lighter stool, blood

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Jen asks:

I went to the bathroom and there was blood on the tissue and my stool is a lot lighter in color than normal. It's like a really light tan. HELP!!!!!

Dear Jen,

Thanks for the question.

Blood on the toilet paper after wiping can be from something as innocent as a mild anal irritation, to complex processes like colitis or even (rarely) colon malignancy.

Be sure you are not constipated; get plenty of fiber in, via green, leafy veggies, complex carbs and Metamucil, and drink at LEAST 8-10 LARGE glasses of water a day. If you are still having problems, please see your doctor to get the situation checked out.

good luck, and hope this helps you.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

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This has happened to me, too. It's nothing to worry about. You just have a hemerroid.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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Bleeding from the back passage is something that you should always see your doctor about, even if you are convinced it is piles or an anal fissure. The reason you need to be checked is that bleeding from the back passage can be a symptom of bowel (colon or rectum) cancer. If you don

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Dear Poonurse,

I have crohns disease therefore have a lot of Pooing issues...Whenever I visit the doctor they ask me if there is blood or slime in my stool which is the standard question...Truth is I never notice any blood but the slime thing occasionally... It is more like jelly actually & is quite frightening...
What is it? Is it the lining of your bowel or a nasty result of whatever you have eaten...Is it a bad sign?


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I wonder if a dog can get Crohn's disease. My 17-year-old basset mix has been having this problem for a while, minus the blood.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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I have been having very light tan bowel movements and I was wondering what this means?

Mystery Pooper

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Light tan or whitish colored stool can sometimes indicate a biliary obstruction. This can be caused by gallstones, a mass in the liver or gallbladder or other liver or gallbladder disease. Liver function tests and abdominal ultrasound can be performed to detect these conditions. Please see your doctor.
Always looking out for number two!

Always looking out for number two!

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Hi - I ran across your site while doing some research on a gastrointestinal problem I've been having for about 2.5 months. It started with abdominal pain (sharp pain in upper left area and severe cramping) immediately almost every time I ate, and frequent bloating, flatulence and belching. That was a little disturbing because I couldn't sit down to a meal without worrying if I was going to be in pain as soon as I took the first 5 bites or so, and the belching/flatulence/bloating was annoying. I blew it off as just a little stomach upset of some sort. But within a couple or three days of the pain onset, I had a stool that was mixed (well-formed and diarrhea-like with mucous) with some strangely bright orange looking looked like I had eaten orange food dye but hadn't eaten anything even remotely that color for quite some time (or at all.) That poop was followed by more cramping and mucousy diarrhea off and on for a couple of weeks. During those two weeks, I had a couple of episodes of rectal bleeding and wrote it off to hemorrhoids, even though it was a bit more bleeding than I've had in the past with hemorrhoids (it was dripping into the bowl vs. just being on the tissue.) Then the cramping pretty much stopped, although I continued to have twinges of the pain in the left upper abdomen on occasion when I ate. I felt pretty good for a couple of weeks and then it started again...only this time, it was accompanied by almost daily nausea and frequent vomiting (no blood), pain across my entire upper abdomen, and constipation with hard stools streaked with maroon (I assume blood base on what I've read) and still more bright red blood around the formed poop and several big clots. The bleeding always went away after I finished pooping so I didn't have to worry about soiling my pants. But when the nausea/vomiting started and I couldn't keep anything down for 3 days, I finally went to my doctor who has referred me to a gastroenterologist. I'll be seeing the new doc and having tests done in the next week or so but, I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and, if so, what the heck was it? I appreciate any thoughts or insights you might have. I like to go to the doctor well-informed of the various possibilities so I'll know what questions to ask and what information I should remember to provide. I've been known to get to the doctor and forget some of the most important details. Anybody got any ideas, or questions I should be asking myself or the doc? Thanks in advance for your help.


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Print out what you posted here and take it with you to the doc.

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OMG!! thats just like me.Coward let me know what they say.I too thought it was my adhesions disease or hemmeroids.I had a colonoscopy he didn't find anything, But i started passing jelly mucus, and now blood with clots and tissue, I'm started to feel sick to my stomach, and bad headaches. GL hun

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Yep another coward! hehe I have and still experiencing all the symptons what u lot are going through, although not the bleeding! I have suffered with haemrroids now for a good 4 years and over, I am in my late 30's now. Couple of years ago i had an perinanal abscess in my rectum which was very very painful, cudnt sit down or nothing, had it surgically drained and god was I in pain for weeks after that, having to have it dressed everyday for 2 weeks. But now the last few weeks yes, I have been experiencing constipation on the toilet, then more or less straight away a jelly music, I would describe it, that had a really bad smell to it, and then experience great pain afterwards and yeh I had abdominable pain too, come too think of it, quite frequently too! I had this jelly muisc for months on and off, but just put it down to a bad diet? But up until few days ago I am experiencing painful haemrroids, well thats what i think it is, cant sit down, or ly on my side, pain killers arnt working, but now I am thinking is it another abscess? God hope not! Just been browsing internet, then now I thinking is it cancer? or just Irritable Bowels? been to see Doctor today, and he just gave me some ointment to insert and he wants me to give him a sample of my stoolss and that jelly form, but I havent had one since the pain and that?

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hiya, tis the coward again, the one that put the report in on the 10.09.06? I was worrying wandering if i had an abcess? Well I have been to doctors three times this week cus the pain has been so bad I have cried badly, havent been able to sit, ly down u name it, Doctors have confirmed that is just pressure that has cause my bottom to inflame and become sore and red and itchy and stinging, pressure of being badly badly constipated, and he has given me lactulose, which my god it has helped me go, and is relieving the pressure slightly,also he has given me an anitbiotic cream which is helping too.

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I figured I post this and see if some can answer my question. I have had poo issues in the past and had various test (barun enema, intestine x-rays, etc). Nothing ever comes up. It began with constipation, but not that I take saily fiber pills I am doing better. My questions is that about poo slime and dark almost bloodish spots in my stool. I'm not bleeding when i wipe; it just looks like it's marbeled into my poo. I am wondering what i should do. Should I re-visit the doctors? Should I stop taking fiber? Should I take a colon cleanser? If so can you recommend one that won't keep me at home for 24-48hrs lumped over my toilet?

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In the past few days, I have experienced lower back pain like in or near my kidneys. I have had bowel movements with no pain or problems. But what has freaked me out today is I had a bowel movement and it was a very light brown and hard. Am I constipated and need more fiber or should I have some tests done?

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I recently have increased my protein intake and have added creatine to my diet since I am a powerlifter. I have not experienced any abdominal pain nor any constipation but have noticed that my poop has a whitish color and is light colored. I am concerned because it is usually darker colored. Could ir maybe be caused by the extra protein? No symptoms of gall bladder stones or liver problems.

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i have IBS im 18 its not as bad as smoe people i get worried very easily have had lower abdominal pain 4 around 3 days and its not period pains, i had a poop this morning and it was very marbely i have this quiteoften but never tell my doc as it sounds irrelevant is it something to worry about?

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I am 12 weeks pregnant and recently i have noticed tiny bright red seed like bits in my poo,I did inspect the tissue one day and these red bits can be squashed. i have no discomfort and go to toilet the same amount as usual. i went to see my doctor today i have had to do a sample, that was fun!
I am worried as i am pregnant to what this may be. please help.

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i am 26, diagnosed with IBS 8 years ago. I have been vomiting almost every day since christmas but not sick. yesterday was very constipated, had the sweats, weak, abdominal pain, and blood clots in my poo. 10 mins later felt like an attack of diarrhea, but was pure blood clots. again today. Now lots of abdominal pain feel like i'm being stabbed in the butt hole still have blood clots. really worried dont know if its IBS or something serious. any advice would help. thanks

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Over the past month or so I've been frequently having blood in my poop. It is usually pretty well mixed in except on one occasion where it wasn't in the poop at all a little bit it was in the toilet water alone. But usually it's just a small dot or spot in the poop (and this may sound odd but its usually poop that I sometime feel a little more on the constipated side with, and its in larger poops)but today it was a long red streak. It's barely visible on the toilet paper, but I'm worried because I'm only 14 and this has been happening about 3 out of every 4 times i poop for about the past month. I have no other symptoms like a stomach ache. Please tell me what i should do!!! BTW im a guy if that makes a difference.

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Time for me to join the list of cowards. Anonymous Coward (not verified) -- 08.20.2006, i have all the symptoms that you experience, but i think my bleeding is getting worse,oo!. I have been prescribed Prednisole (a type of anti-inflammitory steroid) to treat somethong called Crohns disease. My problem is that I am only 17!!! and it is a very embarassing area to talk about or go to the doctor about. I onlt went cos i began to loose a lot of weight.

So my advice is go to your doctor!! I only hope this will all blow over and the medication will work.

Another Anonymous Coward

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My wife's last 3 bowel movements has had blood in the water around the poop. It does not appear that there is blood in the poop. She said that it did not hurt when she went. What could cause this?

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Yeah I am having this problem. My last one there was no blood on the poop its self but on the toilet paper there a a good bit. ON the time before a little on toilet paper. whats up? It doesn't hurt or anything.

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for anyone with problems with constipation, diarrhea or IBS sypmtoms, please visit and consider some of those suggestions.

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i have alot of upper abdonminal pain, between my ribs, ALWAYS! my stool just had like slime, yellowish/brown slime with little white seedy looking things in it?? whats that about? any conditions or anything??? not to mention i am always constipated..

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I need help, and I hate going to the Doc. I'm a 30 year old woman, healthy, nothing EVER wrong with me, thank GOD...but 4 days ago, I started getting dizzy and it continues all thru the day. Lastnight, I pooped (and I only go about once every 2-3 days...and that is normal for me)...well, as I'm finished, I notice blood on the paper, and when I turn around, I'm stunned...BLOOD all in the toilet and upon a closer look (YUCKY) it is all in my stools as well. I've looked up all kinds of things that could be wrong...but nothing seems to make sense. Do you think that the link of loss of blood and my dizziness are together. I've been dieting and losing weight for about a month and a half, but aside from that, nothing new with me. Thanks for any advice you can give. I'm just spinning writing this...and not too mention, my tail hurts!

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Are you kidding me?!?

If you're not dead by morning, get over yourself and GO TO THE DAMN DOCTOR.

Good Lord.

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While GGG's advice is sound, for many of you, it may be too late for the doctor. If this is the case, apply leeches, immediately!!!! Many leeches!!! Tics, too, if ya got 'em.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

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I am 23 yr old, blood in stool comming with pain. what should i do. i feel pain when passing stool and bloods comes out with stool. :( since few month.

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This is officially the last one of these comments I ever OK.

Please, go to a doctor.

Let's face it, if you had this much blood coming out of your mouth or eyes, you'd go to a doctor.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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wow! i've never met such a bunch of cowards! to come here and describe your bodily secretions. hoping someone, somewhere could tell you what the hells wrong w ya. if a doctor did come here and post advice that you may have CANCER or DIABETES, would you see your doctor THEN? pls get checked, ppl, blood comin outta there like that AIN'T kosher!

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i 2000+ points

I agree with Daphne. Why wouldn't a person READ the THREAD and GET a CLUE?

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I have bouts of massive blood & clots. All tests show normal bowel, although was diag w/colitis in 1999. Since, I've had ALMOST every GI test known to man. I have also been diag w/IBS-D, GERD, hemorrhoids, fissure (which healed and is NOT the cause of blood). Chronically ill, and often feel like poop. My current GI doc says it's just rhoids & IBS. I feel it's something else. My rhoids do NOT hurt, and if they were bleeding, wouldn't my panties be bloodied? I am talking big time blood here, not just a streak or two on the toilet paper. So I HAVE gone to the Doctor, MANY times, and yet I STILL bleed. Those of you that said "Go to the Dr already yet!", What advice can you give ME? I will add that there is NO other cause of the bleeding, such as anal trauma, etc... It's an outtie hole only, not an innie! No way, no how! Small bowel cancer runs in my family, but it's very hard to diag & Doc says "No way do you have that!" Well how the poop does he know if he's not done ALL the tests possible?

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My daughter went to the bathroom not long ago and she pooped out some tan/off white poop. whats going on with that. she tells me sometimes that her tummy hurts. please help me. thanks

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j 1000+ points

Mommy, if your daughter is complaining of stomach aches, and she's pooping strange looking poo, take her to the doctor.

bastard's picture

don't forget the psychology of people...

some need to know that they aren't alone or aren't "freaks."

bastard's picture

and also, why would people avoid going to the doctor?...

let's see: the hassle, the run around, the outrageous billing, the double billing, the unnecessary medications, the "throw some pills at it and see what sticks" approach... etc.

but i do love the medical field. and people who actually care.

Wolfett2003's picture

If people like Daphne & Gottagogirl have a problem with what people are talking about on this sight, leave, what r u doin here anyway. These r seriuos Queastions,this is a A,B conversation C yr way out of it. If u dont have a poop problem u dont need to be here, PLEASE. Have respect. Like me Im here because Im trying to look up information about my son,and it brought me here. Information helps people out, puts them at ease or helps them realizing they should go to the doctor. U guys r not cowards, yr cautious.Sometimes its not serious, sometimes it is. My son is 21 mths old and the other day he pooped brown hard poop with grass colorthick slime all over it. Tonight it was hard and had different colored poop pushed together, it felt and looked like different colored playdough, it was light brown, dark brown, like a weird looking green, like a greenish gray, withblood mixed in the poop, look like it anyway, if it isn't u could of fooled me. I got an appt. for him tomorrow Because its freeking me out. I just lost my mom from peancreadic cancer. Im not that strong right now, But im trying to be for him, and I feel that his symptoms is bad. But I pray not. Whats weird is my mom waited to long and it was to late. Me im just like u guys just ask people about it, see if they no what the problem is, always done that, now that I lost my mom to cancer, Im doin things different now. If u guys can get checked out, try not to wait to long. I wish my mom didnt. Goodluck guys, God bless you.

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for good health probiotics are always a good idea i've found. I've always had IBS. Mine is gone after taking ground flax seed and acidophilius every day. An herbal combination from india called Triphala is great too or eating all bran crackers. by all means go to the doctor. Just know that they know very little about nutrition and nutrition is what will help you. it helped me, when no one else would. Especially if you've been on antibiotics in the recent past. You can restore your flora with some work. Still go to the doctor. - Just a person who has found her own answer and my conscience wouldn't let me log off

Shasti's picture

I have ulcerative colitis and recently my doctor told me that I've been confusing IBS symptoms with colitis flare ups. Colitis has been under control but I still get slimy blood in my stool, winds that cause discomfort, etc. What can I use or should I eat to decrease discomfort and how can I distinguish between a colitis flare up and IBS?

Jerseygirl's picture

hi, i too have been having problems..
last month i felt some left side pain..thought it was my overies, had a pelvic ultrasound done & a transvaginal done. everything showed up normal..
anyways it's been a lil over a month now & i stilll feel constipated w/ some left side pain.. on & off.
2 weeks ago i noticed my poop was light yellow & now it's like light green.. at times im constipated. i have a doctors appointment today w/ my GI. i was diag.w/ gerd 3 yrs ago.. any help?
thanx :)

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

Which side is the appendix on?

Anonymous Coward's picture

it's on the right side

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

Ah. Thank you.

JerseyGirl, evidently you don't have appendicitis.

Anonymous Coward's picture

today i had a poop and there wwas blood on the tissue and in the bowl but nothing in the poo and my bum hole aches when i have been and also i can fel a small lump on the left side that goes in and out what do you think it is hemerioddes maybe?

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My husband just recently (today) pooped blood and wiped it . . . and that's it no poo just blood and it was bright red what could this be? it was all of a sudden, and he ahs no symptoms and has never had any type of bleeding or complications in that area before. HELP !

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

WHY does no one READ the rest of the thread before asking the SAME question AGAIN?!?

It's probably a hemorrhoid. Get him a doctor's appointment, though, to be sure it's not something serious.

Worried pooper's picture

Well looks like we all have our weird issues. Everytime I go poop it looks like at the beginning it is having some clear white fuzzy slime build up on the turd, sometimes stringed around it. I been having this for about 2 years now. I talked to 2 different doctors about it and one did a test to see if there was blood in my stool and was negative. She also went in with a glove to feel around and she said it felt normal. Both doctors told me it was nothing to worry about. I even mentioned that sometimes I have some clear blood in the white slimey stuff.
Now lately the blood seems to become a bit more frequent. I also have a weird numb pain at times in my tummy and occasionally when I go to the bathroom I pass gass and when I wipe it looks like there is puss with a little bit of blood on the paper and it smells reallly foul. Should I just go to the doctor and demand more tests? I just get sick of hearing them say it is probably nothing because I am too young for colon cancer ( I am 37 female and healthy... I think?)
What should I tell my doctor so that I wont get blown off again??

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j 1000+ points

Worried pooper. Thanks for the visual. Suddenly, my stomach wants to do backflips.

My advice, get a second opinion. It appears, that doctor doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

A colon cleanse may be helpful. However, I can't believe that this doctor didn't check for other problems, or have a stool culture done.

"Two percent of the population think; three percent of the population think they think, and 95 percent of the population would rather die than think."

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I've occasionally have stomach problems from something a doctor called a "spastic colon" for about 10 years (I'm 26), so alternating between occasional diarrhea/loose stools and mild constipation is not unusual for me.

One day last week I had stomach cramping and diarrhea, and it was definitely more painful, frequent, and serious than usual. I wrote it off to a stomach bug or food not agreeing with me.

Today I noticed some bright orangish-red blood on the toilet paper. This has also happened once or twice pretty recently, but I can't recall exactly when. My stool has also been a lighter color (tan?) most of the time recently, but I can't recall exactly how long it's been like that.

Due to mild constipation and slight discomfort during bowel movements, it's possible that the blood was the result of a hemorrhoid or something like that.

The thing that worries me is that I'm taking 250 mg naproxen twice a day. (I have also experienced nausea, but I assumed it was because of the pain that I'm taking the naproxen for.)

I'm waiting for my doctor to give me a call back, but I have a hunch that she'll say it's probably just a hemorrhoid. I don't know if I should be concerned or not.

Do these symptoms sound like they could be due to a gastrointestinal problem, or are they likely just from a hemorrhoid or something of the like?


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I usually have constipation problems, not to where i cant go, but just a little difficult. I drink about 8-10 glasses of water daily and workout 3-4 days a week. I don't eat very many veggies or fruits. My problem is that about 1 week ago i started having little chunks of blood on my toiler paper after by bowel movement. I want to do something before going to dr. because I don't want a colonoscopy. Fk that, i am a xray tech, i know how careless they are with you when your under and talk about you.

Anonymous Grape things's picture

I had little things that looked like yellowish grapes floating in my bowel movements for two days. They're not gallstones. Anyone know what this could be? I hadn't eaten any grapes and even if I did, they wouldn't be whole upon elimination.

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