health causing dirty bowl?

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ppg asks:

I eat a fibre-rich diet with fruit, and drink lots of plain water. Every so often I become constipated and the effort involved of passing small motions brings about haemorrhoids and sometimes bleeding. After a few days of this, all is well again, but it may strike again all of a sudden. I take psyllium husks daily, so would appreciate your suggestions! Thanks

Dr. Adams responds:


It sounds like you have external hemorrhoids. You certainly are doing many correct things with your diet and supplements. All of these efforts have been proven to prevent and or lessen the effect of hemorrhoids. However, it is possible that it still might not be enough.

Make sure that you are not straining on the toilet when having a BM. Also, make sure you are not sitting on the toilet for too long.

Another common cause of hemorrhoids is liver disease.....cirrhosis, alcohol abuse, etc.....Do you fit into this category? Liver disease will cause blood to back up into many veins of the body, and some of these veins are the rectal veins........and this leads to hemorrhoids.

Finally, have you visited a doctor for a rectal exam? You may need an interventional procedure such as band ligation or even surgery. So I certainly recommend that you pay a visit to your physician for an examination.


Dr. Adams is a resident in the Department of Internal Medicine at North Shore University Hopsital in Manhasset, NY. Got a question for him?

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Bowl = shit

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obes7985 wrote:
Bowl = shit


Go to your local supermarket or convienence store and purchase some toilet bowl cleanser. Also, buy a toilet brush. And clean your bowl.

best of luck,

-Dr. Adams

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Dear Dr. Adams:

I hope in your "real" practice that your diagnosis of an individual's physiological condition is better than your diagnosis of an individual's use of the English language in this forum.

In this case, the fellow obviously is using the word "bowl" the way some folks use the word "stool."

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Bowl = stool???? Does anyone else speak like this? Have I been under a rock for the past several years and missed some major transformation of the English language? Is this some sort of slang? Are Jack and obes7985 simply idiots? (likely) Does Jack really have food poisoning? (highly unlikely) many questions.....and so few answers.......quite a medical mystery!

-Dr. Adams

P.S. I think at this point, I will consult with T. Hugegrunt......he obviously is a highly esteemed and knowledgeable jack of all trades specialist and can assist me with this medical dilemma.

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Dear Dr. Adams:

I am interested in and have studied the origin of quaint coloquial word uses. It's just a pasttime that I find interesting and personally rewarding.

Websters documents the use of "stool" as an accepted, yet originally coloquial, synonym for "defecation" that evolved from the use of a "stool" or a backless, armless seat on which to repose while urinating or defecating.

I think the use of "bowl" for "poop" is rather quaint and refreshing in a coloquial sense, even if it may have originally been a bastardization of "bowel" rather than "toilet bowl." Who knows?

The issue is that someone asked you a question about a physical condition that they were concerned about, and once again, you made them look the fool. I guess I miss the point of your segment of the Forum. Apparently it is to make you feel better about your miserable self rather than provide "medical" answers.

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I have thought from day one that Dr. Adams was an idiot.

People go to doctors everyday. People think that since a doctor is a doctor he is correct in explaining what is wrong with the patient and/or beleive in his advice.

Like every profession there are deadbeats and losers in a chosen field.

People should always always always get a 2nd or 3rd or even 4th opinion from doctors....most of them are out to make money by making patients return over and over or are so overworked they don't know what the fuck they are talking about.

I would have to be on my deathbed to visit a doctor.

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I would have to be on my deathbed to visit a doctor.

That's what Warren Zevon said. And he was. Poor guy. Bad advice.

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Dr. Adams,

Do not listen to these people. I found your advice extraordinarily helpful and has saved me a trip to the doctor and fixed my roids up good-as-new. You are a doctor, after all, not an English teacher, aren't you? They are clearly suffering from ping pong ball rhoids after having ignored your advice!

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I have to go with Dave on this one. My mother had the "not until my deathbed" standpoint until one day when she had chest pains. She went to the doctor and discovered that she had three blocked arteries and was this close to dying. If she had seen a doctor earlier she might have had more warning.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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I am in the Dave and TSV crowd. My grandfather hated doctors (as do I).

He hated them so much, that when his heart gave out, he asked for a priest, not a doctor. That's how much he hated doctors.

If he saw a doctor earlier, he may have lived, but then again, medicine was not as advanced in 1967. Who knows, anyway, that was his first and last trip to the hospital. He died of coronary artery diesase.

My dad was another case. He did not go to the hospital until he was a camel's hair away from dying. He began having a massive heart attack. He was a micromillifraction from dying, so close in fact, that he had another 26 mini heart attacks in the hospital. The doctors were amazed that he saw morning. If he was not as strong as he was, he would not have

Back to topic. See a doctor> It sounds very much like the 'rhoids to me.
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