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Dear Poonurse,

I have a serious question. A friend at my college, whom I grew up with, gave us a startling revelation last week. Ever since he has been a child, he has rejected the urge to poop, and has held it in. Even then, when it would start to come out, he would "pinch it off" with his fingers, drop the poo in the trash, and either wipe his hands on his pants or lick the fecal matter off his fingers. The last time he ate any of his own fecal matter was two years ago. He also maintains he was not abused as a child, and knowing his family like I do, he is most likely telling the truth.

Have you ever heard of this, what possibly could have caused it, and what effects would it have on a person's system?

Thanks, Nate


While I thank you (maybe) for the question, you have to know that this is really abnormal behavior, unless your friend is a cocker spaniel or something. Despite his protestations of a normal childhood, I would beg to differ. This is one effed up dude, man!

Another thing: Why on GOD'S EARTH would a "normal" person ever ADMIT to having done this in the past???? I would go to the grave with this one, personally. I suspect if he is admitting to having done this in the past, he is STILL doing it. Avoid shaking hands with your friend at all costs. In fact, avoid your friend like the plague.

As to your questions:

The name of this behavior is Coprophagia. Simply put, coprophagia is the consumption of feces. It is extremely uncommon in humans, but one of the most common complaints of dog owners. I could find relatively little information about human coprophagia, which should tell you that it is pretty sick and twisted behavior. I did find out that some people get off sexually on it.

What could have caused it?

Besides the aforementioned effed up childhood, there are many causes of coprophagia in dogs, such as:

Attention-seeking behavior: When the dog engages in coprophagia, their owner tends to reprimand and, therefore, pay attention to the animal. Perhaps your friend didn't get enough parental attention. Although, I'll bet a child who eats FECES gets LOTS of attention...

Allelomimetic behavior: The dog observes the owner picking up the feces and learns from them to do so as well. Maybe your friend's parents ate their own crap. (Unlikely, but your friend sounds pretty whack, so we must consider it.)

Maternal behavior: A bitch with puppies will often engage in coprophagia, and this behavior is normal. There are many theories as to why the bitch does this, including keeping the den clean and preventing the scent of the feces from attracting predators. Your friend's mom could have eaten his feces when he was a baby. A human baby's first poop is called Meconium, which is a tarry, black, sticky, odorless substance. It is hard to get off the kids crack with a washcloth, so maybe your friend's mom resorted to extreme means.

Dominance behavior: There have been reports of a submissive dog consuming the feces of one or more dominant dogs in the same household. There are other examples in nature where the submissive members of a group participate in apparently bizarre behaviors. Your friend may unconsciously want to be the "top dog" in his human relationships. In my opinion, however, it is doubtful that stool-eating will help accomplish this.

Reinforcement: Something about eating the feces itself reinforces the behavior. Things such as taste may be a factor in this. It's simply appealing to the dog to eat the feces, so it does so. Again, this is not likely the explanation for your friend's behavior. I can only imagine how shit tastes, and wouldn't think it appealing.

Feeding behavior: Many people feed their dogs only once per day. Some postulate that dogs naturally want to have multiple meals throughout the day, hence they use coprophagia to supplement their feeding schedule and fulfill this need. Perhaps your friend just needs to eat more often!

In any event, your friend shouldn't be eating feces. Feces are swarming with bacteria, and weren't meant to be recycled.

There is a product for dogs called Forbid that makes the taste of feces unappealing. Perhaps your friend should get some. Someone at work told me that feeding pineapple to your dogs makes them stop eating their shit.

Hmmm....I eat a lot of pineapple, and I don't eat my feces. Maybe there is something to this!

Good luck with your friend, Nate. I would personally dump him before there is another "startling revelation" made to you, such as a profound admiration for Jeffrey Dahmer or something.

And thanks for asking Poonurse.

Poonurse is an RN with 25 years experience in labor and delivery. Her qualifications include seeing a lot of poop, and owning a computer. Also, she works in Michigan, which she calls the asshole of the universe, so that's another bit of credibility. Poonurse would like to remind you that she is a poo nurse, not a poo doctor. Her advice should be taken with moderate skepticism, and you should consult a REAL, sober medical professional if you have a serious medical condition.

Got a question for her?

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I think the real issue with this person is not so much the consumption of feces, considering he admits to only licking the feces off his fingers, but rather his supression of bowel movements. I could see this as an extension of two things:
1)Some form of self-destructive behavior in which this person is denying himself a bowel movement in order to punish himself for whatever reason, and thus the licking of the feces is a further punishment for having a BM,
2) It could be sexual, this guy enjoys the pressure in the bowels that comes along with the feeling of having to take a huge dump, and the lickin of the feces is a further extension of the indulgence in fecalphilia.
Just from what I've read in original question, I sort of have a feeling that a third option for this could be,
3) He's lying about the whole thing.
While I'm sure every aspect of this story could be entirely true, and probably not as rare as we think, I think its reasonable to also address the honesty behind this story.
1.a. He could be exaggerating all of this, its a behavior that he did as a child often, was severely punished for it perhaps, and has felt life long guilt and embarrassment about it. As an extension of that repressed guilt, he has subsquently brought it back into context in his adult life, telling friends about this behavior in an attempt to induce the same reaction that his own parents had before him, shock, disgust, angry, and reprimanding.
1.b. This story never happened to him and he made it for whatever reason people make up stuff like this. The reason I am even contemplating this clue is because he says "I haven't done it in 2 years though." I've talked to a lot of liars in my lifetime, and I've found whenever one of them tells an unusual story, one of the first responses they'll get after the tellin is, "So show me" or " Prove it", and thus to compensate and eliminate the need to justify their story, they will also further lie, "oh I don't have it anymore" or "Its been a while since I done it, so I doubt I can now" or something along this nature. This puts a barrier between them and their story that will prevent them from having to "prove it", thus preventing a total collapse of their story from it being disproved.
But I don't know this guy, and only know things about him from what the question says, so who knows.

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um, yeah.
That was all really wierd.
To the friend of the coprophagiac: were there any indications prior to this most repugnant revelation that your cohort was a nutcase? It seems highly unlikely that the rest of this person's behaviour would fall within 'normal' parameters.

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Just because a family may seem nice to someone else doesn't mean they don't abuse their children. A friend of mine was emotionally abused (with a hint of physical) as a child and their parents are the nicest things around me. It has to take a pretty seriously disturbed upbringing, most likely related to the parents, or whoever primarily cared for the guy-even if it was the family dog, (that's more abuse right there). He needs to get serious help, and Nate, if you really are his friend, get it for him. And if he isn't willing, then move on away!

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However, there are no health risks. Eating your own poo is fine -- you're not going to get any bacteria you don't already have.

Which isn't to say it's not wrong. Becuase it's sooooo wrong.

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oh yea baby- im on the Meta train- just polished off 2 tbsp's of the orange goodness...waiting to unload- the box says 12-24 hrs, so it may be a while

I think the story about the guy wiping with his hands is BS.

I'll tell you one thing, once this huge, odorless, floating, 2 ft long turd comes out of my ass, I sure as hell am not going to touch it. Its going straight to its watery grave, where it belongs!

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I grew up in a home with a psychologist mother (she started as a school psychologist), so I heard a lot of stories as a kid.

The coprophage behavior of wild animals or dogs is instinctive and serves a purpose, but coprophagy in humans is not a natural part of human behavior. When humans eat their own poop, it is neurotic compulsive behavior.

Where do neuroses come from? Good question. Observation tells me that a lot of it comes from growing up in a dysfunctional environment. Poonurse hit on that early in her reply, when she noted that need for attention drives individuals to take up behaviors that will get that attention.

Neurotic behavior can arise when a child is insecure about whether he or she is loved, and will continue even if it doesn't attract attention. An obsession is triggered off that becomes self-sustaining and can't be stopped without therapy.

Kleptomania is the commonest form of neurotic behavior in children, frequently as a response to lack of attention and affection from parents. The child seeks to fill the void with things instead of emotions. Along the same lines, your friend's coprophagy is accompanied by his urge to hold in his poop and to control its exit. One of the key aspects of neurosis is the driving need to be in control of one's fate and self. After all, the individual can't seem to control events around him, including getting his own parents to love and pay attention to him. ("If I control my poop, I control my destiny.").

The poop becomes obsession to fill the void and feeling of having no control over his life.

Okay, that's my 2-turds' worth! I'm not a shrink, but growing up with one can mess with your head and make you think you know something! It's a fascinating problem, and I wouldn't reject your friend - he obviously felt comfortable enough with you to reveal this deep "shameful" secret. It could be his way of seeking acceptance or help.
If I were in your position, I would try to be objective and not judgemental, and suggest that because coprophagy is potentially harmful as a disease spreader (he wouldn't want his friends to get sick, would he?) he should speak to a mental health professional. He can be treated and freed from this neurosis.

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AUUGHGHGHGHGH!!!!! That's nasty!!!

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Just wondering if this behavior is akin to, though not exactly like, eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia, which, if I understand them correctly, are attempts to super micro-manage and control one's life through manipulation of food. Poop, of course, is processed food that has gone through the system and not been short-circuited, as in the other aforementioned cases.

Poonurse, what do you think here?

Pulling My Pants Down For Peace, Plop and Posterity!

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I stand by my thoughts that this disturbed behaviour and a disturbed individual.

Suggesting he get help is a no-brainer. Beyond that, I wouldn't be hanging around this person too closely. I am highly doubtful that this is his only "secret".

TBW--I can think of less distasteful ways to micro manage one's life.

And, shit belongs below the stomach, when it comes to eating it and health ramifications. Shit, whether it belongs to you or someone else, is teeming with E. Coli and other nasty bugs that weren't meant to be anywhere near your mouth and upper GI tract.

I did entertain the notion that Nate and his "friend" were one and the same. If this is true, dude, get some help.

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first off is it really nice to keep referring to him as being "effed up"? i mean obviously he's suffering from some emotional/psychological trouble that most likely stems from his about some compassion for the poor guy? yeah it's sick, but this guy needs a shrink/therapist, not pineapple....offer him your hand and see if you can maybe help the guy get over his taste for mookystinks.
being an elitist a$$hole and shunning him is only going to make him feel more isolated and alone, and could lead to worse behaviour. quit being so high and mighty and offer some help!!! for christ's sake, you people sit here and talk about shit, that's only one step away from playing with it (which some of you do) and one more step from eating it! quit being so damn hyppocritical and show a little sympathy!!!

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Poonurse, Nate's friend's behavior is abnormal fer sure, but necessarily an indication of psychosis. I mean, it could be -- as illustrated by the character of Renfield in "Dracula," (remember the guy with an obsession on eating "life," as in flies, spiders, rats...).

Yeah, it's a no-brainer that he needs help. But he ain't necessarily a shooting incident waiting to happen.

A lot of kids grow up with weird obsessions and neurotic behaviors, such as plucking out their hair strand by strand, or collecting their own earwax and boogers. I think TBW has a good thought there about a connection with coprophagy and anorexia/bulemia, which are neurotic behaviors.

Anyway, I doubt the guy is dangerous. Just gross and in need of mental health treatment.

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I love ya dearly, but I think it is a far cry from a hair pulling obsession, to pinching your feces off with your fingers, depositing it in the trash, and licking fecal matter off your fingers.

Not even in the same ballpark, in my book.

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I had a friend of mine who's little brother would intentionally go for weeks without pooping. I never knew what his reasoning behind this was, but eventually, little squirts would come out and he'd cover it up any way he could. Eventually, he's start to stink to high heavens and his older brother would lock him in the bathroom and wouldn't let him out until he showed evidence that he had in fact pooped. The monstrosities that kid laid down were unbelievable. I raise my right hand and swear before the court of poopreporters everywhere when I say that this little 11-year-old pushed out logs that were as thick as a Louisville Slugger, measured up to a good foot long, and crested above the waterline like a beached whale. Flushing these turds was just as much of a challenge.

I don't know if they ever figured out what caused his behavior, but to my knowledge, ten years later he's been cured of such behavior. And for his sake, I'm thankful for that.

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Your bro may just have been a Shameful Shitter to the Nth Degree.

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Well, we'll just have to disagree on this one, poonurse.

But, I gotta admit that it's way gross.

Yah, if this story is true, it is pretty gross. But, having had a neurotic German Shepherd that ate her own crap (she had been badly abused before my mother rescued her from a shady petshop), I can imagine a kid developing that kind of habit.

After watching the kid in front of me in Sunday school scoop his earwax and deposit it on a paper card... which he SAVED and pulled out each week to add to his collection ... Nothing shocks me anymore.

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This unbelievable story shocked me. And I TOTALLY agree. There is NO DOUBT that this "confession" is really the psychological admittance of CURRENT BEHAVIOR.
There is no way anyone would ADMIT to this if they had STOPPED doing it (the same reason to stop would prevent admission).

Clearly he was "testing" you to see your reaction. And quite frankly, this is beyond sick.

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AWFUL!! Your friend is a scat muncher! I feel bad for whomever he dates!

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.....this guy won't get any dates so don't feel bad. There is no way he's just a regular dude, walking around looking normal....he has some serious issues and I, for one, am totally sure he is a major (noted) WEIRDO! Poonurse is so right saying this dude is "effed up", why argue with her?

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I guess there would never be a reason to tell this guy to "eat shit".....he already does and apparently he likes it....

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I have seen and heard some strange cases in my life.

For example, one woman that my grandmother knew decided that taking a shit was dirty, so she held it in until her feces had to be surgically removed. I don't know why she did that but she was always weird.

Another involved a boy who would eat little dingleberries in front of kids just for the shock value. This kid's parents didn't want him and would put him up in a motel just so they didn't have to be around him. They were total selfish assholes!

A third case was a little girl who would shit on the floor because she was terrified of the toilet. When asked why she told her psychologist that there was a witch in the toilet who would reach up inside of her and eat her insides. The girl came from a disturbingly abusive household and they never knew exactly how she had been abused, but sexual abuse was suspected.

A fourth case involved a woman who would masturbate with her turds. This disgusting behavior began when she was a child and her father used to punish her by making her eat shit. Either that or he would rape her in the bathroom.

The fifth case involves yours truly, who never did anything weird with shit (aside from rolling a turd down the playground slide on a dare) but felt ashamed whenever I used the bathroom. I just would avoid using it until I was nearly bursting and then I would go as quickly as possible. This was not the result of shameful shitting but rather because I, myself, was molested by one of my parents' friends. (Needless to say they are not friends anymore.)

The common thread in all cases is abuse. As for the parents being nice, some abusive families are really nice to the outside world and monsters behind closed doors. Also, they may very well have been nice people. The abuse could have taken place elsewhere. (i.e. church, school, exxtracuricular activities, or around the neighborhood) Either way, this guy needs some serious professional help to sort himself out. Indeed, some abused children can become abusers themselves later if they are not helped.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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Hey, I do agree with poonurse that the poop eater is effed up. We just disagree on what kind of effed up he is. I say it's a profound neurosis.

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Hey, that is GROSS!!!! Why would you like or eat your own shit?????? I agree with poonurse!!!!!
ewwwwwwwwwww!!! laterz

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You hit the nail on the head -- Abnormal behavior doesn't come out of the blue. It has a source.

If a child is psychotic because of a biochemical glitch in his brain, he will display more than just one symptom or behavior. The vast majority of abnormal behaviors come from neuroses caused by emotional and/or physical abuse or neglect.

This guy might be in denial about his family, and as TSV says, some folks are great at having a great "public face" that dissolves as soon as curtains are drawn. I've seen plenty of that.

That this guy needs help is a given. But, he doesn't deserve to be ridiculed and shamed for a behavior that more likely than not arose from some very unhappy circumstances.

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Actually Ty, consuming even your own feces is dangerous. About 1/3 of our poop is made of water, about 1/3 of it is made up of dead bacteria- an assortment of microcorpses that come from the microorganisms that assist us in the digestion of food. The final third of our crap consists of undigestable foods (corn kernels, cellulose, etc)- known as fiber.
In fact, diseases such as food poisoning, chlorea, and typhus among others are spread from fecal contamination. Parasites such as tapeworm are also spread through the consuption of shit.
"There are some parasites, such as pinworms, who depend on people eating their own poop to keep the population up. Pinworms are small nematodes that live in the colon. The females emerge from the anus at night to lay their eggs. Their activity makes the anal area itch. The person scratches the itch (often doing so in his sleep), procuring a small amount of fecal matter and eggs under his fingernails, and then puts his fingers in his mouth. Once the eggs are consumed, the person is infected with a new generation of pinworms." - ??
So your friend could become sick(er)...

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I just happened by this story and thought I'd share it.
2004-01-29/feature.html/1/index.html It's a rather long (3 page) story about a real life shit-eating pimp. On page 3 it talks about this guy paying one of the hookers for her shit and eating it in front of her.
Also, I'd like to add to what you've all been saying about abused children and abusive aprents. It's so true that people on the outside can't always tell what a person is like behind closed doors. You may think someone is a kind, good-hearted and fun to be around person, and perhaps they are, but maybe they change when they think no one is looking. My dad was an abusive alcoholic. He beat the shit out of my mom in front of me and my 2 brothers on a regular basis while I was growing up for as long as I can remember. He wasn't very nice to us kids either. He was mostly "just" verbally abusive to us, but we got our share as well. Sometimes when he thought we needed to be punished he would whip us with his belt and to this day, I don't know what it was we did that merited the beating. I'm a grown woman with 3 kids of my own, so I know when a kid deserves to be disciplined. The things I remember getting belted for were pretty trivial. I mean, I would never beat welts on my boys' asses for throwing dried grass clippings on each other, or beat one because his younger brother stood up in the back of the truck before I put it in park. Also, abused kids are taught to keep their mouths shut. Therefore, you probably wouldn't know that your friend was abused. There's probably quite a bit you don't know about this guy. What I was meaning to say was that my dad was an alcoholic monster, but people he worked with and others who didn't know the "real" him thought the world of him. He put up a good front. No one suspected anything... Just remember that.

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Sounds like my dad when he had anger issues. Everyone loved him but everyone in the house was afraid of him. This could be what happened to the afore mentioned "friend" in this case. But usually (at least from my observations) strange shit and toilet behavior are the result of sexual abuse.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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Maybe he doesnt want to shit his pants? ever think of that? Eating your own feces is only good manors! The nerve of you people!

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People who eat shit are disgusting! I mean, if you're going to do something that nasty just don't tell me about it! Okay!

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No comment.

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Try giving her those cat tablets that make their poo taste really nasty. It works on dogs. Either that or get her a job scooping cat boxes. It'll save on those food bills and bring you nothing but money, money, money! Occupation title: fecal recycler.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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for real. word wrap. its driving me crazy. you all can think what you like. i'm a 23 year-old college student from chicago, and both my friend and I grew up about 12 miles apart. i didnt know him very well till i found out that we go to the same college. we both grew up in a farming community, if that tells you anything.

as far as i can tell, its not a sexual thing- he's not into that sort of thing, believe me. i we're on the same dorm floor here at school, and i've gotten the chance to know him fairly well. I've never seen him exhibit any sort of deviant behaviour. he's one of those people who can't keep secrets very well, so whatever is going on with him he has a tendency to talk about. very open guy...yeah. maybe too open, huh.

geez. read my post. i didnt say he ate shit for breakfast, just that he (says) he did it every once in a while (as if that makes it better). yeah, its pretty weird, but i'm hoping he's over it. try not to be mean. he's really a decent guy. i just hope it doesnt recur. maybe I'll send a link to this thread to him over AIM. maybe that would help.

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There is a child where I work that does this and we are trying to stop her. so don't say kids or people don't do it they do

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No one is saying that people don't do this. We are saying that DISTURBED people do this.

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i just don't know what to say...i'm sure it happens but to admit it, damn.

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Cat tablets or pineapple-flavoured poo is not going to stop a kid determined to sample their own buttsauce. The nasty stuff that parents paint on their kids thumbs to stop them from sucking them doesn't work either. Besides, wouldn't poop taste nasty enough by itself? I'm sure this guy doesn't do it to "savor the flavor". Noone has brought up the other disgusting thing that kids do, such as eating boogers- not that most kids lick their fingers after pinching off a loaf, but...maybe it was the same impulse that causes a kid to put that booger in his mouth after picking it that caused Nate's friend to try the same thing after dipping into another orifice. Maybe the guy was just curious, then when the taste wasnt as bad as suspected, he kept up the behavior. I have no doubt he stopped. And let me tell you, that living in a rural area may get you used to smelling cowshit and griffie farms, but it in no way inures you against the TASTE of poop- even your own!
My son had issues with handwashing (I was worried about the poo on his hands making him sick) as a child- just after learning to wipe himself. The books and docs I consulted assured me that his OWN e coli wasnt going to harm him- but was a danger to everyone else. (pinworms thank God werent an issue). So I either had to wipe his butt for him, or stand over him and be sure he satisfactorily washed his hands. Even so he left monstrous skunk-striped skids in his underwear- probably because I wasn't with him ALL the time. He's 15 now, and I can honestly say that I've only been willing to touch his underwear for the last 2 years. (It got bleached in its own laundry loads, or just thrown out before- depending on the level of skiditude)

What I'm getting at is that even in a normal nonabusive household, kids are gross and do gross things, aren't very hygenic and don't care. I doubt this guy's shitlickin's are part of his college existence. He's probably only telling his friend (without realizing the depth of suspicion and disgust he's created) something strange/funny about his childhood. Is it a cry for help? I doubt it. But he needs to pick a more normal topic of conversation for sure. Plus, I'd be sure to wash my hands THOROUGHLY after being around him if you're not positive that his hygeine is up to par.

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that's not real.

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ok, wait a minute. scratching your butt and eating poop/worm eggs? huh? not even dennis miller does that!

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I think its sad that the suggestion to bail out on this guy is made. Since when is there a parallel bewteen a coprophage and a serial killer/cannibal? Now, mind you, I have YET to eat my poop, but I would never even consider a sociopathic action such as murder or eating the flesh of the dead. As a poop obsessive, I kind of find this similie insulting. I dont think they are in any way alike. As a nurse, you should know a little about personality disorders and behavioral health. It seems to the laymen that suggesting the termination of a friendship based on this 'confession' to be a little... EXTREME.

but thats just my opinion.

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Read Daphne's recent blurb. She goes into it in full detail.

The closest I've come to eating poop is once when I was a kid. I was cleaning my hamster cage while eating a bag of Raisinettes. One of the turds must have flown into the bag because I ate it...

*shudder* I haven't eaten Raisinettes since.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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this is truely disgusting. At first I thought it was funny, which it is, but then I searched and found
I was shocked to find a whole community of people who eat feces, sexually!!! Why aren't we hearing about people dying from The Poo? I'm sure you can get sick from eating it, but it seems many people are doing it and not getting all that sick, and straight people are doing it too! EWWWW!
My BIG question is WHY? WHY? WHY?
Animals seem to have no problem with smells so maybe it's a genetic thing, or perhaps he can't smell, or his tatstebuds are dead...

I disagree about disowning him as he is obviously crying for SOME type of help and trusts you enough to mention it. I'd certainly carry around a bottle of those antibacterial hand lotions though, and try to let him know you are uncomfortable about and it you want him to go to a therapist and find out why.
perhaps some people don't find poop offensive. I do know that there are many people who do not find other bodily odors offensive, like the Europeans, for one.

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Correction, that is

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I just heard about this nasty cult in India. They drink pee and eat poo. AND they fish dead bodies out of the Ganges and eat them, too. Ew ew ew!!!!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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i got a pain here in my ass and im feeling this for few from now and i think this is a hemmorhoid can you give some advice to let this be healed? like im very desperate coz its quite painful when i me

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Crap eating... Very sick... So, how many glass bottles did you break over his head so far, Nate?

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I read this with great intrest beacuse I too am a shit eater, I often wonder why I am afflicted with a scat fetish, to all the world I am a "normal" fatehr ,husband,business owner.
I do not molest children of fuck animals, nor do I "share" my disgusting fetish . I have been involved with this fetish for 35 of my 45 years , from stepping in dog piles as a kid cause I liked the smell, to masturbating with shit as a teenager, to finally eating shit for the last 10 years(almost daily) not whole turds but about a tablespoonful
To the best of my knowledge I was never abused
though I did find when I was in happy sexually fullfilling relationships my fetish seemed to almost go away
I can attribute no ill effects to my health from eating my own shit, I can not ever shar this with my circle of friends and family
I also do not find shit exciting most of the time , nor do I take pleasure in other peoples shit, I find other peoples shit quite disgusting
my attraction to shit is only while sexually aroused
I do not carry a turd in my pocket "just in case" nor do I smell or have poor hygine
I understand all the harsh comments directed twards the coprophagiac, this is a big reason why I isolate this facet of my life from all
I would greatly appreciate anyone that can explain where a fetish comes from and how it worms it way into ones life
this is not something I am proud of and I have tried a thousand times and a thousand ways to free myself from this fetish
At times I think of nothing more than having a woman shit for me , but I avoid going to that next level, beacuse I am afraid of feeding this deamon fetish
my apologies to all who are disgusted and I accept the insults that my post gets, I even expect mostly insults, as coprophagia is so outside of the "normal" experiance
but it is not uncommon with yahoo, MSN and Aol chat rooms dedicated to this , many many otherwise "normal" folks take part in or are facinated by scat
thank you

anonymous's picture

Dostoyevski described man as a creature who can get used to anything. To put it another way, man is a creature with the capacity to like anything. It seems completely possible to me that some people might find the smell and taste of feces appealing. I've read that infants have no natural aversion to feces (its common knowledge that they don't mind fingerpainting with it) and that they learn by watching their parents reactions to be disgusted by feces. Some people may simply never have learned the 'natural' aversion to feces, although certainly this can't account for many cases of coprophagia.
The other thing that needs to be considered is the possibility of a symbolic basis for some cases of coprophagia. Human arousal seems to me to be very much a symbolic process. Consider, for example, the fact that in the 19th century, women covered their ankles and exposed their cleavage. Men in those times considered ankles arousing because they rarely saw them, while in our times they are ignored because they are so common. The point is that we are aroused by those parts of the opposite sex that we rarely see, because its the privateness or taboo status of whatever is considered arousing that makes it arousing. A persons' sense of privacy is integral to their sense of self. By crossing a persons' boundaries of privacy, either by sight or by contact, we interact with them on a very psychological level. One of the basic symbolic foundations of human psychology is the need for a sense of self-worth. People will kill themselves to maintain their sense of honor, and will endure abuse with the idea cleansing themselves of negative self-worth. Sexual acts are very potent symbols or gestures relating to self worth. The rapist rapes to make himself a god over his victim, who serves as a negative foil for his imagined absoluteness of self. Lovers seek to touch the sacred through each other. Crushes and infatuations involve making another person a symbol of the worth that one desires to have. Sex acts are symbols of self transcendence. So in relation to coprophagia, especially those cases that have a sexual dimension to them, one needs to consider the subconsious symbolic value of eating something very private, which we are taught to hide from other people on the basis of its being unclean. Of course I'm not saying that people are aware of all this while they're doing it. The mind can operate symbolically without our being aware of it. Its only upon reflection that we can see that our desires, which when experienced we simply take at face value, are in fact motivated by other desires that hide behind our consciousness.
Logsucker mentioned that during times of sexual and emotional fulfilment, his fetish went away. This would hint that his coprophagia has an unconscious symbolic function. Constant doubt of self-worth is what motivates the quest to obtain and maintain self-worth. In other words, the human self has an inherent profanity to it; each individual carries a sense of negativity which they seek to hide, or justify or cleanse, or receive sympaty for. The coprophagiac may be trying to adress this sense of negativity in some way. Some people try to transfer their negativity to others, as the rapist does. Others try to wash it away by connecting with someone that loves them. Others may try to bring it out in the presence of another, and receive approval for it, while some may seek to possess the negativity of their partner as a way of possessing that person's most private and carefully guarded self; to possess their self-sanctity by possessing the self-profanity which is integrally related to it. My guess is that Logsucker has unfulfilled needs for deep interpersonal connections, his subconscious has by some peculiar conditioning experience come to consider feces a symbol of the deeply personal, with its inherent negativity.

Logsucker's picture

please tell me more ifyou have it
I see some light in what your saying
I think I have a facade of self worth that in the deep secert parts of my mind I truely believe to be a charade

perhaps while engageing in my scat fetish I can be truly a worthless person for a short spell, and this allows me to carry on the illusion of self worth at other times
almost bi-polar like like the whore /madonna complex women engage in
i will give up some more very personal nfo here in opes of coming to grips with this fetish
I had a drunk for a father who nothing was ever good enough, would come home and beat us kids with his belt for losing a screwdriver or setting the table wrong
mom stood by and let it happen, blood was often drawn as a result of these beatings
I was raped by a male cousin,6 years my elder, at age of 11 though there was no sexual abuse from any adult
I may have started scat as idle curiosity but the excitment I felt was very real and today I engage in scat almost daily while nasturbating
not so often eating but putting it in my mouth then spitting it out in disgust after the orgasm
I am 45 , married 15 years
had several affair and fantisizze about the day I can leave my wife for someone that loves me
But the security of her job and insurance, the place to live and general feeling that a bad relationship is better than no one in my life overwhelms me to the point that I doubt I will ever go
I just accept it as my lot in life to never have love or be truly accepted
perhaps the scat works to enable me to feel this way
thank you

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Well I fail to see the humor in bad breath. I am a Dental Hygenist and I am appalled at the fact that feces would be inside a mouth. Deficating on the epidermis is fine,,it can be cleaned off,,,but feces could get stuck in your gum line and if you fail to floss good enough you in trouble. Plus not to mention the unimaginable odor that would eminate from your friends breath as the bacteria produced during the day. It's simply nothing to laugh about.

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I believe my waterpic, and my spin brush gets all but a few molocules of poo , my breath does not stink

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