harm in eating poop?

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JoDee asks:

Can my dog (Wishbone) die from eating his poop?

Dr. Adams responds:

To be perfectly honest with you, I really do not know. I can tell you that I would expect your dog to possibly get sick. Certainly a human being would become very sick and possibly even die from eating dog (and/or human) feces.

I remind you that I am a medical doctor. I am not a veterinarian. Perhaps you would be better off asking your question to a veterinarian.


Dr. Adams is a resident in the Department of Internal Medicine at North Shore University Hopsital in Manhasset, NY. Got a question for him?

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Dogs eat poop all the time. Mine raid the cat box. If dogs aren't eating poop, they're smelling it, rolling in it, or carrying it around like a chew toy. Usually a poop eating dog is not getting the nutrients he needs. (We are working on this problem back at the Shit Volcano lab.) Try changing his food. He'll stop.

Also, if he was raised in a kennel this might be the cause of his poop eating. Some kennel raised dogs seem to feel a need to keep their run clean, so they eat their poop and drink their pee. Usually vomitting as a result, but that's another story entirely.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

logsucker's picture

I can attest that people in fact do not get sick eating at least just thier own poo
I have been eating mine for over 10 years outside from a little upset belly I have suffered no ill effect from my poo ingestion
most times I eat about a spoonful, but sometinme my mouth is so full I can't get it all in one swallow and it oozes and squishes out my mouth as I attempt to down a fat grogan
I bet I have eaten 30 lbs of shit over the last 10 years, and no I did not get sick from ingestion, not even close
If I had been eating other peoples shit I bet some illness could be transmitted, though again I doubt anything even nearly fatal
so poonurse where exactly do you come off saying it is highly likely a person who consumes feces will die?
I admit it is a sick fetish
but no where near as sick as Pedo's and beast lovers, and rape fantasys
after all I am a grown adult, doing this alone , I have no victims, there is not any type of force and it affects no one but myself
Thank You

freakazoid's picture

Log sucker! You need a hobby! Sick bastard!



Amr's picture

My German Shepheard is 1 year old and sometimes eats her poop. What makes her do that and how can i stop her doing that.?

Thank You

Kinkynasty's picture

Even i who am kinky freak thinks thats fucking nasty about that man eating kaka man gross you are a sick nasty.

Logsucker's picture

Everybody is strange in their own way
some people eat shit , other are Eagles fans
Eat shit is more normal that being a Eagles fan

hahahahah's picture

you guys are getting played, logsucker, the name alone should be funny and bogus enough for anyone to spot. hahahha, eagles fans, good one. that's funny shit- peace 2 your moms crease

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Why does my dog eat poo and not stop it? When we first bought her, the inside of her ears were bright pink (very nice). But after she started eating her poo and my other dog's poo, the inside of her ears became darker pink and a little bit black. Will she get sick? Would anything happen to her? I want to know how to stop her from eating poo!

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We have the same problem. My girlfriend has used tablets that have worked in the past, so we're going to try using them again. The pills she used were Doctor's Foster & Smith Dis-Taste (one tablet per 10 pounds of weight daily for two weeks), but I'm told that petedge also has tablets (I'm sure many other companies sell similiar products)

jed's picture

yer i hve a 1 year old adorable whippet and he eats shit over the park and when i go to stop him he picks it up and runs off with it how can i stop him

mb's picture

many dogs eat shit. there is the Possibility of contraction certain parasites (worms mostly) from this behavior. Not many know it but we all have a parasite burden, and dogs usually have less parasites than the average 20 year old person. Most vets ill not worm a pet regularly because its nearly impossible to have your pet 100% free of parasites, and the treatment is more harmful than the worms.

As far as fetishes go, I am not into scat (shit) watersports (pissing on each other i.e. golden showers, drinking pee ) or anything smelly. However I love bondage and other stuff ...yum.


Leia's picture

I am a 7month yr old bitch (collie x belgian shpeherd) and i love eating both mine and by brother Chewies (collie x) shit. my owners say i shouldnt and call me Shitty breath when i try to lick them. i dont want to stop cos i enjoy the tast and the warm feeling in my mouth, but i cant go on being called shitty breath and such things. i have to be honest and admit that as far as puppies go, i am the cutest and am worried that this habit will go against my cuteness rating. please help me poop report!

B.O.B.'s picture

Dear log-eater are you married and if you are which I seriously doubt does you wife eat shit too? And if not does she know you do? Not that she couldn't tell from your breath!!! Weird...

el bone's picture

eating poo is not good, smoking it is where its at.

seriously you can train your dog not to eat the feces the same way you can teach them not to pick up food outside on the ground. let the dog deficate and before you pick it up let the dog try to go near it, if the dog tries to eat it stop them and give the "leave it" command. you can train a dog to leave a piece of steak alone so you should be able to teach it to leave its shit alone

Unknown's picture

Anyone that eats their own shit has some serious problems and is violently sick all the time. It's un-natural and whoever does it has sone sick fucking fetish.

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Shit eating is formally known as coprophagy. You can recognize shit-eaters by the coprophagous grins on their faces.

logeaters wife's picture

Blame it on poor nutrition

dingle's picture

there are many members of the berry family. the straw, blue, rasp, boisen, and so on...has anyone enjoyed the dingleberry, floss included!

pooeater's picture

People who eat their own shit are downright disgusting. Eating other people's shit is where its at. (or eating you dog's shit).

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i am actually quite interested in copraphagy, but i am not interested in doing it. also my dogs enjoy hunkering down on their excrement at times.i will try to train them like you said el bone.

Luthien's picture

LOL You little nasty poop muncher.. iv never laughed so hard in ages, or be more put off my lunch.. well at least if i want to go on a diet, i know you will help me stick to it! the thought of you and i couldnt even think of eating lol .. haha ... peace

confused's picture

wow. i came on here to read about ways to get my staffordshire terrior to stop eating his feces, never in my life would i imagined there would be so much sick ideas and talk on this site. its really disgusting... its not even a funny matter. to the gentleman who claims to eat his own feces, its obvious u couldnt possibly be serious. but if u r u should seriously seek mental help... that is extrremely crude and unacceptable behavior. there are better ways to handle sexual frustration then the one u had metioned. sorry to be so rude about it, and please understand i dont mean to be inconciderate of ur feelings

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I made the mistake of reading this right after lunch. My turkey sandwich wants to leave the way it came in thanks to all you shit eating, sick psychos. Please get counseling.

French Coprophagy Extraordinaire's picture

I do not understand why all of you are so mean to this person. In France we do this always. Some believe there are nutritious and holistic value to this process and you all should be shameful for your lack of consideration for diversity in taste. Not that you would be interested, but this practice is often done in combination with an enema, to produce especially desirable results, very sexy, very extraordinaire.

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I'll tell you why. Because it's shit.
We are not naked mole rats or guinea pigs who need the poop for some form of vitamin b-12 that we don't make the first time.
Get your evolution correct. There is a limit to holistic beliefs. Sorry to be so curse......hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Anonymous Coward's picture

man that is so nasty i never knew that humans and dogs/animals eat there own poo!

dogshite stench's picture

i, like others came here to try and sort out my west highland terrier's shit eating habit, after reading some stories i feel that my dog is quite sane,and to the humans who eat shit well, you enjoy it, just like my dog bella.

Anonymous Coward's picture

First off, all of this medical "information" is without base, and humans eating their own shit is actually healthy because there are still nutrients left that the body missed. Not that I would ever eat shit that has to be the most disgusting thing I've ever heard.

Also, shut up everyone please.. dogs eat shit, you act like it's the end of the world and act like it's news get over it. If you didn't want some disgusting dirty animal you shouldn't have gotten a dog. Cats don't eat shit, they know WHERE to shit and don't make messes on the carpet, and they don't need to be walked or bathed. Also they don't fuck your leg either.

L Wrong Hubbard's picture
l 100+ points

Haha. Some people really do eat shit. Diffrent strokes for diffrent folks I suppose. And by the way, please stay far away from me.
And to the woman who was looking for a way to stop her dog from eating poop, I congratulate you for getting past the first paragraph of LogEaters post. Perhaps you are more interested than you let on.

Happy trails,
L. Wrong

Happy trails,
L. Wrong
Chairman & CEO, PPK Industries

 Logeater's poo's picture

Hey, I'm proud to say that I'm a piece of poo, and it is an honor for someone to actually eat me rather then just flush me down that horrid pot. You people are so insensitive to the poop community. These poo eaters are revolutionaries, springing forth a movement to improve the relationship between humans and their poo. I am happy to say that me and logeater have a healthy relationship. In ingesting me, logeater feels a sense of dietary satisfaction that many others can experience as well. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but being a poop nazi is just wrong, and makes me sad. Afterall, People and poop have been struggling to live together in harmony since the dawn of time. People like logeater are making progress towards this. By creating a loving relationship between humans and their poop, my fellow poo comrades will finally be free from the bonds of sewagery. Please, don't hate these people, embrace them... For poos' sake!

Thank you.

Poopeater's picture

I personally like my poop with pico de gallo on top or tabasco sauce, with rice and beans. Also, it goes great in burritos because refried beans are approximately the same consistancy, so you just get the flavor, but not the sometimes awkward pastiness of it. If you use it as an base ingredient with other foods that you prepare, it really doesn't taste that bad. I personally have never gotten sick from it and just like many other strange things that people eat (cow testicles, etc), it just has to be prepared correctly.

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I own a AKC Boston Terrier that came from a "puppy mill" in ....guess where. I'm not here to bash anyone.
She had "shell shock" but still an excellent dog, VERY LOVING AND KIND! She also loved poop so much that she munched (in her first year) ALL the cat poop in my (large) backyard.
Big deal everyone is saying right...
Flash to me and my (now ex) wife laying in bed on a nice sat. morning...I wake to the sounds of a dog spincther...gas....liquid...gas...
I'm sure its unbelievable...I must be dreaming...but no. At least 6 brown froths...UGH...I'M FULLY AWAKE NOW and as calmly as possible I GENTLY awake my wife..."don't move, poop every where".
Yeah...you KNOW how that went...Huh.....what..WhAAAAttt The Fuuu...
As always she listened to me(yeah right)..;}
--horrible exchange of words left out---
Anyway the garden hose helped blast the poop off our(really her show)bedspread or whatever its called. My poor dog was so worried from the turmoil created....didn't eat much poop after that. She (the dog) is still alive and happy. The ex...well maybe she needs a handle on the PR!(!)

Asphincter says WHAT...(!)

Logjam's picture
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So let me get this straight, Poopeater, assuming you're not just pulling our leg. You don't really like the taste and consistency of shit by itself. But by mixing it in with other compatible foods, you're able to tame it so that it "really doesn't taste that bad." I can understand, sort of, people eating shit because they like the taste of it. But why eat it at all if you don't like the taste? Is your budget that tight?


Anonymous Coward's picture

who sold ya the shit eating pup, mott. some sleazebag on lawn gyland??

The Shit Volcano's picture
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I just had an experience with my German shorthairs that was pretty gross. The 17-year-old basset mix in our house took a dump all over the bedroom. There must have been at least twenty different turds on the floor scattered about because she shits as she walks. I was in a hurry and was forced to lock the shorthairs in the bedroom to deal with some sort of other business, and I came back to let them out and clean the room about twenty minutes later. Every turd in the room was gone. Of course the shorthairs wanted to lick me in greeting, so I yelled like hell at them and sent them outside. Dogs are so gross!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

Anonymous Coward's picture

Dogs just eat poo. In the wild they do this to cover their tracks from preditors and what not. Also the dog may be experiecing a vitiman deficiency. And of course just plain out they like the taste. If its a contininuing issue just add some meat tenderizor to its food and it should make it taste nasty too them. More info can be found at link

reformed faecofile's picture

some serious advice for anyone who has an addiction to eating faeces (human or other vertebrate). it started when i was cleaning out a pet guineapig and a pellet flicked into my mouth as i was sweeping out the cage. to my surprise i enjoyed the taste. occasionally i used to nibble the odd guinea pig pellet but it progressed to new species such as dog and sheep. to this day i find the taste of carnivore poo is better than that of a herbivore. but it got out of hand when i was caught rummaging through a dog waste bin by a local park warden. i tended to get ill only from munching old mouldy poo or that which had been trodden in. so i advise anyone out there with the same fetish to seek help from your gp, they may not take you seriously at first but persist. good luck.

Jinx the guinea pig's picture

Hi, i'm Jinx, and i've been eating my own poop. Is it bad for me? I'm brand new to my owner and I dont want her to worry, so can some one tell me if i can get sick from it? Why am I even doing it?


daphne's picture
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Dear Jinx,

From another guinea pig, Frederick, and my owner is daphne, you must eat those poopies. As a guinea pig, you have certain poops that have vitamin B in them and are vital for you eat. If you don't eat those poops, you get sick and die.

I suggest to your owner to find some piggy websites out there and do a bit of reading.

Make sure she gives you tons of timothy hay and does not feed you Hartz food. It sucks. I like Timothy Complete for piggies.

Good luck and keep on eating those poopies.


.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Most dogs will eat cat poop because cat food is higher in fat/nutrients than dog food, so the dogs try to get as much nutrition from it as possible. You can stop the behavior by making sure you're feeding your dog adequately and also preventing it from having access to the kitty box. If your dog eats its own feces, you can buy certain products (DisTaste) to sprinkle on its kibble to make the poop SO disgusting, even the dog won't eat it. The main harm in dogs eating feces is contracting worms or other parasites, plus it's just a nasty habit. My own dog has never eaten poo, so it's not an issue I've ever really had to deal with, but my parents had 4 dogs when I was growing up that raided the cat box, tried to eat dirty diapers, and pretty much kept the park clean of any other dogs' un-picked-up poo.

An apple a day keeps the ExLax away!

An apple a day keeps the ExLax away!

Justina's picture

I was so worried, because today was the first time I saw my dog eating shit, but thanks to people who really do eat SHIP, I am not so worried about my animal :) you are really sick by the way!!! yakkkk SHITEATHERs

Anonymous Coward's picture

yeah, i asked my dogs vet. if it was fine she did that. he said, all animals do it for nutrients in their excess. its actually good for them, and CAN be for humans so i dont see how you guys are being little bitches to logeater, IF logeater even does it. i wouldnt think about doing it, i think its gros, but im not going to label cuz theyre getting hard to get nutrients that we cant get on our own.

pooposity!!'s picture

well all i have to say is how could you eat shit with that horrible smell i mean dont you thik god made you shit smell like shit for a reason and could you even imagine kissing some one that just ate shit sick as hell!

Anonymous Coward's picture

OMG ! WOW ! gives the phrase " eat shit and die " a whole new meaning !!

Not likely the shit eater dude , is even a shit eater .... Maybe he just wants attention , i have heard that is why the dogs do it , for attention ... Geuss that makes him a dog also !

3 Great Danes allotta shit's picture

Busta a Gut, yet gross as hell... I struggle just picking up dog shit in the yard... it makes me almost yak. Maybe it is my way of getting the wife to pick it up... We have 3 Great Danes and the newest addition is an Albino Great Dane puppy and he is DEAF, aka "CASPER" started chewing on stones from around the house and moved to bigger rocks... Now that it is winter and the poo is frozen, it seems that the poop is just another rock... You dumb shit, no pun intended...

So the "Leave it" command does not work... for a deaf dog... In fact -- I taught casper how to sit and stay for eating and etc, but ooops what about the ok command... ahhhh uh brilliant, slap your hands together a couple times means "OK"... What about the come command for a deaf dog... ughhhh another issue

But there are lots of big stones in the yard now that it is winter in Wisconsin plus 3 healthy Great Danes... but looking on the bright side, at least kids and people stay out of the yard for fear of stepping or slipping on Great Dane poop, especially at night... you never know when the dogs will be outside since we use invisible fence...

My new motto for guarding the house:
My dogs can make it to the curb in 2.1 seconds -- Can You?

Sonysa's picture

Hey everyone.. I just got a brand new Miniature Dachshund for christmas and she has been great. She's adorable and has the sweetest personality and I thought that she was perfect until I caught her eating her own poop! I was so disgusted so came on here to investigate. Im glad that she is not the only dog eating her poop! By the way, I got a huge kick out of everyone's entries. I've been killing myself laughing for the past 20 minutes reading each one! Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh everyone! :P
Enjoy your poop eating habits!

Kelli's picture

lol I love your
my dogs can make it to the curb in 2.1 seconds -- can you?
it made me smile. my great dane died last week, leaving me without a dog :(
see a pic
i do not know if that site will work, but that was him next to me. but yeah, dont be worried that your dog eats their own feces. its natural ,and good for them for vitamins and minerals they cannot get,

girl with shit eating westie's picture

oh my god, i stumbled upon this website via google lookig for ideas to stop my westie eating her (and my other dog's) shit!!! and i stumble upon people saying they eat their own shit, that they are dogs who eat their own shit, and that they are actually a piece of shit. well i think THIS WEBSITE is a piece of shit!

Disgusted!'s picture

I was out walking my dog today on the beach when she stopped to eat some other dogs fresh turd! She has NEVER done this before in the five years I've had her - I was so disgusted. I came on here looking for advice and reassurance (thanks to those of you who provided some) but the rest of you are all nuts! You make what my dog did today seem normal. I suppose that makes me feel a bit better about it all.

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