the effect of certain foods

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Anonymous asks:

Why is it that I can poo regularly all week, feel fine, and then within a couple of hours of eating my dad's home fried chips (in canola oil) I suddenly breakout in painful cramps and massive, sweaty, feel-like-you-wanna-throw-up poops?

Dr. Adams responds:


To be honest with you, I really do not know what this happens to you. I would guess that it is related to either the oil or another ingredient that your dad is using to make these chips. But lets use a bit of common sense here. You have identified the food source that causes all of your pain and discomfort. So the obvious tactic here is to STOP eating this food source. It really is that simple. Don't you think?


Dr. Adams is a resident in the Department of Internal Medicine at North Shore University Hopsital in Manhasset, NY. Got a question for him?

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You get these poops because no one should be eating something called "home fried chips". It just sounds like something that got dumped in the toilet.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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hi i have been pooping water like poops for 2 days what shoud i eat or do i also have a lot of gases ..and a white lke substance attached to my stool..........

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sometimes when i try to go poop, it seems like nothng really came out, but then when i start to wipe, there is this blob of goopy poop glommed onto my rear portal. it mostly sticks to my ass, and wiping just smears it all around making the cleanup a real pain in the butt. it's like when you think it will be dry back there, but then you find something really soft, but not runny camped out back there. it also feels like there is more to follow but even with extra pressure applied it will not come out. what can cause this kind of pooping?

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Goopy poop, it's called an intestinal infection. Go see a doctor.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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_There are some real BRAINICS who post on here....WOW______
Producing waste since 1967

Producing waste since 1967

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I woke up and drank a whole bottle of water really fast. About an hour later I pooped out the water. Not syrup poop, but the water itself (with some poop matter in it of course). Is this normal?

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i've also been popping water for 2 days. with some poop in it of course, but it's mostly just brown water. any suggestions on what i should do?

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Same here...about the water-poop; its like,
my anus has become a water tap...and i have to go like every 10 minutes, when my stomach starts rumbling and I feel it rushing towards the exit...
went 12 times in two hours, wow.
what is the meaning of this??

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I used to have the same problem with water poop, and it was incredibly annoying, funny enough a door to door salesman gave me a piece of advice that helped me a great deal: never to eat fruit after a meal, rather before it.

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jimmycook as i believe you about the water poops but how did a door to door salesman find out didn't you have anything else to talk about like why the hell was he bothering you anyway. even though this might be a new tatic in getting rid of them maybe i should start consulting the feed salesman and equipment salesman that are always stopping buy about my shits this may work well i appologize i must congradulate you i think you have found a new way to get rid of them maybe even the latter day saints that are always stopping by also. THANKYOU!!

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Are they Cow Chips ?

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Every time I eat something my Mom cooked (rarely) I poop water. She gets on my nerves so it might be nervous indigestion or is she trying to off me?

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Thanx: Does your Mom eat the same thing? Does she have diarrhea too? If not, she is obviously used to whatever is in that food, and you are not. Maybe she has some rancid cooking oil or something.

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i just pooped pure water it was clear not brown it looks like water out of a tap ???? wtf ????

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I totally just pooped water! But it didn't smell like water!!!!! Omg! Plus, I had to push REEEALLY hard to get it out! I thought I hard to fart! Good thing I was on the toilet or it would have been a SEEERIOUS shart! So why are we all pooping water????? Is the government poisoning our water again?

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this is crazy , but my wife is currently pooping water also. after reading this entire page the only thing i can think of is the fact that i have started giving her olive oil in the past 2 days which might be causing it. normally i only use olive oil when i cook for myself, which isn't often.

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If you are merely cooking with olive oil, she would get only a little bit, altered by heat, and it likely wouldn't affect her bowels. If she is drinking olive oil, it is probably acting as a powerful laxative; in that case, I'd say stop giving it to her, and let her bowels rest a while.

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I am having the exact same problem all day, I just went 4 times in 20 minutes, it's really annoying. I poop out CLEAR water - not brown, it looks exactly like normal toilet water afterwards. I don't understand - I feel rumbling in my stomach and then-- boom!

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How do you feel otherwise? Feverish? Faint? Sick? Also, what have you eaten or drunk recently? I know that carbonated drinks give me soft-to-liquid stools soon after drinking (say, an hour or two), so I avoid them. Think back to what you've eaten.

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Okay Guys'n'Dolls, thank you for this thread. I got my answers for four near colorless pee-poops early this A.M.

1) I had several fruit juices after my last night's meal.
2) I had about one tablespoon of olive oil on two servings of salad greens (lunch and supper).
3)At both lunch and supper time,I had very good sized servings of salad greens w tomatoes,some garlic,and some onion.

So if passing near clear water means one has a clean colon then mine must be squeaky-clean right now.

Today I will restock my intestines with some good probiotics (15 strains)

Anyone with constipation could also learn how to overcome it just by reading this blog!

Cheers all.

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