does nasal drip reappear in your poop?

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Anne asks:

I have had horrible post nasal drip for a few months now, which I swallow all day. My doc says it is due to allergies. I noticed some mucus after I wiped myself after a bowel movement. Is it possible to swallow mucus and see it when you poop?

Dear Anne,

The average person's upper respiratory system produces about 2 quarts of mucus a day. Most of this mucus is swallowed. The moisture content is usually absorbed by the intestines during digestion and therefore is not seen as the slimy substance it starts out once what is left of it finally exits the body.

Post nasal drip refers to the increased volume or thickness of the secretions that are accumulating in the back of the throat. It is possible that there is so much excess snot that it is not being absorbed in the intestines and does appear unchanged in the poop.

The intestines also secrete mucus, and more commonly will be the source of snotty-looking poo. Irritation of the lining of any of these mucosal membranes can cause an increase in the production of mucus, and can result in it being visible in the poop.

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I have noticed that after having a bad cold and swallowing the mucous that my poop is white for a while. It is not snotty, just white.

The butt snot thing seems to happen at any time, even without a cold. I have noticed, in me at least, that the biggest cause of this is eating something that irritates my digesting system, such as fatty, greasy, disgusting foods. It usually follows heartburn.

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I have never noticed white or whiteish poop, but I have noticed a slimy or mucus type of poop every once in a while. Generally it relates to what I eat.

The wierdest thing that I've noticed is that if I eat something really fatty I will see bits of unprocessed fat in my poop.

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Number One . . . I order you to take a number two.

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I notice citreine or white colored mucous in my poop after a cold. I usually rectify this with lotes of chili peppers, Moxie, juice, and copious amounts of water. Other than that, I rarely have snotty poop.
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I can say I've experienced this same phenomenon of snotty poop. Not always, but definitely when I've been producing too much snot. I try not to swallow any of it b/c the idea of swallowing snot is just too icky for this gal, but I supposed enough makes its way to my bowels to make an appearance on the way out. Ew! Frickin ew! But, it happens. Ew!

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Rock-n-roll! Poopy-poo!

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Very intersting, Shit Volcano. I get poop with white streaks in it when I have a cold. I thought it was just me.

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White stripes on the poop? Like a candy cane? Cool. So if I get a cold and drink gallons of purple Kool-Aid I could hypothetically make green and white swirled poop.

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I've also read that people that have parasites in their intestines will sometimes have excess mucus in their bowel movements, OR (guys cover your eyes) if you're wiping from front to back like we girls are suppose to you may be getting some of the vaginal mucus on the TP. Just a thought.

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When my nose is kind of runny
I think it's kind of funny
That when sitting on the dunny
My poop feels like a tunny
I think it's anal mucus, but itsnot!

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*giggle, snort, giggle*

Dungdaddy, your 'streaks' comment made me think of bride of frankenstein, poo instead of hair and white, thunderbolt shaped mucus streaks down the sides.

chunks's picture

A few years ago I noticed that I had red streaks in my stool and I couldn't figure out why. This continued for months and it started to hurt more and more everyday. I pain eventually went away and i noticed the red streaks were going away and were getting less aparent. It began to go away around the same time my wife and I decided to stop using power tools in the bedroom.

Fart Poopie's picture
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Thanks for sharing, Chunks. A drill or rotary tool up your butt would definitely leave their bloody mark on your poo. Next time you notice something unusual with your poo, remember what you've shoved up there and think about whether it could have caused those changes. Consider going to a doctor, ass well.

It goes without saying that you're a sick turd.

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I have mucus on my poop too and i was told that it could be something irritating my stomach. how would i be able to find out what is making me have a snotty pot? p.s. Its been over 7 months that i have speratically had a snotty pot.

C-'s picture

What I am finding out with this "snot in poo", thing is that is can be caused by you disturbing your Good bacteria in your intestinal trac! You did hear me right you have good bactieria that you need and my 1 year old is haveing problems now that he is on all this table food! He will be 2 in a couple of months and I hope this get figured out quick!!!! It is worse with different food and last week the Doc's put him on an antibyodic, was that ever a mistake it made everything at least twice as bad! So be carfull all you out there with problems like this and I should tell you I don't believe in IBS look into the history of it. What a croc!!! C-

snotty toyd's picture

I had a snotty poo too.
didn't know what to doo doo.
could it be a std?
couldn't be; monogamy.
typed it in, directed here,
i don't snot poo alone, it's clear.
i'm so relieved i'll crack a beer.

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Right now I have a horrible cold, and I think I've swallowed about a gallon of snot already. You'd think with all that extra lubrication I'd be shitting up a storm, but the opposite has happened, and I'm now bound up.

Strange how the system works.

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My wife eats Fruit Loops in an odd way, she chooses one color and eats them all & then moves on to the next color until they are gone, and so on and so forth, then drinks the milk.(She even has told me the colors pick the order not her...I KNOW...CRAZY!!!) I have watched this OCD event occur on many occasions so often so it would seem she lives on Fruit Loops. I often wonder when she Poops does it look like Dr. Seuss just left the real Thing 2 in our excrement recieving receptacle. Just a thought...

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i'll need to do more probing thru the fecalnet to find an answer that satisfies my question butt since I am here:

i am currently awallowing snaught, from a lil ol' weather change-type irritation/congestion type dilly, and am also using cough-drops (natural herbal type and everyso often the hawls brand) to keep my sore throat from becoming dry and worsening my whole life; anyone suggest a type of food i can eat in conjunction with my menthol and sugar snaught concoxtion(sp?) that will alleviate the sickly runny poops that are sure to rectum, i mean wreck me?

wait, this thread is kinda old, so dont mind replying, i just wanted to be on a page that mentions poop. thanks!!!

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I eat my boogers a lot and I have been seeing yellow snot stuff on the Toilet paper after I poop and wipe myself. It happens every couple days. I do have abdominal bloating though and it started on like august 15.

Anonymous's picture

Dear Anonymous,

What a conundrum but one that can be easily solved. Put some of those boogers into a close friends oatmeal where they will blend right in and will be eaten unnoticed. After a few days of booger eating tell this friend that as a gesture of your devotion to him/her you would like to wipe their ass for them. After wiping just examine the paper closely and you will have your answer.

Glad I could be of service

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