot here and try to wear it as long as I can guess I like the way it feels when I sit down.I even like to lick it out of my diaper.

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I went in my pants a lot from around 7 years old on. The simple reason is that I liked doing it. My parents spanked me and punished me in other ways, but it didn't stop me. I still do it in my 20s, now. I do wear diaper a lot, but some times I just go in my underwear.

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i am 13 and one time i was in the car with a babysitter and she noticed i had to go really bad. she told me that if it hurts to hold just to go in my pants. so i tried to hold it but by the time we were home i had poop and pee all in my pants

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I really suggest you email doctorscotts questions and answers. I have had great success there. A 12 yr old should have this pooping problem under control.

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Tonya, kick your babysitter's ass. But seriously, why is a 13-year-old staying with a babysitter?

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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If there is no medical problem for a 12 yr old pooping pants, I suggest a good tast and lesson with a strap after a bath to clean off the poop. There is No excuse for a 12 yr old or even a 6 yr old pooping pants.

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I suggest if he is lazy and pooping his pants at age 12, to get a bag enema and clean him out every time he poops his pants. Sure worked with our son of 10. Email me if you have any questions on this.

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I also think enemas can work for this problem as after a good warm soapy enema the bowels will be clean for at lesat 2 or 3 days ,Ie there will be no poop in the person to come out even if they try if nothing is in the colon then it can not come out, And the person will soon relieze that popping in the pants will mean a embarrassing enema from mom.-- I have even read that enemas were used very commonly for toliet training untill a few years ago when the medical proffesion started to fron on the use of enemas even for constaption.

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TSV, sometimes I was stuck with a sitter at 13 years old, if I was caught violating the rules when nobody was watching.

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Not only a enema but after the enema put him in a diaper and plastic or rubber baby pants, After a few of those type of sessions the pants pooping will stop esp on a 12 yr old.

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We used enemas for potty training after trying everything else. Our son of 4 1/2 was holding his stool and would not go, if we had him in underware. After using the enema to remove the constipation ( after he held off going for 5 days, my hubby decided to try using the enema to make him go after he sat on the potty for 10 minutes with no results each morning. After 3 days of this, he would go right away when placed on the potty. We used the same method with our younger son and got the same results.
Our Pedricitian advised us, enemas made from distilled warm water, are far safer than laxatives or supositories. Also many times the suppositories don't produce any bowel movement. The enema produces a bowel movement every time without fail. My sister has 4 children aged 2 up to age 11 and used enemas for years now for potty training and constipation. Feel free to email me if you have questions.

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I have an 8 year son who has had "potty" issues from day 1. He poopys in his pants almost every day. He is so embarrassed and ashamed and throws out his underware. Although this is after he has walked around in them all day with a "smear" in the back. He says that he knows its there but does not know why he does not clean it up.

He is having trouble in school with comprehension and syntax. We spend alot of time with him on his school work and have hired a trained tutor for developmentally challenged children who holds several degrees.

I am at a loss for whether one thing is tied to another, and what to do about the potty issue?

I have no reason to suspect any kind of abuse, he does not seem to be doing it out of spite or anger, he seems not to really know why or articulate why he does it.

We have an appt scheduled in Jan to meet with a pyschologist, but I don't even know where to begin or what to expect from this course of action.

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I recently read a very informative article on children unable to control their pants pooping. It's written by a child psychologist who explores why kids would do this and strategies for getting them to change their ways.

It's called: "Memoirs of a "Poop Lady". It appearead in the journal "Families, Systems & Health" in March, 2003. The author is Angela Riccelli. You can find it at the library for free, or online here for $9.95. For anyone who has kids with this problem, I think this is a very good source -- it should really help you define the problem and know what to look for in a solution.

Hope that helps!

UPDATE: I found a link with the full text here.

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my son is 11 and doesnt make it to the bathroom with poop a lot. I dont know if I am suppose to punish him for this or feel sorry for him.. I can not stand the smell and many times it doesnt bother him which is what makes me furious..
is there any medical reason for this?
Help.. a frustrated mother

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Anonymous: see my comment from 12.7.05 above.

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To frustrated Mother.
I would suggest you check with your childs doctor or email doctor scotts public question and answers. doctorscotts@yahoo.com

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Some of the comments on this site are weird, but nevertheless, if you know of a child with this problem, it could be due to a medical condition called encopresis. I urge you to check into this. The child truly cannot help it. When a child stops having regular bowel movements, the rectum can become too full and stretch. The rectum will become numb and the child will not be able to feel the sensation to go to the bathroom. This is why the soiling occurs. When the child finally does go, he will have a very large and painful bowel movement.

To fix it, the doctor said first give him Lactulose twice a day (a prescriptive laxative), and mineral oil once a day. He said it would take a few months of keeping the bowels empty until the rectum returns to normal and he can feel the sensation to go again. Please see your doctor! I hope this helps someone. I know how frustrating it can be.

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First of all I'd like to say there's some very disturbed people posting on this site. I was looking for some legitmate information for a very embarrassing condition and found very little. Other than a posting from 'concerned mom'and very few others this site was a waste of time.

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I have a 10 year old stepdaughter, she pee & poops in her underwear and keep it in her drawers, her bedroom smells shit, try to talk to her and ask why is she doing this,but her only reply is "I don't know", my huband punished her and she was grounded for 1 month, but lately she did it again. I told my husband that she's sick, "emotionally" I told him to talk to a child psycologist. Maybe she need more attention from us, she had a twin sister and I liked her more than the pooping girl. Need some advice what to do with her.

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I am pretty upset that there are so many people out there that make fun of others problems. My son is 9 and he has trouble with this and he has never been sexually abused or emotionally, there are medical reasons that kids do it. Look at all the old people that cant control there bowel movements. anyways for all the people on this site that made judgement towards someone just wait you will be judged yourself. but for all the parents out there that have kids that have this disorder, I wish I could help you and my son, I too came here looking for information yet found a deadend. Good Luck and all I can say is have your kid tested by a doctor and a psy. God bless ya

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I have a friend whose daughter REFUSES to use the bathroom at school. She has a phobia of public bathrooms. By the age of 10 she could hold it through the school day but the second she got into the car she would cry "hurry hurry" I picked her up a few times from school and she pissed/shit herself before she got to the toilet. Two years later this child (not my child remember) has her period and won't go in there to change her pad. Point of story is if you think it goes away on its own it doesn't. Get medical help now be it psychological or medical. My friend's daughter has no friends at all because she smells so bad and has to wear all these jackets and sweat shirts around her waist to cover up her various spills. I feel terrible for the child and her parents but being only a friend I can do little more than offer suggestions.

"Those who write on shithouse walls, roll their shit into little balls. Those who read their words of wit, eat those little balls of shit." Author Unknown

"Rectum hell, killed em' both." Author Unknown

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Brian 444, just because someone says a child might have been sexually abused or has an illness doesn't mean they are "making fun" of someone. I resent the fact that you even considered a discussion on possible solutions to be considered poking fun.

Your sensitivity on the issue is understandable, but a nine-year-old with a problem of this sort is a far cry from a 12-year-old.

For the most part, this particular Ask Poonurse thread has been fairly civilized. Not intending to flame you, Brian, but I think this is an example of political correctness making people oversensitive. Please read the whole thread before you cast judgement.


I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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I have a 7 yo girl who refuses to WIPE... she has no issues w/the bm itself, but just doesn't feel it necessary or worth her while to wipe. She's been doing this for going on 2 years now. We have tried consequences, I wipe her, take away her privacy, give her rewards, awards, kid wipes, paying her $1.00 for each time she does well after a bm, getting her new pretty panties, counselors, spankings, making her wash her own underwear, humiliation, incentives, stickers, charts, isolation, .. YOU NAME IT... nothing matters to her.. and she also walks around w/the nasty smell in her underwear as if it's not a big deal. I need help here, anyone successfully get through a situations of this manner? If so, Please help. I'm willing to try anything. Still searching for solutions.

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Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

Searching for Solutions, that is a very good question. Doniker wrote a question about this in an article titled "Butt Problems". Perhaps one of our more computer savy PRs can post a link for you. You might find some answers there.


I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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I have an 8 1/2 yr old step daughter who is still to this day peeing in her pants, pooping in her pants, or if she makes it to the toilet to poop, then she doesnt wipe and might as well of used her underwear to wipe herself. She comes over every weekend and all holidays, and the moment she walks into the house, we can smell her and have to immeadiatly bathe her. Not only does she have potty problems, but she also has suffered from extreme body odor since she was 6 YEARS OLD! Her mother doesnt enforce deodarant, wiping, or the importance of using the bathroom when she "feels an urge". We have taken her to the doctors, tried everything from rewards to punishments, and yet still today she is having these problems. We can enforce the deodarant when she is at our house, but we dont know what to do about the "accidents" ( which dont seem to be accidents anymore, not when it happens more than once or twice and she has no medical issues) She is a very smart young girl, has many friends, makes good grades, teachers all have great things to say, yet her only answer as to why she still pees her pants and poops/ doesnt wipe is "I Dont Know". I am so sick of hearing I dont know, but at this point that is all I can say either. I have been with her father since she was a baby, so she never endured a nasty seperation or divorce. Her parents were not even dating when she was born or ever after that. There has never been any signs of abuse, and we have tried talking to her. We have no way to know what goes on at her mothers house, because her mom refuses to talk civil to us for more than a few minutes ( obvious problem #1) and seems to think there is nothing wrong with her daughter and she never seems to smell her. Her mother also doesnt encourage good hygiene. We have a stable home, with 2 younger children and I am worried about my step daughter and the future ramifications of this, as well as the influence she has on our 2 younger children. The courts always side with the mom for custody, or else she would be living with us where we could try to work with her everyday. As for now, she comes over stinky, we bathe her, try to re-enforce hygiene, she pees or poops herself, we bath her again, and then she goes back to her moms where its okay to shit your pants and smell like BO and crap all day. To worsen the matter, she shares a room with our younger daughter, so when she comes over, my 4yr old, who IS potty trained, has to smell her room full of piss and poop, and witness this all. I am worried about the unsanitary effects this can have on my daughter, germs, disease, ect.
Please help! Any suggestions? We are desperate and I am at the point of loosing my sanity with this child, and possibly my marriage. I cant handle to much more of a child who has soiled herself the last 5 years and refuses to perform daily cleaning, wiping and toilet use.

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Dear StepMom: Please, please, please, get your stepdaughter into counseling as soon as possible. A reputable child phsychologist will know how to approach certain subjects and will be able to get the girl to talk, even when you've not been getting some kind of response to your questions.

Secondly, please take the girl in for a full physical. If the phsychologist suspects possible sexual abuse issues include a vaginal in the exam. It's the only way you'll every really know.

God forbid your worst nightmares are realized--it's called full custody--no contest and then the healing can start.

keeping the whack in tally-ho...

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i 2000+ points

Sometimes, PR is not such a fun place to be.

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l 100+ points

Depressing to read stuff like that. I know that people who write in aren't necessarilyh without common sense but maybe so immersed in the situation that they are wearing blinders.

Don't just sit there: Have a Farting Contest!

keeping the whack in tally-ho...

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Dear stepmom: the term you should be Googling is "encopresis." That's the clinical definition of the disorder for children who can't or won't control their bodily functions. It's a fairly common disorder as disorders go... you should be able to find a specialist who can help you.

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l 100+ points

i wasn't aware something like this was such a common problem. i don't have extensive experience with kids but i was a summer cam counselour for a few years and there was one child that refused to go in the porta johns and soiled himself once or twice, and i sorta thought that was a fluke, but i guess it's more common then i thought.

yours in time,

Sharty Mcfly

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I had this problem when I was 12 years old too. There are a lot of reasons a 12 year old might poop in his (or her) pants, but the simple facy of the matter was that I liked doing it. I didn't find out until much later, but I was and am an adult baby, (teen baby at that age). I wanted to be in diapers Since I didn't have diapers, pooping in my pants was the most infantile thing I could do. It's a fairly haemless disoder ca;;ed a paraphilla. It's also nearly impossible to cure. I'd suggest having a talk and discuss things like teem babies and diapers with him. make him responsible for cleaning and changing himself. Also make him aware of the consequences from his peers if he gets caught. I don't know if this will help, but I do know that no amount of spanking or scolding will stop him if this is indeed his problem. There are several websites to learn more about this. One of the best is Bittergreys den. Google bittergrey to locate it

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i 2000+ points

Perhaps the reason a lot of us didn't know things like this existed is because, only a generation ago, we would have quietly "put kids like that safely away from polite society".

I know that it was a mere generation ago, because my mother worked in a psych ward until I was born. As recently as the late 60's, lots of people were institutionalized who today would not be. My mother's ward, for example, housed a number of homosexual men, committed to the crazy house for life by their families.

I suspect that kids like the ones described above are lucky to have been born in the 90's or 00's, and not the 60's. They'd have been shut away.

Incidentally, my mom used to often bring one or another of the "retarded" "kids" in her ward home for the weekend, if their family wasn't taking them home for a visit. That is, she did, until one of them bit my father. That was the end of that.

Anonymous Coward[Hey, I like that name! :)]'s picture

Whew... Lookign this up on google...found this site...I'm a 13 year old babyfur...And I absolutely hate toilets...I had to go to counciling for refusing to go to the bathroom and messing myself....I still don't, but it's not detected because I'm used to holding it in for etremely long amounts of time...and I know the habit is more than a little unhealthy....I literally haven't unloaded willingly since early May....but I do run to the bathroom to wipe when it escapes the sunless places and to urinate..but I just hate unloading...

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k 500+ points

Seriously, this does not necessarily mean abuse. I'm an (almost) normal guy and I'll hold it for a little bit if I'm doing something interesting or if I'm in a particularly juicy part of class. When I was younger, I held it and some of it would inevitably end up in my pants, though I would go and take care of business before it got to the point that it became too unhealthy. I was never sexually abused until age 17, and my parents didn't mistreat me. It arose out of my own mind. I don't know what the case is for others, but I figured I'd add some of my own personal experience to the mix.

Um, yeah. My sig. So, about that... I'm not doing one this week.

[Insert witty banter here]

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Just testing. Will my commentary turn up bold?

"Just kidding!"- Alberto

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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