my butt is leaky

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Alex asks:

Anal leakage. OK, I wipe my ass VERY well -- I mean VERY well -- and without farting, or much activity, I'll go back to the bathroom a few hours later because something feels a little wrong and I wipe my ass and it looks like I didn't wipe it the last time I shat. It's not liquidy or anything, it just looks like I didnt wipe very well. I don't eat any Wow chips, I don't drink, I've never had anal sex... I don't know why this happens. Anyone else have this problem? Is sweat like getting up in my ass and kinda loosening things up or something? Thanks for the help.

Dear Alex,

If you don't eat Wow! chips, don't drink, and don't have anal, exactly what the hell do you do for fun? That's the bigger question here...

Sigh. Seriously, it is probably just mucus or something. I wouldn't worry about it. If you absolutely feel like you have to have a solution, either:

  1. Go see a doctor.
  2. Try Tampax. The string can be discreetly stuffed up your butt to hide it. No one has to know you are troubled by anal leakage.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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my girl would never have such butt troubles....

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Re Cowardly Lion

Yes, I am still going strong. When I changed my diet to include more fibre, I had mixed results for probably the first 3-4 weeks. I think in my case, I was not really sure as to how much to eat and the right things to eat so it took a little time to find a balance. I haven't used metamucil but bascially have some Phsillium husk that a put on my cereal (sultana bran) in the morning. The rest of the day, I just generally include some whole grain crispbread at lunch for about 3 days a week. The rest of the week I just really eat as I feel but avoid "junk" foods. I think when changing to a high fibre diet my body really went through some changes but after a few weeks and finding a balance you won't look back. In my case I believe stopping dairy helped too. I have soy milk with my bearkfast (some are not so good some are really good, I recommend experimenting). I still would eat cheese if it is served but I don't go looking for it. I found once you start trying different foods, you soon notice the different effects they have on your system. Over time you find what works. On top of the poo issue, healthier eating has brough many benefits, I have lost weight and feel better, physically and mentally. Hope that helps

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Thanks Fixed for your comments.

I've been on the high fibre diet for over a month now and have cut out dairy for as long as I can remember, but the improvements are minimal to none. I supposed I'm among the minority here that has more complex issues that can't be fixed by dietary changes alone. I've finally convinced my family doctor to refer me to a gastrointestinal specialist. I must have gone to more than half a dozen family doctors now :P The vast majority are just not trained well enough to treat this sort of thing and some are just flat out ignorant. It's just unbelievable -_-. I hope the specialist can put a name to this 'thing'.

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Further to my last posting. I have been thinking some more about my experiences. I would have to say that cutting out the dairy really made a difference and I would sugest it is worth a try. I never remember having this problem all my life, just over the last few years. I don't know what changed in my body but since I have stopped dairy products and gone fibre, I have no problem!

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RE Cowardly Lion

Sounds like seeing a specialist is the way to go. I too had the experience of talking to a doctor, who it quickly became apparent, knew nothing and looked like he didn't want to know more! It is not ideal, but these issues are important and serious. Best of luck

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By all means I suggest seeing a specialist. I know how hard and embarrassing it can be but just take the first step - Make an appointment. I saw a specialist and he thought I just needed more fibre, and specifically suggested a high fibre breakfast cereal AND Metamucil. I took his advice (although very skeptical) and had an 80 % improvement within days.

The thing about just increasing fibre is that all fibre is not created equal. Some forms will have a much bigger effect than others, some will have little effect and some won't work at all. Personally I've found that Weet Bix hi Bran ( an Aussie cereal) Metamucil and Herbal Fiberblend work best for me. Metamucil and Herbal fiberblend both contain psyllium which works great.

but if you want to try just one thing that will have a dramatic effect try Herbal fiberblend. The stuff is amazing

Hope this helps

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I have read through quite a few notes on leakage, and I too suffer from this problem. Mine is a solid, regardless...same thing.

I am 6' tall and go back and fourth between 225 to 240....depends on the month (Apparently) I rarely alter my diet, and don't snack like I used to...etc. (Much healthier than the past to shorten the story) But my daily routine isn't the same, and I don't exercise or play sports like I did in the past.

My stomach muscles aren't what they used to be, and I have had 7 surgeries in all to date, but only two surgeries relate to this issue. First as a 7 years old, my appendix was removed. (It nearly burst, so the scar is 10 times larger than most others I have seen) I didn't know that the appendix is a filter for the lower intestines until much later in life. (I am now 48) The second surgery was for a partial removal of my lower intestine, due to having a bad case of "Diverticulosis", which turns to "Diverticulitus" in it's next stage, then it seems render a person near death when that stage took place. (I ended up in the Hospital about 8 times in two years from Diverticulitus flair ups) Which obviously got old real fast. So, the surgeon ended up removing about 12" of the infected area.

(Trying to shorten this story a bit.)

I still leak, and now, I really think it's all muscle related. In other words, as our muscles get weak, and our bellies grow, from either age or lack of movement...etc, our intestines move around more, due to the excess baggage. So, my thoughts are, as we bend over, this is putting undo stress on the lower intestines, and in turn it pushes bowel out through the colon.

Just my two cents to the conversation.

I am not a doctor, I only play one at work. (on computers)


Take care everyone!

Top Cat

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I posted to this page about a year ago. I'd been experiencing anal leakage for about 2 years. I read everything all the geniuses had to say: too much fiber, too little fiber, too much dairy, caffeine, guava beans...

Then I went to see a proctologist. He found a large, painless, interior hemorrhoid. He removed it via a simple process called ligation. And guess what? For the first time in 3 years, I am NORMAL. No more leakage, no more pantyliner pads.

So here's a tip for all of you: SEE A DOCTOR. I wish I'd done so sooner.

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Pardon me; could you please repeat that for those in the back of the room?

"...So here's a tip for all of you: SEE A DOCTOR. I wish I'd done so sooner..."

Thank you.

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Fibre worked. I got a Fibre cereal I eat every morning that says it has lots of Psylium fibre. I was very skeptical at first, but then it actually worked. It stopped 95 to 100% of my leakage. I don't know why, it's not like I used to need fibre cereals. I should see a specialist though just to make sure.

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Damn, is your ass still leaking? You're place must be a real shit hole by now.

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I like wet wipes, they do the hard work so you don't have too. You will never have PAD etc if you've used one. Plus new ones have aloe vera which is very effective against ring sting

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get a puppy. blame everything on him/her. stinky? it's the puppy. stain? it's the puppy. puppies don't care, they don't need to get jobs.

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Unforuntely, I suffer from this as well. I wipe thouroughly after shitting and have even made it a habit to jump into the shower after just to try and get that extra clean advantage.

Sometimes I stay clean, other times I don't. I especially don't stay clean when it is scorchingly hot outside and I have to walk around campus or something.

I heard that Gold Bond would help with the sweating down there, but it doesn't work at all for me.

For me, the best solution I've come up with is eating 1 to 2 bananas a day. The amount of fiber in the bananas just seems to work with my body and my shit comes out clean, and only rarely will I ever have to wipe more than twice. Try this if you are still looking for a cure.

I feel very uncomfortable when it does happen though. My mind starts to race and I become extremely paranoid. I look around at peoples faces to see if there is any sign of being grossed out. I can't tell however. I also become extremely glum when someone makes an 'it smells' comment, thinking it's coming from me, when probably it isn't.

People who have this problem and smell, can you smell it yourself? Or do other people tell you? I can't smell anything on myself but I'm still extremely self conscious.

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I had the same problem for YEARS. Your ass hairs are smothered and smeared in shit on all sides of the hair. Wiping in 1 or even 2 directions does not cut it. I bet if you wipe with all down strokes until its spotless, the take a few upstrokes, you will find the dirt. Your first few upstrokes may even be clean, you have to keep going to get all sides of the hairs. Sidestrokes, Diagnol strokes, everything.

I use 2 techniques to start wiping now... (1) The blot... If the dump is pretty clean... I take the "absorbent" TP and place it on my ass and then take it off. Do this a few times to avoid smearing the poop all over your butt hair. This will put you in better shape when you start your directional wipes.
(2) The pinch. This one is still in its experimental phase but it seems to be workign well... if you have a dirty duke, not explosive, but dirty... get a 3x2 square long peice of TP, put your fingers on one side and your thumb on the opposite side. now carefully put it on your ass and pull your fingers and thumbs together. it keeps the dudu from smearing everywhere. its a good clean start.

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I recently became aware of hemmorhoids when i got one, it hurts a lot, the first time it (a few days ago) happened, i got sick, i mean really sick, got high fever, on and off, is that normal? and i got this hemmorhoid cream, read that i need to get a hi fiber diet and so im starting it, but is that normal? getting fever when it strikes you, and it hurts a lot specially when im driving.

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Perhaps you have a rectocele. It can be surically repaired. Not going to a doc to see about it - dumb.

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Question, does anyone else that has the problem of 'sweaty ass' and when you wipe you get like a clear smelly ish type thing, know if you actually smell? I can't by god figure out if i smell or not becuase of this.

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I have been having a problem for the past 3 months with diarrhea, foul smelling stools and
burning. I have had the problems off and on for the past few years. I had gotten to the point, I was going to go to the doctor and get medication for it. My father had colitis and died from having complcations from a colectomy surgury.
My biggest fear was having the same problem. I found this site in my search for what was wrong with me.
Thank you for all the information people have shared. It has helped. I use to be a nurse, but now do everything holisticly.
The things that have resolved my problem are
taking the fiber everyday. Be it metimucial,
or the tablets you just desolve in your mouth.
Have have been cleansing. That is the true answer to the problem. After doing this naturalpathic cleans two times. I am pooping normal everyday for the first time in two years. My gas is gone, the foul smelling stools and diarrhea to the point I could not make it to the BR in time.
You could use any cleanse on the market. I used Isagenix international products. I liked it so much I became a rep. You get the products alot cheaper. Check it out at, or just go to
isagenix internationl. I am finding that putting great stuff in my body and good natural food is the answer. My skin even feels
softer. At the site it is the cleanse to loose weight. It is all natural and the vits and digestive stuff in it helps with the stools. I feel normal. I never thought taking a normal poop would make me happy.


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It just feels sweaty down there all the time and throughout the day, every time I wipe, even if it's been only a few minutes, the t.p. is brown again. I wipe frequently so my underwear doesn't get streaks. I eat normal stuff. I'm only 26. It's an embarrassing problem that I'm hiding from my fiance. I probably should tell her but I don't want her to be less attracted to me when she finds out I have a leaky butt. It's been going on now for a couple of years. I have been reasonably healthy with my diet but if there was some food I could eat to make it stop leaking fluid, I'd be very happy. The thing that puzzles me is, my stools are seldom loose but there is constant moisture slowly seeping into my but crack. Shit.

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my butt i THINK leaks like a sweaty wet? but its not like poops coming out of it, its just stink wet and it feels like sweat...what is does it whenever..i also have IBS

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I would like to share with you all the way I completely solved my problem. For years I had the familiar leakage problem - and believe me I know how annoying that is to everyone who has it I found I had internal haemorrhoids and had them fixed, but that did not solve it. I cut out wheat and that did not fix it either. Then I realized that ever since I had quit smoking, I had been drinking huge quantities of coffee and tea throughout the day. I cut down to one coffee in the morning and one tea at night. Slowly but surely, my problem began to lessen. Then, about 2 months ago, I started to exercise seriously - both aerobically and using floor exercises. Caramba! My problem has disappeared completely - no looseness at all and no leakage. I've just invested in new, white underwear.

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I have been suffering from body odor for the past 10 years. I have talked to my doctors about it and they say the problem doesn't exist. Meanwhile I hear people talking about me at work - people hiding air fresheners all over - spraying Lysol spray - exaggerated coughing fits, etc... I finally got the guts to tell my wife about it and she thinks I'm crazy. She thinks that I'm imagining all of this. I do have psych problems - being treated for depression - diagnosed bipolar - taking meds every single day. I mentioned it to my regular doctor and he said I should talk to my physciatrist about it. I am a fairly intelligent 41 year old male and I do understand that there are conditions like body dysmorphic disorder that makes people imagine conditions but I swear I don't think that is the case. I think that no one wants to tell me because they think that I can't handle the truth or something... I vary day to day with feelings of wanting to enter my workplace with an automatic weapon to just quietly blowing my head off with a 38 pistol at some peaceful location in the state park. I honestly don't know what to do but to any of you out there that think this is some kind of a joke and people with this problem are to be riddiculed, put down, picked on, made to feel inferior to yourselves I give warning. One day you may feel the wrath of someone that you've hurt or better yet - you may experience something similar and you will find that it is no fun being punished for something that you can't even help or fix...

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My butt keeps smelling, I wipe and then I smell my underwear and it doesn't smell.
But you can smell it airborn. It's discusting
and I don't know what the heck it is.
Please help.

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I seem to have the same problem here. When I poop, I have to wipe up to 15 times before I'm clean. I've been known to use over a half a roll of TP at one sitting. Within an hour, I can feel the need to wipe some more. When I do, it's almost like I never got clean the first time. This doesn't, in my mind, seem like what one would call a true leaking problem. If that were the case, I would think that I'd leak at other times during the day. Like maybe before I poop(?) Since I was diagnosed with Diverticulosis and number of years ago, I'm almost wondering if a small amount of feces collects in the little pouches that form from DV and then is slowly released after a bowel movement. Since I am supposed to be on a high fiber diet due to my DV, I'll try that out and see if it helps.

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Make sure you wipe gently and from front to back, dont scrub you will irritate your anus and cause it to leak, eat plenty of fibre and drink more water. If youre overweight this can lead to excess sweating, either get involved in more cardiovascular excercise (20minutes/3 days a week minimum) or take more showers. Tightening your anal schincter can also help, try squeezing and relaxing mutiple times, this excercise can be done anywhere and people wont know youre doing it. Best of luck fellow shitters!

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My problem: minor leakage, sweating, itching & rare bleeding. My profile: male, 22, healthy weight, eats right & drinks enough fluids -- still no relief. Have had this issue for 2 years.

I went to the doctor today and all it took was a quick look for him to tell me I had an external hemorrhoid -- just a small one -- and that's what was causing the trouble. He said that basically what happens is the hemorrhoid gives the body the signal that it's time to have a BM when it really isn't. This is why many of us feel like we're constantly fighting the urge to have a BM and why it's constantly on our minds.

He prescribed Anusol (a steroid cream). I got it, applied it and it seems to be working. He did recommend that I try Metamucil, but I eat plenty of fiber as it is, so we'll see. Lastly, he said that in a pinch Tuck's Medicated Pads will relieve any itching & discomfort. I'll write again in a week or two to let everyone know how it worked.

My recommendation for everyone who is serious about ending their problem is go see a doctor! And don't be embarrassed; doctors deal with gross stuff all the time. Plus, that's what you pay them to handle. Go. I only regret that I didn't go sooner.

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Whats up? Ok, this is what it is. Here's my background. I had a problem with constipation mabye 2 months ago. It got so bad that i developed hemeroids and even a small fissure. I nor the doctors could figure out what caused it but i believe that some anitbiotics was to blame. Anyways, i had quit drinking coffee and began eating bran every morning and solved that problem. The leakage just began today. After taking a crap i had the same problems as others have described. Itchy, sweaty and some "mucus" on the paper mabye half and hour after i wipe clean... and it aint smelling to good. Anyways mabye i have had mucus before but never like this. i assume that everyone might have alittle going on cause the stuffs in up there for a reason. Anyways to the more important part. Last night i went out for dinner. I ate filet miniot(whatever),blue rare. I cant remember the last time i ate beef, let alone red meat. After dinner i had a large coffee and then another later that night. I havent drank coffee in over 2 months. Bingo, today i have this problem. Its clear this is an unwanted side effect of what i consumed lasst night. Now i just need to get it outa my system. Ill post what happens in afew days.

And for all those guys/girls who are embarrassed about talking to their signifigant other... Yah i was too, but dont try and hide your bodily misfucntions from them, you dont need that stress on yah. I was embarrassed to try and explian to my girlfriend that i had a hemroid and that it was nearly impossible for me to shit. I was in so much discomfort i didnt want to do anything. But believe me its better when they know. Then they will understand why you dont want to go clubbin tonight, or why your not really down for that quicky, or why your in such a shitty mood. They will want to help you get better. If they dont, then just tell them to f**k off. You deserve better.

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whats really good world...(not my butt)
I'm 15 years old, in shape, rarely smoke weed or drink and i'm fed up with this(w/e i have)

My Story- I was known as a normal, great hygiene, loved-by-everyone kind of guy.
My problem is after i take a shower, about a hour or so later my butt feels like its sweatn, and i do wash myself twice a day.
BUTT when im at school sittin ina chair my butt gets to sweatn.
When im in the hall, somestay clear away from me. And you cant miss me since i am one of the tallest kids in my school.
its so embarassin when someone makes a comment about me.(or to me as a joke) like why does the hall always smell like booty, or (lol) did someone shit their pants!
I go to wipe (between classes) my lil old leaky self and sometimes its like i didnt wipe too well. Other times it just smells bad and nothin shows up.
I go paranoid when it comes to being in any line because i never know if my butt is gonna smell or not.
I wear cologne all the time......... ( THE SEAN JOHN UNFORGIVABLE) and seems to help for almost a hour.
Im just so fed up with this( but im so glad that i came across this site)
Being in highschool makes matters worse, i think this problem is depressing me, and i dont know what to do...

I GUESS I BETTER TRY TO EAT MORE FIBER............................
sos please................................

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First of all, like many of you said, I am so glad to know I am not alone. I've shit leaking suffer for like 4 or 5 years, I used to think I am alone with this problem and concern if I have cancer. It's truly a bless to find this site.
I think it's worth it to bring up the subject about Splenda.
Well, I read throughout the three long pages and I haven't see any one of you mentioned about Splenda. Past of few days I started suspecting Splenda may cause my anal leakage after I researched about it, the Splenda. I wonder how many of you use Splenda. I use them a lot in my coffee, tea and I drink diet soft drinks. Well, Today my first day Splenda free and I feel Splenda withdrawl. I will come back with you later with my updates. I suggest those of you who use splenda to goggle it up. You will be surprise what you learn.

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Deafie, I have an allergic reaction to Splenda if I drink too much. What you said about Googling it is true.

How much do we know about the "safe" form of chlorine Splenda says it uses to make sugar calorie-free?

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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TO: Daphne & Deafie

If splenda is a cause of Anal Leakage then does that mean that your saying that anything that has splenda in it can give you AL??

I drink about two DASANI(fruit-flavored) waters a day,everyday. (THEY TASTE GOOD TO ME AND THEY DO HAVE SPLENDA IN THEM.)

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Hi. I'm no expert and just happened to come across this site accidentally!!!

But ... excuse the pun. Has anyone considered they might have worms???

They are common, especially if you are living with animals or come into contact with them.

Problem is easily solved. Go to drug store and get a all-wormer tablet.

All the symptoms such as itching and faeces remaining after wiping can be attributed to worms.

Anyway hope this helps, particularly since the solution is simple.

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m 1+ points - Newb

Wow, Thank God for this site. Lots of ideas I never thought would have an impact.
My symptoms: leakage for hours after BM and worse if I sweat and do alot of work or activity. Often a sticky BM that is hard to clean and Suffer from hemis.
I've followed some of the guidance on this site and it's helping. I've had serious improvement since cutting down to 1/2 cup of coffee a day and almost no soda for a week now. Eating salads, and avoiding to much burgers and fries, and all that good stuff. Also one thing that hardly seems mentioned but I feel is helping. !!!DO SOME SITUPS OR CRUNCHES EACH DAY IF YOU ARE HEALTHY ENOUGH TO DO SO!!! I have ordered some fiber supplement and will begin taking it as soon as it gets here. I honestly think that after adding the fiber to my diet as well I will be completely cured. Then I will just have to stick to proper diet and excercise. Will probably stay on the fiber suplement if it works well.

Good luck to you all.

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On February 07, 2005, I went to work like any other day. I was in a meeting and started to smell something that smelled like "poop". To my horror, I started to suspect that it was coming from me. I got up and went to the bathroom to check things out. Waste had clearly leaked out of my anus without me realizing it. I cleaned up and went back to work. A little while later I felt like I wasn't clean. I went back to the bathroom to check things out. Again, very messy. I thought that it was odd that I was leaking without being able to control it. I made about seven trips to the bathroom that day to clean myself. The next day I had the same problem. After three days of this, I started to worry. Prior to February 07, 2005 I had never had a problem keeping clean. I was very regular with my BMs; I would get up in the morning have breakfast, have a BM, take a shower, and get on with me day. I was regular like this for my whole life. At the time the leaking started, I was 38 years old. I had been healthy my whole life. After a month of leaking, I developed the courage to see a specialist (gastrologist). She checked things out and suggested that I probably had a hemorrhoid problem. She prescribed suppositories and a medicine to reduce the inflation. I thought it was odd that the leaking be caused by a hemorrhoid problem as I didn't have any hemorrhoid-like pain. The suppositories and medicine made no change. I was still getting up in the morning, having a BM, taking a shower, and leaking throughout the day. One month later I went back to the specialist and told her that I had no change in my condition. She maintained that it was a hemorrhoid problem and again prescribed suppositories and a medicine to reduce the inflammation. One month later I was back to the specialist again and told her "no change." She referred me to her colleague to have the hemorrhoids banded (removed). The second specialist took a look at me (scoped me) and listened to my story. He thought that I had a problem with bad bacteria in my system. He sent me to a lab to have my waste analyzed. The lab results came back normal but he prescribed Ultralevure...a medicine that restores the good bacteria in the digestive system. The need to take Ultralevure made some sense to me as at the end of January 2005 I cut my finger while preparing chicken. The cut got infected and I ended up taking very strong antibiotics stop the infection. I was very optimistic about the Ultralevure working. After one month of Ultralevure, I went back to the specialist. He prescribed me with another three months of Ultralevure. No change. I went to another gastrologist and told her about the problem. She checked me for rectal prolapse and to make sure that my anal sphincter muscle was strong enough. I had no prolapse and no problem with the anal sphincter. She suggested that I had somehow forgotten how to control my anus. She prescribed physical therapy to learn how to regain control of my anus. I thought this was simply ridiculous as I would not forget how to control my anus over night. This problem literally developed overnight. On February 06, 2004, I had never thought about my anus before and on February 07, 2004 I had what turned out to be a very mysterious problem. Not long after this problem developed, I started doing Google searches to try to find answers. What really scared me was the fact that I didn't find much information on this problem. It terrified me that I had seen three doctors up to that point with all of them shooting in the dark. I told me normal doctor that I was really becoming concerned about my condition not improving and she referred me to a professor of gastrology at a hospital-university. Over the last year, he performed the same checks the other doctors had and added a colonoscopy and an MRI of my digestive system. According to the gastrologist that performed the colonoscopy, everything looked normal. The radiologist who performed the MRI said that it looked like I had some inflammation at the end of the digestive system just before the anus, but nothing abnormal and nothing to be concerned about. As all of you with this problem know, it changes your life in a not so positive way. For the last two years, I have really had to fight to prevent this problem from overly depressing me. About three weeks ago, I got down on my knees and prayed that God would heal me. A few days later I began to think about changes in my diet that I had made over the last few years. Two things came to mind: 1) I stopped drinking cranberry juice and 2) I stopped cooking with garlic. The next day, after work, I went out a bought a bunch of garlic cloves and cranberry juice. That night I sliced a garlic clove into swallowable slices and swallowed them with cranberry juice. The next morning I noticed that I only had to clean up after myself once after my shower instead of the normal multiple times. The next day I eat three uncooked garlic cloves and continued drinking cranberry juice. I have been eating the garlic and drinking the cranberry juice for a couple of weeks now. For the last three days I have been clean! And believe that I am well on my way to being cured. Many months ago I found this site I was sad to see all the people with the same problem with the only solution sounding like more fiber (I had and have a health diet). I tried increasing my fiber intake but that didn't improve me situation. When I found I told myself that if I was ever cured, I would share my story. I really believe that cranberry juice is the cure. As I have now read more about cranberry juice, it sounds like a good thing to prevent and cure infections. I think that when I took the antibiotics years ago, it caused a good to bad bacteria imbalance...with the bad bacteria winning. I think the fact that I was leaking my body's way of trying to clear things up...perhaps a mechanism similar to that of a runny nose, but at the opposite end. I hope and pray that those of you who are suffering with this problem will benefit from my experience with cranberry juice and garlic. If you don't I still believe in the power of prayer and encourage you ask God for help. Peace be with you.

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Great site.

I've just taken the time to read through all five pages of comments on this subject and it was worth it. For about 4 years I've had the situation where I wipe and 30 mins later I have to wipe again, as if I had never wiped at all. Then I'm usually good until the next BM. Of course this causes much itching, and sometimes I'm itching in my sleep etc, so when I do wipe sometimes I see the faint traces of blood. Then sometimes in the shower a some soap gets just in the crack (not the anus) and the pain is exquisite.

So I saw the doc about it around 2.5 years ago, he just kind of shrugged and prescribed Diprolene (Topical, liquid steroid in an eye-dropper container) for the irritated area which worked. The rash and itching goes away for a couple weeks when I use it. But I think the poo slathered on that area irritates it again, I scratch, then the cycle repeats.

I have just resigned myself to wiping after a BM and going back to the bathroom an hour later for the second (and hopefully final) wipe. Every few months the itching and rash get bad and I use the Diprolene, which is running out.

As for my diet, it could be better, I eat a lot of junk. My biggest vice being from NC is sweet tea, I drink it every day. From the comments on thhis site, I think I'll cut down on the tea, and get some Fiberblend or Metamusil. I'll report here with my findings. If anyone else has any ideas in the meantime, I'm listening.

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Great site.

I've just taken the time to read through all five pages of comments on this subject and it was worth it. For about 4 years I've had the situation where I wipe and 30 mins later I have to wipe again, as if I had never wiped at all. Then I'm usually good until the next BM. Of course this causes much itching, and sometimes I'm itching in my sleep etc, so when I do wipe sometimes I see the faint traces of blood. Then sometimes in the shower a some soap gets just in the crack (not the anus) and the pain is exquisite.

So I saw the doc about it around 2.5 years ago, he just kind of shrugged and prescribed Diprolene (Topical, liquid steroid in an eye-dropper container) for the irritated area which worked. The rash and itching goes away for a couple weeks when I use it. But I think the poo slathered on that area irritates it again, I scratch, then the cycle repeats.

I have just resigned myself to wiping after a BM and going back to the bathroom an hour later for the second (and hopefully final) wipe. Every few months the itching and rash get bad and I use the Diprolene, which is running out.

As for my diet, it could be better, I eat a lot of junk. My biggest vice being from NC is sweet tea, I drink it every day. From the comments on thhis site, I think I'll cut down on the tea, and get some Fiberblend or Metamusil. I'll report here with my findings. If anyone else has any ideas in the meantime, I'm listening.

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I have read this thread with great interest. I have some theories on the AL problem.

First, I believe the issue is related to excess feces left in the anus after wiping. Consider the anatomy of the anus. There are many folds for poop to hide in, as well as the inner part of the sphinter (see: which is about 1/2 an inch long. Regular wiping cannot remove poop left in the inside of the anus.

This residual poop then irritates the sensitive skin of the anus, causing sweating, itching, and the 'leaking' sensation. Feces is lubricated with sweat and mucus -- and thus the butt doesn't feel so fresh.

Fiber causes stools to be well-formed -- they come out as a single, nice package. This in turn leaves less feces in 'unreachable' places in the anus. The addition of fiber, and anything else that contributes to better formed stools, will lessen the symptoms of this difficult syndrome.

Careful use of a wetwipe can alleviate some of the excess dook in your butthole -- but be careful. Overwiping is can be equally a problem. At all times, be gentle with the bung.

For excess sweaters, try Zeasorb. This stuff is magic. I use it to keep my scrotalacious sack nice and dry, and it works on the old bunghole too. It has a clean, slightly medicinal smell, that is very pleasant.

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Notice, I didn't say "the" cure, because I'm sure there are many causes of this, but I've never heard this mentioned, and it DEFINITELY is the cause of my anal leakage:

There is a food/beverage additive called CASEIN (and it's derivatives; Caseinate, etc.)
I finally figured this was causing my greasy-butt as I call it.
It's damn near everywhere, like in non-dairy creamers (the dry stuff too), Slim-Fast drinks (ohhh, those kill me!), Soy Milk, and all sorts of stuff.
I think that's why a lot of you think it's coffee or caffein; it's not, it's the creamers that are killing you off!
Trust me, start reading labels, stop using this stuff, and you should see a big difference.

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m 1+ points - Newb

Some confirmed changes in my health. A pretty dry anus most of the time.

Changes in diet:

*Less coffee and caffine products like soda
*More cranberry juice
*More salads, less burgers and fries

Changes in activity:

*more situps and crunches
*do not wash area with soap...just rinse with water when you can.

Also I am going to begin the fiber suplememnts soon. this should be the final part of the fix. I can't believe I've suffered so long.

Good luck to you all!!

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Hi Folks,

To echo others here, I feel relieved that there are lots of others with the same / similar problems to me.

I've been having these symptoms for the last 5 years or so and it is really getting me down. I went to the docs fairly soon after it started and was then sent to a specialist at the local hospital. To begin with the consultant suspected an anal fistula, so I was booked in to the hospital, put under general anaesthetic and they found nothing! Then I had a muscle test which showed everything to be normal. I then had a sygmoidoscopy (camera up the a*se!) and a biopsy taken - everything o.k. I also suggested having a stool sample checked for parasites and that was clear too. Finally I went back in for 2nd sygmoidoscopy but this time they were going to go further into my bowel, but due to an admin mix up, I had been booked for another standard sygmoidoscopy. The surgeon realised what had happened, but decided to do a quick examination with his finger, wher e he concluded I had a weak sphincter muscle (a bit weird since the test I'd had before suggested I was o.k.) He advised me to do pelvic floor exercises (similar to women after childbirth) to strengthen them up. I've been consciously trying to do these since, but I haven't noticed much difference.

I have the same symptoms as a great many here, i.e. having to wipe again about 30 mins after a dump where I can have either clear or brownish discharge and often need to do this several times after at various intervals. If I can time my toilet trip to 1st thing in the morning before a shower, I'm usually o.k. for most of the day. Not noticed any bad odour (and I think my wife would have told me if it was noticable) but it is very uncomfortable and annoying.

I eat a decent amount of fibre, shredded wheat / cranberries / dried fruit cereal for breakfast with a glass of grapefruit juice and a pro-biotic yoghurt drink. Lunch is wholemeal bread with cherry tomatoes, lettuce possibly ham or chicken occasionally with cheese. Possibly a stir fry or pasta dish in the evening.

Based on what I have read I will try more fibre and cut down on tea drinking (I'm a bit of an addict!!) in case it's this. I don't drink much alcohol and am a non-smoker.

It's been so bad the last few weeks I'm contemplating a return trip to the docs.

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You people have some weird "SHIT" I'm 24 and it has never happened.

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My problem started when I began taking Vitoren. It is Lipitor and another chemical that prevents the absorbtion of fat by the intestines. It is then excreated when on defecates.This results in a loose and bulky stool. However, and although my choloresterol bad is way down, the good way up, I have started AL. I notice that certain foods, like candy and chocolate increases the problem. I am trying all sorts of diet things to see what happens to include getting away from high fiber cereals. Doesn't make sense to be to add more action to my bowels then what I'm getting from Vitorin.

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I did not have any issues with anal leakage at all until I started a therapeutic antioxidant regimen of coenzyme Q10. As my metabolism went up, so did my AL issues. It is fairly simple: although I do not have problems with incontinence, I have problems with a clear liquid with only a very mild/slight odor of poo and is not mucousy at all, just yellow sometimes, but usually sweaty and squeaky and very copious especially if I have some mild flatulence. I have issues about half an hour after bowel movement and I can only guess that the higher metabolism has chugged my intestines and liver into a more active state. I use feminine wipes a lot and go through a pack of 30 tea tree scented hygiene wipes a week, but usually the problem only ocurs right after BM.

I think it is actually a _good_ thing that I have this problem, because if I didn't, then there would be more reason to worry with a slow, cold, thick intestinal metabolism. Now with the antioxidants I'm taking making my digestion much more sensitive, I have food sensitivities now that I didn't have before, due to having healthier tissue in my digestion. The most obvious solutions to my new problem are to eat more fiber and cutting out caffiene and non-cultured dairy, plus eating more leafy greens and less acid stimulating red meats and more digestible proteins like turkey, tofu and egg whites.

But what I'm thankful for is, the AL that started after I started my antioxidant regimen was the very warning sign to change my dietary habits which had not occurred until I started taking antioxidants. I was suffering from severe osteoarthritis and high-end-of-normal BP. Alpha Lipoic Acid combined with a standard women's multivitamin took care of my arthritis symptoms, and co Q10 took care of my foot pain/leg and hand circulation, as well my systolic and diastolic BP lowered by 12 points each after 3 months on co Q10.

So compared to that, anal leakage is a small price to pay for a properly working digestive and endocrological biostat, giving me the very warnings that my low thyroid and metabolism were bypassing. And the warnings were simple: eat more fiber, don't irritate my stomach with high acid foods and stimulants, and keep my proteins more digestible and less fatty.

A simple solution. If you have similar AL issues, be thankful that your biostat is running well enough to warn you in the first place! My low thyroid didn't for a long time, but I'm doing much better now.

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gold bond is key it buys me time befor that crappy feeling and controls the smell

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My hubby has serious BLOOD leaking from his anus, not a smear or a traces, but multiple anal sex here, could it be ulcer related??

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Please help! I am crazy about my boyfriend so much so that we're living together after just 4 months together. He gets leakage just about everytime we have sex. I've also noticed it in his underwear when we're doing laundry. He gets super embarassed when this happens after we make love and scoffs it off. I have been understanding of it so far and wanted to be down-to-earth and not say anything about it, figuring that the embarassment would send him running to the doc. Well, I know our bodies do funny things and understand (I had the same thing when I was going through a very stressful time in my life and not eating much butdrinking lots of coffee an smoking ciggies (yuck!) but now that it has been a while and we're living together, it's a bit different and I want him to feel better and get help or at the very east try changing his diet. HOW DO I BRING THIS UP WITH HIM WITHOUT HURTING HIM???? He is incredibly sweet and emotionally intelligent, I just don't want to alienate him. Everything else is great and I'll be thrilled if this is ever to be the worse of our worries. How do you recommend I bring things up? Help, please!!!! Thanks guys.

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hello all. i must say im quite suprised how many people have this problem too because i thought it was me all alone with it :(

back in high school i started to notice many people around me complain of a horrible smell of poop. as time went on, i realised it was me. as amusing as that sounds, its incredibly anoying to live every day smelling terribly bad! i tried methods to stop myself from smelling and i have to do them every day but they just dont make a difference :(

i get embarrased of being around people just in case they notice that i smell. im sure many people have their assumptions because every day at college it seems that somebody complains theres a bad smell. it fills me with anger to hear the same things all the time: "it smells of poo!" and "somebodies farted!". theyre currently blaming it on someone else, but what if they realise its me? what if i become the target? :(

at first i thought i wasnt getting enough fibre, so i increased my intake with weetabix and bananas and figs etc. it didnt change anything. i thought it was because i have a hairy bum hole :) haha! so i tried shaving it. still made no difference. so i figured it was the way i wiped myself that caused it, that i wasnt wiping myself enough. so now i spend ages in the bathroom wiping myself and then i spend half an hour and sometimes longer in the shower cleaning myself and the specific area. then when i get out i feel better...

but then the problem arises again! hours after the smell comes back and becomes worse. the smell has been described as a baby poop, a bin bag full of rubbish rotting away, and a trampy smell.

i tried cleaning with soap and water to see if it cleaned me, but all that did was mix with the smell. i dont take any medication, but i do have a lot of tomato sauce. maybe thats the problem?

it got to the point where i cried to my mother, but she told me i was imagining it and it wasnt me. i shower twice a day some days, so that was her point. she doesnt believe me anyway.

please help me :( i dont want to live all through life smelling of poo.

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To the person that commented on their husband having serious blood leaking, he should go see a doctor like right now. Depending on the color of the blood (dark or bright red), you can usually tell where it is coming from in the digestive track. If it is very dark, then it's upper and could be pretty serious. If it is bright red, it's lower, and most likely hemmorhoids. If he has no pain symptoms, I would say they are probably internal rhoids. I have internal rhoids, and have been getting IRC treatments to help them shrink. I have had two treatments so far, and I haven't really noticed any difference. I have leakage, but not soil leakage. I guess I'm kind of fortunate, because it's not stinky. It's mostly mucous and what seems like sweat. I had to go to two gastro specialists and then finally to a colorectal surgeon to have someone at least try to help me. Everyone just says, OH, you have IBS.. I'm so sick of hearing of IBS. They chalk everything up to not enough fiber in your diet. Well, I'll tell you what, I'm pretty much eating everything with the excpetion of tree bark to get the fiber they say I need, and it isn't helping.. I'm not trying to discourage anyone. If your doc recommends fiber, then do as they say, and give it a shot. For me, it hasn't helped. Metamucil in the morning, and everything fiber related through the day, and still not much difference..

To Wiped girlfriend - I'm sure this is embarrassing for your boyfriend, but the best way to address something is just to come out and talk about it. Communication is your best friend in a relationship. He'll probably be relieved to have someone to talk about this with. I'm sure he's well aware of it. I would encourage him to see at least his family doctor, and hopefully get referred to a decent specialist. Most likely it's hemmorhoids. That seems to be the no 1. cause of most of our complaints..

Ok, last thing. If you are suffering from itchy butt (puritis ani), try this stuff that you can get over the counter "calmoseptine ointment". You can usually get it at walmart, but have to ask for it. They keep it behind the counter. It will help. It's better than desitin or just vitaman D ointment.

If you are looking for a gentle cleanser for the area, try balneol. It's pretty decent.

If you are suffering from a lot of wetness, try zeabsorb powder. That seems to work well.

I can't stress enough that as embarrassing as these problems are, go to the doctor. There's no shame in trying to fix a problem and getting your life back. I let this problem go on for years. I've seen a few specialists, and basically had gotten no help. There are doctors out there that will listen to you and help you. Just don't give up.

I found my Doctor here:

I'm really pleased with everything he has tried to do to help me.

Good luck!

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Firstly the posting re Blood. He has to go to a doctor! That needs serious investigation.

Re Girlfriend. Well, it is always hard to change a guys ways, ideally it is good if he thinks its his idea. I didn't follow if this is something he wants fixed. He maybe happy to talk about it and fix it, just important to not make him feel less of a man or freak for doing so. Take changes at his pace.

I had this problem for quite a while and to different degrees. Overtime it seemed to be getting worse and worse. I became determined to find out what was the cause. In my case, the major things I changed were diet and exercise (walking counts). I think the diet was the main thing, I eat more fibre and just keep away from junk food. I did read here once a posting that said "not all fibre is created equal" and I think that is the case. I think fibre is good in all its sources but making sure I got fruit or freshly squeezed fruit juice into my diet daily made a definite difference.

Exercise may make a difference too, but I can't say that is for sure.

I hope that helps, no magic formula just a better and balanced diet. The added bonuses are many, more energy, less fat, general wellbeing. Makes a difference!

Re Smarties Junkie. Maybe there is something here for you too? The right diet is crucial, there are many additives in some tomato sauces and many foods that maybe causing you a problem, I don't know. Try changing diets and see.


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