asscrackitis: chapped, cracking ass

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Ali asks:

The last few months I've had a very strange and painful problem. No one I've asked has ever had this problem, so I'm looking to you people here to help me. For the last few months my ass crack has been chapped. The crack itself is very red and quite painful, and looks like the cracking you get on the sides of your mouth if your lips are extremely chapped. I have not changed my wiping habbits -- I use the damp Cottonelle wipes. I've been putting Neosporin with lidocaine on my crack and that makes it feel better but the problem isn't going away. Please help -- I need ass crack relief!

Dear Ali,

For starters, I can assure you of two things: Asscrackitis (the medical term for an irritated or inflamed ass crack), is generally NOT sexually transmitted, nor is it likely to be fatal. I realize that neither of these facts has anything to do with your concerns, but thought I would sound more professional making this sort of pronouncement right off the bat.

First, discard your thong underwear, if applicable. (Alternatively, you can boil them for one hour and then soak them in a gallon of bleach, but I would just throw them out). Thong-wearing is the #1 cause of Asscrackitis. Boiling and bleaching really has nothing helpful to contribute to your problem, but I suggested it only to encourage you to stop wearing them. Fabric wedged up your ass crack can't be helping the problem.

Next, are you using some new type of soap, body wash, detergent, or Brillo pads on your crack? I would recommend switching to some bland, non-irritating cleanser, such as Ivory soap, for a while. Don't overwash your crack, either. Be sure you let it dry well.

Wear plain old cotton underpants for a while. No leather or rubber underwear or pants. Let your crack breathe, as God intended.

Stop with the Neosporin if it isn't helping. Get a mild hydrocortisone (1%) cream at the drugstore, and apply it sparingly to your spanking clean, dry ass crack twice a day.

Don't use those premoistened wipes for a while. They usually have some alcohol in them, which could be either over-drying your crack or irritating it. Alcohol is for drinking, not for wiping.

If you are not improved within two weeks, or if your Asscrackitis is getting worse while you are doing these things, for God's sake go show your ass to a real doctor.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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I don't know if I have asscrackitis but ever since I started working at my job 1 year ago my but crack has been getting really sweaty and after a couple of hours I burns like a mutha. Ive tried to pack it with toilet paper to dry it out but only helps for awile then I tied to put gold bond on it and it makes it burn more but feel dry for awile. I dont have bumps or anything unusual but now I feel like its an everyday thing and can't get rid of it. I want to try creams but moisture is the reason why it gets red and sore. It dont hurt as long as i dont walk for more than ten minutes or else it starts up again and after it gets moist i try to wipe with toilet paper and it looks like i didnt wipe well enough when going doo doo and i make sure its all gone, I dont know if theres a leak in my asscrack or wut but it hurts like hell and dont want to do anything but air it out.Please help!!!!

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"it looks like i didnt wipe well enough when going doo doo and i make sure its all gone, I dont know if theres a leak in my asscrack or wut but it hurts like hell"

That's a pretty good tell-tail sign of a hemoroid. You see the swelling of a Roid holds back just a little poop, which leaks out later. It will itch and burn, so go back a wipe again gently, carefully, and apply prep-H. If burning too much try the cooling gel...ahhhhhh. Never hold a poop in when it wants out, (don't crap yer pants) but holding puts so much pressure on the roid that it will surely pop out, and likely bleed while wipeing. So get some prep-H and start feeling good again.

No more itchy sweaty ass crack's picture

do this....take a cotton ball and soak it in rubbing grab an apple and stick it in your mouth...bend over and stick that piece of cotton in your crack and rub it all are i guarantee your ass will catch fire and you will rocket to the moon...and you will probably curse yourself....but this is what worked for me....i did this for a week cleared up my itchy ass and all that mess...after the third day of doing this it felt much better...also....after the burning stops...about a minute after u put the will feel so much better trust me.

Always cracked's picture

well, i've always been acussed of being cracked. I haven't laughed so hard in yrs. I'm glad i found this cos i thought it was some horrible desease i was fighting. AAAHHH what relief, seems everyone as a damp ass that gets cracked. Thanks for sharing.

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Ive had this problem in my crack for about a year now and ive tried Vaseline, AntiBiotic with like a type of band air to make sure its on it like just above the hole ive got this nasty split that looks like a cut i think i got from not drying properly ive also tried leaving it alone.. and i cant think of anything else to do for it ive read other problems and they all sound similar to the type i have like mine gets itchy and it starts to get sore and i have this need to grab TP and wipe at it and everytime i do it bleeds.So any thing you suggest for my problem i would love it so i cant go back to not having the need to itch at my crack any more!!

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My husband and I both have this problem. We use baby wipes to clean and Desitin, what they use on babies for diaper rash, afterwards. It clears it right up everytime. The baby wipes are gentle and soothing. If you buy the ones with aloe in them, it really helps. I have suggested this cure to tons of people and they all say the same thing-that it works miracles almost over night.

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I got asscrackitis after 10 days of antibiotics that caused 10 days of diahrrea. (Sound like a biblical plague!!!!!!!!!!!!) I have been trying to wipe well, but it stings like hell when I do wipe, and the baby wipes sting the worst!!! (I have two young ones, so I have been eying their creams lately...) So far, I tried neosporin which helps a little, but it keeps coming back. As soon as it starts getting better, I will carelessly sit down on the toilet, and the resulting spread of my cheeks brings the asscrackitis right back to where I started. I just sprayed with jock itch medicine... hopefully this will help. I know Antibiotics causes yeast infections, so perhaps this is indeed a yeast infection... I suggest sitting gently while trying to rid yourself of this plague...

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"I got asscrackitis after 10 days of antibiotics that caused 10 days of diahrrea." "I will carelessly sit down on the toilet, and the resulting spread of my cheeks brings the asscrackitis right back to where I started." OMG, I was gonna put the same thing down but then I read it from someone else. I feel so much better knowing im not the only one:) Mine is a little different, it never itches just burns if I touch it, wipe it or go pee or poo. This morning i found it was not only above my ass crack but now it has moved below it as well. Last night I plopped myself down lazily on the toilet and literally felt it rip open, ouch! I tried polysporin and even monastat(thinking it might be yeast) but no relief yet:( I guess ill try the hydrocortizone now......

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Anoymous, if this happened last night, DO NOT USE THREE DIFFERENT CREAMS ON YOUR BUTT!!!

Try one for a few days (4-6) then go to another cream if it doesn't work. You cannot expect it to go away in an hour or two.

You should also GO TO A DOCTOR so that you know exactly what creams are appropriate to use for the specific condition you have going on your crack.

Damn it, people. Use common sense.

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Fart Poopie: Duh, ive already been to a doc. This happened the first time 7 months ago when i was pregnant and fat. The doc said to wash with Ivory and try Clotrimozol. That helped but it keeps coming back. I just happened to feel it rip even more the other night and those are the most recent creams I have tried.....

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I have found THE cure. I've suffered like many of you for years with the recurring butt crack/itchy butt and have tried many different things including a trip to the dreaded proctologist. I thought this cure up on my own. IT WORKS! So here's what you do: wash and dry the area (i use a hairdryer on low). Then apply a SMALL amount of pure lanoline (mine says it's for cracked nipples of nursing mothers). Do this once or twice a day. Presto...problem is GONE!

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Has anyone seen a physician for this condition? I have similar symptoms, a cut/split at the top of my butt crack, only without the itching. I started having this problem eight months ago when my dentist had me on antibiotics for over six weeks to cure a tooth infection. I too have tried and continue using, Neosporin and Monistat creams; they help for a while but don't seem to cure it. I'll be seeing my OB/GYN next week. Hope he has some answers and a cure for me. I'll share with all next time.

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thank the poop gods for this site! i just came down with asscrackitis and had no idea what my problem was. this is enlightening AND entertaining. yay!

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I get a Swamp Ass induces case of Asscrackitis. Some days at work on jobs get very hot and all the sweat runs all down my body to my ass crack then followed by walking the newly soaked cheeks rub against each other like 2 cacti. I found baby powder and Goldbond medicated powder before hand kinda helps soak up the sweat with a menthol tingle at you sac cool breezes await.

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I started having occasional problems with this three or four years ago. My internist didn't seem to know what it was, so I went to a dermatologist,and he said it was a yeast infection. The first time I had it, he gave me a single pill to take for it, and then some cream to put on it. Then I got it again about 12-18 months later. That time, he gave me two different types of cream to apply to it,(he said it was the same yeast infection) Anyway, both of these treatments cleared the problem up in a day or two, although he told me to keep applying the cream for a week or two. If you can afford one office visit to a dermatologist, I think he/she can fix your problem very quickly.

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I found some of the serious postings truly funny. I suggest rereading them.
Producing waste since 1967

Producing waste since 1967

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I have this for a few years, no luck. I saw one dermatologist, who gave me a few lotions. But they didn't help beyond the time I put them on. One of them is inotyol, which I keep putting when it hurts, and it always help. But it doesn't prevent it from comming again. By the way I found out that inotyol is good also for about any other skin condition that I had, from acne, to dry skin on the elbow. The Dr. also told me to wash my ass with water after I take a dump, rather then to whipe it. So I wash it. It also helps, especially when it hurts, since shit over the wound hurts, and washing it instead of rubbing it in hurts less, and also feels better later. Recently I figured that sometimes my shit is too big for my poor asshole, and that hurts the wound. I found out that I can press on the shit with my ass muscles before it gets to the sore point, and compress it. This way when the shit gets to the sore point it is less wide, and pass through more easily, and without a painful further expantion to my poor asshole. I need to see an other doctor. Why doesn't it just go away already.

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Wow. You´ve made my day. Now I know that I have a problem, that I´m not alone and that there isn´t a cure for it :(

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Took me ages to find some site that discussed asscrackitis, and reading through made me laugh and has probably given me some useful tips. I tend to get it from sweating all day and walking, it doesnt help farting aswell as this doesnt bode well when sweating in the heat. I currently have e45 on my ass but t feels really wet so Im gonna wipe it off and let it dry out over night being naked with a fan next to my bed. This is a risk though as there is quite a few mosis around house at the mo so I may end up with a mosi bite or two in the morning,

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just sleep naked and keep yah crack dry, it'll be 75% gone by morning, also try shaving all tha tiny hairs off your ass, tha chapped ass comes from the skin staying moist and rubbing together.

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i as well have a case of asscrackitis. so iv'e recently moved to the land of israel. iv'e never suffered from this before but about a week ago it hit me. i guess why it started is because of the heat (which i'm not used to because i come from new york) and maybe becase i often wear thongs, but that aspect has never been an issue. i feel a burning/stinging/, painful and itchy sensation at the tip inside of the crack, above the ass hole. and it's also quite red. iv'e been applying cortizone on it every night after my shower, but i don't think that that has been helpful. i dont know what to do, and i need your help poopreporters! i don't think i can do it without you! all your stories have been extremely helpful and entetaining. i'm glad there is a community of asscrackitises out there. thanks.

please respond. i need help

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Hey REal Deal! Tiny holes? Might be Pilonidal Sinuses! Look it up!

Anonymous Cool guy's picture

Yeah i get this once in a while... have it now, i am going to to go sleeping naked.. i already slept without a shirt... maybe i should swap so i ever have to run out in a fire i can be at least half way there lol.

Ps. Yes... it burns like hell... showering used to be decent... now it burns like a mother.

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I was just curious. Does anybody know whats up with those red ass monkeys you see sometimes on the Discovery channel. They look like they need to dip their asses in a pail of witch hazel.

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I get a paralysing shooting pain in the bung hole sometimes. I can barely stand, walk or talk for 1 -2 minutes.
And don't even get me stated about "laying cable"! The last time I dropped the kids at the pool, my wife could hear me whimper from the next room.
I have been to the Dr, it seems I have a yeast infection, AND AN ANAL FISSEUR, a tearing of the arse.
I was previously using creams to try to sooth what I thought was chapped ass, which was actually a yeast infection. But these creams kept my crack moist and encouraged the fungal growth, leading to weakened skin and the fisseur.

This has been ongoing for over 2 years.
It helps to know I am not alone.

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Menthol and camphor ARE considered to have anti-biotic properties, so this might be why it works.

Thank you for that tip.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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I didn't expect to find an entire page dedicated to my problem when I typed "chapped butt crack" into google search! Goldmine! I have a raging case of asscrackitis. I think it is the result of several factors, but mainly due to a long distance drive and a lot of butt-time over the holiday. I've been using tea tree oil on it for it's antiseptic and healing properties. Also, triple-bac ointment takes the edge off and soothes inflamed, red tissue.

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A word of warning to all of you fellow asscrackitis sufferers. Do not scratch, under any circumstances. Of course, I knew I shouldn't scratch, but I was unable to control the urge in my sleep and woke up with a burning sensation and knew I must have scratched it. Anyway, long story short, in a few days time, my itchy crack turned into something much worse - a cellulitis infection of the skin and surrounding tissue around my tailbone which caused the skin to actually break apart. My crack actually cracked. Not to mention the pain and soreness from the infection and swelling around the tailbone that made it painful to sit, lie down, stand, everything basically. I had never in my life heard of anyone getting an infection in their buttcrack but leave it to me to accomplish this. This has been a very embarassing situation to say the least and I am still finishing up a round of some very strong antibiotics. Just remember - Don't scratch! Wear mittens to bed if you have to.

My ass fucking hurts's picture

thank god for this site. my ass has been burning/itching like a motherfucker for the last year+. i'm in IT and basically sit on my ass all day. i'm not a fatty at all (6'0 165 soaking wet), but i'm pretty sure it comes from sitting. some days are better then others, and most the pain comes from sudden movements or wiping my ass after a big shit. i do my very best never to itch it but i know i do subconciously while i sleep. i think im going to try shaving my ass and doing the sleeping naked thing. its worth a shot. nothing in the world is worse then being in public and having a asscrackitis flare up and not being able to do anything about it. i must have done something really fucked up to deserve this. it's good to know theres more people praying for death atleast a few times a day.

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yeah Tre, chapped ass, and I would sure appreciate it if you use some chapstick the next time you kiss mine, ok?

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

Bilgepump's buttkisser's picture

He likes the mint-flavored gloss. He says "It's tingly on me bumbum."

Bilgepump's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

yeah, the dog licks the cherry one off, makes the chapping and chafing even worse.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

The Dog's picture

I can't help myself. He draws little bones.

Burnanitch's picture

I started with itching in the "butthole" and then it migrated up the entire crack (over 10 years now). I've seen anal-rectal surgeons (formerly called proctologists), a gastroenterologist, a regular MD, they all just say some people are like that, just keep it clean and dry. Problem is the more you try to clean, the more you irritate it (obviously I know not to wipe dry). I did get a pamphlet, among the things they recommend are: do not use soap on the area, use Prax lotion (available on the internet by Googling it) to clean and sooth, avoid things like coffee, cola, nuts, chocolate, when possible wear a thin cotton strip taken off a roll of absorbant cotton in the "crack" area ( I know that sounds ridiculous but it does help). Also Analpram HC is a prescription product.

lisa.taylor53's picture

I just started to have this problem within the last week. I was starting to freak out and think I had something or that I was dying. It was crazy to see the split in my butt crack. It freaked me out like you wouldn't believe and of course I got online put in my symptoms which are exactly those listed. Amazing what pain a chaffed, split butt crack can cause. However, after reading, I have realized that the moist wipes are not my friend. I started using them and I did recently change my soap which is a moisturizing soap. I should have just stuck with my Dial. I am going back to dial and no more wipes for me. But, I need to cure this and fast, I want to sit comfortably!
Please post what works, seems like everyone uses something a little different. Thank God however, I wasn't the only one feeling this pain.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Wow! I just got crackitis, never had it before, got it last week. I've been putting my grandson's desitin on it (he's 1) and that works great! I mean it didn't fix it immediately, it's been 4 days now, but the pain is tolerable and feels like the crack is healing nicely.. I have looked using a magnifying mirror and I can't see anything abnormal, just a red and sore looking ass crack...

Thank you one and all for making me feel normal.

I sit a lot on the job, and have been doing 50 minutes of cardio at the gym as part of my workout, so it must be a combination of the 2.. I'd suggest a shower before bed and before work and go get some desitin and use it on the asscrackitis...

Pain-In-The-Ass-Solver's picture

Hey guys... I'm here to enlighten you all as to THE BEST cure for asscrackitis. The thing is, it's a common misconception that this horrible affliction is caused by infection/damp/over-wiping etc. However, the real reason (and also the reason many doctor's visits prove fruitless) is that asscrackitis is PSYCHOLOGICAL. Yes, believe it or not, your ass and your emotional well-being are very closely linked. Chances are, those suffering the worst are those with the biggest amount of stress in their lives and those who do not take the time to really pay attention to the needs of their asses. Try and be at one with your ass. Picture you and your ass taking scenic walks in the country, enjoying an icecream on a hot day and picking flowers together in a quiet meadow. Listen to your ass. Appreciate it. Spend time with it doing its favourite hobbies. Tell it that you value it and the many functions it provides and in time, you and your ass will enjoy an unbreakable bond and it will stop tormenting you with asscrackitis to get your attention, which can be a real pain in the ass.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Many of you may be afflicted with lactose intolerance, as I am. Shortly after eating food with milk or whey in it, I experience slight liquid diarrhaea. I can't feel it happen, but it wicks right up the crack and starts to burn the skin. If this is your situation, get some lactose pills over-the-counter at the pharmacy. Lots of people have this, especially as they get older. No need to be embarassed, so to speak.

Anal Itch's picture

Hi all

As I have already mentioned in another topic, my ass gets itchy more so when walking then it starts to burn and itch unbearably whilst I walk some more.

Someone said that it was athletes asscrack so is this the same as Asscrackitis??

It seems to get worse with moisture down there.

Also, how do you know when its a fungal infection?

My final question is, whatever it is i've got, is there a way to get rid of it permanently? I've noticed that some people in this thread have recurring symptoms that reappear after sweating etc.

For more reference on my problem here is my post in another topic:

Hi all
Recently I have been experiencing an itchy anus. It may be down to excessive wiping. When I am not moving a lot it is okay, but when i start walking it starts to itch and i can't walk properly. It gets so bad when walking that it goes from itching to soreness and then a really strong itching sensation. Also, after walking when i feel the skin it feels really sore and little moist from the soreness. I just want to be able to walk/run freely.
Anyway I have decided to increase the fibre in my diet as there was very little in my diet. Having increased the fibre, my wiping has decreased. I went to the doctor and got some cream (can't remember the name) and also have to send a sample to find out what the problem could be.
I would like some feedback of what people think this could be and what may help solve the problem.
I will post back to inform you of anything that has helped me with this problem.

LiteralPoop's picture

I too suffer from asscrackitis. I have the split above the hole, and it itches from the top of my crack to my taint (if it t'aint your butthole and it t'aint your balls, your taint is in the middle) it hurts to wipe, and when I itch it my fingers smell like ass. And thats even right after a shower. I gets worse when I scratch, but who has the power to resist the call of asscrackitis? She's an informidable opponent, but her call is akin to the Sirens "the seductresses".

suffering in silence's picture

The disease is known as "ringworm" or better known as jock itch. Yes, it does occur between the butt cheeks. If it's not too bad it can go away on its own as mine has in the past but do yourself a favor and get a tube of Lamisil. Mine is just about gone after 5 days of treatment. I've been suffering for the last 6 months until I finally figured out what it is. Dry well after showering and if you can, use your blow dryer on a low setting to really dry the area out. Then apply the Lamisil. I noticed a difference after ONE application. Good Luck.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I am enlightened in your site. I thought I was the only one that had a split asscrack. Wow, I can't believe I'm not the only one in the world. I feel better knowing this, my ass feels better as well. I have tried different treatments for this asscracktitis,,,different soap, jock itch treatment, baby buttcrack meds, sleeping butt naked etc...I've never had the guts to try vicks. If I get the nerve and the person to chase me down with a fan I will do it. I have thought about going to the dr. but haven't had the nerve on that either. Wish me luck, and healing! Good luck to everyone else out there with the same inflictions.

Agitated-Anus's picture

I too have been suffering from this chapped crack syndrome. The problem is now that it seems to be spreading...I am a female and not to be too horribly graphic...down towards the opening of my vagina I'm all red and itchy too. It's super frusterating. I'm wondering if I now have a yeast infection? The yeast cream isn't helping, nor helping my I'm not sure. I tried the neosporin on my crack the other day, it made it feel better for awhile, but it's back again. I try to dry it out with toilet paper, but I feel like I get dingleberries stuck in the sore...which just makes it feel worse! I'm a little nervous to put powder on my anus as well as anti fungal creams...what if it goes down south to the female regions?

sittingpretty's picture
Comment Quality Moderatori 2000+ points

It does sound like you might have a fungal infection. You might need some Diflucan by mouth. Go to your gyno if you don't have a primary care physician. you would probably benefit from a prescription antifungal agent. The best thing to do really is take your ass to the doctor.
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

Soooo grateful's picture

I have been suffering from this skin breaking for 20 years. I thought at first I had caught herpes. I never told my doctor because I was so embarrased. I noticed that it is related to stress. When I am one week from my period my skin breaks out for 3 to 4 days.
I love this site. I have been laughing out loud with tears coming down my face. You guys have saved me from believing the worst.
I use vaseline just to stop the pain, desitin sometimes work. I keep the area there dry and clean it,that works sometimes. I also believe it is caused by sitting and sweating in that area. God Bless. We will all be okay.

loaf pincher's picture
l 100+ points

agitated anus please take sittingpretty's advice you need to see a doctor you already have an "agitated anus" you sure don't want an angry beaver to deal with to

the cracker's picture

ok, i thought i was the only one who ever felt the actual ripping apart of her ass crack skin and screamed in pain. As my husband has said, "i believe you, I have seen your ass crack before my very eyes" and he didn't mean it in his usual fun, dirty way. Now I know, many an ass cracks out there.
Usually starts, and stays, for a short time at the top where my crack starts. Just enough to hide it away and store any moisture, or whatever the hell causes it. And always at the start of or during winter.
Finally , I had it so bad that I had multiple cracks running along my ENTIRE ass crack. I didn't know if I should get a palmist to try and read my new "line" or go to the doctor. Something was definitely angry at me or trying to get me a message. I picked the doctor. He told me infection and gave me antibiotics. That's because he is dumb. I went to a girl nurse practitioner. YEAST INFECTION! gross! I have had trouble with candida in the past and it had gotten through my system so badly that my normal girly parts had no symptoms, it was just living wildly on top of my skin, particularly my asscrack skin in winter.
Sorry to be so detailed, but it took lots of other symptoms and years for me to find out I have a yeast sensitivity. It took 2 diflucan a day for 2 weeks, and 1 a week for 3 months to clear all my symptoms (asscrackitis cleared in about 2 weeks).
If this happens regularly to you, have your doctor do a skin swab for ALL types of yeast, even the rarer forms. And air it out, change your diet, cotton or nudity is best.
Wow, that was a lot of info about my nether parts. sorry. but hope it helps someone

Anonymous Coward's picture

Mine started with a roid, I think the roid cream gave the itch a start. After reading this site's suggestions, I wash it with alcohol and later, treat with lamisil, 2 times a day. After 4 days my ass feels better than it has in 6 months! No more burning or leakage! I had cracks that radiated from my hole, these are going away. Walking was causing it to bleed and jogging was impossible, not now. Thanks from the bottom of my crack.

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