my butt is leaky

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Alex asks:

Anal leakage. OK, I wipe my ass VERY well -- I mean VERY well -- and without farting, or much activity, I'll go back to the bathroom a few hours later because something feels a little wrong and I wipe my ass and it looks like I didn't wipe it the last time I shat. It's not liquidy or anything, it just looks like I didnt wipe very well. I don't eat any Wow chips, I don't drink, I've never had anal sex... I don't know why this happens. Anyone else have this problem? Is sweat like getting up in my ass and kinda loosening things up or something? Thanks for the help.

Dear Alex,

If you don't eat Wow! chips, don't drink, and don't have anal, exactly what the hell do you do for fun? That's the bigger question here...

Sigh. Seriously, it is probably just mucus or something. I wouldn't worry about it. If you absolutely feel like you have to have a solution, either:

  1. Go see a doctor.
  2. Try Tampax. The string can be discreetly stuffed up your butt to hide it. No one has to know you are troubled by anal leakage.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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For me it is the aspartame in diet pepsi/coke. I used to drink 6 or more per day. The aspartame causes leaky feces which irritate the anus. Stop cold turkey if you consume aspartame. Aspartame contains formaldehyde which converts to methane gas which makes the problem.

With that one change after 2 months (no diet sweeters), my problem is nearly gone (no itching, no stains) I drink 6 to 8 cups of coffee per day too. After I cut back on that I am confident there will be no issue at all.

Please others who drink diet pop stop and confirm it is the problem for many of us!!

Others, pay attention to coffee and diary intolerance....

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I stay well away from diet soda. One, the taste sucks, and tow, it's dangerous, in more ways that the leaky butt.

"KOC -- the Cool Crapper" - Rat Droppings

"KOC -- the Cool Crapper" - Rat Droppings

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I have this same frustrating condition. The solution that I have found that works everytime is to ice the (*) for 3-6 minutes after a BM. This really works.

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okay, I want to start by saying how relieved I am that I found this page..I seriously thought I was the only one with this problem. I went to a dr because I felt like there was mucous coming out of my butt and it smelled really bad . In the summer it is the worst because of the sweating and I get crazy welts and chaffing around my butt and it totally sucks! The Dr said I should see a nutritionist to see if there was something in my diet ( I have really bad gas too which makes it worse). I found out I was lactose intolerant. So after I stopped eating cheese things got better but went back to the same shitty pattern. Too much fat in your diet can make it worse I know, but it is also not good to over due the fiber either.. I don't know what the deal is. but thankyou all for being so honest.

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I am 23, and have had anal leakage since i was probably 16. However, i went to Barcelona when i was 20, and i didnt have anal leakage for 6 weeks. I didnt even notice that it stopped. While i was in barcelona i didnt eat much food but drank heavily. I believe its caused by either diet soda or dairy. I also lost 15 pounds while in barcelona. If you want to lose weight i suggest you leave the united states. Are food is terrible for us and we dont walk much.

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Sorbitol causes gastro-intestinal distress and diarrhea (or leaky ass). It is in our foods, diet foods, gum, soap and even our toothpaste. We put the soap on our anus (to wash it) and it is a membrane that (just like our gums and the toothpaste) takes in the sorbitol (or manitol, xylitol etc.). So, look in all of the things you touch or ingest and try to get it out of your house. Don't think that just because a product is natural that it wont be there... it is natural, we just aren't supposed to eat that much of it. Put sorbitol into Google, you will be amazed. Cured our family of the leaky ass.

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I am a teen and have had a very frustrating problem for about a year and a half now.It seems like there is always feces left in my butt area. I wipe good and shower everyday so I am very confused. It doesn't seem like feces is leaking but whatever is there is colorless yet smells like feces. This problem makes me smell like feces which is unpleasant. I end up going to the bathroom a lot just to wipe. Before a year and a half ago I was fine and did not have this problem. Since I wipe and wash good I don't know how there could be poop left. THis feeling is especially bad after haveing a BM. It feels like i barely wiped even though i did. I wipe again and there isnt any poop just a liquid that seems like poop mixed with sweat which smells. This problem is horrible. I dont like being around people a lot because i am afraid they will know that i smell. Some people have even told me that i smell. I cant stand this but i am too embarrased to talk to my parents or a doctor. Could this problem be constipation? I eat and exercise good. whats going on??!?!?!? PLEASE HELP!!!!
thanks. Good luck to y'all

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In response to dr. knows 4-15-06 comment.

I feel the same way. I have a more sweaty leak problem. It is like poop only clear. It seems like shit has mixed with sweat but i wipe well and shower every day. But anyways i am glad to have found people with these problems. At school people have told me that i smell. I try to avoid walking by people and I always look at people to see if they are making any gestures that someone smells. I like being in the back of lines. I am just always scared that people will smell me. I dont even know how much of the time I smell like shit. I have tried everything and I am so close to going to the doctor. I just cant stand this problem anymore.
good luck to everyone and keep on trying!!!!

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I had this problem shortly after becoming a vegetarian. Wipe, wipe, wipe, and still seemed like I was unclean. I never soiled myself or anything, but I could feel my stomach gurgle and felt itchy in the nether regions. I was eating a ton of soy protein. Went to the doc and was ordered back on the meat. I haven't had a problem since giving up the soy protein. Apparently this is a very common thing. My doc knew as soon as I told him about the soy.

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I had been suffering from mild anal itchiness and sweating for some time but it had just been a minor irritation until a year ago. Then during a long mountain bike ride I suffered from unbearable itchiness and after the ride noticed a lot of leakage plus blood. This continued for another month with occasional bleeding experienced after jogging but it always felt like it was external, not piles or a fissure. I went to my doctor and was proscribed Daktocort for a fungal infection. That did nothing and I was then referred to a dermatologist who proscribed Canisten for a thrush infection. (I was also asked about my sexual proclivities on this visit - I am straight - and sent for an HIV test regardless that proved negative). The Canisten also proved useless and, fed up with doctors by this stage, I learnt to keep the itchiness under control for the next several months with fastidious hygene i.e. regular cleaning with water whenever possible (and my own spit on toilet paper when not) which helped reduce the itchiness but the problem was still there.

Then one day I was hit out of the blue with excruciating pain in the anal/rectal area. I was immediately referred to a colo-rectal specialist who after a digital examination diagnosed a chronic infection. He put me on a drip of septrim with immediately reduced the pain to bearable levels and I took other Flagyl and another anti-biotic for ten days.

Next I went in for a colonoscopy which turned up a benign polyp about 12 in up from the anal verge (unrelated to the pain), an anal ulcer and a group of indeterminate nodules about half an inch into the rectum. Fortunately the biopsies proved negative but the surgeon still cannot say what the nodules are, although he thinks they may also be some kind of infection, and he will have to follow up with more tests until he can. My symtoms have improved but the itchiness is still there which he says may be caused by the anal ulcer not being fully healed.

My point in posting this to urge any one suffering from itchiness, leakage or other similar symptoms to insist on seeing a colo-rectal surgeon and having a colonoscopy. Anal itchiness and leakage are usually not symptomatic of cancer but there are cases where itchiness and leakage where in fact the only symptoms of ano-rectal cancer. So don't take chances and don't just be fobbed off with various creams like I was. I think that I could have been saved the excruciating pain, if I had seen the colo-rectal surgeon earlier. But the main thing is to catch cancer early, if you have it, when it is still treatable or get peace of mind that you that haven't got it.

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All of these problems are demoralizing and depressing. I have problems like this and it is horrible. Always self concious about smell. Always worried. It is like our lives are being controlled by something so elementary as poop. But these are not only physcological and physical problems. They are also social problems. I am sure all of us here are scared to be around people because of these problems. If you are around people and they see a poop stain or they smell you then that really makes it tough to make good friends. Most people that see a poop stain or smell you just think,"oh that person either poops in their pants, doesnt wipe good, or doesnt take a shower." The sad thing is that this isnt true, but most people who dont have these problems everyone here has described, just dont understand that it isnt human error it is some problem. This is in my opinion the worst thing about these problems. If people didnt care about smell or poop stains then i can assure you it wouldnt be nearly as bad. I am going to go to the doctor for this and i hope all of you will to. Trust me, it may be embarrasing to talk about openly, but once you finally do it, you will feel so much better that you could finally get a cure for this problem. So remember, doctors are your friends:)
Good luck!!!!

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I have been reading these posts all night and it's making me feel a lot better just to have company. i am 24 years old, exercise regularly, and i'm not overweight. i've also been having the same leaking problem most of my life, but i've never really thought much about it because i just stuff a piece of tp in my pants and go on. however, i've become more aware of my problem lately because i'm trying to make the switch from tighty-whitey underwear to boxers(a little late i know). i've been informed that women don't really dig tighty-whities. my problem is that i can no longer stick tp down my pants with boxers because it falls out and slips down my pants which is almost worse than the underear. so i continue to wear the old underwear and it seems that all my tighty-whities get stained immediately after purchase. i'm afraid that this girl i've been dating is going to, one day, stumble upon a pair of my soiled, ugly, underwear and become very disgusted. i try to wear the tighties during the day at work, but i'm worried that at some point i will be exposed because i wont have a chance to change. after a severe "leak" in my brand new boxers during one of my walks in the park with the girl i like, i realized that leaky butt is ruining my life. i'm very upset about this problem. i will try the fiber thing and let you know what happens. i just ate an apple and drank some orange juice :)

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This problem came on suddenly for me, years ago. I was eating really high fatty foods and working physical labor when somebody said, "What the f... is that nasty smell." I (of course) giggled 'till it was unanomously pointed out that the nasty smell was, in fact, me.

After changing my group of friends, I logged my diet for some time, making a list of foods and leaky butt response, to see if anything triggered it. Finally I narrowed it down to high fat foods and dairy. I went on an intense fiber diet, thinking I might kill whatever intestinal bug was causing this, and it helped. Stress seems to bring it on as well.

Ever sense then the problems have decreased substantially. Still, I don't drink a lot of milk, unless I know I'll be alone for 24 hours, and stay away from breakfast at McD's. (no sausage mcmufs!)

I went to doctors and stuff, but you know, doctors are like a box of chocolates. . .

This site has been more helpful to me than any doctors, in fact, it should be recommended to them.

A funny story: while "making out," my wife found one of the wads of paper that I had used as an asspon and thought it was dried up poop. I had to then tell her of my nasty little secret. We're divorced now. Oh, well.

Dr. Know

P.S. we're not divorced, just kidding. She was very understanding.

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I, too, sometimes leak, though usually I'm only sweaty (North Carolina gets hot and humid). I do leak on occasion, however. My guts are all fine. I usually eat what I want rather than what I should, meaning there's probably a lot of stuff in me that shouldn't be. I drink a lot of caffeine and I wouldn't pass up a good cigar (I'm 19, don't attack me) though I never was interested in smoking anything else. The last time I found seepage was earlier today after a trip to JoBangles but before I felt the need to use the toilet. I suppose every now and then, a little leakage is fine, but I would definitely see a doctor if it became a common thing.

Practicing the ancient Chinese art of double flushing... because sometimes, a single flush just isn't enough.

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Double Flush-- With all due respect, if what you say is true, you're guts are probably NOT "all fine". The way you treat your "guts" now will to a large degree determine your health for the rest of your life.

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Yes, GGG, perhaps you have a point. However I have a hard time getting myself to change my eating habits. Also, I know it's not the best thing in the world to create a double flush scenario for a commercial toilet every time, either.

Right now I mainly eat from the dining hall near my dorm, and my meals generally consist of whatever chicken they have, usually a veggie burger or whatever else is on the vegetarian bar that looks good, and I follow it all with ice cream and coffee. I'm open for suggestions on improving what I eat. To get a look at what's available, check out and click on Fountain under the online menu.

And thanks for caring. I would have sent this via the contact form, but I see you have disabled that option (and that's fine).

Practicing the ancient Chinese art of double flushing... because sometimes, a single flush just isn't enough.

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I cant seem to find the answer to my question

We have these plastic crappy chairs at work so when i am in a conference i start to feel wet near my ass, then when i stand up to talk or leave there is a wet line behind me, granted it fades after a minute or two but what is causing this.


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Same thing happens to me on occasion. Usually it's just sweat, and everyone sweats, so no need to worry.

Practicing the ancient Chinese art of double flushing... because sometimes, a single flush just isn't enough.

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Hello all,
I'm so glad I found this site. I tried to read all the posts but realized that wasn't going to happen. I got halfway down the 1st page and realized I wasn't alone. Also, I have been searching this for awhile and finally today realized I needed to put in "butt sweat" instead of anal sweat"

Anyway, I have the same type problems. Mainly sweat, serious sweat, particularily in the morning when I have to go. The sweat is like a warning that I better get to the bathroom soon or else I will sweat through my underware and potentially have a spot on my pants. This is a nice warning sign but particularily annoying. I seriously can sweat through underware and pants in about 25 minutes. It's ridiculus. I'm not the most regular person, i had serious problems with "going" ever since I was little (not physically, mentally). If someone sits next to me in the stall then I really can not relax my muscles and almost definitely will not be able to get "it" all out. I wish my parents would have told me all growing up "it's ok to poop" constantly. Now, instead of being normal I just sweat badly forcing me to take care of business. Now to the A.L. As previously discussed this happens to me if I do not get "it" all out. Sometimes it's really hard for me to get "it" all out. Even if there is a little bit left up there then I know it about 20-30 minutes later when I begin to sweat again and itch and I have to go wipe up and try and get the rest out. This is really annoying but I think if I change my diet a bit and get some more fiber it will be fine. As far as the sweating....who knows? Just glad I'm not alone. To combat the problem I go to the gym and take a shower at lunch after I work out. This also allows me to get a fresh pair of undies. That way if I have one of my "bad" BMs in the morning then at least I can clean the area well. The sweating has been going on for quite some time. Years. I find this happens if I have to urinate badly as well. Not up front, in the back, I will sweat. sweat sweat sweat. Anyway, havn't spoken to a doctor but I think it should be a head doctor and not a body doctor.

As far as incomplete evacuation...this is one of the causes of anal leakage. I have figured this out myself. If I have a nice normal complete BM, no A.L. If not A.L. and I need to go to the bathroom again. Usually this consists of trying to get it all out and wiping up again. If I get it all out then no more A.L. Also, when wiping, pat, pat, pat, do not vigorously wipe. Also, try and open up a little bit as you pat, make sure you don't close though so you don't get T.P stuck up there. That's the worst. This way you will get the B.M. off the inner area. This will not keep A.L. away if there is still more up there but it's just a good tip. Hope this helps all.

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I'm 15 in 9th grade, and sick of sweaty buttcrack. I take my daily shit in the mornings, but I don't think I got rid of all the shit, so it will smell and leak later. I did notice taking more fiber helped so try it. Here's my smelly story. Everyday I go to school and feel clean. As soon as I sit down here comes sweaty ass. It smells horrible and I know people smell it, but I act nice and like nothing happen, and people don't say anything. I'm kind of quiet at school because I don't want to meet someone just to lose them as a friend after they know I smell like shit. It really affects your self esteem.

In high school you sit a lot so sweaty ass affects me a lot. For any of you with my kind of case, I suggest not sitting as much as you can. Take MR. SWEATY BUTTCRACK for a walk to let him air out. It will calm him down and sometimes he will behave. If he won't behave try to sit in a position to block out the butthole, and it the smell will be blocked. I usually act like I'm busy at the end of class and be the last one to leave so no one can follow behind me and smell the poop sweat trail. Whew! I've got company after all and good luck everyone.

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Hey sweatyassbegone. U may have constipation. I have a similar problem and i talked to a nurse who thought constipation was to blame. If u dont have complete evacuation of stool when u go it might be stuck in the lower rectum causing it to mix wit sweat and therefore the bad smell without the color of poop. Talk to a doctor who could give u a presccription laxative. That may help. I am taking some and today i had a ton of diarrea i think i emptied everything in it and i am happy now cuz i havent had the sweaty smelly but problem all day. very good.

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Woot, woot, woot! Off topic alert!!! (Me, not you KOC.)

I just had to comment on KOC's thing about apartame. It is true! This stuff is dangerous as hell. There are studies that have shown that aspartame, while used by diabetics, can actually CAUSE diabetes and has been linked to several cases in this nation's epidemic of the disease.

There was a study out for a while where some scientist tried to prove that tofu causes brain damage. He proved his point with his control groups and whatnot. Turns out he was wrong. The one thing his health-nut group had in common is they all consumed copious amounts of apartame. It turns out that THIS was the cause of the brain damage.

Hmmm, sort of makes you wonder when they start sneaking the stuff into everything during a questionable administration, doesn't it? Watch your bubble gum, most gums now include a healthy dose of this poison. Yes, I mean poison. Aspartame is derived from wood alcohol, which you really shouldn't drink.

Listen to KOC on this one!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled program. Cccccsshhhh!


I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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I think I must be suffering from memory loss for I do not remember when I wrote most of the postings at this site. Wait a minute! I didn't write these entries. Dang! I thought I was all alone. I thought I was a freak of nature. I can see that others have experienced the same embarassing or humiliating situations I have. The fact that I suffer from allergies doesn't help that I cannot smell the fowl smell I believe I emit at times, judging by others actions when I'm around. And i'm not referring to fatulance.

I have visited a few drs (GPs or FPs, no specialist yet) but that has gone nowhere. One actually wanted to pescribe prozac. Though it was all in my head. Oh, I guess he has never been at car rental place and had an attendant that is not servicing you spray the room with deodorizer. It might be all in my head, but I feel like I get anxiety attacks being in crowded public places. A few people at work make jokes at my expense. They think it's their inside joke. But, when strangers start making gestures that someone smells when you're around, well you can deduce it is you (or me in this case).

So how the hell did this leakage or excessive sweating come to be? I don't know. Nevertheless, I have not given up on finding an answer for getting rid this condition.

As stated by many others, I agree with some suggestions. Eat more fiber. Avoid or reduce your consumption of fatty-greasy foods, carbonated or caffeinated drinks, alchohol or smoking. It may be hard to do but just remember it may be a cause and effect condition. I strongly suggest that you journal what you eat. Try to determine if you can find a pattern or correlation between what you're eating and what makes your condition worse. I'm lucky there's a gym by my work, so I go work out and shower during the work day. I'll admit that I'm not a water conservationist since I either shower or bathe 3 times a day. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

I've been researching Colitis, Chron's, as well as IBS. I'm still confident I will find a dr that can alleviate this condition or at the very least help me not feel so bad.

Well, I gotta go. Need to buy more TP, Cottonelles, and body spray deodorant.

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I think that the sweating when you are sat down on a plastic chair is caused by your weight

Anybody else think this?

Also can it be caused by drinking too much diet cola or other fizzy drink?

Please help.

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If you're relatively young and have leakage back there, it's a good bet that you have an "anal fistula." This can be corrected with surgery. Especially if the liquid resembles puss more than poo.

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My infuckingcredible boyfriend has been going on for about a week about "leaky butt" and all this time I thought he was delayed with diarreaha! He was already eating bananas, rice, apples, toast. The b.r.a.t. diet. It wasn't about the ca-ca bubbles...when you fart and oops you had a wet fart accident! While I was scratching his back, preening him here and there from dry flakies, etc. and then down by his arse...I just spread his butt cheeks to take a look at his because I noticed my butt the other day had a skin discoloration sorta of brownish orange (it was well wiped and not a smear stain) in a ring, halo, circle shape beyond the analrectum area where I can find nothing about it on any search engine about this ring around my asshole (not from the toliet seat) just in the general butt hole area.! No, we are not doing anal sex, toy, finger things! It sticks out to me enuff to remind me of a orangutan's butt...hence monkey butt..and I am no monkey woman or chip lady either! So I checked out my man's butt to see if he had the ape man butt...he didn't have the discoloration like me...unlike my smooth ass, his is hairy..and I noticed it looked like he could have darn skippy wiped better as there was this peanut butter dab, his sphincter did not look like the usual tight ass, rather open and loose (he not gay), and I noticed the whitish mucus thing! We are both Vegans who eat as very healthy vegans with the fiber, beans, veggies, rice, fruit...non-dairy (no dairy-air here), non cheese...drink one or two drinks per week, and we are drug-happy hippies who are not going to give up our sweet pakalolo! I don't think it causes one to chill out so much that their butt muscles relax and forget what to do! He's had a few disappointments lately with anxiety and a doc did prescribe him could this be a possible side effect...leaky butt? He's been on it for 3 weeks and then the doseage was increased to double now for this past week. When he asked me why I decided to look at his butt, I said well I noticed mine has some sienna discoloration and I wondered if you might have "monkey butt" too. He laughed and passed it off for maybe you had too much tomato-based meals...yet I laugh at this cuz it's rare I do nightshades at all! We don't do coffee either, yet love vegan chocolate, chocolate soy silk and macadamia nut liquor...we already do pysillium husk in our morning fruit smoothies. I know to have that normal solid brown trout in the porcelain pond...that an apple and two prunes will make one rather regular. Instead of being "leaky butt" and money butt" I would prefer we went back to being "passing gas" and "running mouth". I like to think this gyrl has a serious badonkadonk butt! I can barely stand the thought of needing an ass doctor, as I am such a candy-ass about these things! It's anxiety for me just to see a nurse practicioner for the yearly pap-smear and having the mammogram boob clamp thing! I am not going to join Anal Leak Anonymous and I am sorta glad it's him and not me...yet it's not all that funny when it comes to doing laundry, having to get out the door, etc. and hopefully it's not contagious and I won't ever end up with this, it's enough feelin like an ass. Lance Armstrong has his joke on me at a bicycle shop where I thought he was a new employee and I was searchin for a saddle as riding aggressively for 12 miles was hurtin my yoni so I could barely sit down...I already had the gel seat and shammy bike shorts - go figga!

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I have had this problem for the last 2 years. I have had a colonoscopy but still the same. I have recently switched to a high fibre diet, which I feel is making a difference but not totally. The fibre diet has definetly helped my health generally however. I have lost weight, have more energy and from what I have read fibre has real benefits for many reasons. However I still have days when things aren't right. I suspect dairy is the last thing, even though I don't think I have that much. Nevertheless I will try this and see. Until recently I never knew the extent that diet had on ones health and well being (maybe I have been fooled by smiling faces on fast food marketing posters) however it makes a difference, a big difference! I am determined to get to the bottom of this. I am grateful to all on this site, it is almost impossible to find help, no-one seems to know what I am talking about, it is hard to start talking in the first place!

almost fixed's picture

Well further to my last posting, I have been off the dairy and have had the best 4 days of poos'and bowel health in my living memory. No problem at all. Some Psyillium husk on my cereal, make sure I eat some vegies, keeping away from junk food and haven't had any milk. I am feeling much better generally, lost weight and it seems has stopped my bowel problems. For those wondering I am still drinking but thinking of cutting back anyway.
Hope this helps someone out there.
Thanks again

Anonymous leakage fighter's picture

This site is one of humanity's saving graces. fire, beer, the steam engine, condoms, tv, and now a genuine class-act poo website. What next?

on the leakage, end to loads of junk food, black coffee, chugging beer seconds before i went to sleep, have all greatly improved things.

adding decent fibre (haven't tried supplement, just lot's more veges and whole grains) made the biggest difference however.
I'm gona try kegels as well, meanwhile watch for caffiene and go fibre (with appropriate water), I reckon kegels would resolve some of the anxiety that goes into the IBS. There may be mental AND physical things masking each others symptoms. It took me a while to sort one from th other in my case, but one follows from the other anyway.
I'm attacking this from inside and outside. Anyone suspect their anus is misleading them?

and I stand by pot! I'm investigating the effect of pot on anal leakage, it will take time

Where have you been....'s picture

I'm stunned. I have had this problem for 4 years, since I stopped breastfeeding my youngest child and turned 45 the same month... I have all the same symptoms, slimy feeling, skidmarks, sweat, itching, and in addition I have a couple of sores that are probably irritated just by being in that location. Have assumed it was age-related, or post pregnancy trauma, etc. Since my gut muscles have disappeared I also figured it might be loss of muscle tone in the anal sphincter (doesn't Richard Simmons have a workout tape for that?) I've been depressed about the thought of living with this until I die in my 90s, and am completely turned off a the idea of sex ever again, mostly for this reason.

I never considered taking fiber, as I am never constipated.

I am, however, overweight. My diet runs heavily to coffee, dairy products, white bread and peanut butter. If I was ever looking for a reason to change my lifestyle... the thought of NOT having this problem anymore is the inspiration I need.

Resisting the urge to wonder why no one told me.... because, of course, I have never told anyone what I'm living with.

Thank you all. I'll let you know how it goes (so to speak).

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does everyone with leakage smoke weed or drink alcohal

there's picture

I recently feel I have fixed this. I am now 2 weeks on and doing well. I still drink and smoke pot. I have had less coffee than normal but had it without milk. For me the fibre and the stopping of dairy did it. No longer do I need to wipe for hours later, I almost don't need to wipe at all! It is unbelievable. Fantastic. The change in diet is worth every bit of it, in fact my taste for good foods is growing all the time.

A Survivor's picture

• Greetings, all. Good news for you, I hope. I suffered silently, many-many years. I no longer suffer this affliction.

• Completely resolved.

• I got lucky.

• So you know: Doctors do not like writing perscriptions, for Lotrisone cream. Extremely hard to get. Steriod component... pretty scary stuff.

• Perscription, for Lotrosone cream (e.g., spelling), analogous to extermination of a cockroach, with an 8 gage shotgun, extremely potent stuff.

• I silently suffered, a long time. Wheeled, into the ER, top gun spoiled rotten Ivy League surgeon, damned good one, sewing me back up, I called him over, whispered in his ear, asked him to do me a huge favor; told him I'm embarassed, beside myself, to even say something.

• Rolled me over; had a look-see. Humilliating. Never been more embarassed.

~ He said: "...Ah! Okay. This will do the trick. Hand this to the nurse, and she'll bring you some."

• Wrote me a perscription, for Lotrosone cream. Just like that? Poof-gone!

• It doesn't just work, a little. Relief, on contact. Poof-gone, no more itching... forever. Such potent stuff, just one application wiped out the problem, entirely.

• Forever...

• Poof-gone. Never had a problem, since. Never had a problem, with natural perspiration, thereafter, either.

• We'd never have problems, like this, if our government took better care of us. We'd never have these problems, if the medical profession really cared, about us. I think they care, more about their portfolios, than they do, us. I don't think anyone really cares about anyone, anymore. They just pretend they do. People needlessly suffer.

• I was lucky. Hope this helps someone. I really do.

pooping better's picture

My story and a simple cure.

My story is similar to many of you here. I am a 51 year old overwieght male who generally eats a pretty unhealthy diet (fast food is common). Two summers ago I developed a chronic hemerroid problem. The summer of 2004 was extremely painful. I tried the typical remedies but none of them were successful. Since then the hemerroids have subsided (they still flair up about once ever two months - I will probably have them for the rest of my life). However, accompanying the hemerroids was the problem of leakage and while the hemorroids have subsided, the leakage has been on going. It occurs daily usually after I have had my first poop of the day. A couple of hours afterward I would feel the leakage (which was often a mixture of blood (from hemerroids) and liquidy poop juice).

Like you, not only was it uncomfortable, but it was staining my underwear and I often had to change a couple of times a day (If I was in a situation where I could not change I would develop diaper rash - extremely painful). And of course I was embarrased to talk with anyone about it (including my wife). I also often would fine myself in dressing room situations (I am an actor) where I had to change in front of other men and was embarrased by my stained underwear.

Here is my solution: Fiber. I had often heard that a high fiber diet helped with situations like this and tried it a bit but didn't see any real change. Then I decided to go on it full strength and amazingly it cleared right up within 24 hours. It has continued to resolve the problem to a 99% satiusfaction rate (if I skip the regiment it will return in a slight amount).

Here is my diet: I have two glasses of Metamucil each day: One in the morning and one in the evening. I also eat a high fiber cereal. However, most cereals only have 3-5 grams of fiber per serving. I recommend Fiber One which has 14 grams per serving - and have a big bowl. I can't stand the taste of the regular Fiber One (it takes like corregated cardboard). But the Fiber One Flakes with Honey-Nut Clusters isn't bad. Also All Bran Buds (13 grams) is pretty good especially with fruit. With that much fiber I no longer leak, I go more regularly, my stools are harder and when I go I poop alot. But mostly, it's nice to not have that leaking.

I hope this helps

butt bleeding's picture

Hello there i need help because my doctor was no help at all when i went to see him. I have been bledding on the inside of my butt since i got rid of my hemroids, do you think i have a eternal hemroid inside my butt, i have been bleeding really bad every time i have to take a poop, the whole toilet fills with blood and it freaks me out. I am three months pregnant now and this has me worried. My doctor told me that i have to wait to see my own doctor before they can do anything for me, meanwhile he is a doctor here and he is my doctor here in this city. What is wrong with this doctor does he not care about his patients. I have been feeling really weak and no enegy at all some days and i can't be like this any more. I need help in understanding what is wrong with my butt inside? Please some one help me understand the bleeding every day.

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i too have the same problem i am currently trying to eat a lot of fibre see if that works dont know if we can cure the smell but i found something that seriously stops you sweating its called odaban its a type of spray ive had it on for 3 days and havent sweated in those areas yet but have noticed i tiny wet feeling on my anus,not sweat i think its leakage but this product fixes the wet trouser problem search it on google its pretty cheap about £5 and only have to put it on once or maybe twice a week its really helped my sweaty crack let me know if it works for you

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I used to weigh 10 and 1/2 stones when I was 18/19 and NEVER had this problem.

In 2 years I've put on over 1 and 1/2 stones and have become a mild alcoholic.

I suffer from AL too, which is very embarrasing, which even has me self conscious of people who do 'loud breaths through their noses'...Which is a mockery of my confidence!

I'm going to set myself a task, to quit alcohol and try to lose over 1 stone in weight and see how my AL carries on - if it does!

Wish me luck...I wash twice a day everyday, am very hygenic but after I wash my bum in the shower, even if I pooped 2hours before, I'll check my bum with toilet roll half an hour after my shower and there will be poop there, which stains your underwear and leaves you smelling poorly - not good when you've got a girlfriend you love and have to work your lives around when you can see her, just because of when you've had a poop or a shower!!!

Like said, wish my luck and if this works - I reccomend everyone does the same!

Cheers people!

Anonymous Coward's picture

unbelievable!!!! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. Going to change my diet tomorrow. Reading these comments, I could of wrote alot of these myself. Does anyone suffer AL due to stress? I went on holiday for two weeks and had no problems at all. As soon as I got back to work it returned.

fixed's picture

I would say that I have a lot of stress in my job and wondered too whether that was a factor. I think it does a little in that being a little anxious makes you feel like going to the toilet, however I don't think it accounts for the leaks etc. I changed my diet to basically good foods, made sure I got plenty of fibre. My job is the same but my poo situation is fixed. I did find too that not having milk made a difference for me. I hope this helps.

fixed's picture

RE Bleeding

That sounds serious. I had that once as a kid and was diagnosed with some sort of bacterial infection, but it could be a number of things. I remember then the doctor saying that is serious. I think blood coming out that way is something that needs to be checked by a doctor. That is appalling your doctor didn't check this. I am not sure of your situation but I would think you should try to get to a doctor that can check that out. I don't think it is a diet thing. You need all the energy you can get already being pregnant and this doesn't sound good. Hope it works out ok

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Ok I have gotten one thing from this site...comfort that I am not alone. I am sitting here after running 12 blocks home from a large public event where I went to the Biffy (port-a-potty) to pee and ended up shitting myself. I had no warning whatsoever and didn't know anything was wrong until I felt "it" running down my leg. I was in a crowd of several hundred people with a group of friends who are probably still waiting for me to come back from the loo. This is the second time in as many months that this has happened to me without any kind of warning (not even a little) and I am scared. For all of the joking and light heartedness I have NEVER been more mortified in my life! This is not normal and not good. I wish there was an easy answer, but, alas there is not. Ever had to run through a crowd of people with shitty pants? It is NOT fun.

Lynx's picture

I have the exact same problem as alex i dont eat things with Olestra in them i dont drink often nor do i have anal sex i am looking for a better answer then try a tampax dosent sound fun at all + i dont like doctors and if alex has found a better answer i would like to know

Anonymous Coward's picture

It was coffee and tea in my case. Symptoms just like those in the original question for years. I had even had an internal haemorrhoid operation in case that was the cause - the ass doctor thought it probably was, but it wasn't. Finally, I quit one thing at a time, and recorded the results of each check of underwear in a calendar. First wheat - nope, next dairy products - nope, finally coffee (and tea, I'm British). I had been chain-drinking coffee and tea since I quit smoking, so I cut down to two cups a day. I noticed better results in my calendar, plus I did not have to dump so often. It has been about 6 weeks now, and I reckon I have fixed it. If you try this, don't think it hasn't worked if you get intermittent results for a while - the leakage kind of fades out like a guttering candle before it disappears. I think I'm safe to go buy some white underwear now. Beware of reversion - if I go above two small-ish cups a day, the symptoms start to return.

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My anus is leaking for 3 years now. Thanks for all the good comments and I gathered a lot of things to try such as - fiber, mineral oil, no coffee/chocolate/spicy foods/etc., bland diet (antispasmodic), lots of water, and lastly (if none of these works) then see a doctor. Currently, I'm taking acidophillus (probiotic) and I will let you know if it fixes my AL.

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m 1+ points - Newb

wow...theres a lot of post...i thought before i had a rare problem, there's leak and a lil amount of shit, also if i eat foods with large amount of oil, it leaks bad. im still currently having this problem but has lessen due to my changes, but there still is, i have to go to the cr to wipe it, but sometimes after wiping, gas sometimes gets out uncontrolled, damn its giving me low self esteem and fear. when somebody covers their nose, oh no. my parents when they notice it, dont know the cause of that smell, they think its just my body odor., sometimes i really smell the fart. ive noticed this problem about 4 yrs ago, i didnt know the reason of it...but ive gathered the likely suspects...1-smoking, i suddenly did a lot of smoking when i was depressed at one time,i stopped now, but when i smoke a strong one, leaks occur sometimes. 2-long legs, back in HS i stretched my legs for 2 mins before sleeping, it was instant height, i grew like 6 iches taller, my legs are kinda long...3-coffee, i only drink this when i really need it, i drink it everyday before, 4-food intake- i skip meals sometimes, and usually have poor food intake, 5-exercise-when i do too much weights, or do some jumping exercises, sit ups, it causes leaks...but i play basketball though, 6-masturbation, when i do this, gas and leaks usually occurs. 7-bad posture, i usually have my back arched.8-stress, 9-childhood-when i was in hs, i ive notice some stain on my underwear sometimes, maybe it got worse.. damn...i spend a lot time at home, but in school and other places, its a serious problem, it just releases sometimes. i have to shit before leaving the house to lessen smell if it occurs... my solution to this was lessen oily foods, got rid of the weight routine...i bring tissue always, take deep breathes at home...

jlwar's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

...i dont tell my parents about this coz its other solutions are, play basketball, try to be relax at all time, nervousness can sometimes speed the process, have good posture, and try to keep your legs and body straight when you sleep...:)...i do take a lot of sweet and spicy foods...maybe ill lessen them also....

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I suffer from Hem. and wanted to share a good cream I apply to cut the pain. It's called Nupercainal. It's much better than Prep H. I found it at Walgreens, but had to order it at Walmart(cheaper). $6.50-7.50 per 1oz. It helps with those burning feelings too.

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m 1+ points - Newb

maybe all ur anal leak problems are caused by weak sphincters...try not using tissues in wiping all the time, instead, use water and soap to wash it(dont overwash also, just enough). i know this problem is more common than you think, especially those who does anal sex...(not me though)...hehe

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m 1+ points - Newb

Anonymous coward...we have kinda like the same scenario...i was smokin real hard...and started becoming a coffee drinker... it was there i noticed it...even though i stopped smokin now, i miss the coffee, and drinks it only when i have no classes the next day...

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Greetings to others out there with poo troubles! I too have experienced some of the symptoms stated in your posts, although I guess all of us would experience watever this problem is differently. I have had a mucus and have found blood in it aswell, which was of concern to me. I have been to the doctor before and she told me it was an anal fissure, and that I needed to change my diet to make it include more fibre which would in time stop the flow of mucus. I found a good site on anal fissures for any of you who have identified that that is what you have go to: cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=3 it will give you a run down on what it is and what can be done to relieve any symptoms you may have. Cheers, P.S. Thanks for the posts :->

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