itchy ass crack

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Shecky asks:

For the last two months, my ass has been itching like crazy. I eat a lot of fiber in the form of Metamucil and whole wheat bread, so my turds are generally of a good consistency. I don't have hemmorhoids, and I would like to think that I don't have a parasite, but my ass still itches. It's not the o-ring that itches, but rather the area around it. It's almost like I have jock itch of the ass -- is that possible? I exercise a good bit, so it does get sweaty down there. Please help me, Poonurse!

Dear Schecky,

First, you know that I am going to tell you to get it checked out by a competent medical professional, right? It could be just an irritation, or it could be something as disgusting as pinworms or something. So see a doctor.

You COULD briefly try washing with a mild soap such as Ivory, letting the area dry well, wearing loose cotton underpants, not using premoistened wipes, and applying 1% hydrocortisone cream SPARINGLY to the itchy area twice a day. If these suggestions don't help within ten days or so, show your itching ass to a doctor.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

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An itcy rump could be a precurser of the 'rhoids.

It could also be anything from worms / parasites to nothing more than a bad reaction to the laundry soap you are using.
Born to clog your bog, with a giant log.

"Two percent of the population think; three percent of the population think they think, and 95 percent of the population would rather die than think."

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Seems to be a lot of talk about but itching I have the cure my ass has been itching for years and years this is what you do now I must warn you this hurts like hell in comparison I would say it feel like you ass hole is on fire however you only have to do it once a week or as needed take a paper towel pour 70 percent alcohol on it and rub it on your a hole and surrounding areas do not remove it until the burning stops aprox 1 min of total hell then when you remove it it will burn again for about a half a minute but it is totally worth it.

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The top of my butt crack itches all the time. Sometimes it gets a bump on it. I am very clean but I'm suspecting that my tight butt checks are not allowing any air at all between my crack causing it to remain too moist. I shower daily but when I wipe I have a bad back and can't get all the way up my crack. I really don't think it's crap, I think my butt cheeks sqeeze together too tight at the top of the crack. Sometimes I will take cotton, the kind women buy in strands for cosmetics, and tear off a piece about 4 inches long and stick it between my cheeks. This offers relief and absorbs moisture and keeps the cheeks spread apart enough to breath a little. I do think perhaps it's a fungal problem though. I don't know where to begin with creams or powders. It's weird because my dog itches at the top of her tail, on her back, and her vet is putting her on monistat-derm. I can't afford to go to the doctor, but my dog can. Maybe I should share her cream.

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i have had an itchy anus for six months now and i want it to go away, it keeps me up all night and im constantly scratching. i think im going to get a dildo with nails through it and stick it up my ass!

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I have an itchy ass for the past few days. I think its fungi since I've not properly cured my case of athelets foot/jock itch, and therefore it is the most proximate cause and most likely.

Thanks for pointing out what should have been obvious to me.


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Well, its been itching fer bout two weeks or so.. I was a little ass-shamed at first but after readen and readen all the storys and all, I recten im not really all that different. Getting my underware stuck up my ass by my index finger at lightning speeds is getting a little old, but all in all I feel at home with you people. Are there any convenient remedies to get ass stink off my finger without having to walk all the way out to the running water on the fridge door?

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OK, listen up. I have a book that says you should use a "peri bottle" to clean your arse. Fill with warm water and squirt. A shampoo bottle will do the trick. It also says to use calendula salve for an anal fissure. Search the web for this. This is a common problem. Put in the rectum before bowel movements. For itch, it recommends a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. Says to apply several times daily. I am not recommending any of this. It's up to you if you want to try them.

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my ass was was like around the ass crack..then it was only at night and when i take a shit it start to bleed and it then i put alchol between my ass then it stings a little then i took a shower wit hot hot hot water and rinse through my ass then it wasnt itchin no more

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Dumpster's advice is the best. Pinworms are nasty and you want them gone as soon as possible!

And Dr. Pepper, I'm not to sure many people are comfortable with shoving onions up their anus's.

Some are born crappy, some achieve crappiness, and some have crapiness thrusted upon them. (Do NOT be the last one)

Some are born crappy, some achieve crappiness, and some have crapiness thrusted upon them. (Do NOT be the last one)

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Oddly this site keeps my mind off MY itchy asshole. haha.

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5 Q-tips dipped in rubbing alcohol. Spread'em and swab gently up and down anus and crack. If you dare, insert in anus. It will burn for a minute or two, but you'll feel (and be) clean and the burning pain will replace the urge to itch.

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Lipton iced tea mix made my asshole itch for a whole month before I stopped using it. Only the mix though. Seriously. I am not a representative for a competing iced tea company.

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Thanks to all for sharing remedies and experiences.....I think I'm almost cured from an itchy butt hole/crack...I have been using 70% alcohol after each dump as a dab, it stings a bit, but the reward is awesome, no butt tickles or itches. Hopefully this will be a final solution to my problem.

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Got you all beat man, 30 years of itching and NOTHING WORKS!!!!! It's got to be bacterial, I've heard vinegar is a good antibacterial, so that one is next. Those guys that made WD-40 took forty tries to come up with their formula, I've got that record beat to shit. If the vinegar don't work, I'm going shopping for a good angle grinder.

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I am a sufferer too butt, this site has had me in stitches. Honestly crying with laughter. Not sure if I would go the alcohol route but maybe the fungal cream is the way..

Do not suffer in silence.

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I had a dilemma a few nights ago with my itchy crack and I could not sleep so I was searching desperately on WebMD..then I finally googled this site and I must say, I laughed my heart out. With my itchy butt, I felt relieved there were others but also felt sad bc I don't want this problem for the next 25 years!! Anyway, my butt problem started when I used witch hazel medicated pads to help my hemmorhoid problem (the "bump" a lot of you keep referring it as) along with Prep H. Well that was taken care of but then my butt kept itching on the sides, I threw out the pads bc of other comments on this site and I decided to try shaving my butt (I'm a female, so it was weird), but that worked! Then awhile ago I had read in a magazine that if I wanted to prevent shaving bumps on my bikini line, it said to mix equal parts Benadryl (an anti-itch cream) w/ a non-perfumed, non-greasy lotion..that works awesome for not getting razor burn I thought, I will do the same for my butt bc I didn't want razor burn..if that happens in the anal region. So it's been day 3 and my butt has been itch-free. I use the Benadryl-lotion mixture (a pea-sized dollop of both) after I go to the bathroom, after I shower, and before I go to bed. It works great and you could give it a try. Maybe the lotion will work even if you don't shave your butt..since I didn't try it without shaving my butt, I can't compare the maybe someone could try that first. HOpe this helps someone!

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I've had an itchy crack for years. My fiance is making me go to the doctors to get it looked at. Having read some of the posts here, I see some similarities to my symptoms. Itching is the worst at night or after heavy boozing. But does anyone have the issue that after they scratch for a bit, a clear, watery secretion happens? It smells but not like poop. Also, after I go through an itch-scratch-ooze cycle, the area will effectively dry out and flake off like a peeling sunburn. This cycle can be separated by days or weeks before starting up again.

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I believe mine was a fungus (candida) problem, which I think is a fairly common cause. Here's what I did:

Go to a health store and buy:
- Aloe Vera Juice (with NO additives, esp. sugar or starch)
- Tea Tree Oil (100% pure)
- DDS Acidophilus with FOS (in the refrigerated section, capsules)

Also needed:
- Q-Tips
- Mild soap, I use Oil of Olay Unscented, or Tea Tree soap from The Body Shop
- lots of 100% cotton underwear (change frequently)

Store the Aloe Vera Juice and the DDS in the fridge.

Every time you have a bowel movement (should be about once a day):
- mix together 1 tbsp. of Aloe Vera Juice and about 15 drops of Tea Tree oil.
- sit on the edge of the bathtub
- dip toilet paper into the solution and gently press to clean
- then take Q-Tips, dip them in the solution and gently clean inside. Insert each one only once, then grab a new one until it's clean.
- if there's any solution left dip it in toilet paper and press
- remain seated on the edge of the tub for another 5 or 10 minutes until it is completely dry.

Every time you have a shower:
- Make sure you are gentle and rinse the area really, really well. Left over soap can irritate it more.
- Dry yourself off really well
- Sit on the edge of the tub
- Cut open a DDS Acidophilus with FOS capsule and catch the powder in your hand
- Rub it over the area

You should start to feel relief in the first few days, keep at it for about two weeks.

Keep track of what your body is doing, there's always the possiblity of an allergy. Stop or modify if necessary.

Actually, the best thing to do would be to see a Naturopathic doctor, I would recommend them before seeing a Medical doctor.

Good luck!

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I've suffered from sporatic bouts of itchy butthole for years. I find its caused by having to overwipe when my shits are not as solid as usual. the best remedy I've found is to put a nickel sized dot of preparation H cooling gel on my tender sphincter and then wipe that off with more toilet paper. I'm not talking about the fishy smelling greasy shit, I'm talking about the cooling gel with aloe. It helps to clean the butthole while providing the much needed lubrication to prevent further chaffing of the butthole. The gel also contains an antihistimine to relieve the itchy butthole tenderness associtaed with overwiping.

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my ass is scratched so often it is red! i might wipe too much but i used vaseline and it still itches like a motha! and i tried hydrocortisone but it still freaking hurts to take a big crap!

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When I wus a little kid I saw this dog, he would rub his bum all over the carpet and kind of scoot along, he smiled when he did this too, I asked my Grandpa why he wus doin this and Grandpa told me he must have a itchy ass crack , he wusnt sure but he could fix it so he went over to the shed and got a piece of corn cob and a old coffee can, he put some turpentine in the coffee can and dipped that big corn cob in it, then he told me to fetch that dog over to him, I done it and then Grandpa lifted up that dogs tail and put that corn cob on his butt crack,,, man oh man that dog let out the biggest yelp I ever heard and took off running like he wus on fire, yep that dog never rubbed his butt crack on the carpet again, Grandpa fix that ass itch fo sho

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i 2000+ points

Are you from Raleigh?

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Ugh, so, recently I started getting this itch. It's usually always after having a bowel movement and it's usually on the left side of the hole. It has kind of a stinging itch..I have been taking a Q-tip dipped in Tea tree oil and it burns, but doesn't really help. I am considering going to a DR. But thought I might try to figure it out on here 1st.

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Wow, had no idea there were so many ass scratchers out there!!

I've had this irritating itch for a bout a month, tried all sorts of pile creams but it's not that, there is some red cracked skin above the butt hole, so I'm thinking it might be fungal (had a jock itch a few months back) so I'll try an anti fungal cream.
if that doesnt work (i hope it aint threadworm, but it itches durign the day too, so cant be), ill have to go to the DOC which i dont wanna do as its sooooo embarrasing
me: hey doc my anus itches
doc: ok pull ur pants down and let me stick my fingers in your butthole!
me: fuck

so thats why i hope it gets cured soon without a doc

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the internet is great. and this site is great. I seem to find myself back here randomly every so often on different topics.

And yes, I have had an itchy but for years. big bad rash all over the groin similar to one I had over my ear that finally went away when I stopped scrttching it (psoriasis?).

anyway, I have to say, there is nothing like a g good 20 minute groin scratch as I lay down in bed to really clear my mind of the day's troubles. just shear, unadulterated pleassure sensor hits. I stop when blood starts flowing or the pain/pleasure lines starts moving the wrong direction.

If I had to guess, I would say I had psorias or something that a few years of scratching has led to seconday bact or fung issues since the ealry years (the salad years??) were more heavy flaking around the but crack. now it seem more groin rash.

nope. no hand washing. I wonder if that is what caes my acne? oh well.

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i 2000+ points


Eww. On soooo many levels.

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This site has depressed me as it has just brought home to me the notion that there really is no cure to itchy ass hell. Many good coping strategies are laid out though. I've had this pesky bumblebee living in my anal canal for 13 years now. I sometimes wonder whether it is just an OCD of some sort. Why won't the fucker just die? I have tried every creme and lotion in existence, and nothing relieves it permanantly. My latest game is to go as long as possible without touching the hive area, until i can barely breathe and become light headed, then I drive a fairly stiff bristled bottle brush up there, with a spinning action that produce an ass-gasm that brings my heart rate up to about 240 beats per minute. Naturally. I then feel quite guilty and lament my loss of sanity. I am close to torching myself with a gasoline enema.... somebody please help me.

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If your ass itches severely and ur ball bag stinks,then do yourself a favour and use an anti-fungal cream.In most cases it is caused by Tinea,also known as ring worm, atheletes foot or jock itch.When it heals avoid scratching as it is just like giving up smoking, all in the mind....P.S remember to treat your fingers as well as tinea can live under and around the nails.

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i put rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball in my butt, i scream loud, my ass catches fire, and then my rectum becomes a rocket and I fly to the moon and back...i go no itchy ass no more

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i 2000+ points

Hey. Didn't you just post that on another thread? That, or I'm having deja vu.
Hey! Don't touch my wenis!

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Okay, ya'll convinced me, i'm going in to get my itchy ass checked out. I'm pretty sure it's fungal, cuz it went from jockitch, to taint itch, and now it's red hurting bung itch.

Tell ya what tho, don't let this go too long, cuz if the tissue gets damaged too much from a fungal going midevil on your ass, you're prolly looking at a number of soft tissue injuries, and sitting on a rhoid cushion for a while.

I'm going in tonight to see what it is, i'll recap on my show sat. night on krush between 9 and 11CST.. and maybe pop a mention here.

~Internet Radio at it's finest

~Internet Radio at it's finest

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OK, After reading all of these and laughing so much, I am going to go off coffee, tea and cachew nuts and all sorts of other nuts and see what happens.

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Corn-fucias says man who go to bed with itchy bottom wake up with smelly fingers.

Anonymous colin's picture

Rectinol is good stuff!

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Best itchy-ass remedy: rub ass with heavy grit sandpaper, apply non-fat yogurt, wipe clean, dip your ass in ice, your still reading, bet you were gonna do it too...

This helped me's picture

Hi fellow itchers and scratchers. I'm hoping to find a willing volunteer to try a "cure" for your itching. I suffered for many years with a rash on my legs and feet. I don't know what caused it but it would come and go over the years . It seemed to be worse in the summer and at night in bed, also if I got stressed. So I put it down to a prickly heat rash. None of the over the counter medications worked, so I thought it may have been fungal, again I tried the creams to no or limited avail. I tried anti candida diets, which did help but were very restrictive. If people try the diets alone, I think they will have some relief. Then in the last 6 months or so, I was reading a cleaning book and the author recommended clove oil to kill fungus on ones shower curtain. It was too late for my shower curtain but I was intrigued if it would work on my rash. I had used clove oil for tooth ache and gum inflammations for years with excellent results but also knew if I accidently got some on a healthy bit of gum it would burn like hell. So with great trepidation I tried it on my leg. I wet a cotton ball with water and dropped one drop of clove oil on it and applied it to my rash. Yes, it burnt like hell, yes, the skin went red but most importantly YES!!! the itching stopped. For longer then any other treatment. The skin became drier where the rash was as the healing began. If the itch came back which it did I just followed the same procedure. I eventually applied the oil morning and night for several weeks, from memory, whether it was itchy or not. Until the skin was back to normal.The burning sensation gets better and sometimes you can't even feel it. Ive had the odd flare up but one application usually knocks it on the head now. Why I need some one to try this possible solution is because my partner has the anal itching shared by many of you and he is all but ripping himself to shreads. He's tried witch hazel with some success, creams with little help and after making himself bleed by scratching, tea tree oil. I warned him how much it was going to hurt, as he already had exposed tissue and it was a very sensitive area but he wouldn't wait till the skin was healed and of cause experienced agonizing pain. The tea tree did eventually help,for awhile, after I peeled him off the ceiling. So despite my pleads for him to try the clove oil he says he can not bare the pain again. I did get him to try a weak tea made from 6 dried cloves crushed and steeped in boiling water for several minutes. Let it go cold and store in the fridge. strain off cloves and apply the cold "tea", using a cotton ball to area. Use a clean ball each time and don't let your fingers infect the tea. This gives a bit of relief and the mildest of buzzes from the oil. So if any body is willing to try the oil, I would recommed to always dilute it on a wet cotton ball, maybe one drop, then run some water over that to dilute it more. Make sure you haven't cut your skin up by scratching before you apply and brace yourself. It's similar to a menthol burn, say from a muscle soreness cream. But possibly worse. If the pain is unbearable get cold water on it straight away and just keep diluting it. Maybe try the tea and work up to the oil as the skin becomes more desensitized to the clove. PLEASE TAKE CARE!! this oil is very volitile and can cause severe pain if you get any in your eye or delicate skin eg anal and genital areas, even though this is the what we're trying to heal. I can not be held responsible for any injury but can only honestly tell you it helped my leg rash, and the tea helped my partner. Any body willing to try the oil please do so at your own risk. In saying that I hope someone is willing and it does work. Please let me know through this forum so I can hopefully convince my partner to try and maybe we can help everyone else out there. Thank you in advance. and here's to a good nights sleep and a bum that just does what it's suppose to.

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_I am fasinated with whta people are willing to apply to the butt for relief.....interesting______
Producing waste since 1967

Producing waste since 1967

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l 100+ points

__Wood beaded car seat cushions help during long driving trips. Along with Lamisil foot powder._____
"Frank, that is a VERY personal thing!" -Nurse Tomain

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my asshole itching started a couple months ago.. and has not stopped.. first i used hydrocortizone every night.. and that did nothing.. i have been using preparation h every day now and it is good for temporary help.. but the itching comes back the next day..

when i am actively doing something.. and walking and at school/work.. its fine.. it seems like everytime i sit down for a while or lay down it flares up like hell.. anyone else have this problem??

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i 2000+ points

It might be an allergy. Try eliminating just ONE thing from your diet at a time for 2 weeks, and see if you don't improve.

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I had the same problem. After reading forums on the internet and seeing doctors couldn't find out what was wrong 99% of the time, i took matters into my own hands. Try exercising regularly and eating healthy foods. Also try wrights coal tar soap. It kills most bacteria and leaves the cleaned area really dry and stops it smelling. Try using it in the bath or shower. Hope this helps :)

Dave999's picture

Some of these posts are pathetic. Taking the piss out of a really serious problem.

Well the alchohol one seems to work for a lot of you. maybe I'll try that one.

Sounds like most of you have pruritus ani.

I use apple cider vinegar, now that stings like hell but is worth it just to get rid of the itch.

I also scratch using wipes as it stops your finger nails from cutting you up. Use to cut up quite badly but no way near as bed as now if I use the wipes. I use them to clean up too after a crap.
If you do think you are allergic to wipes (very possible for some),soak in warm water and then find another type of container to put them in, you'll struggle putting them back in their bag. Soaking them should get rid of the dodgy chemicals that are in them.

Most of the stuff doctors give you for this problem are useless. So try alternative things like Prurotab or Neuragen. Like I said I use apple cider vinegar or even witch hazel.

Though I am now staring out on an attempt at the old self belief mind shit. I.E I'm telling myself the itch is weak and doesn't bother me. Did Ok for the lasdt 4 days though fell down a bit this morning and had to have a good scratch, but I'm going back to the itch is weak again now.

Good luck and a pity the site isn't monitered better so we can get rid of the bull written in here.

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i 2000+ points

Wouldn't that be censorship? Opinions and assholes, and all that, y'know...

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Im no doctor nor am i rendering any medical advice, just another victim that is explaining his situation in hopes that others can learn from it. Ive had lingering athletes foot/jock itch for years, sometimes it goes away for awhile, but it seems that it always come back, and never before in the anal region, and this infection dates back to the days before i was a 'mold-remediator' which ive been doing for 4 years, (cleaning real nasty bacterial and fungal problems in homes) just recently, about the last couple months or so, i get the itchiest bum, that wakes me up from a stone cold sleep just about every nite. i dont want to go to the doctors and tell them i have an itchy bum for the same reason the next guy doesnt. and obviously i think its something fungal/bacterial, altho im not ruling out the "worms" or "rhoids" theories, (but i havent began researching those yet, but ill tell ya, ive wiped with peroxide for weeks, rubbing alcohol for weeks, and even used the anti-fungal creams for weeks, nothing but 12 hr temporary relief tops. now i just started using the strong stuff yesterday. 151. it provides relief generally from the time i wake up itching and apply it until the time i wake up in the morning.i figure if it stops its temporary relief, then ill start drinking it. ::sigh:: but there has to be an internal cure or something. i kno, typical gullable thinking right?!? "everything can be cured by a pill" heh. But i have been making iced tea for what seems like a couple months now... lipton at that. after reading the earlier post im wondering, is it connected? i think i may try to cut the tea out of my diet after this pitcher and see if i cant tell a difference. ive gotten lots of new ideas to use too from here if it doesnt work. i just hope i differentiated "the real" from "the crap"

Anonymous Coward's picture

i have out my angle grinder, gasoline, blu tip matches, corn cob, and turpentine.. not again

Anonymous Coward's picture

151 for now, what are you using now? What is this 151 one thing? Thanks

(but i havent began researching those yet, but ill tell ya, ive wiped with peroxide for weeks, rubbing alcohol for weeks, and even used the anti-fungal creams for weeks, nothing but 12 hr temporary relief tops. now i just started using the strong stuff yesterday. 151. it

Bilgepump's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

Bacardi 151 proof Rum, I believe, is what "151" is referring to.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

Anonymous Coward's picture

So you guys using the alchohol how long does the itch stay away?

Anonymous Coward's picture

Also anymore info on rubbing alchohol? Not sure we can get that over here in England as no one I know has heard of it.
It's not an in joke is it? As RA sounds quite painfull on your tender regions.

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