Is Post-Gallbladder Pooping Relief In Sight With Colestid?


Editor's Note: I performed a routine review search on the medication mentioned in this front page submission and am rather surprised that we have not received more information about it. If anyone has used this medication we would love to know how it works for you as well, and if you were prescribed it for bile salt diarrhea or cholesterol issues.

My gallbladder was removed a little over a year ago. I truly wish that I would have tried a few holistic doctors’ cures first, but after that very painful second attack all I wanted was to get that thing out of my body. The pain from the attacks was something I never want to experience again!

Initially after the removal, my digestive system was operating fine. But about six weeks after the operation I developed bowel problems. One day I’d be fine, with normal bowel movements, and the next day they came out like poop through a goose, as the saying goes. Basically, the issue has worsened with time. The urge to go often comes on without any warning, meaning it’s time to trot into the nearest Home Depot, Lowes, or anywhere close -- not stopping to speak to anyone -- just making it to the seated position. I even keep six neatly folded paper towels in the back pocket of my jeans. This preparation alleviates the need for checking for paper in the stall. Yes, the time I'd waste checking is that important!

At any rate, the main reason for my putting in my two cents here is mainly to tell everyone that there may be some relief in sight for those who have had their gallbladders removed. I read an article from someone suffering from the same troubles I have. She wrote that she found relief in a cholesterol-reducing pill called Colestid. Colestid is a bile coagulant, which means that it reacts with the bile salts to solidify them, much like adding flour to thicken gravy. She went on to say that after the first pill the problem was resolved by about fifty percent, and two days later the problem was completely gone.

I’m going to my doctor later this week to obtain a sample of Colestid and a prescription as well, if I am lucky. I’ll keep everyone posted.

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Thank you for posting this information. It is always good to know what medications are effective for certain symptoms, and what their effects are on digestion and pooping. I have posted several times about medications I have taken and the changes (if any) that have followed. Do let us know what Colestid does for you.

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I have had success with a similar medication but it is a powder. It is called colestarimine (sp?). It got my life back to normal.

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I also had great luck with colestarmine but it tastes horrible.

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