bizarre anal mucous

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Jessi asks:

Starting about 3 years ago, I have expelled on a somewhat regular basis what I call an "asspod." They are whitish in color, solid, and of uniform size and shape (ovoid, about 2 cm long and .7 cm diameter). Pathology report on sample asspod identified material as mucous. OK, some mucous in the intestine is of course normal, but firmly-packed pods on a regular (i.e., monthly) basis, all of uniform size and shape??? Doctor was stymied but says since it's only mucous, I shouldn't worry.

But I still find it disturbing. Have you ever heard of such a thing? If so, what causes it? Should I be concerned? Is there a name other than "asspod"?

Thanks for your time.

Dear Jessi,

I believe you have the name down correctly. The elimination of Asspods from the rectum is commonly referred to as "Asspodexpellitum".

One theory is that there is an abnormal amount of mucus produced in the small or large intestine, that passes along the digestive tract and for some reaon, does not dissolve and is excreted relatively unchanged.

Another theory is that your body has been penetrated by aliens while you sleep, and the aforementioned "Asspods" are embryonic life forms that require the water from an earthlings toilet bowl to gestate and hatch.

Please be advised that I am only a Poonurse. I am NOT a medical doctor. Any advice I give should be taken moderate skepticism. Please consult a REAL medical doctor if you feel you have a serious medical condition.

-- Poonurse

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility.

Got a question for her?

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Ew! I have the problem in the other direction. If I eat really starchy food sometimes I'll hack up these little greenish-yellow nuggets that the dogs won't even eat. (Trust me. I gave one to them to see what would happen and they all looked at my like I was crazy.) Haven't asked the doctor about it yet. And, really, why am I talking about it here? It has nothing to do with poop!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

acid_fairy's picture

Same here. I cough up little whitish lumps that could kill a tree with their stink. Dunno why, but..?

stinky's picture

After having my butthole streched out from fisting alot, I have noticed my poop becoming larger and larger each time I go.Do you think this will plugg up my Aunt's MODE?p.s. icant reach the paper!

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Oh, stinky. I would insult your meager intelligence but I'm much too tired.

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The little white/yellow lumps you cough up are called Tonsiloliths (tonsil stones). They smell awful and can cause bad breath.

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Thanks for the input, Jes. I've wondered about those things. They're NASTY!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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yes thanx for the input
i was also wondering what caused those nasty things

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I just hawked up one that was the size of my pinkie fingernail. It's was nasty!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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what does it mean to have mucous in the poop?

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That is so very interesting. I've never had mucous come out my butt, nor have I heard of anyone who had mucous come out their butt. Ya learn something new everyday here at PoopReport.

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I used to think it was impossible, too. Until it happened to me. Antibiotics can cause poop musous (i.e. butt boogers).

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

tHey DoNt uNdeRstanD's picture

I to have this mucous poop along with painful gas.I just in the last two weeks stopped smokin crank(yea i know gross habit, sik)my lungs were very congested with mucous probably from the damage that the drug had caused and after i stopped i was coughing up alot of mucous and at times swallowing it not having time to discard it sanitarily,so i thought that this was what it was.Hopefully it will diminish with time as long as i stay clean. thanks for having this site, even though it is a disturbing if not gross comment,If it werent for caring people like urself we would be stressed , worried and possibly uninformed.

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i cough up a litle whit thing that smells like shit one every couple of weeks they are not hard or anything it kind of freaks me out i was just wondering if anyone knows what these are and should i be worried

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I sometimes fart mucous. It comes unexpected and wets my pants with stickyness. I than go to the bathroom and let her rip. I am concerned about the amount of runny poop and blood...

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What's happening here is that you are excreting your mind control implants. Every time you doo it, a S.C.A.T. team has to sneak in to your bedroom and replace it. Please refrain from coughing up or expelling your happy pods. They are there for your own protection. How do you think "Friends" became such a popular show?

Presidential Overlord
Of Poopreportia

The Emir of Crapistan

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I knew it SD! I thought I got sick of "friends" cause I stopped eating oysters, not from hocking them up.

Asphincter says WHAT...(!)

Asphincter says WHAT...(!)

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They're called poop things because i am a pro at coughing them up!

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I poop mucous all the time. It is really pretty gross. It almost always comes out this way too, which is just weird: I have an episode of a very large loose dump that comes on very quickly with huge cramps (thankfully with quick releif!). About 30-45 minutes after that is over, I feel an overwhelming need to let out what I think will be pure liquid poo. What comes out is a very big (3-4 cm x 1-2 cm) piece of loose mucous.
However, I do see mucous in my poo on a regular basis (>once a week); I have decided it must not be too abnormal if I see it all the time and I am still alive and kicking.

Wee Jock Poo-Pong McPlop's picture

Oh good, other people with mucus poop! I don't feel so alone. It's only been happening to me this week, and I must admit I've been more bemused than scared by the whole event.
It's apparently a symptom of IBS. Joy!

amIconstipated?'s picture

I have been suffering from mucus poop, I poop about once a week, and other such IBS-induced symptoms since I can remember; but as I am a silly youth too embarressed to confront parents, does anyone know any legit medical sites that would explain these conditions or constipation conditions in general? googling sites isnt too reassuring cus most of them arent .edu or .gov or .org or anything like that

thanks a lot,
poopless in ny

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I have had similar episodes to much of the above. I have done some recent reading on the subject, at least what I can find. Everything I have read so far tells me about Mucoidal Plaque that builds up over time on the walls of the intestine. The painful cramps are the plaque loosening from the walls. The plaque builds up from not eating enough fiber, and eating too much dairy. If you eat meat, bits of meat do not digest, and get trapped in the plaque. Instead of digesting, the particles 'compost' depending on the bacteria in your intestines. Stop eating so much cheese, especially fake cheese!

Happy Pooping!

Anonymous Coward's picture

hey poopless in ny--go to (Heather's IBS news etc.) It is a really great site with alot of good info! hope it helps some--it helped me

Relieved on the Crapper's picture

Thank god for this site, in the last few days i have noticed this weird goop in my poop but only a little bit, but about 15 minutes ago there was a big glob of it and i was freaked out but after ten minutes of various reading Im reassured. Also there are little bits of stuff but that has always been normal; because i have a really, really fast metobolism.

Relieved on the Crapper's picture

Also in the last 3 weeks i have drank more milk than ever before and ate less fibre then ever before.

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Ive had IBS for the last 3 yrs, ive always had mucus in my stool cause normal for ne1. For the last 3 weeks ive had lil more mucus than normal n blood in my stools then this week i started juss havin nothin but mucus, The doctor says its a sign of chron's disease. My best friend has tht n im truly scared cause i kno how much pain shes dealt wit n all the meds. Im on tons of meds now i juss dont wanna take nemore. lol.

Anonymous Coward's picture

So the mucus is very clear gel-like. If you where to taste it it would be near-flavorless, much like that of a common boggie with the exception of the occasional brown speckel (no less knowing that this substance has been sitting inside of my arse alongside with fecal matter and active bacteria cultures). You can almost picture it floating atop the lipids of your coffee's upper regions greeting your lips as you read this article...

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I have been having regular sessions with a colon hydro-therapist (basically an enema where they hook you up to a machine) and today wispy strands and clumps of mucus were being ejected.

The therapist says this these mucus strands are parasites and that a lot of people have them. Mucus and/or IBS usually involves a parasite infestation. I'm on a herbal and fiber detox program and this is weakening the parasites so they are more readily flushed out.

Parasites live in the intestinal plaque coating intestines which arises from gluten (wheat & white flour) and dairy in our diets.

Try colon detox, total body or parasite detox programs to eliminate these "visitors". Parasites bloat you up and poison yer body. Juice fasting and hydrotherapy also cures this along with benzonite clay mixed with phyllium husk "shakes".

-- The colo-librarian

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Yeah, and chewing 3 Certified California Dustbunnies 2x daily will help, too. Send me a check, and I'll round some up for you.

Since apparently you'll buy anything.

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For those of you coughing up little yellow/white stones they are called tonsil stones or tonsiloliths. Roughly 3% of the population gets them. Basically plaque, food, bacteria, and salivia continually build up in the deep crevices some people have in their tonsils. At a certain point the crevice overflows and this is when you hack them up. There are sprays on the market to combat tonsil stones but the easiest way to solve the problem permanently is to have your tonsils removed. It is a routine surgery that will leave you with a really sore throat for 2-7 days.

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The Shit Volcano (3006) -- 03.22.2004
Ew! I have the problem in the other direction. If I eat really starchy food sometimes I'll hack up these little greenish-yellow nuggets that the dogs won't even eat. (Trust me. I gave one to them to see what would happen and they all looked at my like I was crazy.) Haven't asked the doctor about it yet. And, really, why am I talking about it here? It has nothing to do with poop!

TSV, I have the same problem that you have. They get caught in your throat initially right? They are about the size of a grain of rice, right?

As for the asspods. How do you think Alf got to earth?

The ass pods are implanted by aleins, and rely on the body to begin the first phase of life. After they are expelled, they feed off of human waste and hatch into 1/2 alien and 1/2 human life forms. They then find more people to implant with these asspods.
"-55F, a new record low? Nope, thermometer went bad. Looks like -50F still stands"

"Two percent of the population think; three percent of the population think they think, and 95 percent of the population would rather die than think."

Poo Keeps Me Up At Night's picture

I have the problem with very stinky stools and large mucous "asspods." I was kind of freaking out about it, but then I found this on someone's website:

"You can have mucous for a variety of reasons. However, since you know there was lots of gunk in there, and just started an enzymes/probiotic program with help cleaning out the gunk, the mucus can be sloughing off in this process. The alternating stool consistency can also be part of this process. Allow a couple weeks for the bulk of the cleaning out to happen. I know there is the tendency to analyze things on a minute by minute or hour by hour basis, but the transit through the gut can be a matter of hours, days, or weeks. Allow about a week to evaluate changes in diet, supplements, or meds to see the net results (unless there are drastic healthy problems happening, of course)."

I had just started taking probiotics (bifidous and lactobacilus) a few days ago, so this makes sense. Most sites will say this is a bad sign, but I think it's actually good--my body is flushing out all the mucous and bad stuff so i can start digesting normally!

Anonymous Coward's picture

I have been laughing my ass off reading this site! It is funny to hear all of these great stories! I came across this site in search of some info to help me identify the strange mucus in my poop, and much to my surprise the site answered that question and a few others. I have been asking doctors for over 10 years what this white junk is coming out of crevaces in my throat...tonsil stones!!!!! Not one doctor ever figured it out! I asked one doctor about a tonsilectomy and she said no because there wasn't a medical condition that required what if it makes my breath awful and these things fly out of my mouth occasionally while I am talking to people! I am psychologically scarred from this happening once and landing in someone's food at the dinner table.

It is great to hear from other people who have these issues...thought I was alone until now! Thanks for the info!

Anonymous Coward's picture

Laugh if you want at the subject matter, but I, too, had the same frightening mucous get eliminated into my underwear at work today, and if it wasn't for finding this website I would be wondering what on earth was happening. I'll look up the blessed herbs website and start a colon detox program. Great advice. We might belong to an odd "club" but I, for one, am grateful I found you all.

Anonymous Vegan's picture

I feel so relieved! I've been vegetarian for 2 1/2 years, and 2 weeks ago I decided to make the switch to become a vegan. So, I decided to start with a slight cleanse (just eating fruit in the morning and then having only one thing with each meal that was not a raw or slightly cooked vegetable) and 3-4 days after starting, I started to get all this white mucus stuff in my poo and was freaking out. I feel so much more relieved now that I know I'm not alone, and that it's the dairy products being wiped out of my system.

Anonymous Shit Cheese's picture

Eww, did they eat the Shit Cheese, thats what its called, or Tonsil Stone, basically you get them if you dont brush regularly,If you run your fingers around the gumline of your wisdom teeth and the smell of shit cheese is on your fingertip, you will get Tonsil Stones, its the same amasingly stinky shit matter... Sometimes for the fun of it, I let them grow, just to savor the rank smell, I mean, you could kill a bird in flight just by pointing one at it... Ever got somthing stuck under a nail so bad it leaks puss, thats how bad Shit Cheese stinks... :)

Anonymous Coward's picture

so, earlier this evening i was having terrible cramps and then explosive diarrhea (sp?) after running to the bathroom a few times, i finally felt relief... but i was still very gassy and farting a good amount. soon after, what i thought was coming out as a fart, was actually a warm mucous-like substance. i quickly ran to the bathroom and pushed out a very painful, but loose and small stool. (keep in mind, i have hemorroids - or at least, i think i do, so painful stools are a regular for me!) the stool had a stringy-like mucous all over it, clear in some spots and light brown in color in others. when i wiped after the mission was accomplished, i had a good amount of mucous. it has an awful odor - a little fishy - and very uncomfortable.

can anyone else relate to this? im guessing this is somewhat normal bc i have read all of your stories of anal mucous... but mine seems a little different.

does yours smell? is it stringy when pooped out in the toilet? attached to your poop??


Everybody poops's picture

I just farted out a big brownish glob of fishy mucus. I was peeing and I farted it out right onto the floor. But it whiped up with just a few tissues. It was really viscus (thick) and it didn't smeel like poop, only a little fishy.

The night before I had an emergency poop but it turned out to be only water, and after this i'm having more small poops.

Reading this I'm not too worried, but still a little worried.

My evil ass is getting the better of me's picture

For at least a year now I have had mucus in my poops, it's not the fact that I have mucus in my poop that bothers me it's the fact that the smell seeps through my ass. It actually started off as a smell of shit everytime I farted and then progressed into just the smell of this mucus stuff.

It's so embarrassing and it's getting me really depressed. I shower every day (washing my whole body and arse!!) and I know how to wipe my ass properly after a shit so why is this happening to me?

I shit about 3-4 times a day and they're not even full blown shits, they are feeble shits. It starts with excessive sweating of my arse and I can feel my arse-ring getting wet with the mucus building up. Then the stench comes and i go to the toilet.

What can I do to stop this horrible problem I have?

Please help!!

No way.'s picture

Ok, so I had diarrhea, gross mucous poop (when it wasn't just liquid) and the nasty fish stank. I'm going to brave a colonoscopy (after parasite tests were negative). I'll let you all know what the diagnosis is. Ok, and BTW, I have the tonsil stones too, they aren't cured by tonsil removal always, and irrigation devices really help. If you search for tonsil stones on the net, there's a whole big website and forum dedicated to them and how to deal with them.

Anonymous Coward's picture

hey, the other day i was out of town with a few close friends. I drank a large amount of alchohol and fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night because my stomach hurt really bad. i ran tho the john and farted and only a little bit of white stuff came out. It resembled sperm exactly and I am now freaking out. I would never expect this from my friends, but i did poop what looked like sperm. Also i took antibiotics for a few days before this happened. please tell me it can be mucous.

poops maggee's picture

This morning I woke up and went to the bathroom to take a leak, and I farted. It was a moderately small fart but I noticed a wet feeling and decided to wipe it with a tissue to find a tissue full of yellow, oily stuff, a little mucus like but more liquid and very yellow. Then I noticed my boxers covered in the stuff and when I pulled them down the yellow stuff dripped onto the floor. I had to wipe a couple of times to get all the stuff off. The strange thing was that for something with such a distinctly yellow color it didnt smell too bad. It had a bit of a smell but not really a distinct shit smell. Just to clarify, this was not shit, I did not shit my pants. It was all from one meak fart but the mess was so strange and gross I threw away the boxers. A few minutes after I decided to shit and when I looked into the bowl out of curiosity for the yellow stuff, the poop was pretty normal and not liquidy, but there was some more of the yellow stuff floating on the water almost oil like. Any clues?

Dr hamburger's picture

i coughed up one of those white puss things and it smelled like bad breath,, it looked a tiny smushy white pimple puss globule and it was hard,, i still have my tonsils

here we go poopty poo's picture

I have the yellow moucos in the poop and it seems like it started when I started taking Darviset (not sure on spelling) pain killers. And it happened a second time after another day when I took the pain killer. I notice there is a link on the page called "vicodin problems" . Coincidence? I think not!

Daniella's picture

Oh, those blobs of mucous with blood are uncomfortable and annoying! I usually fart them out after eating and upper GI pain. Mine are odorless which is good, but I've heard if they do stink, it is a yeast infection in your GI tract.

Anonymous Coward's picture

hi everyone i am worried because when i i a shit this clear gunge come out with a bit of blood init and it smells horrid has anyone else got this???

Bilgepump's picture
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AC of 01/05/2008...
Nope, you're the only one...good luck with that, maybe join the circus, get in on the side show action...I hear during down times the bearded lady deals a mean table of Texas Hold'em.

"One of the founding members of the Front Page Hyena Pack, and runs as its alpha male when the urge strikes him, which is often." Daphne (one perceptive chick)

ass snot 2008's picture

Anal leakage sucks! I had like a king size bag of baked layes last night and then went out drinking. This moring I woke up with a leaking surprise, anal goo, yummy. Does anyone have any remedies for this nasty aliment?

daphne's picture
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Agh! You poor thing. Drink a ton of water, eat some oatmeal, and stay away from fake fat.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

Boop's picture

I also have mucus that is attached to my poop, or rarely comes out by itself. It ranges in color from orange/brown to white. And it does stink. I have not clue what it is, my doctor has no answers. Cam anyone help me out?

Anonymous Coward01's picture

Question about mucous discharge. I had what I'm pretty sure were hemorrhoids last week, and for me the most annoying symptom was a clear-yellowish, sticky mucous discharge. I used moist wipes with aloe doused with Witchhazel to clean the area, and then I dried it and placed a tissue between my butt cheeks to absorb any mucous discharge. The mucous and other symptoms went away for about a week, and then yesterday when I defecated there was some blood -- I think a hemorrhoid popped. Since then, no blood, no pain when I go to the bathroom, but a non-stop flow of the mucous. I wiped it with witchhazel, got some hemorrhoid cream and applied it, and then put on an adult diaper, so I wouldn't have to wipe my butt every hour and make it raw.

Any tips on how to stop the flow of mucous, or do I just have to wait it out? I am eating fiber, drinking fluids, concentrating on not straining when I defecate, etc.

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