leaky, bloody, but not the usual suspects

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Leaky Joe asks:

Six months ago, I started having fresh, red blood on the toilet paper, and in small clumps in and on the poo. Doc said it was a 'roid... it's still there, but there's still no -- nor has there ever been -- any pain or discomfort. Now I'm experiencing anal leakage when passing gas. My diet is fine (no olestra or junk food), I'm only 38, I excerise regurlarly and consider myself a healthy guy. Any ideas?

Dear Leaky Joe,

Anal leakage is usually caused by some type of obstruction in the anal canal. Could be that your 'roid is a biggy, and is making it impossible for the muscles around it to completely close your hole just right. Or you could have a small impaction of feces in the rectum that is allowing liquids to seep out around it.

Internal hemorrhoids are usually not painful like the external butt berries are, but do bleed quite often as a result of stool scraping past them.

You could try an enema at home to see if you remove any impacted fecal matter, and get some of those hemorrhoid pads that you tuck between your butt cheeks--even if only to slow the flow of your sharts. After that, I suggest you go back to your doctor for a follow-up.

Thanks for asking Motherload!

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That's certainly a new one on me. If I see blood, I can be sure it's just a fissure since it bleeds on and off rather than all the time. It sounds to me like your ring is trying to close around something that's in the way. You should definitely get it checked out before things get any worse.

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Check with the NASA engineers - it sounds like an O-ring failure.

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Joe. Sorry to hear you're going to die. This is my advice:

Move out West where there is plenty of room (ei. someplace where an object can go to ground at 3000 mph and not hit anybody). Start building a 20,000 horse-power rocket sled. When you get sick enough, strap yourself on and set the thing off. If you live, start over again with a bigger design.

Its called "science" and it will save you from a humiliating and slow death by ass.

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You`re right Dung, impacted fecal matter sounds like some kind of rogue nuclear device.

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_to possibly delay your anal leakage you could possibly put on depends. ______

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Motherload, would an x-ray see impaction? I know it worked with my daughter when she was a tiny thing.
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.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Daphne, abdominal radiography can indeed detect fecal impactions, especially ones that extend further up into the colon.

But most impactions that are primarily in the rectum are simply detected by digital exam and extracted at the time, resulting in the feces beyond that to come out freely at that point.

Large pockets of air shown on the x-ray usually indicates a blockage somewhere along the line.

A blockage due to a crimp in the intestines of one of my twins was detected by ultrasound when I was pregnant, and confirmed by x-ray of her abdomen at birth.
Always looking out for number two!

Always looking out for number two!

Anonymous Coward &lt;--- lol at name's picture

recently i just farted and started leaking out oil that smell like fish oil on shit.
what could this be, i have an excellent diet and weight train and exercise regularly, could my organs be dissolving?
im worried as the leake happens anywhere anytime and everywher, and that the hygiene of myself and home is a concern.

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So if this guy just tears the 'roid off, everything should be good to go again. Unless his leaky ass isn't the result of a supersized 'roid holding his ass crack open like he thinks it is.
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when i try to poop sometimes blood comes out a lot! sometimes i can poop and still blood comes out now here is the kicker i eat about 30 hot balls(attomic)would this cause the looks of blood

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Johnny, you're laughing now, but how funny are you gonna look doing your Elvis impersonation on the throne, pasty white from bleeding out...hot balls scattered hither and yon....woe is you, sir, woe is you

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hello all=sometimes i see tiny dots of blood on toilet paper...im not too worried but would like to know what i should do if it isnt normal...another thing...i recently got on a diet...and now my poop is a dark brown and usually sinks all the way to the bottom...is it because of the high protein in my diet? Is that bad? its not diarrhea but i can tell its really soft...is that bad? i usually go 2 or 3 times a day...any advice would help! thanx

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Beware of the freckle monster!
In all seriousness, get yourself to a doctor. Pronto. That thing thats stopping your pucker-muscle from closing properly can be the big C. I'm not joking.

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Hi, I just did a poo that was not red or anything on the outside but i could tell there was red color on the inside of it which seeped out once it was in the toilet for a while, the color was bright red not dark, i have been constipated for the last week, and have only just become regular again, going a few times a day, but i get stomach cramps when i go, does anyone know what this could be?

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To the AC who's farting fish oil,

I do NOT appreciate you coming into my house and stealing my octopus. Since he's been gone, I've had to resort to toilet paper and water blasting. I miss him dearly and he probably wants to come home.

P.S. Please wash him before returning.

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Dear Miss Poo,

Certain foods can infuse certain colors into the poop without making the poop itself that color. Beets come to mind--I have eaten them and either seen reddish poops or brown ones, both of which leak reddish stuff into the water. Check your diet for something that could color the water red; if nothing could logically do that, check with your doctor. Don't let embarrassment or privacy concerns hold you back--your doctor has seen plenty of butts and dealt with lots of people's poop.

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impacted fecal matter sounds like some kind of rogue nuclear device.

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