lifelong anal mucous

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Jen asks:

Question: I have never pooped normally my whole life and I was wondering if in my case scenario anal mucus is normal, and if so what can I do to be rid of it? Laxatives give me severe cramps, and I can't take them any more.

Dr. Adams responds:


It is normal to have a small amount of anal mucous expelled with a bowel movement. The small and large intestine does certainly secrete a very large amount of mucous into the intestinal lumen on a daily basis, but most of this mucous is broken down by the time it reaches the anus. However, some digestive diseases are associated with larger amounts of expelled mucous. One example is inflammatory bowel disease. Are you observing any blood with your bowel movements? Are you in any pain? Also, what do you mean when you say "I have never pooped normally my whole life"??? I am not sure what this means. How old are you? I need more information please.


-- Dr. Adams


Dr. Adams is a resident in the Department of Internal Medicine at North Shore University Hopsital in Manhasset, NY. Got a question for him?

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It's a good thing I'm not a doctor. I couldn't even play one on tv, because there is no way I could use the words "anal mucuous" in a doctor/patient conversation without farting and saying "Pardon me, I think I just sneezed in my shorts!

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Dodger, a good doctor SHOULD fart and say he sneezed in his shorts when having a conversation about anal mucous. Really, wouldn't it relax the patient and open the door to a more comfortable conversation? Maybe you missed your true calling.

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"Open the door." Yeah, the BACK door. Ha ha ha!!!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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Help me! Everytime I have a bowel movement, I have anal mucous about an hour later. I have asked my doctor and he says it is associate with IBS, but I just don't understand why everytime I have a bowel movement, I have to wipe an hour later! Does someone have an answer?

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Hey, dont care about it, I just wish my girlfriend had the same problem, so I could spare a lot of money in vaseline and other stuff to lubricate her butthole.


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There are so many anal mucus questions on this site. If you have excessive butt boogers, and you're worried about it, go see a doctor. If your doctor can't help you, see another one. If that one can't help you, then carry kleenex around with you for the rest of your life. Just remember, some ass snot is normal.

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Excessive butt boogers are often a sign of allergy, or they are a side effect of antibiotics.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

Anonymous Coward's picture

sometimes after some time of fooling around with my girlfriend or even sex, i fart mucus like slimy clear substance. i was wondering what it is and why it happens? i never happened till recently.

UPSIDEDAN's picture

Did you guys know that there is an amazing band called Anal Mucus? They have a CD and videos and everything. You have to find it at or something.

some chick's picture

hey ppl. i have recently started experiencing butt mucous as well about an hour after bowel movements. so very weird! could this be a sign of impending disease or cancer? i'm in my mid 20's and find this very strange, as this has never happened to me before. i also find it very hard to discuss my butt issues with my doctor. lol. not gonna happen. any thoughts anyone?

Anonymous Coward's picture

ha ha ... so glad I found this site!!! Does anyone ever fart mucus??? Gross. It's been happening to me and I go to the doctor in a week and a half. I haven't been diagnosed with IBS or anything yet. I'm wondering if I'm allergic to gluten. I'm scared before I can get to the doctor I'm gonna shart mucus in public!!!! not good!

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Dairy does that to some people.

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Hey guys, i am in friggin love with your comments i printed them off to fix up for a never hear monolouges about shit these days...It'll be a new thing!! woohoo, thanks guys.

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I Went To The Doctor About This And Learned I Had Gonorrhea which can cause this type of mucous and i got the exact same symptoms all of you all expressed here. that plus blood. the longer i went without telling the doctor the more mucous and then i started bleeding. if untreated you can have stomach problems, issues with your nervous system and possibly infertility so id suggest doing something soon

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Note to self- use a condom.

I have seen the truth and it makes no sense!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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I was constipated until I was in my 30's and didn't even know it! I used to get headaches and feel lousy all the time. Sometimes my hardened stool would tear the soft tissue of my rectum, and a lot of times there was mucus.
The problem? DEHYDRATION!!!!

There is a GOOD BOOK called "YOU"RE NOT SICK< YOU'RE THIRSTY" and I don't know who wrote it ,but the medical and pharmacitucal industry would never tell you need more FIBER and WATER and EXERCISE< and ESPECIALLY WATER.

You should drink MORE than just a gallon a day ,if not more, in small amounts. You need to learn about replacing minerals and salts and stuff if you drink too much but the suggested 8, 8 0z glasses, is ONE GALLON, most people don'ot realize that.


Nearly ALL illness that are NOT virus or germ/pathogen related can be traced to DEHYDRATION.

Osteoproces (bone loss) in women is cause simply from dehydration over many years.

Your bone is like a flower pot of red terra cotta in the hot california sun. You keep watering the plants but the pot sucks the water away fast. Your bones need WATER


Anal Mucus is Jizz's picture

Hey you sure you didnt just have ass sex ?

Shit happens.

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The above comment should be lamed in to oblivion.
Sir SamDamnit!
The Emir of Crapistan

The Emir of Crapistan

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Some days I approach the PR with great fear and trepidation. Today should have been one of those. Sam, to your suggestion I say "Amen." Exconstipate, while I usually do not like to opine unfavorably upon others, you are a moron. Were your parents too closely related? Were they both human? What the hell is wrong with you? Are you and "Anal mucus in Jizz" brothers? Your medical "facts" aren't even popular tripe. Its pure stupid bullshit.

Bosundave121's picture

There is also a band named "The Bloody Stools", no kidding. Their album cover shows overturned barstools with blood on them Ha ha!

I thought I was ALONE.'s picture

My, god! This is the most beautiful site I have ever found in my life. Its so nice to have found others just like me who also sneeze out there ass.

Also, whenever I wipe after I defecate my anus is full of mucus and its always a pale brown color; almost like custard but not as sweet.

Anonymous Coward's picture

lmao... I love this site too... whenever I'm having an unfortunate flare up, I can visit this site and know that I'm not alone in my mucal misery... and that pale brown almost custard coming out of your butt, I get it too and it's so gross. I was diagnosed with IBS. I just suffer because the meds make me dizzy and I would have to eat only raw fruits and veggies not to flare... I'm gonna try herbs though... we'll see

Caramel's picture

The other day I actually had SO much anal mucus that it dripped out of my butt and floated on top of the water. I wonder if anal mucus is brown because it mixes with poop or if its actually brown when it's produced. Either way, I've got a LOT of mucus to wipe out of my crack after I poop. I should use Kleenex instead of toilet paper. What the hell is wrong with me?

Anonymous Coward's picture

i suffer from anal mucus as well. seems like off and on for a few years. one thing i notice lately is that if i smoke a couple joints a day, it doesn't happen. but as soon as i stop, the next day its back. not sure if i stop smoking pot for an extended period of time if it would eventually stop or not. maybe i'll try that and see what happens.

sometimes i feel the urge to poop this anal mucus 2-3 times a day. the reason why this is happening has been bothering me lately. going to a doctor is just too embarrassing for me, especially since i have no family doctor. i'd have to go to a clinic. some thing i hate doing in the first place.

i may have ibs, i don't know. i have normal bowel movement daily with no mucus but like others have said, an hour or a few hours later i get the urge. what leads me to think i might have ibs though is once in a while i'll get severe cramps followed by a very liquid bowel movement shortly after eating.

also notice more frequency to defecate the mucus sometimes when im nervous. i just wanna shit like a normal person damnit.

Scoobers's picture

My son has a serious issue with using too much TP!! He will use and entire double roll for one BM. I have no idea how to make him stop wiping!! HELP!!

At Peace's picture

I think everyone should learn to live in harmony with their own personal anal mucous.

After much hardship I have realized that my anal mucous is there to help. It smells a bit bizarre, sure, but imagine what pooping would be like with this wonderful, natural rectal lube?

Anonymous Coward's picture

I only poo white mucus when I get a little bit constipated. If my poo gets more pellet like the mucus seems to hold it all together...
This is then followed by my normal poo - cylindrical. This only started a couple months ago and I'm not sure why...

Anonymous Coward's picture

Poopmass and volume are interdependent, critical factors when considering your anal viscosity index.

gracy freebush's picture

I had 2 hours of anal sex 8 days ago and recently I have begun to poop with mild soreness and medium to large ammounts of mucus. First it was white and now it looks sort of orange and I've noticed specs of blood now and then.

Anonymous Coward's picture

You have undoubtedly breached your colon wall creating what is known as a "fistula". You can expect to start pooping out your vagina or peeing out your butt. But take heart; at least you're not pregnant.

P.Pooper's picture

Gracy... 2 hours of it? What are you on meth? Oh and congrats you now have rhoids! Maybe you should cut out the drug fueled orgys for a little while....

Artful Dodger's picture
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Gracy, sorry about that. But you DID say you could take it all...

Richard's picture

I have been leaking a clear liquid out of my anus for about 2 years now and the smells like I shit myself contantly. I take a shower, put on freshly washed cloths. 20 min. later I smell like I just shit myself again. I've went to my family doctor(he said I was probably just sweating) he did send me to a proctoligist I did tell him everything I mentioned here. He did a colonostopy and he removed a pulip and said I have a hemmeriod but doesn't need to be removed just yet. My problem is I still have the discharge and smell and I have waited 1 month but I still have the problems. I also forgot to tell you I Have acid reflux pretty bad and don't eat to healthy also. My questions are have you ever heard of this? (Both doctors I went to kind just dismissed what I said).Is there anything I cand do to solve the leaking? Does it require surgry or can it be fixed through meds.? I'm at witts end.

my ass is wrecked's picture

I feel so much less lonely now that I know that I'm not the only one who can't trust a fart.
Like Richard, I'm suspected by the doctor to have acid reflux last year. Is there a connection?

faker's picture

I get a gross discharge when i go to the bathroom. It doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes I feel like my bowels are really loose, then I pass pure discharge. It's discusting. This has been happening for the past year+. Usually when this happens I feel like I am sick to my stomach. I am also too embarrased to talk to my dr. about it.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I'm a healthy 35 year old male, not overweight and no recurrent health problems. I should probably drink more water and eat a tiny bit better, but anyway...

For quite some time now (almost a year?), I have noticed a bump next to my anus that kind of "sticks out" when I am cleaning the area after going to the bathroom. I haven't really examined it, but sometimes it's less noticeable than others. For the most part, it's painless and is really only a minor annoyance when I'm cleaning. There's no blood, no soreness and no itching--at least not any more than would normally be the case depending on the bowel movement.

(For the record, *years* ago, I remember having a couple of occasions where I strained on the toilet. In addition, *years* before THAT, I think I *may* have had a small hemorrhoid, because I noticed a pink dot on my TP when cleaning. It was gone almost immediately. Just giving you some background.)

Anyhow, usually the bump becomes less noticeable a little while after going to the bathroom, and--here's the weird part--it doesn't even bother me at all during the day: No pain, I can sit, etc. and do normal activities. Obviously, I'm not complaining, I just thought I'd point that out.

Lastly, I have noticed the following--which I believe occurred independently of the bump in the past: At the end of cleaning, I notice if I press slightly while cleaning, a tiny tiny bit of clear stuff is on the toilet paper. I usually give a few more passes to make sure it's gone. I also make a point of going back slightly later to clean and I notice a tiny bit of the clear stuff again. As before, I'll make a few passes to make sure I no longer see it. (As before, a tiny bit of pressure has to occur for me to see it)

After this, I usually take a shower anyway (just because it usually times out that way in my day). After that, there's no stains, itching, discomfort, smell, soreness--no nothing. Again, I'm happy about that, but I'm puzzled by it all.

Sir pooper aloter's picture

I gave my self anal a week a go and 2's b4 that i am a guy not gay by any means and i had mucus come out of my butt it sared me the first time but i found that it was normal but this time recently i have been sick i threw up this morning and have felt a little wird and dissy assume i have the flu bug or something but had some mucus a week later is this bad to still have i also may have a hemroid

prarie doggin's picture
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Bilge, you might want to advise the above poster as I believe you may be the only one uh equipped to give ones self anal (allegedly).

Psst, I think he's royalty.

Bilgepump's picture
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I was going to, PD, but I'm not sure what "2's b4" meant....if he is using an actual 2 by 4, depending on the length, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.


The proper order is kiss me, then go smell the other dog or cat's butt. I cannot stress this enough.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

IBS-er?'s picture

Hi, I have always suffered IBS, but lately I have been going to the toilet and farting a lot, also expulsing small amounts of mucus mixed with blood. at the end, and after some effort, I poop a only one or two small stools. Im a bit constipated, but still repeat the process 3 to 4 times a day. The bood comes from a small fisure in my anus, but don't know about mucus or gas! please help!

sittingpretty's picture
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IBS-er, go buy two bottles of mg cit. get them very cold, drink them and drink lots of water. Do it in the morning and you will get your poop out. Then try meta mucil or miralax every day to keep you regular. You have a mucus build up because you have a chiney ball build up in your poop chute.
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

Anonymous Coward's picture

When ever i have a bowel movment i have a this gushy like worm thing that comes with it im very scared that their may be a serious problem .

Butt Simpson's picture

Well...I never thought a website of poop would exist! I have, as other people have been commenting, "farted" a clear, odourless mucus, but curiosly no unusual bowel movements. I have decided to just live with it.

sidee33's picture

ok its been like a week and i can barley poop and when i do it hurts and when i look down its just like a small string of mucus no poop and i can barley sit down cause i always feel like i have to go but nothing comes out!!!!! whats going on??? HELP

Drooling Rectum's picture

I remember one time i was very sick, i had the flu, and i remember how my shit seemed to be encapsulated in a thick slimy mucous. it also had a string trailing from the log into my ass, like an umbelical cord. It was quite a demented experience but luckily it went away after a while. Today my shits are firm, large and full of substance and character

Dirt Star 22's picture

sidee33 hopefully you have shat by now. Sounds like you need to drink more H2O. Not caffeine, not alcohol, not soda, but just plain old water. And lots of it. Maybe go for a jog or a long walk, too. That should liven things up.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Okay 5 days ago I had some really lovely hard anal sex. Not my first time BUTT this time 5 days later I randomly feel the urge to poop and am seeing the light brown custardy mucus. No pain and I feel fine. .....wondering what that is, it hasnt happened before.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I am 73 yrs old. I do have hemorrhoids but lately whenever I have a bowel movement there is quite a bit of blood that comes out and after I finish pooping I had blood to spurt out of my rectum as if I were pouring it from a glass. an hour or so after each BM, I have this mucous that comes from my butt, it stinks, does anyone have this problem?

Butt of the Joke's picture
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If you have blood coming out of your ass that much,you better have posted from the waiting room.And if the mucous is coming out that fast as well,take some Nyquil.That sneeze in your shorts might be the signs of a runny nose developing.
More people flush than they do wash their hands.

More people flush than they do wash their hands.

Magicmarker's picture

Okay so I have a question. My bf and I had anal sex last night and he wore a condom and it didn't break, but I am seeing this clear kind of mucusy/liquid stuff. What is this? Should I worry about being pregnant?

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