my butt is leaky

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Alex asks:

Anal leakage. OK, I wipe my ass VERY well -- I mean VERY well -- and without farting, or much activity, I'll go back to the bathroom a few hours later because something feels a little wrong and I wipe my ass and it looks like I didn't wipe it the last time I shat. It's not liquidy or anything, it just looks like I didnt wipe very well. I don't eat any Wow chips, I don't drink, I've never had anal sex... I don't know why this happens. Anyone else have this problem? Is sweat like getting up in my ass and kinda loosening things up or something? Thanks for the help.

Dear Alex,

If you don't eat Wow! chips, don't drink, and don't have anal, exactly what the hell do you do for fun? That's the bigger question here...

Sigh. Seriously, it is probably just mucus or something. I wouldn't worry about it. If you absolutely feel like you have to have a solution, either:

  1. Go see a doctor.
  2. Try Tampax. The string can be discreetly stuffed up your butt to hide it. No one has to know you are troubled by anal leakage.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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Yay for search engines. I also thought i was some freak. Basically my problem is that i havent had a solid poop in weeks on end, its mostly just a liquidy flaky sort of deal. I get up and walk around, it seems like my but hole begins to leak. So i go back to the washroom and wipe again. There usually isnt much fecal matter, just a liquidy type substance that definately comes from inside, not the sweat glands around my bum hole. Occasionally there is some real uncomfortable itching, and its quite embarassing to scratch ones bum in public, much more so on a date. Ive been thinking of buying an enema kit or something, im too uncomfortable to go to a doctor about this, hell.. they might stick an anal probe up my asshole. NOT FUN STUFF. it doesnt seem like a huge medical problem, but i cant be sure. any ideas would be helpful. (this site is awesome)

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Well, like everyone else I am glad to find this website and to know it is pretty common. Anal leekage has affected my confident and relationships. I fear I smell awful when I sweat down stairs and to the rear. I also think that this has something to to with hemmroids. I am no doctor but I have good feeling. I am going to try a combination of Digestive Advantage and Omega 3 plus more fiber and see how things work out. Thanks for all the advice and good luck to everyone in there quest for a dry normal butt.

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Hi Again,

A quick update - things have improved a fair bit over the last month :-)

I've cut down on my chocolate intake, increased the amount of fruit (including snacking on small 'snack packs' of Cranberries) as well as drinking a glass of Cranberry and Orange juice with breakfast in the morning. When I have a shower I don't use soap around my anus, but just wash liberally with the shower jet on it's own.

I have seen a gradual improvement to the point where that even if I have a BM during the day, I don't seem to leak a great deal afterwards. I'm not completely clear, but there is next to nothing there when I check.

So looking pretty good at the moment, and a lot of this down to the advice mentioned on this forum.

One thing though - to the 24yo anonymous person who talks about people on here having weird s**t and mentions not having had problems. Well, think yourself lucky and don't get to complacent - I started with this at 35, so it can happen to anyone at any time!!

Bye 4 Now.

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I have an idea. Lets all put what medicines we take, food items we eat, and activities (like running or lifting) we do that we think might trigger these "episodes". If we come together we might be able to figure something out. Here are the meds and foods that I take and eat. Meds- Albuterol Sulfate(Asthma), Alegra(Allergies). Foods-Coffee, Sodas(Those with caffine and no caffine alike) When I lift heavy items I get an increase in a squeashy feeling. Please everyone else post their medicines and foods. Thanks and goodluck!!!!

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Checking in 6 weeks after having seen a doctor....

I'd have to say that the Anusol cream has done wonders for the external hemorrhoid. Leakage stopped completely in 7 days, but the best thing about Anusol is how it soothes the area and gets your mind completely off it. Used it the first week, now I use it one and off as needed.

I also started taking a little more fiber, which seems to work well for me. I also find that it's important to pass a stool exactly once a day; more than that and you irritate the area, less frequently and you will have massive stools that also aggravate things. All about the balance, and one nice smooth stool per day is perfect.

I think that to a large degree this problem is mental. In addition to seeing a doctor, taking in more fiber, &c., you've got to relax a bit and allow yourself


to think about it, confident in the fact that you're doing something about it. The sweating and abdominal discomfort certainly arise from social anxiety, which then cause the smell, and you get yourself in a leaky-ass feedback loop. It all begins with not worrying about it, which is much more difficult than wiping steroid cream on your ass but far more worthwhile in the end.

Of course, it's much easier to put your mind at ease if you go to the doctor and identify the problem. Do that first.

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I'm new here too--great information sharing going on!

Much is mentioned about the things that help. I like one of the last comments about things that trigger episodes.

Like most, I have had leaky episodes 4 - 7 times a week, mostly happening 30 min. after I poop. This has been going on for about five years or so now and I am 37. Couple years ago I went through the battery of tests (colonoscopy, etc.) and was told it was IBS-D. I have had more frequent diarea problems over the years than most people (according to my wife), which is about 1-5 times a month depending on my eating habits. And, I've always had a fairly sensitive digestive system (even had an ultrasound when I was 15 to see if I had ulcers--the doc then said it was too much greasy food). But this leakage is only five years old occurs whether I have diarea or not.

My triggers seem to be 1. large quantities of food in a day, particularly if capped off with a sweet dessert; 2. Too much sweets or rich (cream) foods; 3. Too much greasy foods. These things tend to aggravate it much worse, although I still experience it with a normal diet. Also, whenever I run on the treadmill in the morning after a bowel movement it really leaks bad (probably from the movement and up and down motions).

I'm heterosexual, non-smoker, non-coffee or tea drinker. Have enjoyed hard exercise most of my life.

For me, I'm thinking diet changes would help it the most, but it would sure be nice to find a cure. I guess it's a mixed blessing in that it forces us to evaluate and change our eating habits--which never hurts anybody. I just hope it doesn't progress to the point that I have to wear a diaper all the time--that's my biggest fear.

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Thank God I found this site. Read too many posts and ran out of time, now must go to bed. You guys rock! Metamucil starts tomorrow!

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Hi guys

Im glad to be able to say i USED to have this problem!! In my case the cause turned out to be quite simple. My diet sucked, i was eating little or no fibre! so my poo's were hard and dry n took a hell of a lot of strainin to get out! this in turn stretches the anal sphincter and results in minor leakage as the muscle takes time to re-tighten and hold in the contents of your colon. I now start the day with a glass of orange juice, have an apple at lunch, n a bit of veg in the evening and my poo's are 100 times easier to get out and i no longer leak. Little tip tho, i keep fibre suppliments in just in case i cant be bothered with the fruit or cookin veg one day.... Hope this helps.

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I read about this problem, (once I had it), in a nurse's magazine. A doctor had studied it for years and had a whole list of foods, which he thought triggered the condition. I picked out coffee, vinegar and milk since I rarely eat spicy foods anyway.
Eventually I found that, if I can avoid milk and butter, I can be relatively free of leakage.
However this Christmas, for example, it has returned, perhaps because of all the milk in seasonal chocolate binging.
I read elsewhere that adult humans are not adapted to drinking cows' milk.
My secret solution is to find a clean toilet, splosh my anus with the water and dry myself off with the toilet paper or a paper hand towel. This is not as gross as it sounds and in many countries toilets are provided with a upward spray and a tap next to the seat. Who knows what the French do in their famous "bidets".

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- There are several issues here. Moisture, Leakage, and Diet.
- History: dont smoke, dont drink, I drink 3 or 4 cups of coffee in the AM, cut back on 2% milk to minumum.
- Leakage..... It is not that easy to reaply powder if a person is at work. Not everyone has access to the vip restrooms or risk getting powder down the outside of the back of your pants. Not me for sure, so I have found a site that sells moisture wicking underwear. I have not tried these. Does anyone else use them for this?
- For me leakage is primarily onset after constipation or spicy foods. Metamucil alone dont do much for helping my bowels. I just get massive amounts of gas and hard stools that make it harder to pass even when drinking a lot of water. One proctologist had me get Senna Prompt made by Konsyl. It works every time but I only use it when I feel like I am not going regularly. It has senna laxative and psyllium for bulk. Your more likely to find it at smaller drug stores. Wally world dont have it.
- Another Dr. told me I could take Milk Of Magnesia every day if I needed to because it has no stimulants in it. But I think it vaporises because I get lots of gas with that too. Maybe Im just a gas factory. But it too keeps things moving right along.
- I tried Dannon Activia for over a month but it didnt really help me that I could tell.
- Lots of mexican foods bothers me so I just try to avoid it. Even Ranch style beans, but not pinto beans. I think making a list of what I ate each day would help determine my problem foods.
- The Whole Grain style cerial like Cheerios is a cheap way to get fiber without it being as obvious as metamucyl drink and that Fiber Sure made by Metamusil can be sprinkled on other foods.
-- Tip: If you suspect a leakage day emerging and you dont have vip privilages, wear two pair of underwear. The one on the inside being the oldest pair; and if it gets soiled just cut the inside pair off and chunk them in the trash can.
. . Good luck everyone. Together we eventually will work this out.

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wel basically i think u just dont wipe ur ass right even though u say u dont somebody said it happens to 6.5% of the people wel that is bloddy bull-SHIT it can happen to anyone!!!!

random stinky butt's picture this morning my friend told me that my butt stank really bad.i went to the bathroom to wipe my ass hole,and it came clean. no poop or anything...then another one of my friends told me my butt stank. i don't understand why it gives off such a rancid smell. please help me with this stench. i don't need to be going to school with a stanky butt.
thank you,and have a nice day.

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I'm new to the site as of today. I have been watching for splenda since about one month after it's debut. I also can't tolerate any false sugars. Until recently I was ok but now have problems daily. I will stop coffee and soda immediately and add cranberry juice to the metamucil I have been taking for the last 6 weeks. I will watch for Casein too. Good luck to you all.

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I'm sooooooo happy to have found this page. You all are lifesavers! I've had this problem where my butt leaks a while after I poo in the loo or do work hard. One time we were in a long car ride and my bro was like wtf is that smell? And kept rolling down the window. I was like I dunno i think its the clothes in the back seat lol.

I've been stressing because I'm supposed to go to boot camp, but I don't want to be running around with poopy butt! This makes sense, because I recently moved out on my own (at 18, now 19m) and have basically eaten fast food everyday for lunch and dinner for a few months now. So more fiber!

I'll let ya know if it works or not.

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I have read all these hundreds of comments about anal leakage and I am weirdly relieved to see I'm not the only guy on the planet suddenly coping with unwanted mucal ooze from my anus.

I am 46 years old, male, moderately overweight.
I don't eat the best diet -- too much coffee (though not THAT much red meat, hardly anything fried, etc.). I have had hemorrhoids on and off for 30 years, but the leakage started out of nowhere about three weeks ago.

I have a weird mysterious clear or yellowish fluid, sometimes with traces of light-red blood, but not much odor. Leakage is especially strong in the morning -- once or twice it has leaked through my trousers and this morning it stained the car seat! I have ruined several pairs of briefs.

I clean myself daily and almost always shower right after pooping. But now my anus is on an independent mission to embarrass me.

Some other factors:

** I have an especially painful, long-lasting hemhorroidal episode going on at present, and also a big case of pruritus ani (itchy rectal area) that seems to be spreading beyond my rectal area. It's never been so bad. Scratching this area is almost ORGASMIC. In the shower in the morning, I can't stop. I honestly fear I might scratch all the skin off my rectal zone and still not be able to quit.

** About six weeks ago I began taking an herbal colon cleanser and total body purifier. The initial results were great; I had two or three substantial poops daily and felt good. But about two weeks ago I quit taking these supplements when, on two occasions, they seemed to generate cramps, bloating and serious digestive pain. My family blamed Italian-style chicken wings from a restaurant, but I think it was the herbal supplements.

** For the last ten days I've eaten a LOT of food (Christmas holidays, etc.), drunk a lot of alcohol, but had only a couple of skimpy poops. Meanwhile the leakage issue has intensified.

** Anusol is terrific for regular minor hemhorroidal pain, MUCH better than Preparation H, but is of no help in this case. A diaper-rash ointment containing lanolin brings some temporary pain relief and kills the scratching urge for awhile, but it also greases things up even worse.

I will go on a fiber supplement ASAP (thanks for the advice) and drink more cranberry, but could the herbal colon-cleanser pills have damaged me somehow? This is driving me insane -- I have to sit at a desk most of the day.

Thank you all for sharing your problems... you are NOT alone.

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Hello. I also have a leaky butt. I have some of the symptoms you fellows already listed. Like the sweating, smell, and poo leckage. But as i thought about i realized that the sweating comes when im around people. i get nervous that theyll start smelling my smell from my ass and thus i heat up and sweat more. Does this happen to anyboy else. Does fiber tablets, metamucils really help? Thanks.

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Wow! I am smart enough to know that by no means could I be the only one with this problem, but "Holy Shit Batman" (pun intended) There are far more of us than I realised. I have seen my doctor about the problem and he has referred me to a consultant whom he describes as "The best bum man in Northern England" (yes, I am still wondering if that is a compliment about his work or his nocturnal habits!).

I shall certainly report here afterwards with his findings and suggestions.

I too can clean myself totally, visiting the bathroom on a morning and then after wiping, taking a shower and using the shower head as a sort of hand held bidet. I am spotless. Yet 30 minutes to an hour later I can feel that familiar itchy feeling (anyone know why poo can be soo itchy?) and need to re-wipe (my wife and I discretely refer to this as a secondary visit) I may as well not have bothered to wipe in the first place. This is not mucus or sweat, we are talking real poo, as much as if I had just defacated. Sometimes I can make one proper bathroom visit and spend the rest of the day making "secondary visits" - up to half a dozen of them! If for any reason I cannot get to a bathroom to clean myself again, the itchyness starts to become painful, to the extent that I can even have very slight bleeding from the tiny anal fissures! It is sometimes unbelievably urgent to wipe again to relieve the itchyness.

My most embarassing moment was when rising from a hotel bed one morning to find a large skid mark I had left there!!

Thank goodness I am not alone and can at long last share my situation with others who understand my embarrassment and despair.



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Hey all, thanks for talking about this stuff that can be too embarassing even to mention to doctors- especially now that they're all suddenly younger than me! I've had the problem of the stinky liquid leakage. As a female, I have the advantage of knowing about pantyliners- which are so thin you don't even notice them (Not like big menstrual pads that look puffy) and when you change them it's like a whole new pair of underwear. They're self-adhesive, get them in the feminine products section and tell anyone who asks that they're for catching oil dripping out of your engine or something. I highly recommend them- at least they'll keep things from going to your pants and showing through. And they have extra long ones too. One kind is Lightdays by Kotex I think, but the keyword is pantyliner. That's a little symptom relief for the time being.

As for further help, I've had some success for them moment- I've got my fingers crossed. My problem was specifically the very stinky liquid leakage, which was really grossing me out, nevermind the stress of having it discovered by a new boyfriend. I knew I was lactose intolerant, but I would take lactaid pills with any dairy to avoid bloating and all that. Well, I've cut out dairy completely and the leakage for now has stopped. After being off the dairy for a week, I cheated one day and sure enough I got the leakage for a few days after that. I think the dairy just sits in the gut creating problems. I still drink a cup of coffee every morning, but I use Silk soy creamer instead of cream. Not as good, but you get used to it. Better than butt juice in the morning!!

Also, I started taking psyllium husks (or Yerba Prima "Daily Fiber Formula" - no sugar or flavorings but goes down easier than plain psyllium). I do 3 spoonfulls a day with lots of water, 1 in the am, 1 afternoon, 1 night. Ramp up to the 3 like that one guy warned to avoid extra gas. Also get ready for some very big satisfying poos, and whatever clearing of the pipes that affords! If there are remnants hanging out in there (squatters not paying rent), being religious about the fiber seems to really help move everything through. (You can yell at them on the way out.)

My one other idea after reading a bunch (not all) of the posts- and forgive me if this sounds too simple- but it took me till a few years ago to figure it out- when you first go to wipe, since often there's a bit of a hanger-on lingering at the butt rim, first just brush off the area gently, like NO pressure- to grab whatever's there- it'll stick to the t.p. Then go in for the more thorough wiping. This way you avoid just smearing a whole chunk of poo all over the place. I know it's really obvious, it's like something mothers should teach but mine never did.

And finally, after all this sophisticated, articulate talk about poo, butts and leakage, I just want to bend down to the low road for a minute and say, to all the assholes and bitches who feel the need to tell us that they are on this site just reading about our misery for laughs: I HOPE YOU GET EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL BLEEDING HEMORRHOIDS AND EXPLOSIVELY UNCONTROLLABLE SHITSPLOSIONS AND LOSE ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND ABILITY TO LAUGH AT THE SUFFERING OF OTHERS, you fucking losers.

To all my fellow sufferers, keep looking for solutions, you're not alone, next time you look down at your stained drawers, see the supportive smiles of us all!! In poopidarity, over and out.

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great site. suprised so many people have similar issues.
my problem is im not sure what my issues are really. for starters, i know something is definitely wrong. but i dont know what. it started 3 weeks ago when i would be driving to work and it would feel like i was crapping myself. id get in work and got to wipe but nothing would be there. so i dont have poop leaking out, but its definitely wet. i dont know if its sweat or mucus. my craps were different and barely anything for a while, so i started taking Metamusil and it definitely helped. I crapped more often, more shit and less wetness. So i guess it was lack of fiber. i still dont know if this is from leakage of mucus (if that exists) or just plain sweat. the thing is im not really that hot when i feel the wetness, but i do have bad nerves and get nervous a lot. im 22/m/athletic and in shape. im thinking of getting that Odaban stuff someone recommended for excess sweating and seeing if that works. has anyone ever used it here? does it help????

great site again - crack head

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i 2000+ points

Okay, aside from the fact that your breath "smells like shit", this really isn't a poop question. Maybe you're an example of the term "shitfaced"? I dunno. (*sighs*)

But we're here to help. I guess. So... some possible causes of halitosis (shitty breath):

1. Sinus infections & abnormal sinus anatomies
2. Tonsilar infections or tonsiloliths
3. Lung diseases
4. Kidney diseases
5. Liver diseases
6. Blood disorders
7. Diabetes
8. Gallbladder dysfunction
9. Menstruation (your period, if female)
10. Carcinomas (cancer)
11. Certain foods

See a doctor.

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Hi everyone,

I've had the same problem as already discussed. I have IBS and had a sudden onset of stomach pain for a month and mucus discharge. I changed my diet and now eat oatmeal with ground up flax seed every morning and eat a lot of rice and beans. I've always heard that beans give you gas but I've been eating lentil casserole for the past few days and nothing's happened. Anyways, to make a long story short it appears that if you eat less fat (no deep fried stuff), and you increase fibre such as oatmeal and beans then it slows the action of the gut and absorbs excess water. I'm not sure about fibre from fruits and veggies but I do know that the oatmeal is helping. This diet might not work for everyone since IBS is individualistic but it's a natural approach and worth a try!

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Hey, occasional leaker here...

Although I've had minor variations of this in my younger ages, recently I've been getting leakage after peeing or being in warm rooms. It really sucks too because now the smell is ranging out, so public rooms with other people aren't fun...

Anyway, I'm hoping the fiber thing works out...

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If you have Clingons on your starboard bow , you need to have a word with Captain James T Kirk.

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I've finally discovered the cause of my leakage. I saw the gastroenterologist this week and he said that I have "impacted fecal matter" in other words - extreme constipation. Apparently it creates a blockage and the mucous goes around it. Since I've taken a few laxatives the mucous has cleared up. All of this trouble - it took 2 months to see the specialist and it wasn't anything serious. It was also extremely painful! Odd story but you could be constipated and have diarhea at the same time!

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hey pipo, its just good to know i'm not the only one...i was beginning to think it was a tiny demon monster lodged in my guts, or maybe my ass hole was getting would be nice if the owner of this forum would sum up all the causes suggested by everyone, since the beginning of this topic and list them would be easier to make a diagnosis from there....

And to the guy who suggested it was anti-perspirant deodorant, what if i spray my ass too, where do u think i'll sweat from next?

On a serious note though, whoever started this site is a genius, stinky ass genius!!!!

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i have a sweaty butt. i dont know how i got here. sometimes when i sit for long periods my butt sticks to things, is it weird that i like it? i kinda like it when i feel the moistness coming from my butt, any thoughts on this?gimme a call fo sho 360-589-1595, or just call for some sweaty ass time

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okay, its been a few month since i tried to balance my diet now. ive been eating bananas and oranges at least once a day, i have a bowl of porridge in the morning and weetabix for supper. whatever i have for dinner might be some sandwiches. i totally cut out the sauce on my food for about two weeks and still the problems persist. arg!

ive been doing some pondering. that maybe this annoying problem is an anxiety thing. i used to get really stressed and worked up over things and sometimes used to feel like everything i did was pointles. im now free of that, and i focused on eating more fibre. but no matter how happy i am or how much i chance my diet people still complain of a smell of crap. but nothings there! what the hell is going on??

i do sweat, but its odd because the sweat doesnt smell most of the time. ive checked when ive been to the loo. just suddenly when im sat down the smell starts to come and then it comes on strong then goes away :S not sure what its about but its still annoying. i thought maybe its wind cos sometimes i feel weird jurking feelings running through my arse as if ive farted silently, but oddly no smell occurs at that point.

im very suspisious that my friends know because they keep snirtching around me, and nobody says anything even though i can smell it too. they might not know that its me, but theyve complained whenever im around. surley they have their suspicions now?

i always look forward to the end of the day when i retreat to my room and do everything as normal. but i dont totally avoid the problem, cos sometimes my mum and dad have complained of bad smells when im around and when im sat at the computer sometimes it just comes. it gets horrid and i hate it. but i feel theres nothing i can do anymore.

it may be soon when this whole dilemma is brought to a head, when someone turns around to me and says 'do you know that you smell of shit?'. ill be left alone with nobody to talk to because theyll all veer away and avoid me cos of the smell. depressing or what? :P

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It's unbelievable this has to be an underground sort of thing. These are the things doctors should be studying so we don't have to run around with tissue paper up our ass. I am intrigued by the concept of mucus producing DAIRY. I eat an immense amount of dairy product. I will stop diary for a week and repost next week.

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Um, am surmising that anal sex can cause this problem. Guess I will have to end it all. Bad pun. Sorry.

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I'm no expert.. but I am a bit of a health nut. Taking into consideration all of the information that I have absorbed. This problem could be due to Trans Fats. Yes my friends, Trans Fats. Now, you may be thinking "But the food I eat says 0 Trans Fats." Well, that's all fine and dandy.. but in actuality, sometimes they don't have to put it on the label. See, if a product you buy says it contains hydrogenated oils and/or shortening - then there's Trans Fats present. So... my advice to you, start reading labels. It's important to know what you're eating, because it can have a huge effect on the way your body functions. I have personally cut Trans Fats out of my diet completely. Yes, completely. It does a body good. Best of Luck to all of you! I hope you find a solution to this problem.

The Victor Over Anal Leakage!!!'s picture

OK. I think I have the solution to the problem, SERIOUSLY. I see it is already posted here a few times, but fiber seems to have solved the problem for me!!!!!!!!!! Thank God!!!!!!!!!!

I am 26 years old. Male. I had this issue for months and it was absolutely driving my insane. I would go to the bathroom, wipe very well, until the paper came back purely white. I'd go back to work or whatever I was doing and in about 20 minutes I would have to go back and re-wipe because I was obviously not clean as I felt dirty and was very itchy. I ignored it for a while, thinking "whatever, it's just my ass". And honestly I was way to embarrassed to see a doctor. After a few months of ignoring it, the itching got worse, and worse. I started to itch ALL THE TIME. I was worried it was something serious like cancer.
Eventually I bit the bullet, manned up and went to the doctor. I just broke it down to her bluntly, "I dont know what the issue is, if it is hemmroids or what, but I itch like hell. Also, I always seem to have to rewipe myself after I have a bowl movement. I cant seem to stay clean." This was a General Practitioner. She took a look and noticed a yeast infection (yes, yeast infections can effect assholes as well, not just vaginas. Any place dark, warm and moist. This leaking issue apparently provided the moisture needed. I know, nasty but if you want to find a solution, read on). Well, the Dr. put me on hydrocortozone cream for 2 weeks. Seemed to help for those weeks, but AS SOON as I completely the course, the issue returned. I went back to the dr. She put me on 2 weeks of a vaginal (yes vaginal) yeast pill. That helped with the itching but didnt seem to solve the leaking issue. My GP suggested I go to a Gastrointerologist (GI Doctor). So, fuck it. I went. I told him the issue, he stuck his finger up there (a pain in the ass literally). He looked around, but found nothing abnormal. Told me maybe it was an obsessive compulsive thing. I told him, well I might believe that if when I re-wiped the paper came back clean. But after I poop, I wipe until Im clean. Then 20 minutes later I am dirty again. He said things like this could be caused my stress/depression. I didnt buy this reasoning totally, but he found nothing physically wrong with me.
At this point I was absolutely frustrated and angry. After $100 worth of insurance co-pays and 3 or 4 prescriptions filled, I had NO solution to the problem. Next step, try to figure it out on my own since I could pretty much write off my concerns of having colon cancer or rectal cancer or something crazy like that. I found this site. After reading the posts, I decided, what the fuck? Might as well try the fiber approach. I stopped by the pharmacy and picked up some powder fiber (I use Benefiber because it is not a laxative, but I guess any brand will work). After a few days on the fiber (one glass in the morning, one at night) the problem stopped. Completely. Pardon the pun, but no, I am not shitting you. I am dead serious. Matter of fact, I have had basically no problems for about a month now either with leakage or itching. I never thought such a simple remedy would solve such an annoying problem, but it seems to have. I really have not changed anything else about my eating (which has always been good) or excercizing, except for this addition of fiber. The fiber costs about $10 for about 2 weeks supply. Fiber powder = $10. Glass of water = free. Non-leaky asspipe = priceless!!!!!!!!

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sometimes I have to go to the bathroom just to wipe becaues it feels sweaty down there. when I wipe its like a brown sweat looking thing.

Leakage Solved's picture

God bless this Web site. I am a male in my mid 30s and have suffered from anal leakage for several years and did not have the courage to ask my doc about it or even mention it to my wife - although I would have forced myself to do both if I did not have a recent breakthrough. I'd take a dump, wipe like crazy, then have to come back and wipe at 30 minutes and again about 1 hour - disgusting situation. Discovering I was not the only human being on the planet with this problem made me feel much better. I read all the posts above, decided to cut dairy products out almost completely for a week and take supplemental fiber powder. The leakage disappeared completely within about 1.5 days. Now one wipe only - what a great feeling. Since I changed two things at the same time, not sure if the root cause is some dairy product intolerance or lack of adequate fiber. I will experiment by eliminating the extra fiber supplement to see if the problem returns. Thanks to the creators of this Web site for helping me solve my most embarrassing problem.

return of the sticky's picture

I was suffering from chronic diarrhea and "million wipers". I had been having diarrhea and sticky bunghole everyday regardless of diet. I would wipe and wipe and wipe until bright red blood would show up on the TP. I'm a 26 yr old female btw. Anyways, about three hours after I shat, my ass would feel a little "unfresh" so I'd go and wipe some more. Lo and behold, I had a fresh new stash of poop. It seemed worse after I ate leafy (fibrous) greens. Anyways. I got a bag of dried apricots as a gift. AFter eating those suckers for a couple days or so I swear my poop has never been more perfect. A little hard, But always coming off clean, and no residue either. I'm telling you, try some dried apricots. THANK YOU DRIED APRICOTS. :)

Pain in the Butt's picture

Did you know that you can have diarrhoea and be constipated?..... Constipation, if left untreated, can lead to faecal impaction. Faecal impaction means all the faeces behind the impaction can not escape, so a watery mixture will start to leak from the anus.
'Google' faecal impaction for more information. Also if you decide to try fibre in your diet you must drink lots of fluid, more than 4 pints....and also note that a sharp increase in fibre may lead to bloating and trapped wind, soit is advisable to increase your fibre intake gradually.

vrch's picture

Can someone please list some foods with FIBER?

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

Pretty much every fresh fruit, fresh vegetable, and whole grain on the planet.

Desperate man's picture

I have been reading this, and I have some of these symptoms. I'm 19.

Sometimes there are tiny specks of blood on the TP after i wipe, but thats only happened a few times.

The whole, wipe, come back ten mins later and wipe again thing effects me too. It's not really discharge though, just small pellets and stains. This mainly feels uncomfortable because I sweat quite a lot, especially in my rectum.

The wost part of all (sad enough) is the smell. I don't know if anybody else has this problem, but mine really smells. It upsets me aswell cause I'll be out with mates and somebody will ALWAYS say 'urrrgh who's farted?' or 'can you smell shit?' ...which is amusing as i type it here, but it totally pisses me off.

Can somebody give me some advice.
Lately I've cut down on eating junk, and drinking fizzy stuff. Now I drink more water, don't eat loads of food every day, and (as of today) started eating apples and oranges, plus doing excersie now and again.

All help would be very, very appreciated.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I had most of the same symptoms posted on this blog for at least 5 years and I thought I had to live with it forever, but the minute I started using Metamucil, they disappeared. Absolutely amazing!! I guess I should eat more fiber instead of depending on the artificial fiber, but right now I'm enjoying my success.

New Asshole's picture

I think generally from what I've read here the common condition is piles.

I have recently had an heamorrhoidectomy (sp?) - an overnight hospital stay with general anaesthetic.
I had about five years of itching esp. at night, and 1 year of leaking mucous and yellow stuff w/ small amounts of blood on the paper. The last few months, I was re-wiping every hour or so at work.
I had a small flap of skin on the outside and so felt around a bit inside and found nothing of concern.
The docs did a colonoscopy and Yep, piles. So they carved me a new asshole (my little joke).

Problem solved (so far). I hope this helps.

Sweat Sweetie's picture

You guys are a Godsend! I am a 28 yr old woman. Today, i almost lost it. i have the sweaty smelly condition. Driving home, I prayed so hard to the Great Spirit because i just did not want to go on living like this. I dropped out of college because of this problem, i got a job where i can work outside sometimes. ON my desk sits an electric liquid potpourri warmer out of courtesy to my co-workers for being extremely polite and tolerant; It covers up the odor quite nicely. My doctor told me that what i have "is not a disease."
i live with my boyfriend who has poop accidents every now and again, and almost daily skidmarks. i love him, and I do his laundry with no qualms, poopie tightie whities are just clothes, with stains...they do not "make the man" He is a professinoal working on his masters and has a bunch of friends...he is out now shooting pool and running to thr bathroom evry hour. He is happy, confident and kind, a man's man and a a friend to women as well.Maybe laughing at eachothers farts and fart contests isn't going to help us, but it beats crying over this like i used to many many moons ago. So all you guys out there..find yourself a woman who isn't shallow, a good respectable woman, a beautiful person who shines inside and out.dont go for the self absorbed, vainglorious selfish ones. Better yourself in every way possible, strengthen that character, get past the anxiety, beat it. and if u need to go wipe every hour...then do it. its good to be considerate of others. and if their jerks about your condition...LET THEM SMELL IT!
i am so glad to have found a place where i dont need to run to bathrooom to wipe so that you all dont get offended by my AL.

I still go out, dine out, enjoy camping and hiking because there are people in hospital beds with worse conditions who wish they could do these things.

I try and get over my anxiety, what helps me is slowing my breathing, allowing myself to feel the anxiety, because feeling and having compassion toward myself allows me to become more accepting of this condition, it is different than FEARING the anxiety and feeling more anxious over it when it comes therefore creating a vicious cycle. if i relax enough...the leaking slows a bit. "Live your prayers." that was told to me by a Lakota Medicine Person, sacred sweat lodge ceremony has helped me so much (thank you Creator). Practice whatever you practice, pray to whomever you pray, I am so glad that we are not alone.

I want to heal,this experience has taught me about being sensitive to other people's short-comings, diseases, eccentricities. If we had a choice....we wouldn't be this way and neither would they.We do however have a choice in how we behave:


I will try the fiber as soon as i finish posting, and will try the cayenne, Herbal FIberblend, Cranberry juice, Zeasorb etc, I'm so excited :D Its a pleasure to meet you guys, Thank you.

Anonymous Coward's picture

This is the greatest site ever!!
I'm intersted in some updates for those of you that have tried the fiber. If someone could give me a list of high fiber foods that would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Stenchbuttslimehole's picture

Ah yes,the dreaded anal leakage.I have suffered since school really,about 15 years in total,the days of plastic chairs and nylon/polyester trousers and the sweaty bum mark left on chairs.If the crack is not kept well washed you get the smelly arse syndrome too.In the last few years I have gained chronic pancreatits with IBD to boot,the same old story of having a dump and a good clean up,only having to go back an hour later to mop up again.I take the fibre supplements and all that too.I recently had to have an examination of my ring under general anaesthetic and I think they stretched my already loose anal muscles too much,it's been two weeks now and my ass leakage has got worse than it was before,luckily I cannot work,so it's not too much of a problem when your at home all day.I usually just clean up with bog roll gently then use wet wipes to get the ring spotless.I also use baby powder to keep the crack as dry as possible and it does help,it can also cover up the sweaty poo bum odour aswell.

So you see it is far more common than most people think,just people don't talk about it,one of my mates also suffers from slime-butt big time too!!

Anonymous Coward's picture

Alright, I'm 29 good health, 5'9,210 lbs, run 5 miles in 40 minutes. I have the the poo on the butt about 30 min.-1 hour after bowel movements as well. I also have the sweaty butt problem. The sweaty butt seems to come from two sources for me. Sometimes I feel the sweat running down my back and eventually winds up in my crack and other times it feels like it comes from inside my crack (butt cheeks or anus). I know another man, father in law who told me he had a similar problem with the poo coming out some time after wiping. The doctor told him that it was because he has a thick sphincter. Now that makes sense. If poop or anal liquid gets trapped in there it will eventually leak out when exercising, sweating from the anus(if there are sweat poores there),farting etc. I have put my finger in there and noticed that I too have a thick sphincter. What I do is keep baby wipes in the bathroom and most times when I poop I will take the baby wipe and cover my finger with and slowly wiggle it into my anus and then pull it out and cover it with a wad of regular toilet paper and throw it in the trash. I've never smelled it sitting in the trash can. This cleans out the sphincter area and stops crap from coming out until the next bowel movement. I suspect that using a tampon in the same manner would be a good(ever better remedy)push it in pull it out and you should have a clean sphincter muscle. I just haven't got up enough nerve to buy the tampons yet.

For the sweating problem, I've always had a problem with being too hot and sweating all over my body. I think this has something to do with how many calories I take in. Your body burns calories as fuel that creates heat which creates sweat. Dead people are not taking in calories and not producing sweat. I've been noticing that my reduction in calories and increased exercise has created a caloric deficit causing me to sweat less. I'm not a doctor and I find it amazing that all of the doctors that I have spoken to about this didn't have a simple remedy or plausible excuse for these problems. Maybe they should resort back to tasting our feces again. They sure do seem to have high prestige and status but not many real solutions for problems like this. I hope someone finds this info helpful.

smarties junkie's picture

Right. A report back on progress which doesn't seem to be happening. same intake of fibre and balance of foods.

I seem to have noticed that some days my poop is perfectly alright and just slips right through, and sometimes its awfully bad and sticks and doesn't come off my bum. like i say, some days it slips right through and a little wipe a nice easy quick rinse does the job. but that doesn't stop the smell.

its a very strange cycle it leads. not sure what to think of it, since im clean as a whistle yet a smell is produced and when i check nothing is there. it may be the sweat but ive checked and i dont think its that. im confused :S

now this brings me to a point that i would like to make about junk food. when i was younger i would only eat processed meats like burgers and the such, and im wondering maybe im suffering as a result of this. i must have been eating this stuff for at least 5 years. i wonder whether because of that its irreversable without having a digestive system transplant, and im going to be like this forever? i wish i could go back in time and eat healthy :P

i hope one day this will be gone, and ill be able to lead a normal life without the pressure. it may be wishful thinking though since i may have done the damage and have to deal with it... :(

in england jamie oliver, a celebrity chef, tried to introduce healthier meals to school children and the campaign didnt seem to work very well. well a word of warning kids; if you dont want to live every day stinking of poop, leaking and crying until death then simply dont eat another one of those turkey twizzlers ;) believe me, you do NOT want to live with anal leakage. the stress it causes is too much for a hormone-crazy teenager.

I need a fix's picture

Thank god for this website. First off my symptoms, I get a little leakage, but not much. For the most part i have discomfort while i am sitting down. Recently It has been very hard to take a shit. I would have a good amount of bleeding and it felt like something was tearing up my asshole. It fucking sucked. This all started when i was about 14, i told my mom about it right away and she told me that i should put some petroleum jelly up my ass and that should fix the problem, it did for a while. I put that stuff on every day for a couple years but after that couple years it just simply stopped working. So once the problem came up again i went right to the doctor and he gave me a powder and some cream, well that didnt work at all, so i have just been living with it. I am now 18 and still seeking for a solution. I am completely paranoid about it. I have heard a couple jokes but i get over it. I hear people saying it smells like ass, but i just look the other way, its extremely demoralizing. Please someone give me some suggestions

Anonymous Coward's picture

Hi I'm 15 and Similar to the tall 15 year old kid, I feel like my butt is sweaty / wet, too. I have never drank alcohol, coffee, or smoked anything ever in my life.

It usually gets bad during gym, or when I have to present in front of my class. It isn't really poop or liquid poop, more like sweat.

Wait wait, but here's the thing. I used to drink soda very often. Now it's much less, but instead I drink TONS of apple juice, at least 2 cups a day.

The problem started after high school started. I get a feeling that it is because of the junk food I eat everyday.

Also, I always have problems. I try to crap every morning before taking a shower and before eating breakfast. Sometimes it's nice, sometimes nothing comes out. Then at school I feel like I have to go. I'm gonna try stopping junk food now.

Please somebody respond

Ass Victim's picture

Wow I can't belive I found this site, its amazing! I have had this problem , sweating weird clear /yellowish fluid leakage and itching for a years now and it's a nightmare .
My health isnt great , my diet is beyond awful, AND I smoke weed occasionally. But I dont drink or smoke tabaco. I am sure this is about diet. I dont think I have this as bad as some people here , but it can become painful and ruin your life , and it BURNS like hell!! Sometimes so bad that the whole rectal area is so painful and enflamed I can't walk properly. I basicly keep everything really clean , and when things are bad I just keep washing the affected area after shitting .Something which seems to help is avoiding colored toilet paper ,and spitting/ wetting the paper befor I wipe ( I read in a book that this can help and it does ). It might sound totally weird but apart from always being especially clean, I also put some hair conditioner around on the ass hair in the shower, after useing soap, and this helps the hair and skin not to get dry (I use the brand called Panteme pro v ,for dry hair ,it works...).I am definitely going to change my diet, as I know when I have done this in the past it makes a huge difference. As for the weed issue , I think it makes it worse in my case as I get the munchies and eat lots of sugar and junk which is IMO the worst thing anyone can eat for any problem. Anxiety also gives me a nervous stomach, which makes my ass sweat which does'nt help. The fluid I sometimes leak has a particular mild odur , and as I say burns .I hope some of this helps , this site is great , you always feel alone until you find out other people are in the same boat ...or worse. Good luck and thanks for such a cool site !

Anonymous Coward's picture

I had this problem for a few months, but fiber seems to have completely cured it! One bowl of all bran cereal every morning has done the trick. Thank God for this site!

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